Hospital Podcast 152

August 17, 2011 in Podcast

Hospital Podcast 152 with plenty of great music to take your mind off all the trouble! An extra long show this week as Tony is off on Holiday for 2 weeks. This should keep you going while you are on the beach. We also tell you all about all of our latest news including Hospitality at Brixton Academy on September 30th.

Let us know what you think in the comments section…

1. Friction – Someone ft Mclean – Rockell Remix
2. MA – Double Feature – Royalston Remix
3. Genetic Bros – Build
4. Alpines – Cocoon – Benny Page Remix
5. Calibre – Touch Me
6. Break – Something New
7. Pilot Priest – Body Double – Phace Remix
8. Cold Blooded
9. Landslide – Gone Today Here Tomorrow
10. Juno Reactor – Guardian Angel – Electrosoul System bootleg
11. Hybris – Please Exist
12. S.I.N – Snuck
13. Audio – Vacuum – Run DNB Remix
14. Blu Mar Ten – Problem Child
15. Mutated – Duck Taped
16. Lenzman – Broken
17. Potential Badboy – Sun Is Shining Bright VIP
18. Evol Intent – Ghost
  • helen

    Now available o our Mirror to or Download older Episodes via cheers, helen

  • Scott

    What was the title of the track on the Cold Blooded 12″ Tony? You never told us!

    • prophetone

      The track is DJ A.M.C “Time”. She’s a beauty tune alright.

  • Harry

    Please let that guy shut up during the podcast.
    He’s really annoying and he’s ruining good music.
    He’s always talking about don’t copy this don’t copy that.
    Don’t open your mouth and enjoy the good music.

    • carlo

      If he would stop talking people would copy the songs and share it. So less people would buy them when they’re out on the market.

    • Sweep

      Die in a fire. Nobody likes you or your opinions.

    • Ryan

      I agree to a point. I understand the point of discouraging piracy as its HR’s livelihood. However, the negativity and bleak manner in which he was talking about piracy and rioting where uncalled for and were in complete contrast to the jump up tunes (which were kick ass btw).
      All Im saying is the music makes me happy and this dude totally killed my buzz.

  • FL

    we NEEDED to know what the cold blooded track was – and now you gone on holiday!!

  • Anon

    @ Harry, the guy you are referring to as an a**wipe happens to be one of the owners of Hospital Records and is London Elektricity. The talking means that people cant rip the tunes as soon as he plays them out, which is better for the music industry than a load of people being able to pirate the songs!

    P.S. You shouldn’t open your mouth, so we can all enjoy the music ;)

  • Garcy

    hey folks, the cold blooded track is Time – A.M.C !
    cheers and keep it up tony!!

  • david bowie

    where can i download/pay for a clean copy of double feature off of this podcast? i heard this while walking into work and it just blew my mind.

  • ed

    Without a doubt this is one of the best podcasts i’ve listened to so far and i’ve been listening since no. 90 something.

    Well done Tony and the crew ace selection of tunes – I think I have BOUGHT (not downloaded from illegal websites) just about every tune on here!

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