Hospital Podcast 168 – Blood Pressure Special

March 5, 2012 in Podcast

Ash Med School is in the studio for a very special Blood Pressure show. He is joined by Blu Mar Ten, Mutated Forms and Anile as they discuss the new compilation on Med School plus play a ton of exclusive new tracks from the project.

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Lung, Joe Syntax & eleven8 – Red Rhythm
Anile and Dakosa – Ecstasy Dub
Mutated Forms – Feels Like
Blu Mar Ten – Last LIfe In The Universe
Submerse – This Time You’re Not Wrong
Lung – Why Does Anyone Ever Do Anything
BCEE – Count The Starts feat Lingby – Joe Syntax
East Colours – Watch Out – Enei Remix
Mutated Forms – Crowlin
Photek – KJZ
Unquote – Paint My Wings (feat. Grimm) [Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix]
Martsman – Halow
Synkro – Dwelling
Royalston – Carnivore
S.I.N – Neverending
  • mog

    Hey – what’s the name of the guy who does the photography for the blood pressure album cover?



  •!/Ash_Howard Ash

    His name is Mike Deere :)

  • dexter

    never really like drum and bass until i found hospital records and there albums and podcasts awsome

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