Hospital Podcast 70 this week!

November 12, 2008 in Podcast

London Elektricity returns with some fresh beats from Logistics, Mistabish, Sigma and more and highlights the release of the Future Sound Of Cambridge 3 this week on Hospital!

  • thereactorleak

    Props much love/respect for the podcast, since the release of martsman’s trueschool drum kit wonder EP on Medschool, Sir Gordon Jumpmeister the III has rocked the eighth floor of towers hall dorms every morning at 7am sharp waking up all the guys on the floor, everyone loves the tune. My RA (Resident Assistant) on the floor has suspended the “no loud music before 9am” rule for the track- it has become our floor anthem and will remain so for at least the rest of the semester. Throw the 8th floor a shout out on your next podcast if you will-
    TheReactorLeak @ Drexel U

  • Marik

    Wikkid gig last Friday in Kiev!
    People are still under impression here – lots and lots of positive feedback not only on the internet!
    I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Ukraine. It is pity that we had no time to show you more of Kiev. But don’t worry – next time we’ll manage to do everything ;)

    P.S.: Thanks for signing your records – now I have something priceless in my collection! =)
    P.P.S: Some photos –

    Big ups!

  • londonelektricity

    thanks Marik, Kiev was a very special gig. The most fun i’ve had all year :-)

  • Roger Berkeley

    oh my…..
    again great tunes and i think i make myself a t-shirt saying “official hospital-podcast shout subscriber”:)
    thanks for that mate.
    so your picks are delicious,like every time.
    el presidente and trust me are my favs,
    synth geek brought my home to vibration and i hope the martsman track will be delivered this week,so i can play it on the weekend.
    but the dark matter remix is so ill.
    thanks for pressing it on the black gold.
    i will here it on my record player in my car…….;)

    so now the new week begins.
    hope i see you on a friday sometimes;)
    big love and big shouts…


  • brighter.than.sun

    Tony, Tony, Tony …
    It’s monday, 11:00 AM here in Lviv, Ukraine.
    I’m in my office and i still can’t really work, despite 2 days have passed.
    I am soooooo depressed that gig in Kiev has ended.
    I do not have opportunity to listen to music at office but i shake my head and sing “u’re in my system” all day long.
    Those were the best and the most beautifull 2 hours of music in my life. And i bow my head and say: “thank u very much” for that night Tony …
    Words can not really express what i feel … and i will never forget that gig for the rest of my life.

    PS: pity for the sound problems during Mistabishi’s Greed .. and Printer Jam was absolutely amazing and so special after what u had promissed in podcasts))

    Andrew, Lviv (Ukraine).

  • Si

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tony! This was absolutely wonderful! The best party since very very long time. You tore Cinema to pieces, and Marik is right – people are just overwhelmed with impressions (including myself).

    Please do visit again! Warmest greetings!

  • Tomo

    I was just listening to Podcast 70 and literally a few mins after hearing that ‘All Hell is Breaking Loose’ had been playlisted, it was on Radio 1. Awesome stuff Tony, nice one.

    Brilliant work on the Essential Mix as well. My favourite mix of the year by a mile. 2008 has been an epic year for Hospital!

  • apats

    oh, i can’t imagine what to add for last comments.
    i want to thank you for that 2 hours in Kiev! i will be telling about this party to my kids! ggggg

    i’ve uploaded some pics to flickr and tagged them. a hope they will be soon at the main photostream. or you can see them at – Marik posted the link

  • passerby

    any chance your able to provide a history of your podcasts from the very first one? I had them all from the start until I bought a new computer, re-installed itunes and lost them all now only have from episode 70 up!!!!!!!!!

  • passerby

    Also try to get ‘we’re outnumbered’ on Radio 1. That is an awesome tune. And uska, point of no return… infact why not the whole album.
    The last few episodes have been incredible.

  • Riley

    Hospital Podcast 70
    1. Logistics – Intervention

    2. Sigma – El Presidente VIP

    3. Randomer – Synth Geek

    4. Martsman – Sir Gordon Jumpmeister III

    5. Klute – Trust Me

    6. Mindscape and Hydro – Skid Row

    7. London Elektricity – This Dark Matter (Nu:Tone Remix)

    8. Muffler – Hear My Scream

    9. Bop – Scepticos (despot remix)

    10. Commix Logistics Nu:Tone – Soundbyte

    11. Mistabishi – Heavensake

    12. SPY – Monochrome

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Can’t wait to listen, thanks.

  • Armstrong

    Great podcast, nice to hear the muffler track again after hearing it on the essential mix, relaxing and uplifting.
    Also, to download the LE essential mix, the site i used was:
    (think thats the link from the DOA forum, but otherwise it works brilliantly)
    you can also find the high contrast essential mix on their aswell, just google it.

  • Aerocell

    Great work on the podcast yet again tony! its getting me through a mountain of school work that i really cant b arsed to do!
    Thank you for keeping me sane!

    Orkney Islands

  • cathexisdj

    wicked podcast yet again! can mistabishi make a tune that isn’t amazing? appears not. I have a question for q-project, why does he release on Hospital, CIA and Machine Funk? I’m no DnB industry insider and it seems a bit weird not to release everything on your own labels. And finally just have to say that I was listening to an earlier podcast the other day and was sad to hear you say that you’ll no longer talk politics on the podcast. I moved to London from LA to do a PhD in politics and to get closer to DnB. Unforutnately i can’t usually enjoy them simultaneously so it’s nice to hear politics talk over the podcast!! If you ever want to chat politics hit me up! cheers

  • Rich Holman

    loving the podcast as usual!

    Just wanted to drop a line to say they play ‘all hell is breaking looses’ at 3pm primetime on radio 1, makes me happy in the lab at work. They have also been sessioning brookes brothers ‘tear you down’ on radio 1; you should get those brothers on hospital love them and all the other hospital for that matter.

    take it easy


  • Surfr

    Been listening since

    Podcast 8: Miss Sunrise

    Klute – Trust Me (Heavy track)
    Muffler – Hear My Scream (Heavy track)
    Paradox – Zion (Heavy track: podcast 69)

    London Elektricity Essential Mix = proper

  • Dael J

    Hey Tony,

    Thanx for another great podcast, love the new album Congrats. Listening from Sydney Aust, shame your not coming to here again but hey were in the middle of nowhere so don’t blame ya.
    Just wanted to get a shout out if possible? ya podcasts got me through an intense week of chronic diarrhea and cramps in a rundown Cambodian hostel. Didn’t leave the bed except to go to the toilet or charge the Ipod. Hell on earth but got through it thanx to the quality tunes.
    Cheers Mate.

    Ps. Love the Tech talk

  • katalyst

    I’m tempted to say this may well have been the best podcast yet I think. As for the essential mix it’s archived for a week after playing but only for those within the UK, so it’s a bit useless for us international players.

    Managed to get a copy anyway, and as always sounding amazing. Keep up the solid work Tony.

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