Hospital Podcast 62

July 2, 2008 in Podcast

An extra special show this week as Tony unveils

Now you get your chance to join the debate and tell the world what you think of the podcast by registering and having your say. We will also be bringing you news from London Elektricity on the road, in the studio and all the latest about his album coming later this year!

Also on the show this week, fantastic new music from MRSA, Logistics, Fracture & Neptune and more!

As always it’s high quality D&B for your player this summer! which tracks are you feeling?

  • Kierz

    Played tony!

  • Riley


    yeah i need to get that icon fixed, we will sort that out in the next few days…

    glad you like the site, we will be tweaking and adding more as we go :-)

  • DanielB

    Loving the podcasts – they help keep me slightly distracted but hyped at work.

    Keep on pushing the LE & Hospital sounds, I love it. Its refreshing to listen to (here) in Sydney, a town with nightlife that is dominated by harsh second rate electro house nonsense.

    Oh & do us Kiwi D&B fiends a favour and play some more shapeshifter (if/when) they release something new ;)

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Thanks so much for doing the podcast, it’s a great way to get new Hospital tunes out in the open. Looking forward to the new album!

  • katalyst

    Looking forward to hearing the new album.

    Keep up the good work on the podcasts.


  • ytdnb

    tony man,

    did NOT expect to start raving in my chair to the new podcast! if that was anything like what your sets are im coming over from aus!

  • Kutuzov

    as i know Open Your Eyes is a Marky and Bungle bootleg
    bagged this 12″ later this year, great tune

  • Sandkat

    Konbanwa from Hiroshima!

    Grats on the new website and the new single! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. It’s been a long time coming :)

    Also, as one of your regular female listeners to your podcast, I do have to agree that your voice is pretty damn sexy.

  • Widestream

    OMFG!!!!! LE in Kiev!!!!
    See ya there!


  • scanderlus

    Best Podcast there is !!!
    Good Luck with the new album and great that the Podcasts will be more regular… Scanderlus.

  • misstp


    another shweeeet podcast, haha getting the podcasts twice a month is actually something i really look forward to!

    i’m over in the UK at the moment i have been for the past 7 weeks, im living down in Brighton have been to both hospitality nights that have been on since ive been here but have to work so cant make it to scala, devo!
    and i have to leave back home to Perth start of August now so wont make it to another!
    But they were by far two of the best nights ive ever had out!

    eyes open tune in the latest podcast was insane!

    lovn’ ur work, hope to see you back in Perth soon!!

    pce, ash

  • londonelektricity

    haha yeah i can’t wait to come back to Perth. home from home for all the D&B fraternity!

  • Palm Bay

    who or whom?

    Although whom is the correct form when it is the object of a verb or preposition, it has fallen into disuse in many contexts, and constructions with who are taking its place. A sentence of the type, Do you remember whom you saw? would be expressed as Do you remember who you saw?, and The man to whom I was talking as The man I was talking to.

    !!So you were right to use whom!!

    love the podcasts

  • Dan London

    My name is Dan and i live in London, i have been listening to the last 17 podcast’s hospital have released and they all still make me smile as i listen to them on my i-pod, i have been glued to hospital ever since i picked up my first copy of melodic drum n bass some 4 years ago and have neve looked back, to be true to you tony i dont know what i would do without hospital and all the wonderfully talented people that you have working for the label, i spread the hospital vibe wherever i go even down to my roots in south america where i would love to see you play a set at some point, in the meantime i leave you but want to tell you i dance all night long at the hospitality events fuelled by water and wonderfull music, i believe in listening to the sounds as sober as possible as i appreciate the music a lot more, if you ever want a translator to go down to south america to set up an event i’m there, cant wait for your new album.


  • thingpart

    Wow, those new tracks by Logistics and Q-project are awesome!
    And I agree with Constantine, Hospitality would be very welcome in Belgium.

    See you later, hopefully,

  • londonelektricity

    yes! correct whomage in the house! that’s how we do!!!

  • Funok

    Tony, keep the good work going on. all your podcasts are nice. unfortunately im living in south germany, so i never will have the chance to see you live.

    I would be happy if you ever will come to southgermany.

    I pray for it…



  • Aleve87

    Tony, i look forward to your next podcast, i only started listening to hospital after the 50th podcast, some may say i’ve been living under a rock for most of the time but i can safely say your podcasts get me ready for the day ahead. Looking forward to the new album as well.

    Alex, South London

  • Lanny

    I love my new Attack Ships on Fire 12″, I can’t get enough of it!!
    I’m looking forward to the rest of your album, especially that Uska track. You have definitely raised the bar with this new album.

    Keep up the great music,


  • Mattie-b


    much love and respect from edmonton, alberta, canada. Gotta say love what the hopital crew is doing with drum and bass keep it up. Cant wait to hear more from your upcoming album. Ive been telling all my friends about all of the hospital artist’s especially Mistabishi keep up the good work

  • alxspb

    podcast #62 is amazing! Tracks from Logistics, Q Project and MRSA are my favourits for this week)

    But i can’t understand..Wicked bootleg with remix on Snow Patrol is a new bootleg ? In 2007 Dj Marky & Bungle made remix on same track , which has never been relesed , on Discogs it has cat# SNOW001 , so is it the same track which Tony played in podcast ?

  • Funok

    Snow Patrol – Open your eyes (Marky & Bungle Remix), you can find it on youtube…


  • alxspb

    thanks, i know, i already have this release in mp3, but i thought that there’s another dnb remix on podcast..

  • alxspb

    and..MRSA – HAcker is so cool , so big bad bass and funky drums , i want this track and hope it will be released soon )
    But google don’t know anything about MRSA =(

  • deciphersounds

    Hey Tony.. yes his balls do ache ;)

  • Middleman

    I met you once, in a pub near the London forum. I was waiting to watch you and the band, you came in and sat with me and my missus. I was young and silly then and didn’t know what to ask you or really how to act. I hope I meet you again one day so I can ask the questions I wanted to.

    You make amazing music and run an incredible record label.

  • link

    yes london,

    the new podcast is rollin as usual. Kaleidoscope is a classic tune… Just grabbed a copy of attack ships backed with south eastern dream, both heavy tunes, lookin forward to syncopated city… Your beats are always progressing, keep up the podcast too, gets me through the days…

    take care my friend

    Josh (from Bath)

  • Dj_Xander

    tony, i Love your podcasts
    only been tuned in for a few months, but its given me something to look forward to. the info on new tunes to be released has been awesome. for example after the danny byrdcast i went out & ordered supersized. whenever i go to study, people in class steal my ipod just to listen to the tunes then put it back. since i filled it with your podcasts it gets stolen a Lot more :|
    & finally, Could you please bring hospitality to perth (:
    possibly to the belvoir. you & logistics seem to like it :P
    massive respect from perth.

  • TripleBypass

    Congrats on the New Site!

  • RuralLEhead

    Saw you at Ponana’s in Norwich on the 3rd of July. Breathtaking!! Listen to every podcast. STOP THE WAR ON VINYL!! Bless Up Tony!!

  • londonelektricity

    hospitality at the belvoir would be a dream

  • brighter.than.sun

    1st of – congrats with the site, mr. Colman.
    2nd of – i have to say that I’m really really impressed that i’m not the only 1 listeting to your Podcast in Ukraine, and the news that you are having a show in Kiev @ The Most (that’s The Bridge in english) in November got me into the hysterical euphoria. This is soooooooo wicked, mayn.
    i really really really am hoping that you will play that track that you had on your myspace for a while with an lamp-bulb kid on the illustration for it and a kid singing in it … it has to be some old track – but it’s awesome!
    anyways – my neighbours now know who Tony Colman is! Do not let me down – keep in the good vibe for them and my mom also! ))) Andrew (Lviv, Ukraine)

  • Dj_Xander

    good to hear.
    also, i forgot to mention.
    do you know of any street teams in perth?
    if there isn’t any, i’d be happy to start one.

  • eerik

    Well hello there. :)

  • sidedown

    Ah, fantastic! Good to see a nice, simple site. Hospital Podcast is the only one I truly look forward to weekly… time to dig into 62.

  • Marik

    Hey, thanks for regular podcasts! They always bring us lots of fresh tunes!

    By the way, I personally know many people here in Ukraine who are listening to your podcast ;) We are always looking forward to hear new episodes!

    Tony, come to Ukraine – I have all LE albums that are waiting for your signature! =)

  • Riley


    1. London Elektricity – Attackships on Fire
    2. Danny Byrd & Brookes Brothers – Gold Rush
    3. Logistics – Kaleidoscope
    4. Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes D&B Mix
    5. Logistics – Cosmonaut
    6. Fracture & Neptune – Sky Song
    7. MRSA – Hacker
    8. Q-Project – Credit Crunch
    9. London Elektricity – Sat Nav

  • londonelektricity

    just confirmed a show in Kiev 14-11-08 at The Most :-)

  • Gradiate

    Looking forward to some inane political comments thrown in amongst cracking D&B on the train home. Get me in the mood for The Scala.

  • miguel

    Greetings from Buenos Aires Tony!
    We’ve met at your gig at Function in LA last year.

    Can’t wait to see you play again, I hope I get to see LE’s live band format.

    Keep it up!

  • Kraig

    Lovin the new site tony, see you tomora nite at po na na’s

  • roikles

    Tony/Riley/Everyone else, the site looks great!

    Really enjoying the new stuff coming out of hospital, the best new music on the air! Can’t wait for the gig in Leeds.


    p.s. Could you possibly change the sites favicon to a LE one instead of the drupal guy?

    Just heard Sat nav and I have to say that is the best fucking song I have heard in a long time, its like Emerson Lake and Palmer on Valium!

  • the jade merchant

    Really look forward to the podcast arriving every week – keeps me smiling while the world falls down. Keep up the good work.

    Had a dream last week that LE teamed up with Mick Jones and made some Blakean London musical odyssey! It has been forseen – make it so!! =)

  • Marik

    wow! can’t wait! :)

  • hospitalslave

    London Elektricity what can i say, your a legend, i always have amazing nights when i journey up to london for hospitality, our clubs down in ashford (…well club as we only have 1) is crap i actually have a better time spending more money that i dont have in london just because the atmosphere in hospitality is so intense, each time i bring more of my mates to these incredible events, thank you!!!!

  • Si

    Kiev confirmed!? This is awesome!!!

    Thanks for reading out my email on number #62 – we had double fun listening to it :)) I know, it sounded a bit cheeky )) but we really appreciate what you do!

    Thanks again for the podcast and see u in November.

  • Tom Banfield

    Alright Tony, I’m writing from the Cayman Islands in the carribbean… it’s a great place to live and I work as a SCUBA diving instructor so cannot complain at all, but until a couple of months ago I was getting really sick of hearing nothing but old American rock and ridiculously cheesy house!
    thank god I discovered your podcast otherwise hearing any more lynyrd skynyrd or bryan adams really might have driven me over the edge!

    really pleased to hear your new stuff – ‘South Eastern Dream’ and ‘Uska’ are two of the best releases I’ve heard in a long time, it takes me back to seeing London Elektricity live at the Nexus in Southampton a few years back and that hairs on the back of your neck feeling… I really can’t get enough of some of the other tracks you’ve been kicking out like the Beastie Boys re-rub and everything coming from Mistabishi’s general direction!

    please keep up the good work! and if you ever fancy learning to dive give us a shout! better yet, if there’s ever a possibility of ‘Hospital on a long white beach’ lets see what we can do!

  • londonelektricity

    yo Tom thanks mate and i do wanna learn to dive!

  • conspiracy303

    Enjoyed all 62 podcasts and really admire you guys setting the standard for D&B Podcasts. Appreciate even more as I have been living Stateside for a few years now and miss Hospitality. Would love to have some live sets on the podcast so I can remember the good ol’ days of London town.

    Also a big shout to the Hospital Shop who speedily assist me with acquiring all the new NHS cuts including your brand new 12, which is funky badness!

    Hope to see you on the US tour for your new record if you stop in Philly! Peace.

  • Googs

    G’day Tony! Congrats on the new site bro!



  • Reloaded101

    big up
    Tony + Crew

    love everything hospital

    nuff said

  • smquick

    Loving the podcast and everything you guys are doing at Hospital! You guys got me deep into dnb and it has changed how I look at music. When you coming to the states? Please say SOON and please stop in Chicago (I live 4 hours away in Indiana and will make the drive).

    – Mike (Indiana, USA)

  • Archidub

    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the shout out on Podcast 62!
    Just bought some decks and a mixer yesterday, so finally moving onto VINYL as well as CD’s!! “Attack Ships on Fire” 12″ will be the first record in my new collection…long live VINYL!

    A copy of your degree certificate will be coming your way soon…

    Thanks again,

    Douglas Harding

    P.s: USKA is the best track I have heard in ages!! The rolling bass just gets better every time I hear it!

  • Callie.

    Tonyyy! I absolutly love the Hospital podcasts.
    I’ve been subscribed from about the 15th I think.
    And they never dissapoint me :).
    It’s just a shame that there’s nothing for the younger drum & bass community to go to, I’m 16, and well into my drum & bass.
    Only 2 years to go untill I can go to Hospitality thoughh!
    I can’t actually wait.
    It would be absolutly amazing if you could do something that was 16+,
    but I understand that that would be a right effort to arrange!

    Anyway, Attack Ships On Fire’s quality!! :).

    I’m looking forward to the next podcast.
    -Callie x

  • boogiehak


    As i write i have my two beautiful babies climbing all over me and my computer, with podcast 62 blaring out. Everytime they hear your voice they stop and listen intently, then the track comes on and they bop away like true little drum n bass heads!!

    So, in a way you help me baby sit on a daily basis!!! hahaha thanx Tony!

    Could yoo give a shout out to Isabella (1.5 yrs) and Felix (2.5 yrs) in Adelaide South Australia!!

    Cheers mate

    ps. you were sooooo good 2 years ago at HQ in Adelaide for the celebration of the birth of my daughter. I couldnt have asked for a better night.

  • tricky

    Hey Mr Colman,

    Your new album sounds like its going to be cooked to a peach (perfection). Been listening to your sounds since they appeared in record shops. Shout out to Tricky, Jadene and Shan. Now to get the podcast back catalogue. Bristol D & B, Big love.


  • domc

    What would we do without the podcasts?? Massive respect, not only for keeping us up to date but also for showcasing new talent. Big shout goes out to Mistabishi for his truly individual style and Danny Byrd for his new album! Also, massive shout to Fracture and Neptune for ‘Sky Song’ – beautiful!

    Cant wait til the new LE album drops, Attack Ships On Fire and South Eastern Dream are just inspirational.

    Next podcast, Can you please send a massive shout out to dbr (drum n bass republic) and all Luton based DJs/producers and ravers!!

  • nico552

    yo yo Tony loving the new tunes! U need to get yourself over to Cayman Islands ! Me and Tom need some D&B over here. Big up to you Hospital Legends. Podcast it up !!! Nico ( Grand Cayman)

  • Shawte


    I am a londoner living in Denver, and wanted to give a shout in regards to the podcast.

    I have been listening since podcats number 10, and have to say that it is rocking mate…

    It is difficult to get quality DnB over here, and the podcast is quality.

    I am big into the Hospital label, and have bought Danny’s and Logitics albums, and heard the just 1 second from you album this morning and was blown away.

    Can’t wait for the album, and for it to rock out the streets of denver out of the sound system in my motor….

    Just wanted to drop in and pay respects…

    Tom Shaw
    Ealing to Denver… Love it mate

  • djpriors

    YO TONY!!!


    As per usual you have surpassed my expectations on the podcast! so much love for that!

    You have successfully brought me through my dissertation with some rip roaring new dnb, am loving it man!!

    Hospital is by far the most hard working dnb label in my opinion!

    Just wanted to let you know about my mate johnny beverton.

    He is a wicked producer and has only been producing DNB for about 8 months but man are his tracks good and different!

    He is just a bit unsure of his production and is a bit nervous on lettin heads hear it!

    So I thought I would take it upon myself to get the ball rolling…

    You should defo go check him out man!

    He has a tune called harlem which is ready to BLOOOOW!!!

    Here is his myspace:

    and mine is

    much love tony and keep rockin the new dnb!!


    PRIORS – matt

  • picometric

    >> The golden ratio of music. The best of the best!!
    You’ve changed things…raised the bar so high…so high!!!

    Peace and Blessings:


  • alxspb

    it’s already October.. But still no info about MRSA – Hacker ( It was something impossible and i and all my friend want to know something about this.. Was this track subscribed on some label ? And who the fuck MRSA is ?? =)

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