Hospital Podcast 143

May 4, 2011 in Podcast

New show, new music! London Elektricity is at the controls to tell you that Bop has a new album coming shortly on Medschool, and we give you an exclusive first listen to a couple of tracks.

Danny Byrd has been remixing London Elektricity plus there is new music from Phace, Loadstar and Nu:Tone too. A massive show as always!

Don’t forget to go and get Yikes! plus check out


1. Bop – 8-bit Cosmos
2. London Elektricity – Bells In My Head feat Elsa Esmeralda
3. James Blake – The Willhelm Scream – Lynx Remix
4. London Elektricity – Meteorites – Danny Byrd Remix
5. Clare Macguire – The Sheild and The Sword – Loadstar Remix
6. Mute + Mako – Lost Sector
7. Bop – Sunrain
8. Above and Beyond – Thing Called Love – Nu Tone Remix
9. D’Minds – Visions
10. Phace – Basic Memory
11. Blue Screens – For Real
12. Jazzsteppas – Raising the Bar – Stray Remix
13. London Elektricity – The Plan That Cannot Fail

  • Destructo the Mad

    Checked out your blog while listening to #143. Happy bloody birthday! Looks like you had an awesome time. Are you planning on playing any more shows in North America, or do I have to plan a holiday to London?

  • Michael Gorman

    I recently received my pre-order of the Yikes LP in the mail but I’m sad to say that it wasn’t signed. My fiance and I searched high and low for a signature but there was none to be found. I emailed Will at the Hospital Shop and he says I have to send it back to get it signed, but I need the records so that I can play them out in the club! That, and I live in the United States so postage isn’t cheap, especially when sending records to Europe (believe me). So I guess I’m stuck with an unsigned copy of the LP, while my fiance ended up getting a signed copy of the CD.

    Once again, I get screwed for using vinyl. Oh well, thanks for the wonderful album.

    Michael Gorman

  • MulliSaukko

    This podcast was sweet! Lot of excellent music. Especially 1. 3. and 10. hit the spot for me.

  • Tom Borges

    Thanks for the shout mate! Wasn’t expecting it but when I heard it, I smiled so much my eyes watered. Much love to the whole hospital crew. your stickers plaster my wallet, holding it together. :D

  • Tom Borges

    the lad who wanted last years christmas special, shout read out on podcast #144 I uploaded it for you.

  • helen

    you gona like this, Hopsital Records Podcast Mirror as we like Hospital Records!
    cheers helen

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