Hospital Podcast 72

November 27, 2008 in Podcast

Tony is back for a solo podcast, bringing you fresh new tracks from Martsman, Q-Project, Breakage and some amazing underground tracks picked up on Tony’s recent trip to Russia and Ukraine…


    Big up Tony, another corking podcast! Give me (tim) and rich (phone charger haha) a shout and I’m sure we will see you around the lands soon!

  • Si

    Beautiful tunes again! Especially liked Marky & Spy and Q-Project.
    Thanks again for the warm words about Kiev.

    How was the 1st CDjing :)?

  • londonelektricity

    my first experience of playing a gig using CDJs was a bit like doing a radio show but in front of lots of ravers. I hope it won’t have to be repeated.

  • Munequito


    I’m working hard to promote the Drum n Bass scene in California, and sharing your music with my friends. I just started an electronic music club at my school and my math teacher went out and bought power ballads after his first listen! My question for you: If you had a few essential words for an aspiring producer and musician who would like to leave his mark on a genre, what would they be?

    Gimme a shout out if you can. Thanks!

    P.S.: I’m going to Prague, Paris, Munich, Vienna, and Brussels this month… Since I’m not there often, do you know of any record shops where I could by some high-quality drum n bass/dubstep/nu-jazz? One that has vinyls & CDs? And any events/must-see artists/concerts? Thanks again.

  • N.B.K

    I just cant get enough of the podcast. I honestly can say that the first thing i do every morning when i get up is listen to Hospital Podcast72 with my coffee.

  • ChrisSE17

    Is it possible to get hold of the Bop and Despot track yet? Really beautiful music as always.

  • rhys3581

    Can anyone on here pleeeease send me podcast 1-12, I have been a listener since no. 13 but no where has a back up of the first ones


  • dpgb

    Just listening to cast 75, i know it’s a little bit late but was thinking the minute makoto and tak “voyager” came on it was my favourite tune of 2008, got on vinyl the minute it came out, also loving syncopated city, especially “just one second” (sick tune, all about the second drop).

    keep up the good worh
    k mr london elektricity, dnb wouldn’t be the same without you.

    PS give a band called the DOGS a listen, best band in the world but no ones heard of them.

  • Riley

    Hospital Podcast 72 With London Elektricity

    1. Marky & Spy – Tapestry

    2. Apex – Weeping Willow

    3. Martsman – Assemplyp

    4. Breakage – Guillotine

    5. Q-Project – Peace Of Mind

    6. Bop and Despot

    7. Donnie Dubson – Goonies

    8. Martsman – Apathetic Robot Squad

    9. Brigand – Be Free

    10. Q-Project – Electric Lust Orchestra

    11. Enei – Foodark

    12. AK1200 Gridlock Danny Breaks – Pornstar Feeder

  • apats

    Tony, thanks for such warm words about Ukraine!
    Specialy about ukranian food!)

    Hope to see you in Kiev again! =)

  • katalyst

    Really nice podcast. Bop and despot sounding really good (slight aphex twin influence?)

    P.S. How often do you tour Osaka?

  • Maltos

    Awesome podcast as always! The Martsman EP is massive.
    Also really great to hear that Bop and Despot are getting a release on Med School! Can’t wait.

  • Marik

    Yeah, yeah
    Ukraine was always famous of its food and joyful people ;)

  • londonelektricity


  • Roger Berkeley

    nice as always.
    martsman is killing it again.
    i like the new influences and sounds of d&b,too.
    but i guess i have to buy a dubplate cutter in the future…;)

  • 45rpm

    Once again you nailed another cracking podcast Tony!Big up 2 u :D

  • Funok

    Again nice as always…

    Yes, im proud to hear Donnie Dubson since Demopodcast 43 again, because hes a german artist… :), this shows me that Drum&Bass is popular all arround the world and keeps us all together ;)

    Why isnt Drum&bass in Germany so pupular as in the UK??? its my personal goal to make Drum&Bass so popular as in the UK…

    Cheers Funok

    btw ill never forget your gig in Zürich (Swizerland), for me it was an amazing event. Incredible, Exhilarating, Breathtaking, Beautiful… no more left to say…

  • Funok

    Btw. you lost your records??? The one who will find them is lucky!!!!

    First time play cds??? How was your feeling??? ;)

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