Hospital Podcast 69

October 10, 2008 in Podcast

London Elektricity returns with number 69 trying to avoid any innuendo by bringing you a fresh selection of tunes from Commix, Logistics, Nu:Tone, A-sides & Apex…

Also a very big thanks to all of you who voted for us in the BT Music Awards.

  • modernmxcn

    hey im from chicago and i missed your event last year since the club was for 21+ and im only 19, i was wondering when you were planning on coming back but on the last podcast #69 you made it clear that you wont be back, lol.

    im sad, really sad, since converting dollars to brit pounds isnt a walk on the park, but i do plan on watching you Dj on a live event in the future, just wanna say i discovered DnB 2years ago and ever since my life has changed for the good, keep up the good work and keep it coming, congrats on your new album, Uska by far one of my favs.

  • katalyst

    Hospitality @ Heaven is closing down?!!?! I never even got a chance to go and I’m still sad :(

    That said, please tell me you are still going to be down under for Good Vibrations in 2009 (pretty please!)

  • Phazon Spectre

    Yeah that track is so sick, have you listened to Outnumbered and Bare Religion? those tracks are mad fresh too.

  • cobus

    Hey Tony,

    i’m listening to you all the way from South Africa! I discovered the Hospital Podcast about a year ago and man am i hooked! Thanks for getting me hooked on Drum & Bass! I’m changed for life!

    We would love to have you & Hospital in South Africa for a MASSIVE PARTY.

    Cant wait for the next podcast! Keep em coming!

    A Huge big up on the win!


  • hospitalslave

    please tell me the hospitality event isnt closing too!!! are you moving elsewhere? i am shocked that heaven is no more, what is the reason? anyway i have my tickets for 28th november and the line up is fucking insane!! hats off to the crew for this night, its gona be mega!!!!!

  • Halcie

    Big shoutouts from Canada, eh!
    Loving the podcast, super jealous of all the lucky UK folks who get to see you live once in a while.
    I do plan to pursue my studies in Campbridge (in three years…). I sure hope that you’ll keep up and running util then!

  • Spoony J

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for being you! In a music world where everything is either a rehash of something else or pile of crap thrown together at the last minute with minimal effort, I can always rely on a song from the Hospital catalog to remind me that originality still exists! Much love to you, yours and the entire Hospital collective! Without you, I might not listen to music.

    Las Vegas

    PS Where can I purchase Danny Byrd’s song “Meet in the Middle” stateside or online?

  • Colak

    word! muchas gazias for the shout me & the boys are currently in that hostel in Bratislava) watching the video for all hell is breaking loose on the telly (on MTV no less!)!

    watching, not listening sadly because the geezers who run the place have the sound turned down on the tv and have a load of suspect local hiphop blasting over the system….

    but none-the-less, big up!

  • Paddyd

    Hey tony,

    First of all want to say that the new futuresounds is absolutley amazing. Everysong is fucking good. Also i understand that family comes first,so cutting down ur internationals is something that has to be done. I really hope that it doesnt mean Australia is out of there for good. coz Perth especially shows much much love. I hope that u can find some way of bringing ur fam with u coz they will love aus as well.

    Keep the Tunes coming and i really hope to see u soon.

  • Jax

    Toney why can’t I download podcast 69, wher as that facility gone? I really, REALLY liked 69 (Excuse the pun!) but deleted it by mistake! Where’s the link from the nice Gentleman that put the back catalogue together??

    Please help aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr

  • Riley

    1. Commix, Logistics, NuTone – Ghost Snare

    2. Raf and Ill Logic – Complex Identities

    3. A-Sides – Sugar Sweet

    4. Technicolour – Lacour Boursier

    5. Apex – Emofunk

    6. Sunichi Osawa – Star Guitar (brookes Brothers Remix

    7. Klute – Trust Me V.I.P

    8.Paradox – Zion

    9. High Contrast – Suddenly

    10. NuTone and Logistics – Trademark

  • Tyler


    Of course, The Chairman comes first! I’m sure when my wife and I have our first, we’ll feel the same way! Until then, perhaps we’ll make it back to London for one of your sets. Best to you and yours.

    Syncopated City kills it! I’ve had it on non-stop for a week!

  • Roger Berkeley

    sexy podcast 69.
    the star guitar remix is awesome.

    but what a pitty that “troopers” stays digital.waited since the podcast # 53 for a release date :(
    anyway the fsoc 3 is wicked.only a-sides.
    the latest hospital releases are all so mental.
    danny byrd album, LE album, the fsoc,mistabishi the new genius.
    my life is waving from release to release.
    hope they never have a flatline.
    can`t tell you often enough how glad i am that i found hospital records in 2005(a little late i know), and how much i like to play your tunes when i dj.
    and you don`t want to know, how hard it was to get all the old vinyls.
    but it was worth it.
    cause “i play records”

    yours truly

    roger berkeley

  • katalyst

    Congratulations on the win.

    Oohh, pretty new logo. I dig it.

  • WillMorgan

    I really like that Apex track, it’s insane!

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Thanks a lot for clarifying on the United States thing. :)
    Star Guitar remix is great!

  • edwrecker

    Fucking INSANE Tony

    Just pre order the future sounds of Cambridge CD
    can’t wait for it

    and Custard Factory soon … WHOOP WHOOP (as Annie Mac would say…)

    can’t put it any better myself

  • The Benj

    Congrats on the award. Keep it up.

    Good to hear Suddenly again. Used to cane the shit out of it back in the day when I used to DJ.

  • samuhka


    what a weird mix it was!

    I THINK the brooks brother remix of star guitar is terrible. Commercial pop crap.
    (it is an opinion and i doesn’t express any reality but how it sounds to me)

    Well, anyway. Lot’s of beautiful tunes, congrats on the reward, well deserved.
    cheers from BraSil

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