Hospital Podcast 175

May 30, 2012 in Podcast

Tony Colman returns for 1 hour of the finest drum & bass around. Bringing you all the news from Hospital and beyond and previewing our Hospitality Summer Drum & Bass compilation this is a show not to miss!
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1. S.P.Y – Funk It
2. Dub Phizix feat Fox – Never Been
3. Camo & Krooked – Lost In The Future
4. Netsky – Come Alive – Submerse Remix
5. Hyroglifics – Tape Marauders
6. Phace & Misanthrop – Progression
7. Craggz & Parallel – Musik
8. Mutated Forms – Gluestick
9. Technicolour & Komatic – The Glow
10. The Harmonist – La Tarein
11. Noisia – Dustup – Upbeats Remix
12. Inside Info – Bottled
13. Joe Syntax, Lung & Eleven8 – Red Rhythm
14. Heist – Bounty Hunters
15. Blumarten – Sweet Little Supernova – DBridge Remix
16. Derrick and Tonika – Poison Green
17. Lenzman – Wordsworth
18. Teebee & Calyx – Scavenger
  • Mike Jones

    Another great podcast, thanks Tony. Fantastic to hear about Leon’s incredible attempt to cross America by bike and for a great cause too. I hope he raises tonnes of money. As it happens someone I know, Jennifer Bradley, yesterday set off to try to become the first British woman to run across America from West to East. She too is raising money for a charity, Reprieve, which works to end capital punishment. Of the 14 states she will run through, only 4 have no capital punishment legislation. I think this is an amazing effort and a worthy cause. If you want to find out more search for “running across america reprieve”.

  • Ben B

    Hey Tony,

    I just started listening to the Hopsital Podcast. I wanted to say the music on the podcast and on Hosptial Records is all top notch. I always look forward to a new podcast to hear all the great music thats out there. I’ve also started to listen to your work as well and I have to say you are now my all time favorite DnB producer keep up the stellar work!


  • JJ

    This one is filled with absolute bangers!
    I have fallen in love with the track The Harmonist – La Tarein , Any word on a release date or juno/beatport link ?

  • robin

    i’ve been to netsky in the AB in Brussels! crazy shit out there but i loved it! :D

  • robin

    also! keep up the good work you guys! :)

  • Joey R

    Yes! Such a big podcast, love it Tony! Favourite tracks are definitely the Dub Phizix and Lenzman tunes! The Hyroglifics tune is big too, one to watch for sure!

  • Alex

    AHHH! WHERE CAN I GET ‘The Harmonist – La Tarein’ I can’t find it anywhere and it’s AMAZING. This podcast reminded me of why I love to listen to the Hospital Podcast.

  • Erik

    Um… What about Electric Daisy. I would just like to say Camo and Crooked was the Best act I saw there. When The Bass finally droped the whole crowd moved back at least a foot from everyone Jumping in excitement(Like the whole crowd took a giant breath). The only thing that could of heated up the crowd more was ten feet flames on top of the stage… which were actually going to the beat. You guys are spoiled in and around the UK. Oh and High Contrast also slammed it ending with A remake of the OTIS Redding Remake (Sorry Otis gets the Credit before a couple of MC’s). The soundcheck on the main stage was horribly out of whack and the Bass POD Stage just seem to rain supreme with Camo and Crooked owning the Crown of this stage.
    Thank You Hospital Records
    You Inspire Creativity by fliping the script so often it will never go fowl.

  • Alex

    For anyone trying to find ‘The Harmonist – La Tarein’ it’s now called ‘Ta Reine’. It is an EPIC track.

    • Chris

      Thanks! I have been looking for this all over the web ever since I heard the podcast! Proper liquid.

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