Hospital Podcast 71 – special guest Q-Project

November 19, 2008 in Podcast

London Elektricity is joined by very special guest Q-Project this week on the Hospital Podcast, lightening the mood and bringing some fresh tracks from CIA, Machine Funk and the excellent remix stable of Total Science…

Don’t forget that Credit Crunch is available now on the Hospital Shop, and also please let us know your thoughts by logging in and leaving a comment!

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  • Riley

    Hospital Podcast 71 Special Guest Q-Project
    1. Hospitality At Heaven 28/11/08 Cancelled

    2. Q-Project – Credit Crunch

    3. Zero T Beta 2 – Bizzy Time (Break Remix)

    4. Q-Project – Holy War

    5. Total Science – Stone Love

    6. Q-Project – Just 3 Things

    7. Spirit – Fantasy

    8. A-Sides and Fats – What You Don’t Know

    9. Total Science – SOS

    10. Damage Inc – Overload

    11. Q-Project – Divided We Stand

    12. Wastin Time – Kaidi Tatham TS Remix

  • Marik

    that funeral march in the beginning was something unexpected =)

  • Maltos

    Fantastic! Q-Project was a great guest. The tunes were awesome.

    Also the picture of the cereal box on the table…Genius.

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Sex, drugs, and money. :D
    That’s my guess.

  • Roger Berkeley

    yo yo…..
    that was a wicked repertoire of nice tunes with a champion sound for all of us.
    but q-project as guest was the greatest thing.

    so the 3 things are:
    1: a time machine, cause after getting a future look he wanted to have surely but slowly some computer love behind closed doors with a silicon mistress.hopefully not getting sticky fingers.
    did not happen. still waiting to be free to love again.

    2: an electronic translator, cause while having a jet set life he travels from nation 2 nation.
    so sometimes he has a language barrier while having a loose talk to Roy and Lisa on Riker`s Island or order some warm milk & honey when the temperature is 40 below zero.
    or even when he tries to say “hello, my name is q-project”
    did not happen. wanted to order a pickled gerkin and talked about a rat in the kitchen.

    3: a space shuttle, cause this fragile earth, where the jungle is dead, had better days and needs no more heroes.
    but Mars needs…… TOTAL SCIENCE
    did not happen. only the small rock collecting and analyzing robot thingy landed there.

    big big shout to ricky trickartt for the great credit crunch cover.

  • londonelektricity

    fuck me Roger, that’s a winning answer!

  • d-clone

    Thanks guys, I got the E-Mail saying i won, the 3 things were: SEX, DRUGS, DRUM & BASS – cant wait to receive the vinyl – lucky i never got it on promo hey!!!

  • CheesyPOOF5

    So close!

  • thereactorleak

    Props much love/respect for the podcast, since the release of martsman’s trueschool drum kit wonder EP on Medschool, Sir Gordon Jumpmeister the III has rocked the eighth floor of towers hall dorms every morning at 7am sharp waking up all the guys on the floor, everyone loves the tune. My RA (Resident Assistant) on the floor has suspended the “no loud music before 9am” rule for the track- it has become our floor anthem and will remain so for at least the rest of the semester. Throw the 8th floor a shout out on your next podcast if you will-
    TheReactorLeak @ Drexel U

    (Repeat post but I head u mention in this podcast that the next podcast would be devoted to martsman!)

  • andriy

    Big love from Ukraine too!
    I’m very sorry for the cancellation of the Hospitality :( Good luck with the new venue!
    Cheers to Q-Project, great tunes.
    And we’re looking forward to the next issue of the podcast.

  • rajones26

    Great podcast as always. How about a shout out for all the good folk that have slogged it out in hospitals over 2008? Take a look in your local hospital and you’ll find staff that are dedicated, cracking fun and with more than your fair share of seasoned Drum and Bass aficionados.

    I worked as a doctor and slogged it out through the entire summer in Brighton A&E fixing people. In fact the hospital podcast and Hospitality at Audio were two of the things that got me through it. So let’s hear some NHS love and maybe a suitably themed track dedictation. Would makes us all feel better about ourselves while we’re stitching drunk peoples’ heads together.

    Keep up the good work,

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