Hospital Podcast 150

July 28, 2011 in Podcast

The Hospital Podcast has reached the grand old number of 150! To mark this auspicious occasion, we decided to get all you lot involved with loads of track requests, shout outs, special tunes from Netsky, S.P.Y, Klute, London Elektricity and more, and a massive mix from Tony Colman himself, featuring tracks he found in his lounge!

To make it extra special, we decided to live stream Tony recording the podcast in the studio on the Hospital Records YouTube channel yesterday afternoon! If you missed it then make sure you subscribe to our channel HERE to catch us next time!

S.P.Y – By Your Side
Emili Sande – Heaven – Nu Tone Remix
London Elektricity – Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm – S.P.Y Remix
Die, Interface, William Cartright – Truth Beyond
Loadstar – Berlin
Mutated Forms – Wastegash
London Elektricity – U Gotta Be Crazy (Enei Remix)
Netsky – I Refuse (Shockone Remix)
Logistics – Transporter
Klute – Revolution
SPY & BCee – Is Anybody Out There
London Elektricity – Main Ingredient
Fred V & Grafix – One Of These Days
Nu:Tone – Win The Fight ft. Lisa Millett
Bungle – The Siren ft. Ayah Marar
Tango and Ratty – Tales From The Darkside
Cyantific ft. Logistics – Flashback
London Elektricity “Lounge” Mix
  • helen

    now it’s done well thank you hospital records for the mighty #150 episode we’ve enjoyed the webcast
    as a gift we repacked our hospital podcast archive so everyone can download all 150 episodes + bonus here you have to save “hospital_podcast_archive_all.tar.bz2″ on Mac you’ll can easy unpack it on Windows just use winrar or 7zip ;)

    cheers helen

    • http://n/a jimmy doyle

      hey, thanks a lot for that download, i was missing loads of casts, now i have em all, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!

    • mathias petermann

      Thanks man, that’s way more comfortable than downloading them all one by one

    • Jasper Quinn

      Thank you so much!!! Missed these a lot!

  • mike k

    tony, a most excellent podcast as usual and congrats on the big 1-5-0! can you tell me what the track is that starts up just before 1hr 56 mins? part of your lounge mix

    eagerly awaiting the next podcast all the way down here in texas :)

    one other thing, way back on number 95.5, the bonus democast, there’s a track called 6 months by bexxy. i loved this tune from first listen but sadly that podcast seems to be its only public source. any chance of further information on it? thanks again!

  • http://n/a jimmy doyle

    thanks tony and all the crew @ hospital.. this cast was the bollocks, not so sure about your dad dancing tony but we’ll let you off for being so awesome!! :D keep it coming guys, the podcasts are digitised heroin!!!

  • Matthew Symonds

    Aaaaaah! Podcast was fokken amazing. Tony! your lounge mix was the full heat! awesome stuff man. Anyway we can get a tracklist for the lounge mix?

    Matt from South Africa

  • Wilf

    150 – A milestone in itself has been reached! Congratulations! It was fantastic and I listened to it on Friday morning, it was the perfect wakeup tonic for an early drive to work!

    I missed the livestream, but is there any way to find out when it will be shown next


    As ever!

  • helen

    we get some requests that our mirror is sometimes a little bit slow,
    well big files produce a lot of oudbound traffic, for all of you how don’t want download all we’ve always a single file mirror go check it out & download something you might lost over the years


  • Stefan Klijnsmit

    The Lounge Mix on Podcast 150 is wicked!!! could you please release it as a digital download on the Hospital Shop ?

  • Dubber

    Oh my goodness, what an amazing podcast! Thanks for all your hard work over the last few years Hospital. With regards to live streaming check out the link, these guys manage it pretty well :)

  • Matt.T

    Amazing podcast as usual, congrats on making it to the big 1 5 0.

    The missy elliot remix at the end is awesome, I cant seem to find it anywhere though. Does anyone have a link that could point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks and keep up the great work.

  • James P

    Wicked podcast! Have been listening to them since podcast 80 and I always look forward to the next episodes! Not sure if I’ve left this in the right place…but could I get a shout out to Amy and Alice who took me to my first hospitality event ever- at global gathering! I have only been 18 for a few months and have been looking forward to hospitality for ages, and it was an epic experience! Needless to say, we did not leave the hospitality tent for most of the evening! Big love to all the hospital family, keep up the great work!

  • DnB Swagga

    Howdo i watch the video ?

  • petey

    What was the song in the very beginning of the podcast? before “spy – by your side” thanks

    • petey

      lol sorry, i just noticed its just the intro to spy :p nvm, and keep it up ;)

  • Emils

    Can anyobody please tell me the 1st song of London Elektricity’s mix ?

  • Jason H

    Tony that was an awesome mix with some classic old school tunes in there (or at least, old school for me). Keep it up.

  • ammo

    Just got a new lovebird and introduced him to dnb with podcast 150. What a mix! My bird Noodles went absolutely mental, making sounds I didn’t know his species was capable of and shaking his tail all over the place. I think Noodles is hooked for life; I’m so pumped!

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  • Me

    Is there a tracklist anywhere for your loung mix? :) big up!

  • Jamoi Holland

    +1 for the track listing of the Lounge Mix please?

  • Rob

    Absolutely HUUUGGGGEEEE podcast, only just caught up with it. Some amazing tunes both old and new, just what I need to see me through a Friday!

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  • Max

    Another vote for the tracklisting of the Lounge Mix!

  • Foggy

    I think it’s REALLY hard to walk listening to 180 bpm. Do I take long strides or..? This episode made my monday morning!

  • Jon

    Another quality podcast from Tony.
    Thank you for adding that bit of ooomphh to my daily morning drive to work. But a mystery remains … What is that tune after ‘Jonny L – Let’s roll’ in the lounge mix ??

  • Dave

    Was the video stream recorded? If so, where can I find it?

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