Hospital Podcast 65

August 11, 2008 in Podcast

Back from South Korea with a bang and a bag of new tracks London Elektricity returns to host hospital podcast 65…

Fantastic new music from Logistics, Marcus Intalex and the super-talented Mistabishi make this show a corker. The next few months look like having some wicked Drum and Bass coming through.

After a few requests we have wrapped the shouts into a neat package in the middle, what did you think of the show?

  • brighter.than.sun

    Tony, Greed is soooooo freaking awesome … pls tell Mastabishi that this is deffinitly a masterpiece …
    My girls is making herself fantastic manicure while youre giving out shout outs and i’m am in extasy with Greed …

    Tony … you make me wanna improve every millimeter of my life … this is amazing!

    The Most is waiting for you! Andrew and Lerika May from Lviv, Ukraine! ))

  • Funok

    Hey Tony,

    maybe you remember the shout outs of Podcast 63, i asked u to come to germany, but u played in Zürich too (09 Aug 2008), and that was the reason i came there too, coz its only 40 minutes by car from my home ;).

    It was a wicked night, your set was so awesome. I was the guy with green white stripes t-shit who filmed u with my camcorder almost the half set ;)


    PS: Also saw Danny Byrd playing @ KingsoftheJungle


  • WillMorgan

    Sweetness, a fresh podcast just before I go on holiday to Greece =)

  • 1stladyofbass

    the new mistabishi tune has a totally old school feel to it with the piano,loving it!the new upbeats track is sick to the tenth power,cant wait to hear it rinsed out!

    up yourself big!

    Valerie from canaduh eh

  • calvin

    Whattup from Detroit. Hey Tony, great show. My eyes light up when I see a new podcast in my iTunes list. Keep it coming.

  • Si

    Nice one! I just love ‘Bare Religion’ and can’t wait to hear that new track from Mistabishi, the man is a f*cking genius!

  • atmosbex from LAOS

    Wicked show again, thanks mr T. I played it while i was scootering here in sunny Helsinki. Works perfectly! I neeeeeeeeeed a copy of your albums vinyl version.
    All the best,

  • DanielB

    Loved the podcast – Marcus Intallex (sp?), Logistics, The Mista & Martsman rocked it. Just got back from 2 weeks surfing in Hawaii and this podcast is helping make work bearable.

    Keep packaging the shouts as it makes it easier to navigate upon multiple listens.

  • milkyzway

    Just like to say , Hospital are leading the way in drum and bass at present – I used to be into it in a big way between 90-94 and then for me it just died. I have been hearing tunes from High Contrast over the last few years and slowly getting back into it , then Danny Byrd’s album came along and that was it – I am hooked again , badly !!! Some of your new tracks are just sick ! All hell is breaking loose I must say is also setting a new standard, I will be buying the album !! Thank You for bringing it back…..

  • joe_prior27

    Tony Tony Tony
    You my man have set the standard. I have been a mental supporter for Hospital Records from Podcast Number 1, even more so that you have managed to bag some insane tunes, namely Mistabishi’s Sex and Drugs track (plus so many more but i cant be fooked to write em all)
    I once had an ipod stolen because everone at school loved it, needless to say I had to buy another mp3 type so I wouldnt miss the next episode.
    I fucking Love Hospital and the way in which everyone involved has helped me enter a new world of music.
    At this point in my life im waiting to go to Uni at Sheffield Hallam and cant wait for Gate Crasher to get up and running again.
    Please can you give a big shout to me and my brother Sam who also continues to listen with anticipation every couple of weeks. P.S. Big Love to Danny Bird and the new album its sick in the head(just like a film coming out called Donkey Punch) cheack it out guys


    Joe P.

  • stereokill

    You may have done this already (only been listening to the hospital podcast since 58) but any chance of a video podcast? even something as simple as just a webcam looking down, see where the magic is made!

  • noodlesfish

    massive respect tony, for keeping my faith in d&b alive for the past couple of years.
    over here on the west coast of canada, it can be hard.

    the bop and despot tracks are killer – loving the glitchy, atmospheric, genuinely emotional tracks. your democasts are always pure inspiration.

    and the new mistabishi – is that eric satie sampled on the piano? whatever it is, my sister used to play that on the piano when i was just wee, and i flipped when i heard it in the podcast tonight.

    what can i say? hospital can do no wrong.

  • TripleBypass

    Hey Tony,

    How goes it? The Podcast is dope as always! What would u and some of the Hospital Crew think of doing a Hawaii gig?

    There is actually a pretty decent DnB crowd here. A little harder than my usual taste, but I think we could work something out.

    Let me know!

    I will email u my addy


    PS. I was also wondering if you have any Hospital Shirts in 2XL, I am a big guy that would like to represent!

  • maxpower421

    OHHHHH YEAHHHHH, Just One Second, is an absolute masterpiece, and I love the breakdown in the N*E*R*D Step, please include western Canada in one of your tour dates, you are the man and thank you so much for the podcast,, you guys are definatley motivational, and Sat Nav is the tits, Hospital Love forever, you guys rule, THANK YOU!!!!

    Liam Wilson,

    Stony Plain , Alberta, Canada

  • vive182

    Hello from Sydney Australia. I listen to the podcast every week, loving it. Thanks heaps!

  • SZ

    This podcast helped me get my ass out of complacency and inspired me to start writing DnB after a long hiatus. The sound is as fresh as the first day i heard Jungle, and anyone who says DnB is dead is surely looking in the wrong place. BIG UP!

  • Dimi

    Hi T! Thnx
    Wait for
    Bare Relision

  • edwrecker

    just a shout out to say..

    Hey Tonyyy

    I just wana say that the whole of your hospital crew are the nicest people in the world they actually reply back when you message them
    unlike other music scenes

    can i say also say a big up to James Mistabishi and Dan Nu:Tone as they are the nicest blokes, including yourself of course, in the world as they told me about the hospital al star thingy at custard factory, can’t wait!!

    much love to Hospital


  • nazareth83

    Hello Tony
    First off let me say THANK YOU. I have been in the drum & bass scene since late 1994 and have been following your career since late 1997. I have to say the HOSPITAL camp is one of the best labels out there. You guys have some of the most talented producers in the scene. There is so much more i would like to tell you but i will keep it short and sweet. Could you please give a shout out to me Nazareth (yes thats my Given Name) and my roommate Jadon with subfoundations out in denver colorado on the next podcast. Also We are very interested in bringing you and some of the other hospital crew out to Denver. So if you could email me back at and let me know.
    Thanks once again & RESPECT
    P.S. Me and my roomate have been spinning records and producing for the last 9 years and i would love to send you are best tunes, but im a little foggy on how to use the AIM thing… Could you break it down for me. Thanks

  • Mx_lable

    I’m From Russia.. i Lisen’t Your All Podcast’s and i can tell Your.. This Is best what i can lisent NOW!!!! :)

    In 65 Podcast Very Very VERY VERYY BEST track from Mistabishi – GREED!!! i love him… Thanks fo this…

  • Visionary

    alright tony

    lovin the latest podcast mate , Bare Religion is an absolute Corker

    you and your fellow Hospital artists have inspired me and my mate Ian to start making drum and bass music, theres not a big D&B fan-base in the Orkney Islands but we are getting stuck in, hope to have a track or 2 sent in to you in the near future

    hope to see you in scotland sometime, it would make my year

    Greig Fogarty

  • Alegria

    Nice stuff on the podcast. I’ve unfortunately only discovered the podcast itself since episode 55, is there any way to get a hold on earlier ones? I’d really appreciate it, since your work has really given me some insight into the drum n’ bass scene nowadays (least the liquid funk aspect of it, for all it’s worth :) ).

    I gotta admit, the idea about the podcast being “chopped up” or divided into pieces – tunes, that are easily accessable on an iPod is made of win.

    You infected me with Danny Byrd’s music, for that I’m forever in your debt. I try and repay it by spreading drum n’ bass propaganda around, and even Hospital propaganda in particular, since your label, whether people want it or not, has got some serious goodness out there. I saw High Contrast and Logistics on Creamfields Festival last weekend here in Poland, loved both gigs (and both played Danny Byrd’s instant classic tunes – coincidence?). Your podcast is one of my sources of new drum n’ bass goodness, and contrary to some comments out there, I love blabbermouth DJs like yourself. Anyone who doesn’t like you blabbering over the tracks can just go make a winamp playlist of dnb tracks or play their own mix, whatever.

    Negative feedback: you should really try and not let shite like “Oops” moments with the microphone happen. Some of my favourite episodes of the podcast have ear-rape included at some point. An “award-winning” podcast shouldn’t have that. But despite minor flaws, you still are the best out there, I guess!

    Wall of text, sorry. Last thoughts: I regret not knowing you or even drum n’ bass music when you still used to play with the live act with the crew. Wish I could’ve seen you back then! But oh well, looking forward to Danny Byrd playing in Poland in September in October (since I’ve missed his gig in the beginning of August). And I hope you come visit Poland sometime too, maybe with another Hospital artist? Dreaming on.

    Massive respect from a newbie drumnbass-‘ead.

  • drunkel

    I was wondering what track that was in the first half of the shoutouts bit?

    Also, diggin’ the Mistabishi track “Greed.”

    Thanks for the music well I am stuck behind my computer.

    seattle, suicide city.

  • Dj Defcon

    Hi Tony

    super congrats on the podcasts and the new up and coming album, I am a Real fan of all Hospitals artists and All your music. I loved Bare Religion it is a super wicked tune.
    Do you have a date for the release of Syncopated City, it just i am only 14 and am worried i will miss all the limited 4 piece vinyls as all the tracks sound mental.

    To show my gratitude i am wonderin if you would like to offroad mountain biking session for a day? I have a bike that you could use or whatever. if you are interested hit me up on sorry i couldnt offer more i aint got much to give lol.

    it would be great to hear from you thank you


  • hospitalslave

    loving all the podcasts tony, is there anyway of gettin previous ones as my itunes f***ed up and deleted them all and it started downloading the episodes starting from 50, also when can i preorder syncopated cities? i must have that album cos the tunes so far are unbelievable!

    SORRY… 1 last thing can you give a shout to my brother darryl who is getting married in october and also having their first child very soon (i will drum as much hospital music into her head to get her started i promise haha) and shortly after is being sent out to afghanistan. massive respect to the hospital team who work so hard to produce such good tunes and thank you for hosting the best raves ive ever been to!

  • samuhka

    Big Shout out from São Paulo Brazil, big fan since ever and hospital podcast addicted since number 20.
    Great idea creating this space to keep in touch.

    I feel comfortable with hospital. I know I’ll be able to get vinyl and expect great music for as long as I can imagine.

    Love your music, keep up the awesome job.

    See you in the next cast.

  • djpooyen

    hi tony the podcast is everytime better, keep it in that way


    where i can get the lirycs of JUST ONE SECOND????

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    emiliano in spain

  • Aleve87


    I was wondering when you were going to have another special guest on the podcast? Also, while i’m here, you have an army of fans on facebook that i’m sure would like you to let out some love to them.

    Could you please make a shout out to the goose massive in beckenham?

    Cheers, looking forward to your new album when it comes out, i am but a poor student, however your album shall be bought, even if it means bypassing a trip to the supermarket

    Love your music

  • Brian Yunker

    Hi Tony,

    I’m from Puerto Rico, a very big fan of your podcast, when are you coming down to PR, love to have you here.

    Please send a shout out to Brian Yunker and Mariola Rodriguez two big fans of your work both from Hato Rey Puerto Rico.

  • Riley

    Tracklisting as follows…

    1. Logistics – Intervention

    2. Trisector – Morning Rain

    3. London Elektricity – Bare Religion

    4. Martsman – Trueschool Drumkitwonder

    5. Mistabishi – Greed

    6. NuLogic – On and On (shouts)

    7. Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever

    8. Commix, Logistics, NuTone – Coffee

    9. The Upbeats – Untitled

    10. Darkestra – Steppa Tech

    11. Redeyes feat Deeizm – Love and Hate (matrix remix)

  • eerik

    Niceness! Martsman’s tune is a killer!

  • Kutuzov

    Greed is bAAAd

  • Marik

    damn, couldn’t even imagine to hear more shouts from you! Thanks! =)

    BIG BIG SHOUTS 2 YOU, TONY, & ALL THE HOSPITAL CREW! Thanks for your music and for the love u are spreading worldwide. Thanks a lot for what u all are doing!

    P.S.: Can’t wait to hearsee you in November, m8! :)

  • GrafZhL

    Just started listening to #65 and it’s .. whoa :D Love this overkill super subtune bass :)

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Greets from Ohio
    Great podcast as usual, that martsman track is craaaazy
    Very glad to hear more mistabishi, she lied and no matter what were both HUGE.
    Any news on the Danny Byrd sample pack?

  • Roger Berkeley

    this podcast works very good on the german “autobahn”.
    makes you think you are faster….
    nice new sounds again. the trisector track is sick, and the martsman too.
    hope those are on vinyl sometime;)

    looking forward for the fsoc.

    so thanks for the shout again.

    regards from the unofficial german hospital dj;)

  • Dave Arter

    Thanks for the shout!
    Haven’t found anything better to hack to than Hospital tracks, keep up the good work ;)

  • stringfellow

    Ooooooooh Bare Religion is truly tasty…
    Its like swimming in the sea at night somewhere hot or something. Love the glitchy bits in the drums… shivers!

    Big shout to everyone in JERSEY (The original one, not the New one), who all know that the Crapauds kill off the Donkeys (Guerno’s) big time. (But err, the Donk’s do have a better DnB scene… sucks)

  • 45green

    Tony, you are the man as always, new album sounding wicked, Mistabishi on an Erik Satie tip with “Greed”, inspired stuff, love and respect to the Hospital posse



  • BoogieDown


    Wild story about that little girl. I have to say, Hospital tunes have the same soothing, uplifting effect on me. That has got to make you feel good!

    Just like #63, you saved my favorite tunes for last… “Love and Hate” is fantastic! I’m a sucker for the moving chord progressions and passionate vocal harmonies. That Upbeats song wasn’t far behind, either.

    Not only do I love your music, but I love your TASTE in music. That’s what keeps the Podcast and your mixes #1 in my book. You single-handedly turned me into a hard-core DnB fan. The first set that hooked me was LE Solid Steel, 18-3-02… and the rest is history.

    I am definitely the biggest Hospital fan in upstate New York, probably downstate too… just got Danny Byrd’s new album a couple of weeks ago, and got that brown multicolor overlay t-shirt that you’re wearing in the #65 photo while I was at it. Think I got the last one in stock! Can’t wait to sport it while I’m out getting my groove on in upstate this weekend. Maybe I’ll discover some other Hospital heads by showing some love.

    And presale CDs… WHEN? What do I have to do for a signed CD? Of course, you could always come back to the states, play in Upstate NY (I know some great promoters that would love to book you!), and I’ll pester you for a signature then. ;)

    Much love!

    Binghamton, NY

  • katalyst

    For all those who are big fans (like myself) of the blog AND the podcast you can find the RSS feed for the blog (not the podcast!) here
    This RSS feed will send you new messages everytime Tony makes a new blogpost.

    Unfortunately the feed isn’t really advertised on the blog, but if you want to subscribe to the feed just type the URL into itunes, or if your browser has an integrated RSS feed reader then just into the address bar.

    Shouts Tony, keep up the good work!

  • Ben Virgo

    Big shout out to you tony!
    Been listening to the hospital podcasts for around a year now, Every time i listen to an episode it makes me more into drum and bass, because the tunes just seem to get better and better!
    Can wait for syncopated city,
    Im the biggest hospital fan!
    Many thanks!

    Ben Virgo

  • Roger Berkeley


    so i just ordered 3 copies of the syncopated city deluxe i hope you make it true what you said.i need at least one signed.
    i would really appreciate it.

    thank you


    p.s. it is the order that goes to germany;)

  • Giuliano

    A fantastic podcast, as always…the hos. pods are one of the best things in dnb on the web. Love the Mistabishi song, and am REALLY looking forward to your upcoing album, after hearing different songs on it-can’t wait.
    Please send us a shout in Toulouse, especially to Pierre and Agathe, she’s got her birthday on the 20th sep. but is back at school and so feels a bit shit
    Keep up the good work mate, as always

  • Tony

    EZ Tony

    loving the podcasts!!!! they’ve helped me through the slow painful grind of days and days of hard labour, but im off traveling soon so if you could give a shout to me and my buddie lee bopping round south east asia listening to the podcasts each and every step of the way!!!!!

    cheers mate, many thanks!! keep up the good work REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • calpal

    hello, been a big fan of ye old podcast since day one! turned into a true DnB hospital head since visiting my sister & her mates at London Imperial Uni. just wanted to say keep up the damn good work and is it possible to get the NERD step on a cheeky CD or bit of vinyl???

    if i could get a shout out ont he next podcast would be brilliant and big up to all the DnB heads in the raving town of Stamford.. its where its at! have fun touring tony and looking forward to the next podcast!

  • forcedandcontrived1

    Hi tony, just have to say your absolutely wicked, im a massive fan of yours and everything hospital. Been listening to hospital since back in the day before the first podcast. I dj in the norwich area with my mate, strictly vinyl and strictly hospital, just put in a £100 order of vinyl ready for playing at freshers week. And definately going to be buying more when my student loan comes through. Going to be representing for hospital records. Are you back in norwich anytime soon? Im trying my best to get the good sounds around in Norwich, going to be playing your new album a lot. Could you give a shout out to ‘forced and contrived’ in your next podcast maybe? it would be sick if you could.
    Keep up the good work mate, hospital records is my religion!


    Thank you for the Podcast. Your records and Podcast constantly renew my faith in Drum n Bass. Can I get a shout out to the Desert Massive of Southern California? We have a small, but dedicated scene thats been down for a long time.

  • mizz.lee


    Huge fan of the podcast. I dj around Toronto and southern Ontario, Canada, and really use your podcast to inform my music purchases. A lot of the releases you feature get played out here, in a market that otherwise would have almost no exposure to Hospital records.

    I’m wondering about the last track: Redeyes feat Deeizm: Love + Hate (matrix remix)

    Is this unreleased? I’d love to buy a copy (vinyl, mp3, cd, doesn’t matter), but i can’t seem to find any evidence of its existence outside of the podcast.

    Any help finding it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,


    Ps. Syncopated City is absolutely inspired. You keep DJs like me in love with drum and bass. Thank you!

  • a-bop

    How do you download previous podcasts? I remember you saying on one of them that someone had put them all online, but I have been Googling and searching the Hospital site but can’t find a link. I would rather like I download this one!

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