Hospital Podcast 174

May 14, 2012 in Podcast

With a extra long bumper edition London Elektricity is on hand to deliver you new remixes of Netsky, new tracks from our Hospitality Summer Drum + Bass 2012 compilation and a whole host of exclusive tracks from across the scene…
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1. Submotion Orchestra – All Yours – S.P.Y Remix
2. Nympho & June Miller – Boshoven
3. Netsky – Come Alive – Culture Shock Remix
4. Deeper Connection – No More
5. 2DB – Break The Walls
6. Maldini – Snapfish
7. Sigma (feat. Takura) – Summer Days
8. Noisia – Containment
9. S.P.Y – Sleepy Hollow
10. Inside Info – Didgeridoo
11. Vicious Circle & Need For Mirrors – Eyes Wide Shut
12. Fracture – The Tunnel Track
13. Villem – Spring Back
14. Xtrah – Set The Level feat MC Codebreaker
15. Bungle feat Ayah Marar – Siren – Camo & Krooked Remix
16. BCEE feat Robert Owens – Keep The Faith – Marcus Intalex Remix
17. Blu Mar Ten – All Thoughts Are Prayers – Marcus Intalex
  • Dan Clarke (NSD)

    Love this podcast mate, your comment about vinyl was great and keeps the faith strong in us vinyl lovers!!!!!


  • Sunny

    Hey Tony,

    could give a shout out to my mate Cedric who is coming from Germany to see Hospitality at Parklife.


  • Lee manley

    Hey Tony,

    Would it be possible to give a shout out to my wonderful girlfriend Antonia and my beautfull children Luca and Leola thankyou on your next podcast we all listen and my children do do the wee dance.Thanks again for the top stuff keep up the amazing work,got to save those penny’s and see you live!!!!!

  • Josh

    Hey Tony,

    Long time listener. Just wanted to say you guys at hospital put out quality drum and bass! Can’t wait for more Byrd as I love me Liquid. Also The Plan That Cannot Fail never fails to take me to the heights of pure imagination.

    I recent broke my ankle and so I am listening to the backlog of podcasts. I was wondering if I could get a shout out other next podcast. That would make my bedridden day.

    Josh from Canada

  • Erkki

    Hey Tony

    Would it be possible to give a shout out. Me and my dad are getting 90 as sum of our birthdays (dad young & wild 60 and me, the casual 30). The real date is 30th, but we celebrate the mighty 90 on May 26th, really important event for us.

    With greetings from Estonia, Tallinn


  • turbos3

    thank you for great podcast! Keep up your hard work! Greetings from Poland!

  • Sam Riley

    Hey Tony,

    Do you think that Matt “Logistics” Gresham looks just like that of Super Hans from Peep show? Looking forward to seeing you guys at Parklife!

    Sam from Manchester

  • Lucas

    Hey London Elec and Hospital team, I’ve got nothing clever to say, just want to give a shoutout to Diana in Milan.
    Lucas from Vancouver
    p.s the ladies here swoon for your glasses

  • Rafael

    Great waves once again :) .i just dont get why everybody are playing the remixes of “siren” from Bungle.The original is awsome indeed!
    Peace out.

  • Jack

    please can you check my shoutout that i sent to the hospital inbox. I loved your last podcast and i would absoloutely go mad if you read out my shoutout, its good i promise

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