Hospital Podcast 218

January 9, 2014 in Podcast

Happy New Year!! We return for our first podcast of 2014. Join main man, London Elektricity for your dose of the freshest tunes and usual top notch banter

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1) Muffler ‘Start Line’
2) Royalston ‘Keys’
3) Fred V & Grafix feat. Kate Westall ‘Catch My Breath’
4) Keeno feat. Louisa Bass ‘Whispers Of The Waves’
5) Royalston ‘Kronos’
6) Optiv & BTK ‘Zero Tolerance’
7) Rawtekk ‘Photone Recruits (Phace remix)’
8) Taxman feat Diana Charlemagne ‘Rebirth’
9) Keeno ‘Green Flash’
10) Birdy ‘Wings (Nu:Logic remix)’
11) Logistics ‘Akiruno’
12) Lynx ‘Life’
13) S.P.Y & Total Science feat. Marky ‘Try Out’
14) Sub Focus ‘Turn Back Time (Special Request)’
15) Echo Inada ‘Em’s Track’
16) EastColors ‘Toys’
17) Hugh Hardie feat. Kyan ‘Tearing Me Apart’
18) State Of Mind ‘Bigger Faster Stronger’
19) Keeno feat. Louisa Bass ‘Tunnels’

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  • Nelson

    Wasn’t as big a fan of this podcast as I thought I was going to be, some of these artists have changed a lot since I’ve listened to their stuff, not to my tastes anymore.

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