Hospital Podcast 299 with London Elektricity

May 5, 2016 in Podcast

As we edge ever closer to our 300th podcast, London Elektricity brings you music from the likes of Rawtekk, Maduk, Calibre, S.P.Y + cuts from our brand new EP, The Future Sound Of Brazil.

Simplification, Translate & Amaning ‘Get Down’ (feat. Ella Sopp)
AI ‘Shrine’
Owneath ‘Juku’
BCee ‘The River Runs Dry’ (feat. LSB & Rocky NTI) (Tokyo Prose remix)
Alibi, Unreal & Dogace ‘Dropdead’
Rawtekk ‘Aftermath’
Thing & Om Unit ‘Something Acient’
Maduk ‘One Way’
Rawtekk ‘The Hatch’
Calibre ‘Mr Maverick’
Alibi ‘Hideaway’
Kalm & Dan Bowskill ‘Living In The Red’ (Villem & McLeod remix)
S.P.Y ‘Hidden Fire’
Friske ‘Untitled Dark’
Signal & Phentix ‘Onset’
Rawtekk ‘Walkabout’
Maduk ‘Stand By You’

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