Hospital Podcast 268 with Anile

July 31, 2015 in Podcast

Anile presents a special edition of the Hospital Podcast, celebrating the release of his debut album ‘Perspective’ on Med School Music.

Hospital Podcast 268 with Anile by Hospital Records on Mixcloud

1. Etherwood – Light My Way Home (Feat.Eva Lazarus)
2. LSB – Hide Away
3. Anile – City Of Injustice (Feat. DRS)
4. Soul Intent – Late Night Sleaze
5. ElectroSoul System – Fake Snake
6. Anile – Don’t Tell Me
7. Calibre – Posh Boy
8. Jam Thieves – Alcatraz
9. Anile – Seventh Sound
10. Seba – Sienna
11. Soul Intent – Funk Lick
12. Soligen & Type 2 – I Cant Go (Break Rmx)
13. Kove Feat Moko – Hurts (LSB rmx)
14. AliBi – Dust
15. Anile – Stay With Me
16. Apres – Chicago (Technimatic remix)

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Speech Therapy 001: Krakota & The Mongol Rally

Welcome to the first edition of what will be an occasional sub genre of the Hospital Podcast, called 'Speech Therapy'. No, this isn't us trying to teach you how to speak proper, but it's a chance to go in on interesting people with stories to tell who are connected to the drum and bass world. All talk, no music. If you like jogging to our podcasts, maybe skip these, but if you've been wanting more of the inside story, listen on. I kick off the series with an in depth journal from Krakota describing his drive in the 2018 Mongol Rally. Driving from Prague to the Eastern edge of Mongolia. In an ancient Ford Fiesta. With only 3 pairs of pants (English word for male underwear). I hope you enjoy this new endeavour - back to the music next week!
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