Hospital Podcast 350 with London Elektricity & Steve Pycroft

November 24, 2017 in Podcast

London Elektricity talks all things ‘Big Band’ with drummer & Big Band MD, Steve Pycroft.

London Elektricity Big Band ‘The Plan Cannot Fail’ (Live at Pohoda)
Boston ‘Periphery’
ALB ‘Drifting Away’
Lakeway ‘Borderlines’
London Elektricity Big Band ‘All Hell Is Breaking Loose’ (Live at Pohoda)
London Elektricity Big Band ‘Syncopated City Revisited’ (Live at Pohoda)
London Elektricity Big Band ‘Billion Dollar Gravy’ (Live at Pohoda)
London Elektricity Big Band ‘South Eastern Dream’ (Live at Pohoda)
Keeno ‘Nightgale Valley’
Seba & Ulrich Strauss ‘M7’
Artificial Intelligence ‘1000 Souls’
Radicall ‘All Yours’
Inja & Pete Cannon ‘No Regrets’
Taxman ‘Radar Jammer’

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Hospital Podcast 436 – Lally Democast

The democast is back and in full swing thanks to Hospital’s promotions king and up & coming producer Matt Lally. He provides a selection of fresh submissions that have landed in the Hospital Records demo inbox. Keep an eye on these budding talents they could be future stars! Tracklist:

Rezilient - Ride With Me

Low:r - Be There (feat. A Little Sound)

Midii - thoughts

Teej - Firefly

Danger - The System

MYKOOL & Lost Child - No Hesitation

Moekel - Ensemble

Dawn Raid - Mega City One

Soul Method - Got 2 B

Jam Thieves - Bandz

FarFlow - No Respect

HumaNature - Mixed Feelings

Aperio & Leo Wood - Enlightenment

M. View & Marvel Cinema - Recurring Image

Nfunk - Darkness Of Time

Wholio - Don’t Stop

Midnight Sons - Smokey (feat. Dimention)

Nic ZigZag & Grinda - Merciless Tenderness

Monument Banks - Regent’s Canal

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