Hospital Podcast 61

July 1, 2008 in Podcast

London Elektricity back once again with some fresh beats and chat, enjoy!

Tony also previews the massive Hospitality – Summer at the Scala which is coming up on July 4th!

1. London Elektricity – South Eastern Dream
2. NuLogic – Trademark
3. Logistics – Cosmonaut
4. London Elektricity – Uska
5. Mixmaster Doc – Macrophage
6. Danny Byrd – Red Mist
7. Danny Byrd – Weird Science
8. Mistabishi – Lean

  • yevgueniy

    Hiya Tony

    A massive shout to u, Danny Byrd, Mistabishi,Martin Martsman and all the other DJs ive heard in the last 6 months or so on your podcasts. Absolutely wicked stuff you are making there mates. Shame i live so far away in Ukraine and can’t come to your, i bet, awesome parties there.
    I’d love to hear some more by Martsman cos his 8bit bouncer is an absolute killer!!!


  • shasha

    Tony, Uska is definitely my favorite of your new tracks!! well, so far! hehe.. I’m super excited to hear more! :D
    Shalen in Cali<3

  • 1stladyofbass

    cosmonaut rocks my lil world!As a parent its hard to be out at every dnb show in Vancity so thanks for the podcasts packed full of ear candy!

    big ups from the wet coast,

    Vangrimey BC Canada eh

  • nick_mac

    red mist is a tune.
    you need to get back to sheffield with the entire Hospital Records crew.
    both hospitalised detonate and the tuesday club bonaza where you played were the best nights out ive had in a long time!
    get yourself back here!
    peace nick

  • badbadbadock

    wicked night at the scala the other week
    i was bouncing around at the front with
    a big stupid grin on my face till end

    mistabishi is the man, can’t get enough of
    No matter what

    loving the podcast


  • Ian Beale

    Yes tony!
    love your podcast!
    please release
    red mist by danny byrd on a 12 inch!
    i neeeed it!

  • deciphersounds

    Word up Tony!
    I said this on the face of your book- but I will say it again.. loving the nu logic tune.
    Big ups for the podcast, awesome stuff!
    Keep making the best music in the world.


  • Swiftnezz

    Big ups on your new single Tony. I can’t wait for the new release. I am such a huge Drumb & Bass fan, but I hail from United States where most Drumb & Bass is not near as good. I wish one day to come visit and produce Drum & Bass also! I constantly wait the arriaval of every podcast and let everyone know when they release. Also I thank everyone at Hospital for provideing me with this music that inspires me greatly everyday. Keep attacking us with your music Tony!!

    Big ups,
    Drake Anning

  • Barney

    Big up yourself Mr. Colman,

    Missed the last Hospitality on the 23rd of May much owing to the misery of my birth being a week too late. Gutted. Turned 18 on the 30th so I shall see you at Scala. Can’t Wait mate.

    Make sure Shock Out is played in the absence of the Byrd; Loving his album. And Nu:tone’s Balaclava makes me cry with euphoria on a regular basis.

    Thanks 4 blessing my headphones and making A-Level revision that little bit more fun.


  • ethos

    Stoked about the new site.

    Deepest thanx for the podcast… it never ceases to keep me sane out here in the U.S.
    Between Hospital & D&BA, I actually feel a part of a quality scene.

    #61 was hot.
    NuLogic track is the lick,
    & “Uska”… cannot wait to drop that one in on a set. Keep it up.

    Regards & peace,
    Geoffrey “ethos”

  • brendanhainan

    Loving South Eastern Dream. Probably my favorite LE track to date.

  • Gee

    Definately mate, such a wicked summer tune, has the sickest vibes!

  • Gee

    ez tony, another wicked podcast.

    we need Mistabishi to release Lean on a 12″

  • londonelektricity

    yep the word on the street is that lean will be on the next mista single……

  • djpooyen

    TONY, you are the master of the podcasts
    everyone is really good, with a lot of good music, and comments
    thank you and never stop

    from spain

  • jay_g08

    Lovin all the hospital podcasts, I think everyone of them are wicked!

    Keep Doing what your doing, as your podcasts make me feel happy.

    I’ve been into drum and bass for quite a while now and the genre get’s better year by year.

    Look forward to your next podcast.


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