Hospital Podcast 340 with London Elektricity & Whiney

August 4, 2017 in Podcast

Whiney joins London Elektricity in the Hospital Podcast studio to talk all things ‘Talisman’.

Whiney ‘Never Too Long’ (feat. Keeno)
London Elektricity ‘Tenderless’ (feat. Emer Dineen) (Whiney remix)
Submotion Orchestra ‘All Yours’ (S.P.Y remix)
Whiney ‘Guardians’
Whiney ‘Sun Kissed’ (feat. Urbandawn)
Whiney ‘Spaceman’
Chase & Staus ‘Eastern Jam’
Whiney ‘The Farthest Shore’ (feat. Unglued)
Whiney ‘Last Contact’ (feat. Lakeway)
Whiney ‘Flashlight’ (feat. Inja)
Whiney ‘Talisman’
Pendulum ‘Plasticworld’
Whiney ‘Komodo’
Bloc Party ‘Kreuzberg’


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