Hospital Podcast 161

December 6, 2011 in Podcast

We have a special show and a special guest with peoples champion Jamie the Raver in the studio. IF you have been to a Drum + Bass event in London in the last 20 years, it’s pretty likely Jamie was there as well. A true legend.

We are coming up to our Christmas show and need to know your favourite tracks of the year so we can play them. Make sure you vote in our poll Here.

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Noisia – Could This Be
Blokhe4d & Gridlok – Bad Cat
Crystal Clear & Zen – Bullet
N3gus – Swag Bag
S.P.Y – Bulldozer
Dub Phizix – Scum
Twisted Individual – Throbbing Gristle – Tyke Remix
Camo & Krooked – Reminisce
Sato – Clap Your Hands
Nympho & State Of Mind – Roxy
Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent – Parity
Seba – It Ain’t The Weather
Royalston – Late Nights
Calibre – Students
London Elektricity feat Elsa Esmeralda – Just One Second – Orion and J.Shore Remix

  • Alex


  • Grung

    Please dont mumble so much it ruins the music!! Say what you are gonna say, then please let the music play for 10minutes or so ir it becomes a pain in the arse listening to!

    Otherwise, cool guest and good music :)

  • Dav-id

    Please don’t invite that guy back onto the podcast! This is the first time I have had to turn off the podcast due to the awkwardness of the guest!

    I love Tony’s insights and political rants always, but in this case even Tony couldn’t save the day. Nevertheless, I am always looking forward to the next episode.


    • Dr Op

      @Dav-id what do you expect?? raving for over 20 years!! im sure you would be a bit shakey too, sounds like a top geeza!

    • incredimike

      Haha, honestly Jamie wasn’t bad! Of course the kid is going to be kinda nervous being on a podcast that goes out to thousands of listeners.. especially if he’s not a presenter. Obviously he is not.

      Now the Camo and Krooked podcast.. that one I had to stop at about the 3rd track. I love them, but those boys are way too goofy and never shut up. Hahaha

  • Jamoi Holland

    This is the album that the final tune is taken from I believe…

  • Leroy.Maltbread

    The legendary Jamie is in this video from 2001 at bagleys see if you can spot him.

  • Chris

    Cheers for the shout Tony even made the Mrs cry. Love the new remix so fitting for a new addition keep up the good work.

  • Norfy

    Hi Tony,

    Been listening since about episode 40 and the podcast has kept me sane through training for a couple of marathons, the M25 and a variety of ups and downs so big up to you and the team, you must save the NHS a fortune on anti depresants because the podcast always puts a smile on my
    face be it the tunes or the banter !! I will be attending my first hospital event at The leas cliff hall on the 28th so a shout out would be much appreciated. Cheers and keep it coming

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