Hospital Podcast 64

July 24, 2008 in Podcast

This week Tony has been delving into out demo inbox, remember you can send your tracks to us by getting onto AIM and sending the tracks to our dedicated buddy name hospitaldubs. Tony checks out every track sent, so please label it clearly and keep on sending us 1 or 2 of your best tracks.

What did you think of this current crop of demos? can you do better? send us your tracks!


  • xanadu

    wicked tracks tony, love the podcast’s especially the democasts. I want to meet Bop’s dog, inspirational.

  • Relapse

    Love the podcasts!

    Keep them coming

    Maximum respect from the Mid-West U.S

  • Kutuzov

    wow! 3 tracks from russian producers in one podcast.

  • Synergex

    Can’t even remember the tracks i sent but no doubt about it the ones you put in the podcast were wicked.
    Loving it from Canada!

  • Cheekz

    Erm ok so this is the best demo cast to date me thinks.
    If those Donnie dubson and Bop tracks don’t get signed its a travesty. The ‘song about my dog’ is truely beautiful music – hairs on the back of the neck style.


  • Marik

    ” Submitted by Kutuzov on Sun, 07/27/2008 – 10:36.

    wow! 3 tracks from russian producers in one podcast.

    and one from Ukrainian ;)

  • Radio E

    Hello from Chicago IL U.S. of A.

    Another great democast! I can’t wait to send in my half ass music! j/k. Hopefully you like it enough to play *crosses fingers*

    Give all your Chicago listeners a shout out here in the Chi :)

    Have a great day

    Ian M. aka Radio E

  • Paddyd

    Zoom back camera is such a crazy song. really, really loving it… the break down is amazing!!!!

    Good work Dan……..

  • auzwa

    BOP (song about my dog) simply amazing stuff… someone please sign that!!! i want it on vinyl now!

    Big ups from Australia, keep the warm vibes coming in our winter time of need!!

  • DJ Petrou

    Another great demo cast. Thanks tony. I myself am currently working on some demos for the mpodcast and if they get aired, i have a feeling that i will be the youngest person to have their demos played on the podcast (i just turned 16 by the way) and despite my age, I do make very professional sounding Drm n Bass. I have been making it for about 3-4 years now. anyway, give me a shoutout on your next podcast please, i would love that so much. Thanks mate, and good luck with your new album

    From Anthony AKA. DJ Petrou (Melbourne, Australia)

  • pumptronics

    every demo superb this week…a cracking collection….thanks tony. whatever happened to the music-that-got-people-into-drum-n-bass podcast mentioned with james mistabishi?

    >> oh and could we have some more on kj sawka please….I can’t/don’t/won’t produce so the sample pack not much good for me….any tracks he’s drummed on etc?

    your podcast’s still the best! ta

  • andy_secrett

    Hi Tony
    Just wanted to say thanks for making it possible to hear Zoom back camera, I had to rewind the pod cast 3 times to hear it again, I absolutely love it, it’s fantastic, looking forward to my first Hospitality at Heaven in September. Big up to you and the hospital crew


  • kimber

    I’m a grad student in Boston, MA, USA and eagerly await each edition of your podcast. I’ve found that no matter what I’m doing for school, work or fun, I do it better with you in my headphones. If you ever bring Hospitality to the east coast, know that your fans will be out in droves!

  • ulfen

    Hi Tony.

    I´m a listener to your podcast since day one and it´s without any doubt the best podcast on the whole wide web. Can´t wait for no 65.

    Is there a london elektricity live tour planned after the release of the next album in september?

    If yes, I really hope you´re coming back to berlin again. I really miss the hospitality nights at watergate. The best DnB Label in combination with one of the best clubs worldwide was really stunning.

    Big up from Germany!


  • BoogieDown

    Hey Tony! It’s Sarah from Upstate NY… I saw you at the Sullivan Room last time you came to NYC (and danced my ass off!).

    I have no idea what took me so long (perhaps an aversion to I-Tunes) to start listening to the Hospital Podcasts… but I’ve listened to both 63 and 64 today, and I’m absolutely hooked! Something tells me that I won’t be listening to much else for quite a while, as I catch up on everything that I’ve missed. I loved the demos in #64! I will be listening to that set repeatedly, for sure.

    Your “NERDstep” song is FANTASTIC. The chord progression and the rhythmic complexity are uplifting and DRIVING. You had better release that on *something* ASAP! And I am definitely looking forward to having a copy of “Just One Second.” I will be SURE to pre-order your album as soon as it becomes available. I just ordered Danny Byrd’s new CD, but it will probably take a little while to import. I definitely have my eyes on the mailbox.

    I heard your KJ Sawka shout-out. That guy is stellar. I can’t wait to hear him live, and I am curious to hear what he recorded for Hospital! Rumor has it he is coming to Upstate New York in the fall, unfortunately I think it will be the weekend of my sister’s wedding… I am obviously going to the wedding, but I will be VERY sad to miss the show!! :P

    Anyway, keep up the amazing work. I have finally found another hard-core Hospital fan in Upstate NY, and if I have it my way, I will recruit many others!

    Your music makes my soul glow. Can’t wait for you to come back to the States. I’ll be there!

  • miguel

    Tony please send Happy Birthday (august) to Emiliano in Spain, only god knows how old is he now, we live in different countries these days, but we are both fans of the podcast.

    Keep up the beats!

    when is the new cd out??

  • chris

    bop’s song about his dog is heavy.

    loving the zelda vibes.

  • CigelageBrata

    With onfole! Merry Christmas! )))

  • CigelageBrata

    With onfole! Merry Christmas! )))

  • Riley

    Hospital Podcast 64 – Your Demos
    1. Dan Hambarnam – Zoom Back Camera

    2. Derek Aeroflop

    3. A-Tom – Night Flight

    4. Donnie Dubson – Super Marimba

    5. Bop – Song About My Dog

    6. KDC – The Iron Gate

    7. Megadrummer – Through The Time

    8. Enei – Target Light

  • eerik


  • Roger Berkeley

    nice picks!
    new sounds that keep DnB alive…

  • contrived_dialogue


    Excellent tunes on this one. Come play some gigs in the Northwest will you? I promise you our microbrews will make for a good evening and our coffee will bring you right out of the hangover. Hell, if you make it out here, drinks are on me. Trust, you can’t go wrong.

    Keep the goodness coming. Can’t wait for the new album. Those tracks are stellar.

    -Collin (Portland, OR)

  • DanielB

    Minimalcast / Moodycast!

  • roxter


    Great pick! So fresh.

    podcast is addictive. Give us a shout m8!



    Very nice, Dubsons track was my favourite – he has made so many amazing songs. Looking forward to seeing you at Spoonfed again in August Tony – The club has swapped the DJ booth position so more dancing can be done! Peacee
    Tim – Cambridge

  • marklitster

    Keep the amazing podcasts coming , can’t wait to get a signed copy of your new lp, when will I be able to pre-order it, I want to make make sure I get one, shout out to canada whenever you can,

  • Marik

    nice deep stuff!
    Hope these tunes will be released soon on vinyl!

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