Hospital Podcast 157

October 18, 2011 in Podcast

Fresh with Hospital Podcast 157 London Elektricity is in the studio. Rido, Unquote and Original Sin are amongst the artists providing us with brand new music today.
COMING UP… In the next two weeks we have a special mix show from Unquote and also, High Contrast is guest presenter on podcast 158.
One hour of the finest D+B beats and news, make sure you are subscribed to the Hospital Podcast.

1. Curfew – Vandal
2. Blu Mar Ten – Problem Child
3. Acuna – I Belong
4. Makoto – Woe ft Deeizm
5. Blu Mar Ten – Into The Light ft Airwalker
6. Calyx + Teebee – Back and Forth
7. Rido – Tiwsted ft Thomas Oliver
8. Unquote – Delusion ft Mr Sizef
9. Marcus Intalex – Virgo
10. The Burbs – Daft Funk
11. Original Sin – Move
12. Danny Byrd – We Can Have It All
13. Rockwell – 4U
14. Grafix – Encore
15. Unquote – Cold Tenderness
  • BennyC

    Hey Tony,

    Everyday I’m just loving DnB/dub step more and more! I think Im starting to come off as obsessed by it to my mates. Been into the genre for the last 2 years, listening since about podcast no.80-someting. Even started a vinyl collection now with Yikes, Camo + krooked’ Climax and Bop’s amazing ‘Adventures of one Curious Pixel.’

    Can’t wait see you and MC Wrec rock it at the Prince in Melbourne going to be mad (We maybe be the ones dressed as hospital surgeons). Please encourage more of the hospital acts to tour Australia, I know we are far away but we will bring the love when you come down! Thanks for the podcast and bringing awesome new and alternate music to the worlds’ ears big up Tony & the Hospital crew!

  • Chris Ullyott

    Mr. Colman,

    Thanks for the insane music! I’ve been a podcast listener since episode 94. I was hoping I could get a shout out to my lovely wife Jessica… we’re both thinking of one day visiting the UK planning around a Hospital event.

    …which leads me to my idea for podcast #200. How about a live recording of a show, for those of us on other sides of the globe? A “live” podcast!

    By the way, what are the chances of a Hospitality in San Diego?

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