Hospital Podcast 67 & DMA VOTE!

September 17, 2008 in Podcast

Back once again with another corking podcast London Elektricity is at the helm with some sick beats from Hospital and beyond.

The big news this week is that we have been nominated once again for a BT Digital Music Award. We need your help! Please show your support for the podcast by voting for us. Vote as many times as you can over the next 10 days!


  • Si

    You got my vote!
    I just love ‘Just one second’, amazing tune!
    Do you write all the lyrics yourself?

  • brighter.than.sun

    Cheers, Tony!
    You have vote from me and Lerika_May, as we both adore what youre playing …
    listening to 3rd song of the podcast already – Greed … but you said that you would play his “printer jamming track” – where is it? did we miss something!)
    anyways – we’re goin for a gig 2morrow – LTJ Bukem is playing and I would like to hear what you think about LTJ Bukem – what u like or disslike )))
    and we’re deffly looking forward to Kiev – i just really hope that you will not be letting us cold down … cause i’ve heared it will be like +5 Celcium )))

  • JeramyT

    Hey, love the podcast, but still waiting for the track “Printer Jam”, in 65 u said it would be in the next podcast which was 66 and it wasn’t there and now u’r onto 67 and it’s still not there. I’ll be waiting to hear it in 68.

  • londonelektricity

    Just One Second – Elsa wrote the lyrics, i just added one verse. it’s her song tho :-) glad u like.

  • take-me-to-the-hospital

    gotta love a bit of london elektricity.

    big loves to tony ! !

    . still voting. loads

  • Googs

    Just One Second is a really nice track Tony. Hit it on the head with the bmmm bmmm bmmm guitars and Elsa’s vocals are sweet. Nice one mate. EZ. Googs

  • Maltos

    My CD copy of Syncopated City arrived today! Had to listen to it again in honor. Bloody brilliant. Thanks once again for this album, Tony.
    Only thing that i would’ve changed; you should’ve signed my copy, hahaha. Don’t worry, i’ll find a way to get your signature one day! :)

    Oh and hurry up and release Sir Gordon Jumpmeister 3rd and Greed/Lean. I cannot wait for these promos!

  • Ariez

    Nice set at Heaven this month!
    I found Elsa near the bar and gave her a bigups hug, it was random but totally worth it!

    Where is Logistics these days? I haven’t seen a LE, HC trio in yonks!

    keep up the great music

  • londonelektricity

    damn i didn’t see Elsa in Heaven :-( anyway i’m working on a sketch for her to start writing on, and i can’t wait to get cracking in the studio again. loads of DJ shows between now and Christmas, then i’m cutting the DJing right back so i can spend proper time with my family and be in the studio too. Can’t wait.

  • hospitalslave

    got my vote sir colman! you should be knighted for this masterpiece album. thanks for the shout out for my brother darryls baby, she is a very healthy beautiful girl and i am going to be playing your music to her from now on! all the best with forthcoming projects and i hope you win the award for best podcast, you and the team certainly deserve it!!! looking forward to heaven in november should be a blast as usual!

  • katalyst

    Ah yes, if you get a chance in the next podcast to fit ‘Printer Jam’ in I think it’d be much appreciated by all.

    Good to here you are spending some time with the family. Have voted 9 times for you already! Keep up the great work.

  • Roger Berkeley

    again nice podcast.
    so i am listening to the podcast from the first one,and it gets better and better.
    and you really desereve to win the award.
    i voted from every computer here in the office i work.
    and syncopated city is not made only for listening at home…
    i played the whole album last week at a party and the people freaked out.
    can`t wait for the just one second danny byrd remix.
    and just ordered the fsoc 3.
    all tracks are sooo good and i can`t wait to play them in a club.

    so have a nice weekend…

    cheers roger

  • Riley

    1. Total Science – Flip Flop
    2. Break – Destiny Comes Ringing
    3. Mistabishi – Greed
    4. Bungle – be Like This
    5. Randomer – Blind
    6. Danny Byrd – Sample Pack Demo
    7. Quartz – Your Love
    8. State Of Mind – Space Surfer
    9. Randomer – Jobless
    10. Mistabishi – Lean
    11. London Elektricity – Just One Second
    12. Total Science – Let It Go
    13. Marcus Intalex and ST Files – Taking Over Me

  • Kutuzov

    wonna hear Just One Second DB remix!

  • londonelektricity

    me too! he wont let me hear it :-(

  • Dj_Xander

    once again, loving the podcast.
    i’m prepared to do anything to see you in jan/feb next year, but my 18th isn’t til july.
    got the 3 classic symptoms already through my job & the owner gives me first pick at all hopsital tunes ordered in to his shop in the city of perth.
    when you come to perth, please come by next level records. whatever agent your working with in perth should know it. if possible, could you maybe give the owner, Dair & Next Level Records a shout out on the next podcast as i’ve gotten the other staff to play the podcast over the shops sound system.

    massive respect from perth.

  • WillMorgan

    I’m voting for you once every day mate…

  • Maltos

    Once again Tony, a cracking podcast. Cannot wait for Mistabishi Greed/Lean. Both top notch.

    Voted! Expect my vote at every possible opportunity (:

  • djpooyen

    tony, once again i got to tell you the podcast is everytime better, and the danny byrd sample pack is really great.
    when are you going to do a sample pack???????


    emiliano in spain

  • Radio E

    I would just like to thank you Tony. I was having a miserable day. Way too much stress at work and school. At the end of the day I came home and saw a new hospital podcast. After listening it completely changed my mood. I just want to thank you for making my horrible day into a great one. Thank you for the podcast and thank you for Hospital Records!


    Chicago, IL

  • katalyst

    Voted. You’ve got this one in the bag Tony.

  • kreb_star


    I had more or less lost complete faith in modern music until I purchased syncopated city. Your attention to all aspects of the music – the promotion on the podcast, the artwork, printing the lyrics, all of these things renewed my faith in “the album” as an art form. What you are doing is truely innovative. I believe that dnb is the jazz of this ’00s lost generation and you are bringing taking it to artistic levels not seen since its inception.
    So big up Mr. Coleman, keep doing what you’re doing. I hope that history canonizes you and your work. I certainly will.

    Washington, DC

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