Hospital Podcast 177 – Netsky Special

June 26, 2012 in Podcast

Netsky is in the house to tell us all about his new album and music he loves. Netsky’s new album “2” is out now… Pick it up from the HOSPITAL SHOP
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1. Netsky – Dubplate Special (feat. Darrison)
2. Netsky – The Whistle Song (feat. Dynamite MC)
3. Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure Remix)
4. Justice – On’n’on
5. Netsky – Get Away From Here (feat. Selah Sue)
6. Major Lazer – Get Free
7. Netsky – Puppy
8. Netsky – Wanna Die For You (feat. Diane Charlemagne)
9. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Breakthrough
10. Burial – Archangel
11. Netsky – No Beginning
  • Kirk Power

    Hi Think this is one of your best albums. I cant stop listening to it. Thanks for all your awesome music. From NZ Chur bro

  • Shaun Hammond

    More love from NZ bro!

  • Kirk Power

    I love how you have put Fat Freddy’s Drop in there. Awesome! Chur

  • D-A T

    Couldn’t wait for 2 to come out! ‘Netsky’ was brilliant, and your remixes etc have been great! Exceptional work there, keep it up man, your the future of DnB!
    Much love from Australia!

  • matt

    More Kiwi love from Aotearoa bro! chur for Fat Freddys and chur for loving us, see you at RnV yeh?!

  • e.r.b

    shout to yourself if ya can tony! i started work for a music website last june, and decided to listen to all the podcasts from #1 to now – and i’ve just got here! it’s been great having a soundtrack for the first year of my first proper full time job, and i even managed to get some work done for you guys on the way! you’ve also managed to help me find some of the baddest tunes that ive now bought and kept secure in my record bag. so yeah, thanks to you guys!

  • Dick James

    Can we get a title on that rusty track I could not catch it in the cast and its not in the track list. Thank you

    • Dj MikY

      the track is Ultra Thizz from Rusty …^^…

  • ChuckleBerry

    Hey Tony, Its been a while and an intense few months Iv met you on a few occasions in Sydney In Fancy Dress with my now ex girlfriend Jessy B, Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse and not even our mutral love for DnB could keep us together, but more so, The break up mean i have to leave Australia too, Iv been here 5 yrs and made it my Home, my life and my Playground,, as hard and things are having to leave all this and the love of my life,,, sumthings as bad as they seem at the time can be the best thing that happen to you. (words by ur self i seem to remember)
    Im keeping my Chin up and your insertion and podcast are helping me stay on track and see that lifes not that bad! Keep up the work Big man, Peace, Love n Drum & Bass :-)
    Thanks Tony
    Shout out to Kitty B who i’l love forever and the Journeys we’ve had fuel-ed by DnB
    And if you could play SpectaSoul-Away with me that would be amazing.

  • ben

    sick album, had it on replay for the last few days. go out the door with puppy playing everyday.

    loving the fat freddy.

    love from nz
    see you at rhythm and vines

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