Hospital Podcast 63

July 16, 2008 in Podcast

The mighty Hospital Podcast returns fresh with lots of shout outs for those who have posted up comments on this website. If you haven’t signed up yet, get involved, and let us know what you think…

This week not only do we have great music from London Elektricity but also fresh tracks from Q-Project, Peshay and A-Sides…

What did you think of the N*E*R*D tune, and were any of you at the Scala last week for Hospitality?

  • Rich Holman

    Loving the podcast as usual. Love the vocals on the last track of the podcast, reminds me slightly of the high contrast remix of imogen heap – headrush. The N*E*R*Dstep was also awesome.

    Unfortunately being at University in Bristol missed hospitality at audio in Brighton and then i came home and missed hospitality in Bristol at thekla, gutted. Will be heading to heaven in september to make up for it.

    Take it easy Rich

  • DanielB

    Loving the podcasts – wicked tunes (which is standard)

    Maybe you should diversify into a Hospital chat line for the ladeez (& the odd fella) – as it sounds like you make a heap of them swoon with your dulcet tones :)

  • conspiracy303

    NERDStep seriously needs to go on vinyl or an mp3 release. Its banging!

  • wintermute

    alright tony.
    as ever the podcast is high class. my only gripe with the hospital podcast is that it doesn’t come out frequently enough, and i am forced to listen to other, inferior podcasts in the interim. ;)

    nerdstep is cool, very LE, but i can hear the byrdsong in there too..

    the source also a stand out track, i’m diggin’ the bungle sound recently.

    well, i just finished listening and now i want more.. ’til next time.


  • kenneth

    mate. i love what you do, love the podcast, but enough with the freaking shout-outs. tech talk, poltik-talk, in studio interviews are all rad. shout outs are not. we know you got fans, we know you got listeners, quit shoving that fact down our throats. no more shout outs please. get some guests in the studio to distract yer self from more shout outs.

  • feucht

    Wow, just to say that Just One Second is absolutely lovely, can’t wait to get my hands on this, will deffo be preordering. Have you heard when the Nu:tone rmx of Look Inside is going to surface?

    Best wishes

    feucht (Cambridge)

  • Giuliano


    Writing from Toulouse to tell you that the good word of Hospital & liquid funk is slowly spreading; I’ve been playing your pods to as many French mates and as many people as possible and there are many new fans over here! You are definitely a god of the dnb world! (also seems like many of the french girls love your voice, especially your “mignon” english accent!)
    If you ever come to Toulouse or just France in general, please give us a shout out: the scene is v. small comared to London, but I’ll try and get together as many people as possible. Please keep the pods and the great music coming!!

  • Marik

    Great podcast as always!
    Once again – looking forward to see and hear you in November!
    btw, thanks 4 the shouts! ;)

  • Callie.

    I just thought I’d drop you a comment to say hi.
    And thanks for the shout out on this podcast.
    I absolutly loved it :).
    It made my day.

    Hope you’re alright and all of the new tracks I’ve heard of yours are absolutly quality.
    Good to have some new music from you :).

    -Callie, from Hinckley.

  • thingpart

    Do we really have to wait ’till christmas time for the Q-project realease? What a tease, i’m addicted to credit crunch by now.

    And indeed, the nerdstep is really cool.

    Greeting, Felix

  • Funok

    Hey Tony,

    thx for your shout out in your latest podcast. of corse i will go for the kingsofthejungle event to see danny playing live.



    • AsHeN

      DuDe! AtTaCk ShIpS On FiRe Is InSaNiTy!!! Can’t wait for the new album! I pretty much buy anything from Hospital before I even preview it ’cause I know it will be of the SiCkEsT QuaLiTy! So I live pretty far away but I’d love to come see some Hospitality sometime. But, until I can make that happen, your Podcast is the next best thing! BEST PODCAST ON iTunes MATE!!!

      ***********************ShOuT OuT fRoM Shawn iN MISSOULA, MONTANA USA!!!**********************

      (I’m probably 1 out of maybe 5 DnB heads in Montana so you gotta hit me with a shout-out bro!)

  • Widestream

    ahaha thank you, m8, too:)
    looking forward to see u in Ukraine really soon ;) see ya :)

    • LittleRaz

      Recently found your podcasts and i LOVE LOVE em, Thank and keep up the fantastic work.

      Cara – Perth, Western Australia

  • Floyd

    Listening to 63 now Tony, got to say, I am loving your new stuff! Keep it up, I can’t wait for the release of the new album, and a HUGE shout out to Ben Virgo, one of your biggest biggest fans. Such a shame that we’re under 18, we need to see you live sometime!!

    Thanks Tony, the new site looks great!

    • fatpete

      love the podcast mate, definitely something I look forward to every other week – credit you guys with getting me back into D&B, big fan for years and I felt it lost it’s way during 2004-06.

      Can’t wait for your album, every track I’ve heard so far is fresh and original.
      Scala was a wicked night, can’t wait for Heaven in Sept

      one other thing, this is to anyone reading – I’ve got a tune called “untitled” by Take 5 feat Kyla – it came on a Knowledge mag CD sponsored by Circa in 2002 maybe 03. It’s an all time favourite, but I can find no info anywhere about it – has anyone else heard it?

  • Dr Alvis

    Loving The Podcast ! Have It on every second of the day ! When are you or hospital next coming down to bristol or birmingham !?

    Big Shout Out Sam and Owen

    • TheCrane

      Thanks Fred for the best cups of tea

  • siricko14

    All Hell Is Breaking Loose is a savage piece of work!
    Also loving the Peshay tune, heard it on a mix and i was dying to find out what it was.
    All my mates in my town of Warrington in Northwest adore what you do, everybody has it downloaded now!
    I beg you to do a set down here at one point, spread the dnb love!


    • russie66

      Hi Tony,Can you give Russell and Pennie a shout out on one of your podcasts!!,loving your new stuff specially sat nav and all hell’s break loose.Hope you drop them on your set when we come to see you at the Custard Factory in October. We love listening to your podcasts when we deliver chinesse take aways round Rubgy,keep them coming love your new single to,cheers mate

  • kaminskyy

    I’m the only person I know in LA that listens to DNB, but that doesn’t stop me thanks to HOSPITAL RECORDS!

    • jonsedar

      LOVE the chord progression on Just One Second! I get this big stupid smile plastered all over my face when I hear it – can’t wait for your album Tony!

      Any indication on the dates for Hospitality in Nov / Dec this year? I’ve just moved out to NYC to make a new life and will seriously book flights right now to come back for the party :)


    • londonelektricity

      thanks everyone, gonna do a big shoutfest next week. for those that wanna book flights etc (yes jon!) hospitality in november will be on friday 28th. i’m off to korea tomorrow so i’ll post my report on the Pentaport festival when i get back

  • Swiftnezz

    — TONYYYY!!!! Thank you so much! I am listening to Podcast 63 right now.

    I cant tell your how thankfull I am, you have just gave me a shoutout on the Podcast and I have just felt so inspired more then I ever have! You are a brillant man with brillant music. Thank you again mate and big ups on your new cd mate, as I will be purchaseing multiple copies to give to my family, friends, fellow D&B lovers. I belive if they don’t love your music, then they DO NOT know what music really is.

    • 1stladyofbass

      cant wait for the album to drop!!!!just one second was incredibly incredible!

      when you coming back to Vancouver?Been a couple years since you did a show out here!!!!!!!

      Vancouver BC

  • TripleBypass

    Hey Tony,

    Thanks a Million Tons Of Gravy for the Shout Out.

    I listen to the Podcast on my bike ride to the Mortuary every time u release a new one! Keeps the generator running.

    Not sure if you remember, but I did a shot of Tequila with you at Club Karma in Osaka in 2003 or 04. I had bought it for High Contrast and he of course turned it down, but you had just come on and said Thank You Gladly. You then became the man.

    Tequila and Spinning are a match made in Hospitality Heaven.

    I would love to get you and some of the crew out to Hawaii. It would be quite swell.

    I am working on some tunes, coming soon to theatre near U


    • kristian

      Hello from Estonia. love the podcast. proper dnb!
      nerdstep is very catchy. didnt like the “all the girls standing…” bit tho, but the followed p’s voice is spot-on!

      keep up the best work!


  • Vibze

    All Hell Is Breaking Loose is such an amazing tune, i loved it from the first time i’ve heard it on Hospital Radio, i’m looking forward to see the animation you have mentioned in this podcast!

    Writting to you from Kazakhstan, a country where drum & bass scene is really tiny, and listening to podcasts and radioshows keeps me updated about the scene. I love your podcast and i love the way you lead it, rewind at 62 was hilarious! Big ups to the new tunes and forthcoming album, after 3 years you are still keeping your style and that’s awesome :)

    Looking forward to see you in Russia in september, this is going to be one crazy night!

  • Bhavikpatel


    Just wanted say I’ve been listening to your podcasts religiously for a while now, went to Hospitality @ Heaven in feb aswell and it was insane. They’re quite simply brilliant and it’s free!! Love your track “Just One second” gorgeous.


    Bhavik, London

  • cheekychappie

    Another banging podcast Tony – loving number 63, especially All Hell Is Breadking Loose and the N*E*R*D stuff. I’m a devoted fan and have subscribed since podcast 40 (ish). Just a little note though – surely the ‘tag a flickr image with London Elektricity and it’ll show on this page’ thing is open to abuse? Such as the DOA mob tagging loads of porn with London Elektricity tags?

    Just a thought.. :D

  • Dj_Xander

    cheers for the shoutouts in your latest podcast (:

  • John

    love the podcast Tony I’m a massive hospital head I have almost everything released by hospital and have been listing to the podcast since episode 30 religiously, went to the my 1st Hospitality a couple of months ago at the med bar had an amazing night i was the drunk bastard at the front who asked you to marry me :D

    -John, Birmingham

  • owen

    Well feeling that Nerd tune you did, loving the podcasts since i started at the early 20s.

    One question about something you played a number of weeks back on the latest Demos podcast, Dubtao – Ready Gone, you signing them at Hospital? Really liked that tune would like to hear it more and get my hands on a copy of it!

    Also am overly eager to become 18 as there are no hospitality events available for me to attend as im only 16. Please please please sort out a one off event for 16’s +

    Cheers, Owen Darby in Kent.

  • pocketshepherd

    Your new album is shaping up to be fantastic Tony. Every new album-tune you play is wicked. Loving the podcast, and all things hospital. Roll on Spoonfed on August 7th!

    Much love to the hospital crew!

    Ben, Cambridge!

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Great podcast.

  • Googs

    One of the fattest selection of tunes to date! Nice one Tony!

  • itswoody

    ez Tony, just got back from EXIT festival (via a few days in Budapest), High Contrast & MC Wrec absolutely smashed it, was the stand out act of the festival for me. Even managed to blag a sig off HC afterwards which was pretty sound!

    Was asked to write a short report about EXIT to appear in iDJ mag, look out for it…

    Much respect, keep doing what you’re doing, bring on Hospitality at Heaven in Sept!

    Woody, Finchley Road, London

    p.s. can I get a shout out if you pls!!

  • crazybabylady

    I LOVE HOSPITAL PODCASTS!! all the sounds I hear are a glorious refreshment to my ears. Thank you for keeping drumnbass fresh. HOLLA!

    -crazybabylady -newyorkcity

  • Riley

    Hospital Podcast 63 With London Elektricity
    1. London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Lose

    2. Q Project – Just 3 Things

    3. Peshay – Don’t Think About Me

    4. Heist – Hockenheim

    5. Bungle – The Source

    6. A-Sides – Takido

    7. Minotaur – Don’t Worry

    8. Seba and Paradox – Move On

    9. N*E*R*Dstep

    10. London Elektricity – Just One Second

  • eerik


  • 4string fever

    What’s good Mr. Coleman? i would like to first thank my mate marvin for pointing me towards hospital podcasts and records. You guys have been making jems for us for a hot minute and i would like to thank you for inspiring me to take start making my own music. I have got a back catalogue from episode 35 and love love all of them keep up the great work! Just a quick comment on the N*E*R*D STEP tune! It’s massive but i would be a little biased as i’m a fan of N*E*R*D aswell but i’m glad to see the drum and bass scene inspiring other to make good music! I fpeople don’t know check out spaz and anti matter on seeing sounds N*E*R*D’s latest effort! Pharrell said he went to a wild club in Bristol and it opened his eyes to another genre that is sick other than rock and hip hop! (So much for a quick comment haha) Anyway hope all is cool with you and yours see you at a live set soon.

    Peace and love Nick

  • charlie_b4u2

    Just listened to the latest, and as always – you smashed it! I’ve got all of them from day X of Hospital podcasts. Tom saw my iPod in my pub a little while ago, and was pretty sure I have every album on Hospital, Med School etc… – can’t get enough! Getting down to Brighton in September for another Hospitality – it’s been a while since I last went to see you guys and can’t wait! Keep it up.

    Charlie B – The George & Vulture

    PS my staff always play your old live sets when we’re setting up the bar or shutting down at the end of a night – gets everyone in the mood! When are they coming back?

  • CheesyPOOF5

    The N*E*R*D song is wicked. Great podcast I love it.

  • shugahfree

    This episode of the amazing hospital podcast was phenominal!! You can talk all you want cuz you give everyone a heads up on what is happening in the world of not only hospital but the whole of drum n bass. I will be in line for the preorder of syncopated city!!! BELIEVE!

    Big up Tony!

    Jon in Middle America

  • ralphsolly


    Heard the Fabio show,
    Glad you kept your strong opinion!

    Keep pushing your stance on vinyl, because you are a good strong role model for dance music and the whole
    drum n bass industry!

    We (the fans/bedroom DJ’s) will continue to support you keep vinyl alive!!!

    I’m uploading photos of the last LE live show at warwick uni!
    Big ups


  • sidedown

    Just One Second! Wow… I’m floored. What great vocals. Tony, I really enjoy that your music is full of “songs” and not just “tracks”.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  • Laurie

    I’ve just listened to the latest podcast and I’ve got to say, it’s sounding mint as usual (especially N.E.R.Dstep). This podcast has always been my favourite since it has no annoying MCs spitting all over it, the commentary makes it more entertaining and most importantly, the music is sublime and inspirational.

    By the way, when will High Contrast be on the podcast? You said some time ago that you’ve not featured him yet so i wondered if you’ve managed to persuade him to come on finally lol.

  • Roger Berkeley

    thanks for the shouts.
    very nice podcast again!
    like all the other.
    my vinyl-wishlist grew again….

    so if you don`t come to germany to play,i think i have to come to a hospitality again. big partys. thanks for that.
    it`s the hell of a ride from germany, but worth it. thanks for these events.

    now i will wait to preorder your album.
    need that ltd. edition.
    hope you drop all the tracks on vinyl;)
    don`t wanna miss one,cause it is only available on cd.
    like red mist from danny. big tune!!!
    can`t play it :(

    roger berkeley

  • Colak


    longtime subscriber to the podcast even longer time lover of the kind of beats that go on!!!

    can’t wait for the album, “All Hell Is Breaking Loose” is the most exciting thing i’ve heard so far in a year full of amazing music,!! i’m busting to get a copy on vinyl, it’ll fit in as well when i’m playing funk sets as drum & bass!!!

    keep it copasetic,

  • Marty

    Big up to all the Scala Crew. Had a wicked one and danced until I dropped at 6am! Fell asleep on the tube and missed our stop, worth it though.

    Wicked Podcast Big T.

    By the way, that is me on the 6th flickr Scala pic, reaching out for the Coleman!!!

    Until next time..

  • matty_ride

    I’ve been a listener of the podcast from the very start and have to say theres been some real moments man!

    Keep up the good work and keep the great music flowing our way, the podcasts get better each time.


  • edwrecker

    Tony Nice one mate with the N*E*R*Dstep, definite one for the summer that one is

    Heard that having a Hospital-all-star thing at Custard Factory in Brummm, wel thats what Mistabishi said

    always loving everything that comes out of hospital records
    can’t wait for the abum
    and i’m purchasing the Danny Byrd – from bath with love – at this very mo

    see ya in brumm

  • stringfellow

    Love the podcasts!
    N*E*R*Dstep is mad!
    Can’t wait for the new album… will most certainly be adding that to my hospital records vinyl collection!
    Can you give a shout out to Dave Arter who’s fecked off to Helsinki for the Summer, and is coding his ass off at Nokia with the help of Danny Byrd’s album.

  • vothry

    From Ryan in College Place, Washington. Bless your heart for putting up a podcast with some intelligence. I’ve been listening since around podcast #20 and have taken everyone with me on my iPod while I do homework. Thanks for all the great music and especially those democasts. True talent coming up there. Big up and keep it original as usual.


    Well done from Wellington New Zealand.

    Im a street artist and I listen to the podcast when Im creeping about the streets putting up my artwork, it may render me deaf to possible captors but its worth it.

    Cheers From AOTEAROA.

  • Cheekz

    OMG I cannot wait for the new album, will be very excited to order the advanced 4 piece vinyl, gatefold is the way forward (just look at the D Bridge album) I’m sure the animations will prevail and reflect the superb standard of music that I’ve been hearing over the last few podcasts

    Keep the freshness coming, mucho love from sunny Cambridge, cant wait for Spoonfed!

  • tricky

    ahhh… Hospital Records should archive old podcasts… :( … cant wait for the new album.

  • Archidub

    The heist track “hockenheim” is absolutely awesome…Same too for the new Q-Project “don’t think about me”…keep um coming Tony.

    From the man like Douglas Harding.

    Bless Up!

  • JD77

    Big respect to the nerd tune- this tracks gives me enregy while im doin my workout in the gym!
    keep on rockin Mr.Tony
    greetings from g.a-city (south west germany)

  • Howard

    Nerdstep is absolutely sick. That needs to be made available for purchase ASAP!

    Much love from the States on that one

  • GrafZhL

    ‘All Hell Is Breaking Lose’ is my favorite :) I consider sending a track.

  • misstp

    Ahoy there Toni,

    Well back in Perth absolutely freeeezing but thats ok summers on its way! and hopefully you are too!

    just one second has the rewind light on permanent go!eargasm.
    Thankgod for podcasts and myspace, cant wait for your new album to be released definately keen for the special edition vinyl!

    hope alls well!

    pce. ashleigh x

  • J double L

    ualrite tony how u doin buddy? still loving u down ere in pompey m8, quick question m8, over hearin fabio on radio 1, dj fresh’s new tune gold-dust (i think its called – either way it quality) r u gunna sign to hospital records because i’d love to hear on your label…t’wood be sweet.

    anyways love u loads

    joe, portsmouth (.)(.) HOSPITALITY IN PORTSMOUTH, YOU KNOWS IT xXx

  • J double L

    oh N*E*R*Dstep was dogs bollox m8 release it, release it, release it? Gimme a rewind yeah boy

  • Mx_lable

    Thank’s fo this… All Hell Is Breaking LOSE – The Best!!! i wait this in VYNIL…..

  • liquidfunk_mids

    Mad skills looking forward to the new album and future sound of cambridge vol3.

    but for me the stand out track on thsi podcast was the NERDstep!! wicked wicked wicked!!

    are you going to release it?? let hope so!

  • elsophillia

    can you do a shout out on the Hospital records podcast for Jon who starts off his 30th birthday celebrations at Hospitality at Matter on 4th Nov, cant wait to av it on the dancefloor…you kno it… love your wife !

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