Hospital Podcast 142

April 22, 2011 in Podcast

Hurrah!!! The new London Elektricity album Yikes! is out now and the supremely talented vocalist from the album Elsa Esmeralda joins Tony in the podcast studio to tell you all about her role in the project and give you an exclusive behind the scenes look into the album.

Have a listen to the show and then don’t forget, support the music and go and get Yikes! now!

1. London Elektricity – Meteorites
2. London Elektricity – Flesh Music
3. London Elektricity – U Gotta B Crazy
4. L’Electricité Me Tiendra Chaud (London Elektricity “Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm” French Version)
5. Tony and Elsa Interview
6. Swell Session vs Domu feat Elsa Esmeralda – A Heart To Cover For
7. London Elektricity – Had A Little Fight
8. Breakage – Staggered Dub VIP
9. London Elektricity – Fault Lines deaturing Elsa Esmeralda
10. Rusko – Everyday – Netsky Remix
11. Swell Session vs Mr Scruff – No No feat Elsa Esmeralda
12. London Elektricity – Just One Second – Apex VIP
13. London Elektricity – Round The World In a Day – Vocaloid Version
14. London Elektricity – Invalid featuring Elsa Esmeralda

  • Martin

    Oh Elsa I think I have a crush on your voice! Lovin it so much.
    Tony, big up for the album, sounds wicked and touching as always.
    Big fan since podcast 24.

    Keep on the good work!

    Please say: dance again in british accent…

  • Charlie, Oxford

    Dear Tony, Chris and everyone at Hospital,

    Just wanted to say what a cracking time I had at Brixton last night. I thought all the guys’ sets were flawless and the MCs all did a brilliant job. Apart from the obviously top-notch music, my particular highlights were: eating a delicious cupcake while trying to dance, your spectacular wheelchair entry and Mr. Byrd’s ability to mix vinyl and drink brandy at the same time. Ms. Esmeralda’s voice was stunning as well.
    As a fairly junior member of the Hospital fanclub (let’s just say I was born three years before you founded the label!), I can’t wait to see what lies in store for the future. Viva la drum & bass!

    Very best and many thanks,


    Could I please get shouts-out to Ali and Bernie, who valiantly refused to budge from the front row last night?.. Thanks again!

  • Digifella (steve clarke)

    Hi Tony, Elsa and everyone else there @ Hospital records
    I loved the Yikes cast . really good to hear the inside word on how the tracks came together . As I told you Tony in an a rather long 4 tweets message the other day you’ve been a big influence and inspiration to me as ive not long been writing / producing. and hearing the two of you talk about the album’s creation just inspired me even more. Great music , great vocals, what more could you wish for. my goal now is to get a tune played on a Democast so I’ll keep listening to all the top notch artists on Hospital and who knows one day i might get there. keep it up guys .

    Steve . (Digifella)

  • FuriousParsnip

    Alritey tony

    Did u call it “had a little fight” cos u and elsa had a fight about u thought it was top and she didnt!
    The video to round the world in a day is nuts – loved it! Get a sequel on the next album yeah? I wanna see what happens to the dolphins

  • ToffeeTechNoir

    Love the podcast, but since I ditched my iPhone for an Android, it isn’t working for me – any chance you can give us a feed that works with doubleTwist?

    • Stu

      Yeah the podcast is amazing but I’m having the same problem, with doubletwist.

      Please hospital can you sort out the podcast to work on Android, thanks

  • danny

    I think i like had a little fight is the best track because elsa isn’t on it! Was a fan before i heard this podcast, cant believe her snobbery, thinking she is better than an London Elektricity track. She may contest that she was joking, but she was definately serious, and the vocals were better on had a little fight anyway, much more soulful!

  • Jaanus

    Can you please name the Japanese song that inspired Just One Second?! Just can’t find it!

  • Andrew

    First heard “Fault Lines” on RTRfm’s Rhythm Trippin’ (Unquote remix, thanks Woz).
    I was, and still am, astounded by Elsa’s vocal delivery, the nuance and tone of a musical instrument and straight away thought of David Sylvian. Yes I did subsequently see the reference in an interview.
    So now I have another favourite track that reaches the heights and depths of Brilliant Trees in Fault Lines.
    Great tune Tony and Elsa.

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