Hospital Podcast 66

September 1, 2008 in Podcast

It is literally “Colmania” as the man of the moment London Elektricity brings you the latest podcast.

Wicked new tracks from Commix, Nu:tone, Logistics and of course all the info from Tony about the new album Syncopated City, which you can grab on vinyl, or pre-order on CD from the Hospital Shop, now!

  • Googs

    Hey Tony!

    I hope this finds you well mate. Just listening to PC66 and as per usual a lovely mix of different colours and flavours. Always interesting, never dull. Sound palette to the max!

    Cheers and eagerly looking forward to picking up my copy of Sycopated City!

    Warm regards,


  • philipm21

    hey tony,another wicked podcast,just ordered my copy of the album and got the danny byrd sample pack,fun days ahead,hope to see u back in ireland again this year,big upzz!

  • BoogieDown

    The more I listen to the podcast, the more I’m liking that Commix song. That is a hot track! :)

  • Mills92

    Hi Tony, Your podcasts have inspired me as a producer and a drum&bass fan, when i’m listenin to your podcasts i get lost in like a drum&bass trance :D
    Huge big ups to the new album and the podcast and everyone that makes hospital records possible.
    Peace from Kettering, Northants

  • Sumner

    Alright tony, amazing podcasts as always, just preordered the album cant wait. Bit random but is there anyway get like back issues of the podcasts?
    Keep up the good work Sumner

  • Riley


    Hosting a podcast like this is expensive because of the huge amount of bandwidth it uses up. Which is why we only stick the latest 5 podcasts up on iTunes…

    Sorry if you missed a few of the early ones :-)

  • drumnbass_ape_forlife

    hew tony! ive recently become a fan of your podcast and well definatly be a fan for years to come! mad respect to you and the DNB scene where you live.


  • Edan Hanbury

    Ez Tony

    Lovin the new album, got the Ltd edition copy.
    Have been trying to send you a track on aim, but it wont even let me sign up…
    Will try again soon.
    See you at heaven next weekend



  • Chris Peduck

    hey tony

    loving the podcasts, been downloading them since podcast 40

    just wondering if i can have a shout out on one of your casts just to brag to my friends


    chris peduck

  • Evilsbane


    Massive respect for the new album!!! It just arrived at my house today. I love the energy and emotion in each tune. You really hit the mark with this one! I love the podcasts, they make my 4.5 mile bicycle ride to and from the college more enjoyable on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!

    -Evan in Toledo, OH

    p.s. I have been listening for years, but I recently had my hard drive wiped by a nasty virus. What are the odds that you guys could re-post some of the old podcasts? I have lost some of my all time favorites, and they will be greatly missed.

    *edit* Just ready why you don’t offer more of the podcasts than you do. I would gladly pay for a CD or download of them… *wink* *wink*

  • londonelektricity

    evan, we can’t sell the podcasts cos they contain tunes by artists not on hospital. if we ever find free bandwidth we’ll put em all up!

  • Evilsbane

    Fair enough. I hadn’t stopped to consider that fact. *Prays for extra bandwidth to fall from the heavens like manna* What I wouldn’t give to hear that Ayah podcast from March ’07 again! I bought every tune on it (vinyl of course), but there is no substitute for your banter. Highly entertaining!

  • Giuliano

    Hi Tony, love the new tracks youre playing out: spec. “Uksa” from your album is absolutely massive. Could you tell me why it’s called Uska? I found someting about a united states karate alliance when I googled it..?

  • londonelektricity

    i have no idea why it’s called Uska. I just liked the sound of the word. it’s not the us karate association! can anyone come up with a better extrapolation of the USKA abbreviation? then I can give proper answer in interviews when people ask me why i called it that. winner gets a signed CD :-)

  • Evilsbane

    Urban Sound Kathartic Association

  • roikles

    Greetings Tony,it was my birthday last week annd my mates got me a hospital T-shirt which is the nuts! The only problem is people keep asking me if its a Red Dwarf reference or H from steps!The nerve!

    Anyway if you get a second between banging tunes could you give a shout out to everyone at Redwing Crescent who moved in last week and have listened to nothing but the podcast for a week!

  • Maltos

    Unleashed Sounds Kindle Animation.

    Basically, it makes me want to get up and dance! Love this track Tony, can’t wait for the album!

  • CheesyPOOF5

    The Unique Sound of Killer Audio
    The Uplifting Sound of Killer Audio

    Untitled Sonic Knowledge Amplification
    Unequaled Sonic Knowledge Amplification
    Unique Sonic Knowledge Amplification

    Unthinkably Sublime Kansas Air (lol)

    I couldn’t really decide on what adjectives to use where so I will just let you choose.

    edit: Untitled Song; needs Krazy Appellation. (appellation means name, had to look it up lol)

  • Maltos

    Oooh and another~
    Unleashed Sonic and Kinetic Audio.

    EDIT// Why can i not stop thinking about this? Hahaha.

    Untitled Sonificated Knife Application.
    Untitled Sonic Knife Application.

    Basically means its the audio equivilant of a knife. Quite ‘cutting edge’. Bad pun intended.

  • Si

    - Tony, why is the song called Uska?
    – I don’t know, ask her…


  • ST33L PH03NIX

    (said in a cool super hero announcers voice)

    bless up tony, keep the music and podcasts coming!

  • ST33L PH03NIX


    Underrated Song Kicks Ass!

    can’t stop thinking about this…

  • abergapture

    Greetings from Denver Colorado, Tony!

    A day without Hospital is no day at all. Keep it going for us in the mile high city.



  • Riley

    Hospital Podcast 66 With London Elektricity
    1. London Elektricity – Uska

    2. London Elektricity – Sat Nav

    3. Martsman – Sir Gordon Jumpmeister the 3rd

    4. Commix – Rack It

    5. S.T. Files – Moods

    6. Break and Survival – Sick

    7. Commix, Nu:Tone, Logistics – Coffee

    8. London Elektricity – This Dark Matter

    9. Henry – Liberty

    10. London Elektricity – Point Of No Return

  • eerik


  • Kutuzov

    wanna see next democast

  • Gee

    Definately one of the best podcasts in a while!

    Keep it up Tony

  • BoogieDown

    Yay, thanks for the shout on the podcast! You made my day! :)

    Also, I pre-ordered your CD as SOON as I saw the announcement on the podcast. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

    I love “Sat Nav.” And Liane is sounding amazing as always.

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation in Italy… You certainly deserved it. Well done with the album, man. Keep it up.


    Rack It is amazing! I was just thinking “I wonder when Tony is going to put up another podcast as I am bored and in need of some tunes” so good timing.

  • ian electro

    Cheers for the shout out Tony! I’m the other half of the D&B band that makes up me and Greig Fogarty. Absolutely loving the show once again mate.

    Hope you liked the track and i’m sure we’ll be sending some more your way in the near future as the songs progress. Being the only drum and bass band in Orkney does prove to be a challenging task but it’s where our hearts are set and we’re going to convert people from the usual music scene up here.

    Once again, thanks and best of luck in the future. Hope we can make it down to a Hosptial event in the near future.

    Ian Sinclair, 18.

  • mthdmn195

    Hey Tony,

    Check out the article “Another Spin for Vinyl” in the latest edition of the New York Sunday Times, NYC. Looks like the “Stop the War on Vinyl” is starting to have an impact…

    “The ranks of vinyl devotees are growing. Lately, the anachronistic LP has experienced an unlikely spike in sales, decades after the mainstream music industry wrote off the format as obsolete. Major labels are expanding their vinyl offerings for the first time since they left records for dead nearly two decades ago, music executives said.”
    – NY Times, 8/30/08

    Keep it up man!

    – Matt, NYC

  • Maltos

    Cheers for the fantastic new podcast Tony!
    Can’t wait for Sir Gordon Jumpmeister the 3rd to be released. Brilliant track.
    And the new LE tracks are awesome aswell.

    Keep up the great work!

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