Hospital Podcast 230 with London Elektricity

June 5, 2014 in Podcast

London Elektricity with a whole heap of brand new music from across the world of drum & bass: expect cuts from the likes of Keeno, Friction, Fred V & Grafix, Electrsoulsystem, Command Strange + many more…

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Fred V & Grafix ‘Forest Fires’ (feat. Etherwood) (Etherwood remix)
Lana Del Rey ‘West Coast’ (Camo & Krooked remix)
Electrosoulsystem ‘Paranoic’
Kalm & Dan Bowskill ‘Living In The Red’ (Villem & McLeod remix)
Street Child World Cup ‘I Am Somebody’ (feat. London Elektricity, S.P.Y & Diane Charlemagne)
Keeno ‘Out Of Nowhere’
Enei ‘The Artefact’
Eveson ‘A Dystopian Romance’
Hyroglifics ‘Bay City Ballers Club’
Logistics ‘As Sure As Sunrise’ (feat. Hugh Hardie)
Break ‘Moving On’
nClear ‘Ground Zero’
Logistics ‘Polyphony’ (feat. Sonic)
Friction ‘Scatter’ (feat. Total Science)
Junior Jack ‘Thrill Me’ (Lynx remix)
Seifer & Surgical ‘Aries’
Alex Clare ‘War Rages On’ (Etherwood remix)
Zinc ‘Show Me’ (Calibre remix)’
D*Minds ‘Terminate’
Command Strange ‘Could Be Mine’
Keeno ‘Innocence’

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  • Junglist Butterfly

    TUNES!!! Awesome podcast Tony! Just when I was wondering when another banger of one would be released!! :o)

  • Julie

    So who is behind BLND #6? Sounds so cool!

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