Hospital Podcast 178

July 6, 2012 in Podcast

Tony Colman aka London Elektricity brings you our latest show with news music from around the world of Drum & Bass and new about the new Netsky album and UK Live tour!
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Netsky – 911
Gridlok – Smuggler
Tantrum Desire – Get With It
Chris SU – Illusions
Netsky – When Darkness Fall (Feat. Bridgette Amofah)
Netsky – Jetlag Funk
Joe Syntax – Pull It
Salary Man – Inside
Potential Badboy – Sunshine
John B – Robot Lover – Logistics Remix
ASC – Blurred Pictures
Joe Syntax – Macro Man
Dub Phizix – Codec
Joe Syntax – Red Zone
Netsky – Love Has Gone – Dub Phizix Remix

  • matt

    the mp3 file is not working as its way too small..

  • edward

    Second that, the mp3 link needs to be fixed :)

    • edward

      You have it named as netsky178.mp3 in the link, it does exist but it’s hp178.mp3

  • matt

    NOW its working…thx

  • Rich

    Had to go and check that remix of Just one Second those guys are getting married to.

    So cool!

  • andythunt

    I swear that girl who is going down the aisle to just one second is marrying the guy with the post-menopausal-ex-battery-chickens who introduced a track on podcast 100 – he dedicated super-sharp-shooters to her!!

    Continue to love everything that Hospital produces – I am a secondary school music teacher and d’n’b is firmly ON the curriculum. Piano hands ahoy!

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