Hospital Podcast 431 with London Elektricity

December 16, 2020 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back for podcast 431 with some fresh tracks from the likes Nu:Tone, Whiney, Keeno and tons of unreleased exclusives. With the year drawing to a close Hospital’s head honcho isn’t holding back on the bangers!


R3dX ft Kyst Cortez – Cease
Voltage ft Sweetie Irie – Natty Love
Winslow – Mumbles of Grace
Keeno x Polaris – Leviathan
Mountain – Back to the Future
Satl – Goblin Shark
Reso – Simmer Down
High Hardie – Late Night Harp
Dkay & Kasra – Under Water
Radiax – Rude boy
London Elektricity – Beautiful Sadness
Nu:Tone – Sweeter
Gella – We Have Contact
Netsky & Urbandawn – Power
Whiney ft Ben Verse – Deep End
Degs ft Missing – The Roots (AC13 version)
Shapeshifter – Lifetime (Logistics remix)
Hugh Hardie – Leanring to Fly
Nu:Tone Do it Right
Voltage – Journey to Outer Space
Voltage – Demolition Man Life Of A DJ
Fred V – Apeldoorn Jamming
London Elektricity – time to think?
S.P.Y X London Elektricity – Find another Fool (Ft Liane Carroll)
A.Fruit – Music Lasts Forever

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Hospital Records presents the Crikeycast!

Hospital Records presents the Crikeycast! Celebrating the 10th anniversary of his fifth studio album in style, London Elektricity has revisited his seminal ‘Yikes!’ project with a fresh 2021 approach. In episode #443 He breaks down each track from his revised Crikey! album with extensive soundbytes from vocalist Elsa who appears on six of the original album tracks. Tracklist: London Elektricity - The plan that cannot fail (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Flesh Music (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Round The World In A Day (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Yikes! (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Invisible Worlds (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (Lawrence Whitehead Version) London Elektricity - Bells In My Head (feat. Elsa Esmeralda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Had A Little Fight (10Y Rework) London Elektricity- Meteorites (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Love The Silence (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Fault Lines (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework)
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