Hospital Podcast 75 & Xmas Raffle!

December 15, 2008 in Podcast

Happy Christmas from everyone here at Hospital! In podcast 75 we are full of Christmas cheer so have decided to have a raffle and give away some top prizes to you, our loyal subscribers…

Up for grabs is top production software, an awesome supreme being jacket, rare japanese and never released Hospital albums and also some unreleased dubplates fresh from London Elektricity’s record bag!

How to enter!

Simply register and log in to and then comment in this thread, leaving your name and selection of one of these four prizes you would like to be in the draw for…

- Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)
– Supreme Being Jacket (size = mens L)
– Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs
– Tony’s Dubplates

***Competition now closed, winners coming soon***

  • warnerbro


    Big up to everyone at Hospital, see you at Fabric in the new year. Keep the tunes flowing!

    Could I please be entered for:
    -Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    Here’s to another great year of drum and bass in 2009! Cheeerssss!

    Tom Warner


  • thegreytist

    Great podcast as ever Tony.

    I’d like to be entered for

    – Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    Daniel Murphy

  • richie b

    Merry crimbo to all u lot at hospital.
    Brilliant podcasts Mr.Colemanator keep up the good job.
    Production Software



  • fangel


    I would love to enter into the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs raffle..


  • oochie goo


    onli reently got into dnb but i love it, playing it and making it, so hard choice between the CDs and the production software. But i think i will go for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs please.
    i am totally addicted to the podcast they r great.

    merry christmas


  • Janec

    Thanks for the great podcast. Makes working enjoyable.

    I’m also in for the “Tony’s Dubplates” category. (But willing to settle for anything else cause it all looks very nice :)

    Happy holidays,


  • Roger Berkeley

    this podcast makes my christmas perfect.
    and if i win one of Tony’s Dubplates.

    it would be the best start in the new year for a stwov activist..;)

    so merry christmas to all at Hospital Records, and a good start in the new year.

    Thanks for 2008.
    What a wicked year for drum & bass.
    can`t wait for 2009…


  • Colak

    Dubplates for real!


  • searlerc


    Can’t afford decent software (and I don’t download illegally!) so it’s gunna have to be…

    Production Software

    Oh yeh and prize clincher:

    Q: What key can open any door?

    A: A Pikey!!

    Have a good Xmas and keep up the good work!


    p.s Big up to Evil B!

  • mungabba


    Great or Greatest podcast? Definitely the latter.

    I’d like to put my name in for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs.

    Greetings from middle England =P

  • understudy

    Huge shout to the hospital family!

    Im up for the Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)

    Merry Christmas and God Bless!

    – Tom Riley

  • JRod

    Tony, maybe you can play a few sets dressed as Santa, I think its a good look for you!

    Please jot me in for the Supreme Being Jacket.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    J Rod.

    aka Jarred Mcknight.

  • Kanish

    Ello :)

    Dearest christmasy greatings to ye, I’m in for the jacket!

    Thought i oughta be abit different, the unique! Just like i play my music -And i promiss if i get the jacket i’ll throw it on, on my snowboard trip this cmin february and flash it the whole alps.
    -> Do some tricks, video tape it and send it to ya ? watcha say!

    I repeat:
    Supreme Being Jacket (size = mens L)

    Thumps up and great appriciation to the Hospital Crew.

    – Daniel Varab from Denmark

  • Easy

    Easy London…as an extra christmas present from Father Tony Christmas, can I request you release a 12″ with Logistics – Intervention/This Dark Matter (Nu:Tone Remix)? That would make my holiday.

    I’m entering for Tony’s dubplates please!

    Name’s Ollie Norman from Bristol.

    P.s. come back here some time, your set at the October hospitality was slick.

    Much love from the Bristol crew!

    Favourite joke:
    What did one lesbian vampire say to another?

    see you next month!

    Oh and don’t worry about spreading the dubplates, I would literally enter a legal contract to get my hands on those!

  • Adam Gutteridge

    Please can i go in for the production software, i need it to help with the expansion of the new drum and bass subgenre, progressive harsh

  • crazyjoyce

    I would love some of the rare unreleased CD’s

    After years of going to hospitality on my own i have finally convinced most of my friends (got 20 so far) to trek up to Nottingham for NYE at rock city and we all plan to crash in my 8×6 student hall cell!

    Oh an i swear on all my drum and bass loving friends lives that i will never upload them to DB9 (that dodgy russian site)

    Tony, you’re a genious!!

  • phatyboy1


    love the podcast got, and look forward to everyone that comes out, i’de like the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs please.

    happy xmas


  • duff


    I would love the supreme being jacket (size mens – L)

    I would be the best person to send the jacket to as I would wear it all day and all night every day.

    Ok, I wouldn’t wear it that much that was a lie.

    But i would wear it.

    Well sometimes anyway.

    Im not sure what im lying about now.

    please jacket please.

    Many thanks

    Jesus Christ (Chris)

    ps. why did the cowboy wearing paper clothes get arrested?

    he got accused of rustling.

  • Easy

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention…Tony you are a cheeky bugger with that about the new venue for hospitality! Only noticed on my second listen. Props though, that’s well good for you to bag it. Obviously it wouldn’t matter if it were anywhere else, you’d still pack the place out, but the fact of the matter is that this venue will take hospitality to another level.

  • john goose


    I’m in for the rare & unreleased Hospital CD’s.
    Santa hired me to spread the word from the glorious Hospital Records!
    So I really need these CD’s to convince more and more people of this absolutely stunning music !!

    john goose

  • DJKaizen

    I would love to get my hands on Tony’s dubplates please!

    Hopefully we’ll get to see the mighty London Elektricity in Manchester again soon, hopefully without the tech issues of your last appearance at the warehouse project!

    Sam Hainsworth

    ps stop the war on vinyl!!

  • AggressiveMeatball

    I’m 16, so Ozone would be epic because i’m really interested in getting involved in the production of D&B from a young age. (Medschool dreams?)

    Ozone would be awesome, but the unreleased CDs would quite obviously be sufficient to someone as young but involved as I.

    I’m not Russian… I swear… I was born in Barkingside…

    “Irishman walks into a blacksmiths to try to apply for a job. The blacksmith asks him; ‘Have you had any experience of shoeing horses?’ The Irishman replies, ‘No, but I told a donkey to fuck off once.”

    I’m sorry, that really is all I have…

    Now I must return to my 23 page essay on my Biology coursework. Yes… an essay… ON my coursework. Self-evaluation, get to fuck.

    Ollie x

  • buzzdee

    Thank you very much for this great podcast!
    Last Friday I had the great opportunity to see London Elektricity on the decks in Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt/Germany, and he rocked!
    “Never put the second vinyl on top of the first” ;-)

    Please come back soon!
    Until then Tony’s Dubplates would make the time pass much faster.

    Greetings and happy Christmas from Germany


  • lwhitehead

    Season’s greeting to all at Hospital. Congratulations on another great year, and thanks for keeping the podcasts so consistently entertaining!

    I’d like to enter for Tony’s dubplates please.


    Lawrence Whitehead

  • conspiracy303

    Merry Xmas & Happy Hogmanay mate. Great podcast as always.

    Would love to enter for the dubplates, would make a wicked Xmas present for myself because I am just to broke to buy vinyl and Xmas presents this year.

    Living Stateside now in Philadelphia and this lot could use with more Hospital education.


  • Dalla

    Soooo been looking foward to this podcast and here it was downloading after a hard day at college. My economics teacher had to do a little dance in lesson today as his phone went off and we have a thing where if your phone goess off in class you have to do a dance. Sweeet as! :)

    Was a tricky choice between the dubplates and software but Im going to have to go for-

    Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)Please

    Hope everyone from around the world has a great christmas. Will be listening to Hospital forever

    Riccardo Villella from Brighton

  • Riley

    1. Trisector – Morning Rain
    2. Total Science – Soul Patrol (Lenzman Remix)
    3. Batchelors of Science – Strings Track (Apex Remix)
    4. Noisia – Crank
    5. Phace – Cold Champagne
    6. Cyantific – Hong Kong Express
    7. Total Science – Never Had A Dream (Furney Remix)
    8. Futurebound – Task Master
    9. Instrumental – Warped
    10. Syncopix – Girl Talk Plus the Hospital Christmas Raffle
    11. Martsman – Gordon Jumpmeister III
    12. Mistabishi – She Lied
    13. Mistabishi – Greed
    14. Q-Project – Credit Crunch
    15. London Elektricity – Just One Second
    16. Danny Byrd – Redmist
    17. Nu:Tone – Balaclava
    18. Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)
    19. Danny Byrd – Shockout
    20. Makoto & T-Ak – Voyager
    21. London Elektricity – South Eastern Dream
    22. London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Loose

  • nonsequitur


    Kevin from Singapore here!

    Would you send the production software to the little island?

    just for the tiebreaker:

    my mum caught me engrossed to your podcast on my christmas gift ipod and asked what’s that? i said london elektricity. she asked,”Batteries from Singapore cannot meh?”

    Cheers, have a great year ahead and may you never regret your resolutions!

  • jfred1989

    Justin Morse
    Tony’s Dubplates

    Been listening to the hospital podcast for over a year now. Always enjoy every episode, always fresh never the same.

  • russell

    Hi Tony,If i win your great raffle can you put me down for the rare hospital cds thanks. Lets hope for another great year in Drum and Bass,2008 was an amazing year so many great releases and i love your podcast . Happy New Year

  • Redm1st

    hi.. can i have what ever is left !!! :-)

    actually, scrub that, can i have the whole damn lot !!

    Tony, loving the podcast, only just got into this whole itunes thang and its tops.

    struggling DJ producing mixes on, in need of a break(beat) looking to get into the whole production thing.. help me out fella.

    cheers all



    Holler. I win?

    This is funny…

    Last night, I was driving around, and I saw a car, in the back window of which were two huge signs that just said “PALIN” in all block letters and a huge picture of Sarah Palin’s face. The whole centerpiece filled the entire window and I’m pretty sure it was physically impossible for the driver to see behind his/her car. Maybe you had to be there, but it was really funny.

  • snowcone

    Rory Surefoot

    I hope I’m not too late to enter this, otherwise sitting here for the last 15minutes thinking up something funny to say, would totally be time wasted.

  • Jon Salmon

    Hey Tony,
    Big up from Australia, tis a shame you aren’t heading back here for a while mate, we are just kickin into our Summer music festivals down here.
    Have been enjoying your podcasts since day 1.

    Anyways can you put me in for the Supreme Being Jacket.

    I have been trying to get a photo to send in but can’t find it so this one is relying on your memory.

    Cast yourself back to the Easter long weekend in Adelaide, Australia at Ultraworld, St Paul’s on the 15/04/2006. You both rocked in and there was a guy there wearing exactly the same Addict Swifty Camo jacket and Jeans as MC Wrec, we both looked pretty funny, if you remeber can you please send me a jacket that none of the Hospital crew have so this won’t happen again. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all the Hospital Crew.

    Cheers mate

  • gshuffs

    Supreme being jacket please.

    From 1997, allow me to introduce a short video about vernacular architecture and old school drum and bass via the Ez Rollers.

    Minute mark 6:10 they talk about their studio and the need to take a walk in the garden late at night when one is “making dance music”.

    By the way, what is the track they are working on in the background??


  • A-Plus


    This is Athas (Pronounced A-Toss with the heavy accent on the A, which means progress in Thai) from Los Angeles county. For the raffle, I’d definitely be interested in production software.

    Thanks to your podcast, you have brought drum and bass back to my ears.

    For something funny as a tie breaker:
    I bought a snowboarding jacket back in 2000 and just last year, I lifted the liner on the back of the jacket and it said in large letters “S A M P L E” with a black permenant marker. I don’t recall seeing the tag “sample” on the jacket or if the jacket was the original price.

    If I don’t win anything can I get at least a shout out :)

    Best wishes to Lady Culminator, The Chairman, and yourself. And if you’re ever in LA and you want Döner kebab, Spitz in Little Tokyo is an option.

    Torrance, California

  • Louis Lane

    Who: Louis Lane
    What: Tonys Dubs

    Self confessed Hospital addict and vinyl trainspotter… waiting with fingers crossed!

    I hear by swear that these tracks will not be uploaded to a dodgy russian website, or even a good one….!

    keep up the good work, see you in the new year.


  • DennisBalogh

    Hey Tony and everyone at Hospital, you can put me down for a copy of Sonar 8. If it’s a tie, here’s a (hopefully) funny story for everyone out there:

    In the true spirit of Dj battles, a Dj friend decided one day a couple years ago in Edmonton, AB, Canada to ‘battle’ me at one of our weekly drum and bass nights. Being drunk as we were, our battle consisted of trying to screw up the other guy’s mix while beatmatching and mixing in. Needless to say, we forced the entire population of dnb-heads at the venue to the opposite side of the room, where they stayed, while we giggled our faces off thinking we were the coolest thing since…well, since dnb I guess.

    Cheers and keep up the great work at Hospital!

    Dennis aka Dj Siab
    Prince George, BC, Canada.

  • Rubbsi

    Hi Tony,
    Super keen on the production software, have crafted my skills using chocolate and think it is the next logical step.
    Funny story involves seeing a tattoo, fully across someone’s back in large gothic writing, saying LEDGEND. Beautiful.
    Keep up the good work fella

  • MacJonas

    Who: Jonas
    What: Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    Howdy !
    i’d really want to win the cd’s, cause here in belgium is damned hard to find some fine dnb cd’s. Specially good ones ;)

    Cheers !


    P.S: keep up the good work :)

  • minesar

    yo Tony… ,
    merry christmas.. nice comp and what a selection of prizes man. i have to say if i was lucky enough i would pick the DUBS!! in the words of the great MC Wrec with the High Contrast at detonate in nottingham – ‘ f the cds yo man tell me where the dubs at!!’
    anyway all the best for 09 for u and the NHS crew. mad love from me and the element unknown crew in perth!
    im going back to listening to the new podcast now :D

    Rohan Park of Perth Western Australia…. aaah yesh

    note.. i SWEAR not to upload the dubs on my life!!

    oh and..: how do you know if a clown farted? IT SMELLS FUNNY..


    Yo, a belated Merry Christmas to all at Hosptial!

    I would like to be entered to win the selection of Tony’s Dubplates.

    What do you call a three legged donkey?


    Have a good new year!

    Scal Mangle x

  • vanemuine

    Guess what it is? Indians offering their top class brain surgery there, Brazilians offering their homemade dj sets, Europeans crying for Heaven and rest admiring Hospital. Some people would offer a nut house for it (sad for them, they haven’t heard about Hospital Records yet) but the dnb nation knows – it’s the internet community for Hospital lovers.

    What could make you to have more gigs in Estonia in 2009? Audience is really missing you here a lot.

    About the give-aways I’ld run for the cd’s to cheer up the dnb nation here till you show up here again.

  • mctorresz

    Your recent song “Just One Second” blew my mind when I heard it in my brother’s car. I just had to buy a second copy for myself to support Hospital!

    Awesome work, I would love to see what your Dubplates would sound like.


  • bctovar

    I’ve been a huge fan since Pull the Plug!

    I would love to upgrade to Sonar 8 from Sonar 6 :) So the DAW package would be perfect for me.

    <3 Bianca

  • kayaitch

    Happy Xmas and new year from pugwash and heppers,may 2009 be another cracking year for all at hospital, the supreme being jacket would be my chosen raffle prize! Cheers

  • Armstrong

    Great podcast to end off the year, cheers for the shoutout, would love to be entered for the rare CD’s prize please.

    Thank You, and have an awsome 2009!!


  • Pfhor

    Happy new year! Loved the christmas podcast. I can’t get enough of Q-Project or Martsman these days. As for the raffle, I would absolutely love to have a set of Tony’s dubplates.

    Michael Gorman

  • Max Quinn

    Yo! Hope christmas and new year went well for you and everyone at Hospital! Gutted i couldn’t make it to Notts on new years eve :( All my mates booooottlled it and went to some house party.

    I’d LOVE that set of your dubplates man.

    Peace and have a good one in 2009!
    Max Quinn.

    PS: What time is it when a horse sits on ya fence?
    Time to get a new fence!

  • Rich


    loving the podcast, keep it up! i’d love to get my hands on those dubplates-i promise i wont put them on the web!!


    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    The structure of the wall was incorrect
    So he won 10 grand with Claims Direct.

  • Bog_Denoff

    Happy New Year from Crimea, Ukraine!
    Your’s music makes me dance!=)
    I will be happy to receive Supreme Being Jacket.
    Thank’s for all!!

  • macdonaldtom

    loving the podcast tony!

    i would loved to be entered for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs…that would be cool, really cool..

    “If music be the food of love, play on:
    give me excess of it…”
    – William Shakespeare –

    thanks, keep the music coming, tom x

  • boosh

    would love to win the dubplates, definitely no uploading :)

    thanks for all the awesome podcasts, loving it here in nz
    Cheers, Toby

  • zane100

    The Supreme Being Jacket (size = mens L) sounds amazing!

    thank you and the whole of Hospital records for making my summer one of the most memorable ever :)

    —Andrew Farr xx

  • macintod

    Just got done listening to Podcast #75. Hope it’s not too late to enter the raffle. Put me down for the Rare & Unreleased Hospital CDs. I promise to not upload them anywhere (EVER!). Love your music and everything on the Hospital label is pure solid gold! I hope you never stop making music. You are such a wonderful talent.

  • LaurensCorijn

    Hi Tony, just listening to the podcast now (so late, I know). Thought i’d just comment here thatI’d love to receive the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CD’s in case I’d win :)
    Keep up the great work guys!

  • celestialhel


    great podcast, was at your set in Liverpool at the Magnet, it was awesome! and I love the Printer Jam clip.
    Hope it’s not too late to enter the raffle, would love to be put down for the dubplates, and I swear I will never upload them!, brownies honour!!

    Thanks, Helen Whitlock xxx

  • Steve Wiggins

    Hey I love the podcast. It definitely helps to have a soundtrack to the mayhem that is 82nd street bus ride on number 72 in Portland, Oregon. Good times.

    I would like to be entered in the contest for the production software please and the records. Since I can’t do both, I guess I will just be entered into the contest for the dubplates.


  • carl_brown1

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    carl brown

    can you please tell me who mrsa is ?

  • TorstenSven

    Best Christmas-cast to date!! Keep up the great work. Anymore, it’s hard to find anything as consistently inspired, diverse, and high quality as the work you are putting out. Props.

    As for me, I’m eying the “Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs”. Let’s see if good ol’ St. Nick comes through!

    Torsten Sven

  • TripleBypass

    Hey Tony,

    The Podcasts just keep getting bigger and better.

    What better way to bring in the New Year than with some new tunes.

    I would love to do some Damage with the Production Software (Ozone & Sonar 8).

    But as I mentioned before I would settle for 2XL Hospital Records T-shirt.

    I wish you and the entire Hospital Crew a Grand New Year.

    Peace from Hawaii

  • jpspec

    Hope it’s not too late, I would go for the production software.
    Great podcast, I was listening to it during my workout today and lifted twice the weight than usual ;-)
    Thanks & Greetz

  • elemence

    Hi London,
    Love the podcast as it keeps me up to date on new DNB (which is pretty necessary as I live in Taipei, halfway around the world from the mecca of drum and bass that is the UK).
    Anyhow, I would love to win the unreleased CDs, as I don’t know if I’d fit in the jacket, the software seems a little complicated, and the dub plates will eventually wear out anyway. Yes, I’m a sensible bloke.
    Happy New Year!


  • xeccos

    I hope I’m not too late either. I just heard about this whole scene from a guy on, I’d be ecstatic w/ those Hospital Records CDs.

  • dj_addict

    Hey Tony and all at Hospital,

    As I’m sure most people have said, thanks for the amazing work you guys put into Hospital, Hospitality and the podcasts. It really is appreciated and keeps me alive on my commute from Cambridge to London everyday, (I’ll get the suits raving in the morning one of these days!)

    I’d love to win Tony’s Dubplates and I do solemnly swear that they won’t end up on a dodgey Russian website.

    Edd (hoping that he isn’t too late)

  • dmax

    Yes yes Tony,
    I’ve moved from Bristol to Vail Colorado to Ride everyday and use the podcast to keep up to date with the going ons in the DnB scene UK side (there ain’t many DnB outlets here). You make riding alot more fun!

    I’m lacking in the coat department so the coat would be greatly appreciated.

    All my best from across the pond.


  • rez82

    Hi tony, Working on a new website for tunes and dj mixes called mixcloud which hopefully you’ll be hearing about soon. I’d greatly appreciate the production software to work on new tunes. I was miffed by the whole hospitality at heaven problem but am looking forward to a move to Matter!

  • eManZero

    Do you know where I can download the B Complex track? I thought it was awesome. Also Printer Jam, but I’m guessing that will be on the debut? Only been properly listening to DnB for a year or so and the podcast has been great.

    If its not too late I’d like to enter for the software please. Been fooling around with free demos and stuff but would like to try some serious stuff.

    Cheers, Ed

  • nice_guy


    Q: How many bass players does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Six. One to change it, five to fight off the lead guitarists who are hogging the light

    A little joke for you there, if its not too late i’d like the rare cds please.

    Loving the podcasts. Hope you have a good year.

    Nice Guy

  • shalen76

    Happy New Year London Elek! :) I love the Xmas podcast (especially the finale, Tony!)! I hope you are doing well!? I know it’s been awhile since I’ve said hello..I even forgot my login and had to create a new one, lol. but Anyway, Cheers! Life is good!! ♥ I wish you a bright 2009! —Shalen ♥

  • generic

    New years greetings from Perth, the one and only.

    Mental podcast as always, by far the best thing in my day.

    I’m mad keen on those Dubplates mate. The way I figure it is that if you’re not coming back down under, at least I can pretend ;)

    Keep up the fresh work, big love to the Hospital crew.


  • Aquari

    Wicked Podcast Mr Coleman!
    Hopefully I’m not too late to enter this raffle (or lottery for those non-Uk’ers) I would love to have a chance to grab the Supreme Being Jacket (size = mens L)
    Happy New year to you and all the Kru @ Hospital

    Ed Hodges (aka Aquari)

  • Woody

    hola Tony and co
    love your music
    happy new year
    Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)

  • smalls118

    Happy New Year Tony and all the Hospital Crew

    Hospital absolutely smashed it at the Detonate NYE Countdown in Notts! Can’t wait for the next Hospitality!

    Hope it’s not too late to enter…

    Would love those rare CD’s!

    Loving the podcast as always – keep up the good work!


  • CGK1981

    Im probably too late but that production software sounds so nice.

  • JoeyDruce

    Hey Tony,

    Hope you and all the Hospital crew had a wicked Christmas and smashed your New Years bash @ Detonate.

    Went to Amsterdam for the new years celebrations and the helpful people at easyjet lost my bag on the return trip to Gatwick…not the best start to 2009 but never mind… it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on, eh!! Could really do with the Supreme Being Jacket now though mate.

    Big shout to you all!!



  • quickmix

    hey ! love the podcast .. and hospital overall and would like them dubplates :) cos that muffler – hear my scream track is just absolutely smashing it !

  • Rich Holman

    play beautiful lies on friday please!!

  • Brian Yunker

    Hey Tony Happy new year!!!!! when is the next podcast coming?????????? Greeting to you all in Hospital records.

  • Snowstorm

    Hi and Happy new year!

    I just started subscribing to your podcast and I’m absolutly loving it! Just can’t get enough. This is by far the best podcast I have ever heard!

    I guess it’s a bit late to join the Xmas raffle seeing it’s not Xmas anymore, but I guess it’s worth a try. So if possible I’d like to try and win the Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8) for my girfriend, she makes her own music and she’d absolutly love it. Here’s a nice litle joke anyway that I thing the hole Hospital crew will like:

    Patient: Doctor! Doctor! Everyone keeps on copying me!
    Doctor: Doctor! Doctor! Everyone keeps on copying me!

    A big shout out to you all from the Aland Islands up in the freezing north! Looking forward to the next podcast.


  • Snelsha

    Hey Tony,

    Been listening to the podcasts for ages, loving them. That production software looks nice. Hopefully some of the hospital crew are going to make their way to Perth sometime this year. Would be loose.



  • colorspyder

    A bit late to the post, but wanted to wish all of the Hospital crew happy holidays and a great new year. Thanks for all the great music.

    If I’m in for the win, CDs please.



  • TechnoTech

    Happy New Year

    Love the DnB Genre

    Would love Tony’s Dubplates if I can still be in the running and I do promise not to rip and post them :P

  • JesteR

    Absolutely wicked podcast.
    Loved Adele – Hometown Glory (HighContrast remix) never heard it before, but completely fell in love.
    Good job!

  • jonlane

    tony, finally you’re coming to exeter!! or i hope that’s the case and not some randomer called “london eleCtricity” alongside high contrast… spak flyers. i can’t fucking wait! keep it up mate, Jon.

  • Marik

    Ho! Ho! Ho! =)

    as far as I am still not a producer (only DJ) and my size is M (really regret that), so I will attend the competition for

    - Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    P.S.: is there any competition where we can vote for Tony as best Santa? =)

    Those “Christmas in Hospital” pictures in the podcast are really cool. Who made them? 8)

  • GameOn


  • Nickoli

    Merry Christmas to All the HoHoHospital Crew. Thank you for another great year of music.

    I’d like to be entered for the Dubplates please.


  • Kutuzov

    nice podcast!
    i would like:

    – Tony’s Dubplates

    / Dmitry Kutuzov

  • katalyst

    More trisector! Nice.

    I’d like to enter to win the dubplates, but I’m not sure if you guys are willing to ship them or anything (I’d be willing to pay for shipping anyway).

    Not sure why people ‘hate’ All Hell is Breaking Lose. It’s a fun track.


    Merry Christmas to all,


  • will_r

    Proper Crimbo!
    Perfect opportunity to say thanks for the podcasts and all your work for DnB.
    Would looove to win Tony’s Dubplates!
    Peace out,
    Will Redstone

  • pigeononastatue

    Howdy Mr. Coleman,

    Loving the latest & greatest from hospital.
    Top podcasts are obviously the demo’s….mistabishi was off the hook with wipe your tears and printer jam recently…and don’t even get me started on Medschool…Randomer is a GENIUS…i mean, christ, you’ve heard it….

    Anyways, I’d love to take those Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs off your hands as they’ll only go into Lincoln’s shed to gather dust…

    Major love to everyone @ Hospital.
    Thanks for all you have done for music.
    and me.

    Matt Oxberry

  • ixtlan


    I’d like to be entered for the Dubplates ;-)

    Greetings from Poland.

  • workorplay

    what a podcast! Always look forward to a new one coming out, this is a festive feast – so many excellent tunes!
    keep ‘em rolling Tony…

    PS – I hereby swear to do nothing with any dubplates I might be so fortunate as to win except mix them, possibly til they wear out ;)

  • kleivo

    the best Santa’s gift ever would be to see you guys in Estonia again!

    but another great gift would be Tony’s Dubplates :)

    Greetings from Estonia!

    Kaspar L.

  • workorplay

    PPS – forgot my name on the last post – Dominic Hailey – and I’m after Tony’s dubplates…

    Mervy Krimble

  • FigglyPooz

    Grand podcast, many excellent tunes. Keep it up! If I could, I would most certainly make it over to Fabric for the festivities, sounds awesome.

    I would like to place my interest on the rare and unreleased Hospital Records CD’s

    Have a grand holiday,


    Kier Macartney

  • Maltos

    As usual Tony, first rate podcast! No wonder it keeps winning the awards!
    We’ve had some epic tunes from Hospital this year, looking forward to more next year.
    I’m entering for the~
    - Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs
    Would love to get my hands on some of these rare ‘uns!

    Merry christmas to all at Hospital!

    Oh and also big up’s for the shout-out Tony! Made my day even more than the hospital podcast already did :)

    P.S. On a crowded bus, a man noticed another man had his eyes closed.
    “What’s the matter?” he asked.
    “I’m alright.” He said, “I just hate to see old ladies standing.”

    Sorry…that was terrible…

  • joe_t

    Brilliant podcast as usual!
    Merry xmas to all!

    I would like to be entered for Tony’s Dubplates!


  • Middleman

    Seasons greetings to one and all at the hospital camp.

    Thank you for entertaining me for another year I hope the music and the love never stops!!!

    oh yeh and I’d love some of Tonys Dubplates.


    Alex Cave (Hayling Island, Cider Warren ;-))

  • watchmaker

    hey tony,
    awsome podcast – it kepps me going, given that I can’t really come to any of your sets – I’m too young!

    The Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs would maketh my day, and probably my year. I’m doing ‘homework’ as I write this, and listening to the podcast – ‘Just one Second’ at the mo.

    South Warwickshire needs more DnB – fancy doing a gig for under 16s in Warwick? :)

    Tom Ashworth

  • Irish_Arsonistt

    BiG Ups and Merry Christmas to Tony!!

    Thanx for a great year of Hospital Podcasts. Hope to get the same in 09.

    And i would love to enter for the Supreme Being Christmas Jacket.

    Sean McKenna-Walsh (Arsonistt)

  • Martn

    Cheers Toni!
    Big up the good work, loving your album! Keeps me away from remembering myself that my ex girl actually is trying to sue me (seriously) Lovin the Soulpatrol remix!

    Anyway, Id like to enter for the
    Sepreme Being Jacket!!

    Greetings from snowy cold and beautiful south german black forest!

  • Gee

    Best podcast yet!

    Dear Father Colman,

    For Christmas I’d like those Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs!

    Merry Christmas to all the Hospital Crew!

    Greetings from Nottingham!

    George Palmer

  • second opinion

    easily the best label about and ive been listening to this music since 92 in between councelling suicidal goldfish
    how would you feel stuck in a round bowl all day and night (goldfish need love too)
    id like to enter for the dubs please
    if you dont lose them again

    second opinion

  • niddle

    gonna have to go with the dubplates please!

    merry xmas to all at hospital, sure i’ll catch you guys around soon :)


  • niddle


  • scribbler

    Hi Tony.

    great demo cast, looking forward to hearing more from those artists, and the next democast.

    hoping for:
    – Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)

    Jon G.

  • milesarmstrong

    Brilliant Year, thanks!!

    I’ll be listening all the way through my January Exams!

    Maybe those Rare and unreleased Hospital Records CD’s could help me pass!

    Have a good christmas!

  • nightwatch

    Production software!

  • roag

    hey tony,
    loving hospitals releases this year, would appreciate the Dubplates, really liking hear me scream.

    have a good xmas



  • Funok

    Santa??? Are you there??? Can you hear me???

    I have written a letter with my wish to you, hope you will receive the letter and make my wish come true. My greatest wish is to produce music like Tony Coleman, you know him??? Of corse you do, you are the mighty Santa, so it would be nice if there would be a

    Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)

    under the x-mas tree :)

    So thx in advance santa, and marry x-mas to you and your little helpers..

    Cheers Funok

  • 45rpm

    wassup hospital records

    Merry xmas to every single one of you hard working people :D

    Thanx for another cracking podcast Tony,and i hope next year’s going to be as good or even better than this one for dnb!

    some of your dubplates would be brilliant

    Keep it up

  • mthdmn195

    I would love to enter the raffle for Production Software.

    But, truth be told, all I really want for Christmas is another phenomenal year of Hosptial Podcasts in 2009.

    Merry Christmas,
    Matt Farrell

    PS – The most recent democast is awesome. Running a 15K Race in Central Park, NYC this Saturday and I fully plan on crossing the finish line to your latest and greatest demo picks. Thanks!

  • Skade

    Hey Tony

    I listen to your podcast almost everyday on my way to and from school. The travel time is approximately the same as the length of a podcast. It’s absolutely fantastic music. Drum n’ Bass wouldnt’t be the same without Hospital.
    I would love to win the “Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs”

    – Christian Sivertsen

  • robertobartelo

    Merry Christmas guys!!

    2008 was a good year for ya! One more comment – Mistabishi ‘Paperjam’ is out of this world.

    Would love the Production Software


    Rob Bartley

  • jedred

    HI tony big thank you for your album this year really hit the spot, and gave me somthing totally fresh and new to mix. keep the podcast going (forever if possible) as i hear a great selection of new and old tunes that i end up buying. (on Vinly) happy xmas and best of luck in the new year.
    (i would love to win rare hospital records/cds as will help me finsh the collection).

  • tom_p

    Hey Tony.

    Thanks for the cracking podcast every week, absolutely love it! Looking forward to partying hard with Hospital in 2009.

    It’d make my Christmas to win the unreleased Hospital CDs.

    All at Hospital, have a great Christmas.

    Tom P.

  • ShyGuy


    Would first of all like to say that as a label you have absolutely smashed it this year, and most other years for that matter. 2009… can’t wait for ‘bishi’s “drop” to drop.

    Im not going to lie, I would buzz off them dubplates Tony.

    I missed you in Liverpool (and for that matter Logistics and High Contrast cos upstairs was too full so they confined me to downstairs) then in Sheffield cos I had to work, so technically you owe me them? Surely? Okay maybe not… but still.

    Anyway, BIG LOVE from Lucas

    oh errrm joke…why did the chicken cross the road…
    to steal Tony’s dubplates and give them to me.

    Sorry about that

  • gtrguru

    I’ve been listening to the Hospital podcast for a couple months and am repeatedly surprised by the quality of talent on your program. I love hearing the demos of up-and-coming artists. Much love from the Motown city of Detroit. Keep up the good work. Peace.

    I’d like to enter the raffle for the PRODUCTION SOFTWARE.

    Q: How do you get a one-armed man out of a tree? A: You wave to him.

  • alexwallis

    Merry Christmas. Thanks for all the sick podcasts.

    I would love to win Tony’s dubplates.

    (Hopefully Printer Jam is one of them, BIG TUNE!)

    Alex Wallis

  • Helldhaz

    I wasn’t a big drum & bass fan until I got into Hospital Records, so cheers Tony and the rest of you guys. Get Q-Project back for another Podcast! :)

    I’ll enter the raffle for the “Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs”.

    Merry Christmas, and I get the feeling 2009 will be a great year.

    — Harry Black

  • webshy

    Supreme Being Jacket (size = mens L)

    Basically, Hospital, I’ve got four words for it – big in the game!

    Web Shy

  • magiclou39

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    Louise Barnett

    Would make my boyfriends christmas (and mine of course).
    Hope you have a good one!

  • tantrictraveller

    Here I sit in the deep cold of another Saskatchewan winter, sanity maintained by the thought of spring and the podcast that you provide. Thank-you.
    I would be over-joyed with any of the fine prizes you are giving away but Ozone or Sonar 8 would make the minus 40 temperatures feel like a mediterranean holiday.



  • John

    Merry Christmas Tony and everyone at hospital

    seriously can’t wait for the Mistabishi album and NYE at detonate going to be stinker.
    Would love to win the
    -Supreme Being Jacket (size = mens L)
    have a good un, peace out

    Q: what’s a specimen?
    A: A spanish astronaut


  • barracuda

    yes very good, i would like to enter the raffle for the PRODUCTION SOFTWARE, minus Sonar as I have a Mac not PC.

    Oh yeah and another thing, this is a long on going debate I have with my mate, in the summer of 2004 did London Elektricity play at De montfort hall at some festival where those idiot crusties, chumbawumba were also playing. Me and my mate where a bit worse for wear as we had eaten a load of magic mushrooms (back when they where legal), and my mate says we did not see you play and its all in my head, but I am sure you guys played in a pretty much empty hall and I think some bodies mum from London elektricity came on stage to sing, am I right please say so.

    looking forward to more podcasts in the new year.


  • DJ_V01D

    Tonys Dubplates

    I’ve only just worked out how to use itunes properly and discovered this hospital podcast. Then i hear that Tony wants to give me his dubplates! Well i say bring them on!

    Cheers mate!

    Craig McGregor

  • londonelektricity

    somebody’s mum! lolol that was the mushrooms. but you’re right about a totally empty hall.

  • Ben Virgo

    Hi tony!

    Cheers for a years worth of great podcasts, loving the syncopated city!

    Printer jam what a tune cant wait for the album

    Would most like to win the production software (ozone / sonar) to start finally producing some decent tunes
    keep the good work!!!!


  • ST33L PH03NIX

    Merry Christmas
    Very good year for hospital and looking forward to 2009!

    I would like to enter for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs please!

    Much Love,

    Adam Harden

  • Phaze

    Merry christmas!
    Cheers for the awesome podcasts throughout the year. Was never a huge fan of drum and bass podcasts till Hospital Records hit me

    I’d like to enter the raffle for Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    Take Care

    Troy Germain

  • 2mnyshp

    hey there!

    I’d love to be in the draw for your Dubplates!! That would be soooo awesome!


    Rafi Schneider

  • marklitster


    Please keep the amazing podcasts coming, it’s the best way to keep up with everything hospital in Canada, PLEASE put my name in the raffle for your dubplates, as I would love to get my hands on those, Thanks

    Mark Litster

  • 0unce

    Kickass demo podcast! Aaaa Ozone3! Please!!! It has awesome multi-harmonic exciter and loudness maximizer sections, but i should not use pirate soft..

  • Cain

    Ez man

    It would be absolutely incredible if I could win those Dubplates

    Hospital means a lot to me

    All the best

    Benny Rolfe

  • vothry

    I’ve been addicted to hospital podcast since the beginning and I try and sell the drum and base genera to all of my friends. PLEASE LET ME GET THAT SUPREME BEING JACKET! Please enter me and keep up the amazing music!!!!! THANK YOU

    Ryan Voth

  • mgumn

    Without a doubt Tony’s Dubplates!

    Mike Gumn

  • emitch

    Would love me some of that production software!

    Great podcast!

    Eric Mitchell

  • tolley1466

    You have really opened me up to the world of Drum n Bass and I will love hospital forever!!

    Dubplates would be nice :D

    Love to all the hospital crew!

  • TripleBypass

    As always the Podcasts are amazing! Keep them coming.

    I would love to get the only XXL Hospital records shirt. So I can support you guys while spinning in Hawaii.

    Thanks as always

  • Paddyd

    Dear Santa Coleman,

    Would love to get right around that Supreme being jacket please. Hope everything goes well for 2009.


    P.S- plzzzz come to perth again, iv done my dash in Europe for a while and am not gona be able to get over there for a while

  • M_Martinez

    yooo, Marco from washington DC in the states. Id like to put my name in for the software! :D

  • adam_g17

    Yo Tony, your podcasts got me through the ordeal of being lost in uni today.

    Stick my name down for the software raffle. I’d love to try my hand at producing.

    Adam Grant.

  • Edward

    Love the show!
    Hook me up with some kick ass software!
    Much love,

  • qwertycous

    cant wait for new years, would love the production software but im strictly mac so i would like the dubplates please.

    much love moose…

  • DanielB

    Hey I would love the LE Japan edition of live at the Scala CD’s & DVD.

    Why? Beacause as well as buying pretty much everything Hospital has put out this year I have bad Xmas humour!

    Why are Christmas trees like trashed DJ’s?
    They both drop their needles!

  • mjk99

    I’m a geek-I love playing with new software!

  • 00bidlo

    Adam Brecher

    This podcast is the only way I can make it through my mornning drive, Thanks Tony

    Put me in for those Dubplates

  • 00bidlo

    Good luck all

  • Kapulet


    because of todays credit crunch
    i can barely afford vinyl anymore

    i purchase mp3s and use sarato,
    but i miss playing new records so much
    however if i won i think i would keep these copy’s mint as i am also a huge collector of drum and bass!

    Much Love From Canada,

    Dustin Kapulet

  • static

    Lucky for me…My name (Chris) is right up near the top of Santa Tony’s list already… So Santa…I’d like the Production Software. And please keep the great tunes comin!


  • Brian Yunker

    hey tony another great podcast, simply loved it big shout out from me and mariola we both like the podcast… put me up for the jacket… keep on rocking…

  • Funk Acrylic

    Tony, I can not stress enough how helpful your podcast’s have been to my college career in the bible belt of South Carolina. I’m considering using my business degree to open up a club in the Charleston area, hopefully giving the club scene here some much needed revitalizing.

    Patrick Kelleher: Charleston, South Carolina.
    put me in for the software!

    P.S. When is the live act coming back?

  • jmarki

    oh man sonar 8 would be nasty!

    love it here in akron, ohio keep it up


  • Conartist

    would love to be in with a chance to win the software! keen to get into production. Great competition btw

    Chris (Belfast)

  • olly

    Tony coleman your the the absolute man! me and my girlfriend hav been listening to the hospital podcasts ever since they were available 4 ipods an b4! every podcast is amazing an i get excited everytime i get a new one! big ups 2 the hospital crew! cant get enough!

    Tonys dubplates would be the best christmas present i could ask 4!

    Olly, Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Archidub

    Merry Christmas Tony and all the crew at Hospital Records, Thank you for another year of superb releases and excellent podcasts!

    This year my VINYL collection has gone from 0 to over 80 records, a large proportion of them are Hospital and Med School releases. The jewel in the collection is the signed limited edition 4-piece gatefold sleeve copy of Syncopated City! I am Strictly Black Plastic now!

    Please put me down for those Dubplates…would make christmas bloody nice mate!!

    Douglas Harding (Cape Town)

  • jamie


    Could i please enter your comp for Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    To be honest if i won i would probably have a listen and auction them on the net to get money for records.

    Happy new year


  • padders

    Sonar 8 would be great as it would help me fulfill my livelong dream of being a jungle cliche, Cheers Padders

  • Richard

    Hi Tony,


    I moved from London to Australia, it’s hard to get some tunes on record here at least the podcast keeps me up to date with new releases. love the show.


  • edwrecker

    hey tony
    wow you really are the man in red this year
    bein the drum n bass santa and all!

    I would so enter this for your dubplates
    im finally getting vinyl decks at long last

    feeling the soul now behind the music

    merry chrimbo Mr L. E

    Eddi (burnz)

  • stereokill

    Hey tony,

    Writing a list and checking it twice down at hospital HQ eh?

    Put me in for the Supreme Being Jacket.


    Sam Stockham (UK)

  • barclaywinter

    Hey Tony,
    The Cds would absolutely brilliant.
    Been and avid fan of hospital since I can remember. Thanks so much.

    Merry X-mas

  • tomwilcox

    Hey Tony!

    Put me down for the dubplates, that would be a brilliant xmas present!

    Merry Christmas and keep up the good work!



  • nick stratton

    Happy Christmas Tony

    The ozone and sonar 8 software would be ace and help me get through the winter blues.

    Podcasts have been wicked this year. look forward to more in 2009.



  • m-r-dalton

    Yo Tony!

    Loving the raffle, would be awesome to get a chance to listen to the Rare Hospital CDs, and Mix 7 too.


    Mike (Oxford)

  • tomwilcox

    Oh yeah, and by the way, what if I upload them to a dodgy non-Russian website, can I have em then? :)

    seriously though, just actually listened to the podcast ;) and the dubplate tracks are amazing! Especially Muffler and the This Dark Matter remix! (will there be a 12″ release of the original This Dark Matter btw? My favorite track, together with Southeastern Dream, from Syncopated City)

    Thanks for all the great music!

    Tom Wilcox (for the 2nd time, but not trying to cheat, honest!)

  • BrunoDPO

    Dear London Santa Collminator!

    Greetings from Brazil! My name is Bruno.
    I’m writting this letter to tell that I’ve been a nice DJ this year, I played various Hospital (and Medschool) music, bought some records even from the Hospital Store. Aditionally, I’ve listened to every episode of your podcast, including those featuring people like Mistabishi (which I think it was the best of the year so far), Nu:Logic, Danny Byrd and so on. Now I think I deserve to win a dubplate from you, don’t I? (Would be nice to have “This Dark Mater” remixed from Nu:Tone, but no problem if it’s another one like Jungle Music from Logistics) ^^

    Thank you, have a great Xmas, and let’s spread Drum’n’Bass so 2009 will be even better as 2008 for the scene!

  • AmiWeav

    Oh! The dubplates please! Hear Me Scream is possibly the most beautiful tune ever made…

    Have a wonderful Christmas and can’t wait for New Year.

    Ami (Nottingham)

  • adlington

    Ahoy there! I be requesting dubplates says i to keep me afloat come the new year on these here treacherous waters. If ye be angels then let me find this here traysure in my porthole. Avast

  • jizla99

    i would so love the dubplates as i have just got some decks but i dont feel i would do them justice at all!
    thus, please put me down for the supreme being jacket.
    i have been a subscriber to your podcast for over a year now and have loved absolutely every one. please keep them up, you guys are the best.
    ahhhh, and i got my copy of greed the other day- it is brilliant. thank you (and mistabishi of course).
    have an amazing christmas and new year.
    Charlie (Winchester)

  • bifo the monkey

    James (bifo the monkey)

    Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)

  • ross1978

    Hello Tony,

    Love your work on the podcasts, i get well excited when i see itunes download it…..

    anyway i would like to win the CDs pretty please

    Much love and a happy new year

    Rossco (Nottm)

    Ps B Complex – Beautiful Lies (podcast 74) is an absolute choon, get him/her/them signed

  • Sketchjeff

    Hey mr Colman,
    This is a big thanks all the way from Perth in western Australia. Paying close attention to your sets at Metros and the belvior Amphitheatre taught me how to mix wax properly and scructure a set impeccably. thank you!

    For christmas this year I would love your dubplates please. Im one of the only guys i knows that still buys (and plays) all a few awesome exclusive tracks (like this dark matter and painted black; hell yeah)would be a great gift to a big fan.

    the funny thing…some people think playing burnt cds over vinyl is a better way to Dj. haha

    Merry Christmas tony, hope to see you down here again soon, watch for a demo early next year.


    Jeff H

  • d-clone

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    Where do D&B snowmen dance?
    At a D&B snowball.

    got to love the cheeze!!!!!!!

    Chris/D.Clone (London)

  • tsieck

    Dubplates, need to go overseas.

    What’s up London crew? I don’t just want these dubplates, the Philadelphia Drum and bass heads need them! Don’t do it for me but for the dance floors they will rock.

    It was a funny angle

    Tim (A.K.A. Free Agent)

  • andy_secrett

    Hi Tony
    Big Big thank you to you and the Hospital crew for all the wicked podcasts throughout the year, you can talk over the podcasts as much as you like, I like hearing your views (as long as ther not political) any chance of releasing point of no return as an instramental.

    would love to win your dub plates.

    Seasons greetings to all at Hospital and the DNB community.


  • anti_gravity

    Hi Tony!
    Wanna say thanks for the hospital podcasts over the years, seems like yesterday i was listening to the 2007 xmas podcast :s Also wanna say thanks for the sick night in southampton a few weeks ago, u hospital boys have been rocking that place recently!

    Looking forward to what your gunan hit us with in 09


    p.s I would love your dubplates!!!

  • tomhosking

    It’s got to be the dubplates for me, some sweet sweet tracks on there! Definitely no russian sites involved, just a lot of use on the 1s and 2s.. Thought you’d like to know, I’ve got a horse called treacle – he’s got golden stirrups. Happy holidays, bring on the mistabishi album!

  • vay157

    Long-time listener, first time caller… Love your show. Need those Dubplates!

    Love and kisses from Philadelphia,


  • lvturner

    I’d like to be entered for Tony’s Dubplates

    Just starting out as a bedroom DJ and now that I’ve started to grasp the basics of mixing I’d like to spin some drum and bass!

    And for the tie breaker:

    How many DJs does it take to critique a remix?

    7, 1 to say they like it and 6 to say they thought it was good but they preferred the original.

    (Yeah that sucked! :))

  • ccounter

    When does a cub become a scout?….when he eats a brownie :)

    Happy Christmas and good luck with 2009

    Keep up the good work Tony

    Chris C

    cd’s please to go overseas

  • uksniper12

    my real names Brian Ellis, and I have allready subscibed years ago to the podcast through itunes and a different email address probably incase that makes things complicated, the other email address is

    if i could win any of the prizes in theraffle this year i would firstly like to winthe supreme being mensjacket, but if i get drawn and thats gone, the production software would be extremely helpfull in the building of my home studio which has been ongoing and under construction for the past 8 years, and yes , im still not even producing on my pc, as i dontown any software!!! Happy Christmas London Elektricity, and Hospital records, have a party filled NewYear in 2009

  • Moisty

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs would be a smashing Christmas gift from you Toney!

    As I will be at the NYE detonate event, and the hospital take over at Fabric on the 9th of Jan.

    I think the jap albums would help me through the recovery period, as im more than likely to be unable to walk after all that raving!

    happy Christmas to you and the hospital team.

    Looking forward to 2009

  • Shivaxi

    Yo London crew, love the podcasts, love the music, love you guys! ^^ I’ll be visiting you in London soon, once i get out of the states =D

    Just startin’ out in the DJ world, gettin’ a pair of cdj 400’s this xmas =)

    I’ll send you guys some of my own tunes for a demo cast once i fix my other PC =P If you want, check out

    I’d definitly like to hear those Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    pz mates

  • v3rm0n

    Hi Tony,

    Im really glad that I discovered this podcast.
    Now I can listen to the best music every week:)

    Loved you in Club Illusion, Estonia.

    So how about them rare CD’s?:D

    Merry Christmas!

    Maido (Tartu, Estonia)

  • shadds

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs (Yess please!!!)

    Whats brown and sticky?????

    A stick!

    Keep up the beatiful podcast material it keeps my ipod fresh even when i have no money which is most of the time!! some rare cd material would be immense to top it off keep up the amazing work and looking forward to the mistabishi album release early next yr!

    (tom ainsworth)

  • jack clark

    Greetings Tony (and of course the rest of the hospital crew)

    Huge thank you for the now 75 super strong shows, although a special thank you for this year’s ones as my DJ schedule and work has been getting more hectic and I’ve really needed you guys to keep up to date with all things hospital when I’m on the move!

    Really keen to win the production gear because “syncopated city” truly inspired me to want to create something that everyone can enjoy across the globe and that will make peoples hair stick on end, give them goosebumps like “just one second” did for me, and as I wont be able to afford production gear any time soon to live that dream!

    Have a merry christmas!

    Jack Clark

  • Synergex

    BOH!! Wicked Podcast erytime :D honestly don’t remember how i came to it, but glad i did cause it’s partly inspirational :D
    High quality, humerous, and professional, keep it coming mate, wicked!
    The name’s Steve…. Steveilishious, thank you very much.
    One prize I’d like would be the the production software (I’m poor and lonely?) :)
    Rocking the net mate!

    P.s. Been a fan since Pod 35 and till it ends. It been a long journey, and about to get longer!
    EDIT: FYI it’s to hit me up at or

  • sham

    hospital always been best label :)

    obviously going in for the dubplates haha

    merry christmas guys
    Ruben Stoesser

  • Mikey P

    Keep up the good work on the label & podcasts, always sounding sweet! Looking forward to Danny Byrds hospital mix! I’d be very happy if I won your dubplates, all the tunes are heavy!

    Have a good xmas,


  • konversion

    been a big fan for years.

    definitely some dubs.

  • Likeohmygod

    What’s up guys!
    I’d love to get my hands on that jacket :P.
    Don’t really like making the music, i’ll leave that to you guys so I thought i’d go for something to help me through the winter!
    Absolutely loving the podcast.

    Rob Curtis – Bath, England (Yes Danny Byrd!)

    Supreme being Jacket

    Merry Christmas!

  • breaktonk

    Hook it up with the rare and unreleased hospital CDs.

    I can’t DJ or produce but I love to get down to some hot beats

    I think podcast 72 was the best set of tracks I have ever heard in one podcast. My mind was blown! Keep it up!

  • ralphsolly

    Hello Tony, Tom, Chris, Zac, Ash, Riley,

    a little joke for you:

    what do you call a spanish man out of hospital? Manuel!

    I just want to thank you for another beautiful year of music, from your classic symptoms re-releases, although i already had most of them, i bought them again, more monster music from mistabishi, the amazing balaclave from nu:tone and, the sublime LE album!
    I would be so grateful of Tony’s Dubplates, and would keep them in my hospital shrine! :D
    Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year!

    Roll on DROP!!

  • Tomo

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs… mmm, yes please!

    Merry Christmas and a banging New DnB Year to the Hospital family. Thanks for all the sweet music this year!

    Tom Bryan

  • Nosewa

    Dubplates straight from the hands of London Elektricity to play on my brand new decks that are coming for christmas?? Hell yes! Couldn’t think of a better way to start my mixing career =P

  • EdLazenby

    Tony, I wish you were my dad!

    I’d love to get my hands on the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CD’s!



  • dkmn


    Just heard All hell is breaking loose in the background for BBC Radio 1 6pm news bulletin. Not bad at all… made the news half decent for a change.

    Would fucking love to suddenly find myself in possession of those dubs… New years round mine would sound heavy.

  • Stevie B

    Hello Tony,

    Big up for taking the time to provide the podcast which always helps me whilst being stuck in traffic. Im a fairly recent subscriber and have been subscribing since episode 60. I love the fact that when you burn it to cd you can actually go back to a particular track and listen over and over.

    Also got to add love the video for “All Hell Is Breaking Loose”. My jaw dropped when I saw it in my local “Harpers Gym”. I was so shocked to see a dnb tune being played, as usually its girls aloud etc… For the first time I had been distracted from the pretty girls on the treadmills.

    So a massive big up for that as it shows you are definitely pushing things in the right direction and the music is reaching people further a field. Any chance of getting them to play some more hospital tunes. Im sure tunes like “if we ever” would have no problem being played in these surroundings. Also a good heads up to make sure PRS are paying you accordingly lol

    Finally I would love a chance to win the supreme being jacket as I am currently jacketless and im using a bit of initiative and d.i.y to get through this winter. Basically wear two t shirts, two jumpers and a scarf and a beany. Also can’t forget the long johns. Plus im a large so would be great.

    If it’s anything like Joseph’s Technicoulour dreamcoat then :

    “Any Coat Will Do”

    Awful I know Il grab my “Coat”

    Enough of the puns…

    Take care and have a merry christmas and a happy new year.

    Steve B

  • Aerocell

    Top class podcast yet again!

    hoping to scrape some money together to make it down to edinburgh and get to hospitality in january, getting my hands on some new production gear would make my year since im probably using the oldest, glitchiest gear known to man and cant afford 2 upgrade!

    Have a wicked christmas and wish you great success in 2009!

    Orkney islands

  • stringfellow

    Being a poor (honestly!) student, I can’t really afford much vinyl (and what I can afford has been spent in your very own online shop ;-)… so those dubs are looking pretty damn tasty.

    Something funny you say? Well this made me giggle my tits off… friend of mine in my room see’s High Contrast’s Tough Guys Don’t Dance poster on the wall.. she inspects it for a few moments and then turns to me and says “Steve, thats a bit rude isn’t it? ‘Touch Guys, Don’t Dance‘?!” … I couldn’t stop laughing… (she’s a bit dyslexic mind, but still!)

    Merry Christmas to you all at Hospital. Looking forward to as banging a 2009 as 2008 has been with you. :-D

    -Steve P

    PS – You WILL tell us when Printer Jam is out in the shop ay?!

  • Robin Morgan


    Thought i better enter this raffle, and i swear on my life my mothers life and my best friends that i will never uplaod any of the tracks to a dodgey russian website!

    Im 16 and iv been listening to the hospital pod since
    episode one, and soon after i started listening i brought some turntables and have started mixxing myself.

    Keep up the good work London.

    Merry Christmas

  • diogomoura03

    what’s up !
    as i live a litle bit far from london (i live in portugal), your awesome dubplates come to me a litle bit expensive. no mather what, im still buying it because your dnb is something never seen before. hope to see you soon in here, oPorto.

    something that would make me really happy were hospital rare and unreleased records to listen it all the time.

    merry xmas to everybody

  • IronFire

    Had to sign up for the raffle!

    Keep the awesome and fresh music coming. Can’t get enough of Bop and the rest of the minimalist D&B guys.

    As much as I want the dub plates I have to own up to living in the same house as a Russian, but I swear if he even places a hand on them I will replaces his trance collection with girl band pop and stamp on his cans!

  • sm4rtin


    As a regular subscriber to the Hospital podcast I gotta praise you for what you do man! Hospital continues to amaze me with the tunes you guys produce. Big up to the man danny byrd this year – what a fucking sick dj he is.

    Tune of the year? All Hell is Breaking Loose – for the sound, the guitar, and the quality video ;)

    Lookin forward to Hospital at Fabric after the cancellation of the legendary Heaven raves.

    Your dubplates would make my year!

    Always Hospital Records.

    Take it easy,

  • srsly

    high quality production software recommended by a professional?

    merry xmas indeed!


  • jacko

    Tony, your a legend and i want you DubPlates – getting some turntables for christmas and nothing to play on them!


  • tk201

    Would love the production software…(Ozone and Sonar 8).

    Keep up the awesome work!!


    East London

  • Spats

    Dubplates! Dubplates! Dubplates!

    Big up tony, thanx to you and hospital records, i’ve quit indie rock for the wonders of DNB.

    Balaclava – track of the year.


  • SI-FI

    Hey, jus downloaded podcast 75 and had to come on over and enter the raffle like!

    Been listening to the podcast since episode 41 and have been hooked since then! i love the demo casts and will be sending you some of my work soon as ive finished something worthy.

    its gotta be ozone and sonar 8 for me :-D

    something funny?

    whats white and live in a tree?

    a fridge! :-P


    Simon james

  • Martin Francis


    Three years ago i decided to play a practical joke on a house mate. He had gone back to his parents for christmass and new year so i took adavntage of his two week absense to stitch him up. I wanted to do something origional and had the geinus idea to plant cress seeds in his bed room carpet. I think i was a bit over enthusiastic with the planting as when the two weeks were up his carpet was a sea of ince high green cress. Been super pleased with myself i invited loads of mates round to welcome him home on his return and be an audience to his reaction. We definatly weren’t dissapointed either,there were definatly lots of foul words exchanged. Unfortunatly unnone to me his parents were in there car behind him and they owned the house. lets just say they hit the roof. I don’t think my mate has ever properly forgiven me as he properly got it in the neck for a long time. We are both massive fans of D’n’B esspecialy all @ Hospital. If i got him you Dub plates i think it would go some way to saying sorry.

    So i’m in for the dub plates please

  • skier666

    I can’t get enough of Future of Cambridge 3….its FANTASTIC!

    Santa, you can give me Tony’s dubplates as I prefer vinyl. :-)

  • monk85

    Happy Christmas to all at hosplital.

    its been well worth the wait to hear printer jam ever since it was mentioned on the podcast and also am really really looking forward to the releas of logistics – eastern promise (tune). started listing to d n b about 2 years ago and i cant get enough of it. its a really hard choice between (Ozone and Sonar 8) and the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs but i think im going to have to go with the rare hospital cds please.

    somthing funny my name is monk as while at uni and a bit drunk i let a girl cut my hear as she said she was a good hair dresser and i belived her she left me with just a nice little ring of hair around my head and i wore it to uni for three days.

    if i dont win please give me a shout out as i think im the only listener from the isle of man much love
    richard lowe

  • Jason Merchant

    Hey, just downloaded podcast 75 and had to come on over and enter the raffle!!

    Tony’s Dubplates !

    Merry christmas all and a happy new year!!

    Jason Merchant

  • chris1717de

    Some rare and unreleased Hospital CDs would make my festive season complete! :)

    Merry Christmas everyone at Hospital!

  • nikolas_uk

    Tony, im loving the podcast and much respect to Hospital for creating some of the best drum and bass. Cant wait for hospitality in feb. Also loving MRSA – Different.

    would love the high quality production software

    so me and a group of mates hit the pub, having a laugh, haven’t seen the lads in time. Heavily drinking and my mate says to us ” guys, im not feeling too good. just going to the bog.” so its about 25mins and were thinking where is he. He comes out the toilet, “guys im going home…”. So on his way home he gives us a call. He then explained ” well i took a heavy dump and there was no bog roll, i had my boxers round my ankles looking through all the cubicles
    still coulden’t find any.” laughing well what did you do? ” had to use my bloody sock didn’t I!!” (SORRY PAUL)

    Merry Christmas to everyone at HOSPITAL

    Nick Turner


  • djwerd

    What up Tony? First of all congrats on a great ’08 and I cant wait for ’09. Ive been a loyal listener since podcast #4.

    I would love the jacket, but I live in Florida and would only get to wear it a couple of times a year. I dont want to waste it, so I’d really love the dubplates. I have a ton of records but never had the chance to own some dubs. Plus you dont have to worry about them being recorded illegaly to websites since I only go to sites with naked chicks on them! By the way, where are the naked girls on here?

  • Alejandro Abogado


    Please keep the podcasts coming! If you won’t tour the ‘States will you please send someone our way?

    Living in SF is great, but with regards to DnB I feel like “Dances with Wolves” way out west waiting for the Hospital calvary to come fill the airwaves at my post.

    May I please have a copy of Ozone and Sonar 8.


    Dro Abogado

    San Francisco

  • miguel

    I would like to participate for the Supreme Being Jacket.

    I’ve been a loyal listener since podcast number 3! and I’ve been converting other people into listeners as well.

    Picture me, wearing a short white sleeve shirt with a black clip on tie (with the hospital logo in it) walking door to door with my ipod as my bible, waking people up on sunday mornings asking them if they have found drum n bass salvation yet, and that the only way they will be able to enter drum n bass paradise is if they listen to the word of Tony Colman.

    Anyways.. Drum n Bass forbides me to drive a car (just like Logistics) so in winter time it can get pretty cold, the jacket would allow me to continue my mission to spread the word! :)

    keep it up!

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Hello, and thanks for another great podcast!

    The dubplate collection would be the greatest christmas present ever and of course I would NEVER upload them to the net!

    Happy holidays, CheesyPOOF5

  • fat_collin

    Dear Mr. Awesome,

    I love you and your podcast. As a new DJ trying to build his collection and spread some 165+ love, you and the music you play give me some real direction to flow in. Fantastic!

    So… I’m in for the dubs. Keep the goodness coming.

    -Collin D.
    Chicago, IL

  • wintergreenNZ

    hey tony,

    lovin the new podcast 75, future sound of.., and your new album. looking forward to you playing in christchurch NEW ZEALAND in jan or feb and hoppppppefully will be opening for your fine self!!@!

    SO of course id loove the dubs!!

    Jordan McConnochie,
    Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Cheers & merry xmas!

  • Misk


    Looking forward to seeing more Hospital artists in New Zealand next year.

    Big thanks to Danny and the Brookes Brothers who played the best sets of the year for me.

    Im in for the dubs.

    Merry xmas and a happy new year to you all.


    Sam Miskimmin

  • push music

    Merry Christmas Hospital records

    Cracking year for D+B and music in general! Would love to bag the production software. I’m a frustrated prodcuer with a hard drive full of tracks that need mastering.

    So it’s in the hands of the raffle gods. . .

    – Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)

    Keep up the good work.



    (Push Music)

  • rhys3581

    I’m buying some cdj’s and there is only 1 way i can be stopped

    Tony’s Dubplates !


    its not funny i know

    dam what do i write :(

  • TomTom

    Rare CD’s or a night out with Riley please!

    Its been dnb since hearing moving shadow 2.2, London since pull the plug, Podcast episode 23 onwards. Hospital forever x

    Keep up the good work fellas


  • JayJay

    Merry Christmas! Recently started to get into DnB through a friend, loving it!

    – Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)

    Big thanks! Keep up the amazing work.


  • Some Nerve

    Hi Tony,

    Im a big fan of your work. Please put me in the draw for the dubplates. Heres hoping you and yours have a merry christmas.

    Nev – Dublin

  • Olllllie

    Hi Tony,
    Please would you put me in the draw for the dubplates?

    I hereby swear, on my life, my mothers life, Matty’s life, Max’s life, Sarah’s life, Ant’s life and Jo’s life that I will not upload these tracks to some dodgy russian website!

    Have a great Christmas and new year, and we’re counting down the days to the next Hospitality!

    Oliver Nelson

    P.s. for the tie breaker…
    Why did the baker have smelly hands?

    Because he kneaded a poo.

  • edwrecker

    so i think i should make the secridge ‘pledge’

    “I here by swear on my life
    my mothers life,
    the life of my children (when i have them)
    and the life of all my best friends
    that i will not upload those tracks
    to some dodgy russian website
    because if i do you will find out and kill me”

    …to that i agree Tony

    signed ed:wrecker, birmingham


  • Mowser

    Yo Tony

    Wicked set in magnet last thursday thanks for coming back to the hole that is Liverpool. Much appreciated! The dubplates would be the greatest present I have ever received, so if you could see your way to sending them to me you would make me a very happy man! Merry Christmas to you and all at Hospital Recordings.


  • perrieg


    Love the podcast, I would like to be entered in the draw for the Live Scala CDs and DVD please.

    Keep up the good work see you at Fabric!

    Tie break funny –


  • Dj Benjammin

    Hey Tony!

    Have A very Merry Christmas! Cant wait for the next funk filled year ahead!

    Im down for the ‘Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs’

    Thanks A Bunch Mate.

    Benjammin, NZ

  • charlie Haslam


    loving the podcast.
    all i want for christmas is the Supreme Being Jacket.:-)


    charlie in Brizzle.

    P.S a very merry christmas to you and your family.

  • alex2016g

    Hi and Merry Christmas Hospital.
    Great stuff, awesome tunes, really hope that i will be clubing in the same place as you are performing one day.

    Would like to enter for dubplates

    Oh it would be so

    Ok now for a story:
    I’v crashed my car this weekend :(
    just damaged the front, the bumper was hanging off, so i decided to fix it myself, took it off together with the headlights and other plastic stuff, used some duc tape to make it stronger (probably wouldn’t help lol) and put it back together.
    well when i finished I found out that i am left with 2 spear screws :( lol

    So as a vote of sympathy, please can I get the dubplates?


  • almin

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Hospital!!!

    Have to say, love your shows and the music that you guys are producing.

    Would like to get the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs That would just make my year.

    Big thanks!


  • i-am-dan

    Yo Tony

    Merry Christmas!!!

    i would love the Supreme Being Jacket!!!

    i cannot wait to see you at Fabric on the 9th

    and i was soo gutted about the last heaven so we had our own hospitality in our halls in cardiff was wikid but not as gd as the real McCoys!!!

    cheers tony and everyone from the awsome hospital crew!!!!

    peace x

  • mardi_j

    Happy Christmas Hospital

    Keep up the Stop The War on Vinyl. Love the records and love the podcast. I’m a big fan of what Martsman’s doing right now.

    I’d like to enter for Tony’s dubplates

    As for something funny, might not be quite what you mean but I recomend you check out The Bugle podcast by John Oliver and Andy Zaltsman. Funniest podcast out there including the Ricky Gervais podcast. You should get much more mirth and enjoyment out of that then any of my p**s-poor jokes.

  • XRay25

    Love The PodCast. I’m new to Drum & Bass. You guys are awesome, Thanks.

    -Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    Denver, Colorado USA

    Christmas Joke:

    What’s the difference between men and a Christmas Tree?

    The Christmas Tree is up for 12 days, has nice balls, and looks nice with the lights on.

  • audiomatt

    Tunes, Tunes, Tunes……keep em coming… bring on the amens…..LOL! – I WILL bring you some!

    Proper feeling that demo – Covertion – Astatine.

    Count me in for Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs or Dubplates……. Im not starting any wars!

    S London

  • saint1826

    Tony, wicked stuff in the last podcast. Please enter me in the lottery for the production software and please come across the pond and bring Mr. Byrd. Cheers and happy holidays

  • saint1826

    Not sure if my post got entered. Tony wicked stuff on the podcast and we miss you across the pond. Please enter me in the drawing for the production software. Thanks and have a good holiday.

  • Psirus

    Greetings from Germany!
    Been at your gig in Dresden couple of Days ago and just loved it. Great Fun!

    Would sign up for the Dubplates.

    Keep it up!

  • Nickodemus


    Wicked podcasts and music man.

    Absolutely love the sound of:
    Tony’s Dubplates

    Would be genius to get them.

    Will Brown

  • Barney

    London Elektricity,

    Loving the podcast; keep it up… send some hospital love to the University of York, severe lack of liquid funk up here!

    Could I enter for the dubplates? I don’t know any Russian websites so you’re fine….

    As far as funny stories are concerned, i came to Hospitality at Scala in July with a mate and I think we managed to make a fool of ourselves in front of your very selves;

    I went to go to the toilet up the spiral staircase and waited for my mate…little did i know i was blocking the door until i got a tap on the shoulder from the Colmanater himself! Embarrassed as i was i shook your hand but didn’t manage to say any real words…just a stupid grin and and a few grunts. I left feeling i had ruined my chance of ever becoming the next big hospital DJ!


    And my mate bumped into High contrast, suffered from the same ‘no word’ syndrome and decided it would be a good i dear to ruffle his hair…. it wasn’t.

    We apologize for our behavior and promise to stay well away at Fabric. We’ll harass Caspa and Rusko instead…i hear they communicate using low frequency bass.

    Cheers, Barney x

  • Coffeee

    Gotta be in it to win it :D loving the podcasts, avid listener :) Love the sound of Tony’s Dubplates, so I figured its about time to sign up =)

    keep up the good work tony, hospital, and everyone involved!

    Merry Xmas!

  • ptchrsim

    Merry Xmas Mr Elektricity

    Would love the rare and unreleased cd’s, especially as i was the mug who was on the L.E. scala live dvd with the N90 phone, you know the one that looked like a camcorder, it was a brick of a phone, at least i got a wave from mc wrec and featured in the dvd about five times.

    Great work this year guys and please don’t stop!

  • bolton

    love the podcast guys!!!

    Great to hear some of upcoming tuness and keep in touch with the latest!!!

    Keep the podcasts going!!

    Please can you enter me for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs or Dubplates?

    thanks guyss!!

    take it easy

    Max Bolton

  • recriminate

    Oh yes! what a giveaway!

    Put me down for some…

    -Tony’s Dubplates

    Keep up the good work mate!

  • Melanie

    Hi London Elek x

    Always looking forward to the next podcast.. Keep up the good work up mate!

    I would like to sign up for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs. That would just be awesome to get x

    Merry X-mas and a fantastic New Year to everyone ;)


  • Strick9

    Great democast… i was really impressed with the selection and the quality.

    i’d love to be entered in to win the production software.

    i hope the holidays are great for you and yours.


  • fotostuze

    Tony, Dont know if you remember me but I emailed a while ago with regards to the live band and the facebook petition to bring back the LE live band. You were kind enough to reply to my email saying that sadly you had no intentions of reforming the live band but your time spent together brought you many happy memories. You were also good enough to send me the link for the podcast. I went out and bought an ipod that day, subscribed there and then and havnt stopped listening to the podcast since. I know the next podcast will be a packed one but if you can squeeze in a shout to Stu and Kirsty you will have made a bad year a whole lot better.
    Best wishes to you, the lady colmanator, the chairman and to all at Hospital records

  • fotostuze

    P.S. id like to put my name down for the dub plates as im slowly building up my collection of records. I will settle for a shout tho.


    Tony’s Dubplates.

    I don’t know anybody Russian but should I meet one of these Russians I will kill them with my mother’s rolling pin in a fast stabbing manor. stab stab… stab.. stab..

    Failing to win anything… I’ll try and pimp my blog some more,

    To all Hospital crew and listeners, have a good Xmas and NYE!

  • Jay

    Hi Tony,

    i love your music and of course your podcast. Keep going on !!

    please put me down for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs xD

    Xmas-greetz from germany


  • Magnust

    Merry christmas to the Hospital crew :)
    If i have to pick i guess it’d be the dubplates (seems like the most popular choice tho :P)
    Hate those dodgy Russian websites too :D

    Magnus from Estonia

  • T Tully

    Hi Tony,

    Love the podcasts. They are an essential listen all the way down here in New Zealand.

    I would like to throw my hat in the ring for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CD’s.

    Have an awesome Christmas and New Year



  • N.B.K

    Hey man great stuff you’ve been mixing lately. The Demo cast was killer!!!

    I really would like it if you could put me in the drawling for one of your underground cds.

    I hope you all have safe and happy holidays.


  • mike93

    Totally Up For the Unreleased Cds,

    Hostpital records are immense, keep bringing us the great music =D

    Later x

  • daniel_slatkin


    Simply the best podcast I’ve ever subscribed to.

    You might remember a podcast called The DJ Class, well I’m actually one of the graduating students of Mr E and Mr G.

    Anyway, I would like to place my luck into the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CD raffle.

    Keep the episodes rollin’!


  • marved_3

    - Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)


    Gr8 podcast. Luv the new album tony only disappoitment was i wasnt in time to get the limited edition vinyl pack.

    Iv been bangin out loads of hospital stuff at a small night a play at in my local pub in Scotland its been luved by sum an not so much by others.

    In the new year can u plz bring hospitality to Glasgow the city needs drum an bass!

    Much luv an hope everyone at hospital records has a gr8 xmas an new year.

  • dubster

    easy tony!

    loving your podcasts, i have every one since podcast 7!! they are all priceless! norfolk is a little dry for dnb but its getting better slowly!

    anyway id like to try and win the production software. that would make me very happy indeed!

    take care dude and all the hospital mentalists!! ;-)

  • TomJohnsonUK

    Thanks for the podcasts LE you’ll be remembered by the grandkids as the cool grampy who played and mixed vinyls and danced the funky chicken. On a serious note, south eastern dream, in the morning just as the rises on a cold wintery morning on the way to London was a moment i’d like to thank you for. And back to the ‘not so serious note’, i’d like to rotoscope animate you dancing the funky chicken to all hell is breaking loose, a bit like the ‘cow and chicken’ cartoon. And back to the serious note again, those nang ‘tony dubplates’…I dont know how to write in bold lettering – but you know how much we all WANT those. I have no christmas presents this year, just a pair of 3d glasses with sketchbook, which im giving away..
    P.s much love to the colemanator and family, and all the hospital superfundo crew.
    All the best, Tom

  • supermule06

    What do ya call a rude boy in a window?


    Happy Christmas

    Tony’s Dubs please

    Sam Worlledge

  • cpbrown

    Hey Tony,

    It’s got to be the rare and unreleased hospital CDs,

    How do you know there’s a singer at the door? They fumble about for the key, and then doesn’t know when to come in. (not liane though, she’s cool.:p)

    Keep up the major good work on the podcast and see you in Fabric + Oxford in the new year,

    Chris Brown
    (Med Student + Hospital Addict:p)

  • Viper Pilot

    Merry xmas from down in Australia! (Not that anything here looks vaguely xmas-y)

    Your killer podcast has rekindled what I’d thought was a long-dead love of all things dnb.

    Sign me up for the rare & unreleased CDs – I have some catching up to do!

    -Viper Pilot

  • forcedandcontrived1

    Dear Tony,

    My mate threw up in my record bag at a house party i need records that dont smell like sick……

    so please could you put my name in the christmas hat for your precious DUBPLATES!

    I hope you and all of the hospital crew have a fantastic christmas and i will see you in januray at fabric!

    Charlie from CAMBRIDGE

  • Dubdoc

    Dubplates please.

    Over and out.

  • Original Nuttah

    love your podcast. always listening to every new episode.

    please put me in the raffle for the dubplates! gotta keep it vinyl yh!

    merry xmas and a happy new year!

  • goldblend86

    What d’ya call a chicken in a shell suit?

    an egg!!! (cracker joke)

    terrible i know, but christmas is all about the crackers and this podcast is a one too.

    -production software would be better than a bj.

    thnx – merry end year!

  • mogo

    BIG LOVE to you and all the cogs that keep Hospital ticking.

    I’ll nab the Production software pwease!

    Why did the fighter pilot feel at home whilst visiting south central….?

    ….’cause he was used to the G’s!

    so bad its good.

    2008 has been sweet, gigs abso sicko.

    “cooler than the otherside of ya pillow!”


    Matt Aka(
    Just finished the podcast here in America and Loved it

    (singing) all I want for cristmas is those Rare and Unreleased Hospital Cds ;) Those Rare Cds ……

    What ever have a great Christmas.

  • deepak12k

    Dear Santa,
    Tony’s dubplates please.
    Love you.

  • Spoony J

    Rare and unreleased Hospital CD’s plz. Thank you very much. =D

    JR Lyles

  • Vcore

    I’d like to enter for the Production Software please.

    My attempt at producing an album using only Windows Sound Recorder and Volume Control didn’t turn out so hot.

    /Brandon I.

    PS: Thanks! Big Fan!

  • simpatico

    Ho ho ho!

    My name’s Patrick Chin!

    I <3 Dubplates!

    Have a great holiday guys!


  • simpatico

    Name’s Patrick Chin!

    I <3 Dubplates!

    Happy Holidays guys!!!

  • tr0n

    My name dear Coleman is Benny B,
    And i totally dig getting shit fo’ free,
    If the random selection chooses me,
    I’d like some rare and limited Compact D!

    Much Respect from Oz

    P.S. Just got a listen of your November Essential Mix. Dear god man that was epic!

  • dslawford


    Nice work playing printer jam ! have been waiting for that since you mentioned it on a podcast in the summer.

    keep up the podcast, maybe but out a mix cd/mp3 on i tunes liked the mix on radio 1

    put me in fo the Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8)

    thanks !!


  • dbr

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs for me!

    Thanks for the AWESOME essential mix wich got me subscribing to the podcast in the first place..


  • Ryansarll

    Hi Tony,

    Rare and unreleased Cds please.

    I went travelling earlier this year with my girlfriend. Occasionally when we got fed up with eachother and had no one else to talk to I used to listen to the five episodes of the Hopsital Podcast I had on my Ipod again and again just to hear a friendly and familar voice! God knows why but it used to sort me out!

    Cheers for the free psychiatry!
    Ryan Sarll

  • James Gray

    Hi Tony,

    Went back and listened to Hospitalcast 3.5 the other day and whilst doing so got an email from Matter hinting at residencies for Ram and Hospital!

    The line-up for the first Ram night is up, it’s v good but can’t wait for the first Hospitality!

    It’s getting colder so the Supreme Being Jacket would be awesome!

    Merry Xmas to one and ALL!


  • hospitalslave

    production software please Tony!

    just got my internet back on and backdated all the episodes from 69 onwards, all i can say is that they were amazing, i had never heard the high contrast remix of adele’s ‘hometown’ before and now i cant get it out of my head, constantly replaying it in the car with the subs blaring…LOVE IT. anyway, hope you, your family and the whole hospital crew have a much deserved break over the xmas period and i am looking forward to raving it up in the new year!

    happy holidays!!!!

  • Lina

    Holla Tony,

    loved your latest essential mix!
    keep up the good work n
    hopefully the hospitality will be back soon if not in heaven, then on earth!!

    listening to the podcast 75 and nearly goin crazy!! mad tunes on this1

    thanks for the soul food!

    also, id love some rare CDs ;D


  • jonlane

    Hi guys,

    Rare and unreleased Hospital CDs please.

    Listening since Podcast 43 – the essential mix was bloody epic. can’t wait for Hospital Mix 7 or Mistabishi’s album – printer jam was sick on the last podcast.

    Happy xmas!
    Jon Lane

  • mojothemonkey

    Hi Tony,

    Could you put me in for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs please.

    Thought the demo cast was the strongest one yet, can’t wait for the next one.

    Have a good xmas


  • Slowman

    Absolutely loving printer jam and the bop despot stuff coming out of the east, beautiful music. Dubplates please.

    Have a good one!


  • Si

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for what you and Hospital are doing!

    I’d like to register for those rare and unreleased CDs. I’d absolutely love to get that Japanese ‘Best of LE’ CD, cool stuff!

    Cheers and happy holidays!


  • unseen

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs, please.

    2008 was an amazing year – Syncopated City is gorgeous and the essential mix kicked ass!

    And I’m a Hospital podcast addict =o)

    Big up to Q Project and Mistabishi as well!

  • tone090

    From one tony to another!

    – Dubplates

    Keep up the good work at Hospital! loving that you’ve all been playing at Southampton recently! You Danny Byrd and High Contrast smashed it. Just Nu:tone and Logistics left to play in 09!

    Happy Xmas! HoHoHo

  • diagonalism24

    Hey Tony,

    amazing beats these last few weeks especially trisector and mistabishi, they really hit that undividing new angle in drum and bass. Thankyou so much for your wonderdul and engaging podcasts they totallly inspire and energise my way of thinking. I massively respect the demos you promote ,and the experimentation in production that comes with it. Thanks again cant wait to hear new things from hospital and also Med School, its totally moving into something special.

    Merry Xmas to you and all at Hospital!

    wouldnt mind Rare and unreleased Hospital CDs please. sounds awesome

  • frugo3000

    Supreme Being Jacket would be nice :D

    Hi there,

    I love your music and podcast. Whole Hospital records totally rocks. You are playing crazy tunes!

    It’s such sa shame you aren’t coming to Poland and I can’t buy your cd’s here :( Only way to hear you is internet.

    I hope that you will have nice xmas break.

    Merry christmas mate!


  • buckerf

    I Would Love The Rare Hospital CD’s

    You asked for something funny so ill go with a good joke ive heard

    2 sperm r swimming and one says to the other,
    “How long before we get to the womb?”
    the other replies
    “I dont know we’re still in the throat”


  • Nory

    Just like to say thanks for Future Sound of Cambridge 3 and Syncopated City, glorious pieces of plastic.

    Was gutted about hospitality at heaven. Would love the dubs to cheer me up.

    Merry Christmas to all at Hospital. See you on new years eve in Nottingham.


  • scottlitch

    I would like the Supreme Being Jacket please. The Hospital Podcast has been my favorite podcast for as long as I’ve been subscribed. I absolutely love your music and you do a fantactic job with the show. Thanks for keeping them coming so frequently. I’ve been a fan of Hospital Records for years and am so happy that you produce the podcast now. As a graphic designer, listening helps keeps me inspired through the day. All the best and love from Columbus, Ohio, USA!


  • SidRoberts

    I’d absolutely love the CDs. But I just want to say, Hospital Records is the shizz! By far my favourite dnb label!


  • ben tull


    Festive Greetings!

    Loved Hospital ever since Pull the Plug. Will you do another mix with MC Wrec? (I hope so). Danny’s had to be my top album of the year.

    Would like the rare and unreleased Hospital CDs.

    Onwards in 2009


  • alexsouthwick

    The Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs would be immense thanks! Particularly the Future Sounds Of Tokyo – lovin the work of T-Ak and co!

    Keep up the great work – cant wait for the 2009 releases!

    Alex S.

  • SaturdayMike

    For the raffle:
    Tony’s Dubplates

    Greetings from Chicago!!

    I listen to the podcast (and other Hospital mixes) while on the “el” riding to work. Nice, warm and soulful sounds on cold mornings… nothing better!

    thanks to all at Hospital.

    Happy New Year!!

  • mammelon

    Supreme Being Jacket!

    Great podcast! Great album! Great Work!
    Come play in Tallinn, Estonia.

    Happy holydays.

  • j03w

    alright Tony,

    what a year for you and the scene. Its cool to feel like a marginal scene is making waves in the mainstream, in no small part to you and your lot.

    keep up the good work, and showing that experience counts for alot, its not all about the kids.

    I hope you and the family have a good christmas.

    If I am lucky, I wouldnt mind the jacket.



  • samjs

    production software would be sweet!!

    keep up the good work



  • busby

    Hello Tony, good work on syncopated city, its a hectic album! looking forward to mistabishis album in the new year!

    I wouldn’t mind winning your dubplates, they’d be put to good use!


  • JLeta

    …sorry I submitted twice!

  • Thomas

    Tony’s dubs!!!!

    Would love to have one of those bombs in my bag………

    I’m also on another site bidding for that Iraqi reporters shoes….I cant decide which I want more…..
    Merry Christmas Hospital!

  • marcomartini

    Hi Tony,

    Your podcast is wonderful, I really liked the xmas one!

    As for the the prize, I wouldn’t mind getting the Production Software, please!!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Marco :-)

  • JLeta

    Hey Tony,

    I just got layed-off from my job and need a way to show my wife I can still earn the bacon.

    So I am proposing that if I win the box o’ dubplates I’ll rock a set on my decks down in front of the subway entrance here in washington,DC. LOOK OUT PAN-FLUTE GUY!!

    Even though I could tap dance for pennies real nice I think this would be a much cooler alternative & help me prolong my job search longer so I can spin dnb.

    Merry X-mas & A Happy Brand New 2009 to you,


  • p0ld1

    aye, greetings from cologne, germany.
    i always listen to your podcast while working out, keep up the good work!

    as for the raffle, production software would be great :>

  • tcauduro

    Greetings from Kitchener, Canada!! Much love from Canada to the Hospital gang!

    Your tunes always brighten my day and the podcast always gives me something to look forward to. Thank you!

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs are on my Christmas raffle wish list :D

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Hospital!

  • ethers4487

    Merry christmas to all at hospital loving the new podcast loving all of them in fact! I would like to be entered for the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs


  • gwitbrock

    ahoy hoy

    just wanna start by saying i was blown away by the last set of demos. that sun chase tune sounded like commix havin a baby with rjd2. and that convertion tune like a nitin sawhney, badman, mistabishi threesome (sorry about the mental images). im excited about the new breed sounds like brains are being used and boundaries being pushed.

    also come visit us more in leeds we’ll be happy to accommodate. we 100 odd thousand in leeds get a hospital night (or room) once in a blue moon but nottingham gets you for new year? ah well u got me i’ll still be there.

    its grim up north so i’ll take the jacket if its going.

    cheers, George

  • georgegavin


    heres my impression of an extractor fan…

    I used to love tractors, me

    Oh you said something FUNNY. sorry. i’d do disgusting things for those dubs…

    a pleasant christmas to you and see you at detonate.

  • Tenbensons

    Merry crimbo to all those at hospital.

    Thanks for all the top tunes over the last 12 years and for the quality podcasts that give me the motivation to produce my own stuff.

    Tonys Dubplates for me please.


  • dangowerd12

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    Hospitality in Hereford!
    there a pretty funny joke!

  • Kennard

    Tony’s Dubplates for christmas please santa.

    Will Kennard.

  • Remedy

    Merry Chrimbo!

    Please can you put me in for the Dubplates.

    Why couldn’t the monkey find his slippers?

    Cos tha junglist massive!!

    Nuff spec!

  • jtewright

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs please!


  • FusionThreshold

    Rare CDs would definitely make my xmas merry!

    Keep up the good work! :D

  • Laurie

    Cheers for the shout out on the podcast, It would make my Christmas even better if I had the chance of winning that production software.

    Now for the joke…

    Q) What did the egg say to the boiling water?

    A) I might take a while to get hard, I only just got laid

    Cheers, Laurie

  • miles92

    The Production Software for me please Tony :)
    And as for the something funny, or more imbarrissing should i say is as i was on the train this morning listening to that democast i said “awhhh tunee” really loud in a quite carriage, oops :)

    Much Love

    – Miles

  • dougal

    Merry xmas to all,

    In a real xmas spirit today, helped an old lady who dropped her walking stick and gave some money to the same foriegn accordian playing busker who I pass each day playing away, swaying around with a constant massive smile across his face! Just bout to head out for the day they call ‘Black eyed Friday’ here up north!

    Good Times, espicialy if i get the dub plates!

    Rock On Tony


  • Toby eastbury

    rare cd’s would be awesome please tony

    here joke and its hospital related haha

    The orthopedic surgeon I work for was moving to a new office and
    his staff was helping transport many of the items.

    I sat the display skeleton in the front of my car, his bony arm
    across the back of my seat. I hadn’t considered the drive
    across town. At one traffic light, the stares of the people in
    the car beside me became obvious, and I looked across and
    explained, I’m delivering him to my doctors office.

    The other driver leaned out of his window. I hate to tell you,
    lady he said but I think it’s too late!

  • Dedom

    Alright, merry Christmas Tony, here’s a joke for you.

    Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?……Because they taste funny.

    put me in for the dubplates please. I even swear on my dogs life i wont upload them to any dodgy website. cheers

  • Sleaty

    Hey Tony could you put me in for the CD’s please, cheers.

    Joke: Why did the penguin cross the road?

    Answer: It was the chicken’s day off. (Plus its Christmas)

    Merry Xmas to all the Hospital crew! Have a good one.

  • Surfyournut

    Dear Father Christmas,

    Please may I have the sparkly Production Software package from the Hospital Records Podcast.

    It would mean the world to me, and would allow me to churn out fatter and more banging tunes than I can with my keyboard and tape recorder.

    Also it would make my brother really jealous, because he wants to be a big Dj, but he only makes trance and house music, which doesn’t sound very good.

    Thank you very much. Please give Rudolph and the others a pat from me, and enjoy the minced pie and sherry by our fire place. I said we should leave you a whole bottle but mummy said you might not finish your rounds if we did.

    Adam Ritchie
    Aged 23

  • yea1980

    Merry Christmas to all at Hospital and Tony

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all the great releases this year. Logistics being my favourite with some beautiful Amen Bashment!

    Loving Syncopated City a favourite on the ipod…

    Software please

    And here a little Christmas warmer

    What’s the difference between snow men and real men? Snow balls.


  • DJ Alpha

    If Santa Colman brings me Dubplates to add to my already Hospitalised vinyl collection, you can stay on my couch when you come to New Zealand, and I wont even make u do dishes… (been hearing rumours of London Elektricity ripping NZ to pieces in 2009???!!!)

    Anyway a fun (or not so fun) fact for you: approximately 65 percent of kids have imaginary companions, but about 30 percent of these so called “companions” are actually the childs enemy…

    -By the way, on your podcast you should drop Attack Ships on Fire into The Trip by Logistics, such a sick mix after the second bridge in The Trip.

    “Strictly Vinyl”

    STEFAN KING – Reppin the NZ Massive

  • Joppers

    Hi Tony & everyone at Hospital!

    I’d love to go for the:

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs

    Thanks & Happy Christmas!

    Steve Jopling

  • BigMackUS

    Hello & Merry Christmas to Tony & the crew! Love the podcasts. Printer Jam is twisted. Look forward to Hospital in 2009!

    I would like to enter for the Production Software please & thank you! Here’s a joke I’d like to share…

    Three women: one engaged, one married, and a mistress are chatting about their relationships and decided to amaze their men. That night all three will wear black leather bras, stiletto heels and a mask over their eyes.

    After a few days they meet up for lunch. The engaged woman: The other night when my boyfriend came over he found me with a black leather bodice, tall stilettos and a mask. He saw me and said, “You are the woman of my life. I love you.” Then we made love all night long.

    The mistress: Me too! The other night I met my lover at his office and I was wearing the leather bodice, heels, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat he didn’t say a word, but we had wild sex all night.

    The married woman: I sent the kids to stay at my mother’s house for the night. When my husband came home I was wearing the leather bodice, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over my eyes. As soon as he came in the door and saw me he said, “What’s for dinner, Batman?”

    Dan Mackey

  • Junglenist

    Merry Christmas to you Tony and all Hospital crew

    next good idea in hospital history to do this competition:)

    Tony’s Dubplates please.

    Thanks very, cheers

    Zdenda Havlik

  • leybht

    loving the past couple of podcasts big tone, and bang up for notts new years. don’t think you’ve given an excuse for your absense as of yet??

    can u put me down for the dub plates, scout’s promise they won’t get uploaded!

    henry t

  • Badja

    Tony’s dublates please!
    Rather than a joke here’s an indespensible fact for you which can be used down the pub to astound friends or maybe win favour with a small child (you may have to ask him to leave the pub afterwards though for being underage):

    Hadaway has a PHD!!

    Big up ya chimmney breast all at Hospital!!!

    ps. hows the studio spider? Havent heard from him in a while and getting worried for the poor chap.

  • slurrya

    Merry Christmas to everybody at Hospital!

    Thanks for another amazing year of blazing tunes.

    Enter me for Tony’s dubplates please. I promise not to upload the tunes but just in case you don’t believe me I promise that if I do (I won’t) and you find out I will eat my entire record collection including sleeves :)

    Have a good break.

  • Jackson6

    A record label owner, Tony Tone
    Could not stop playing the gramophone
    His need was primal
    To DJ with vinyl
    With Drum and Bass he was not alone!

    I will have the CDs please!

    From Hospital’s biggest fan in the Czech Republic.


  • ace907

    Hello Tony and crew,

    being a long time subscriber to your podcast, i am checking my itunes weekly in the hope to catch on the latest cast. I listen to it on my way to work and it’s the only thing to get me through the horrid traffic jams alive and still smiling.

    It’s a shame that you don’t do live acts as LE any more, i am often thinking back to when you rocked the watergate in berlin and long for a sequel.

    And even if you think it sucks, I’m in for the rare and unreleased Hospital CDs – i’m not into dj-ing and thus don’t own a deck, but see it as a gesture to sweep the market off CDs so that the vinyl share may rise (or as a disarming maneuver of the war on vinyl fraction) :o)

    Keep on rockin as you always do and did, I look forward to every track you dig up and place on the cast – it’s so inspiring to hear and feel the worldwide dnb movement and to hear what other guys come up with, my fingers start itching again to do some stuff on my own, if only my baby daughter would sleep through finally, so that i can sit in front of my live software with some headphones and play.

    A merry christmas to everybody here, have a tremendous start into 2009 and keep it up – i would like to listen and dance with my girl to podcast no. 500!

    greetz, ace907

  • gwizzjnr

    merry xmas to all the hospital team!
    i would like to ask santa tony for the production software, and swear iv been good enough this year to recieve them!!

    got a joke…
    whats the best thing about being a meth addict?

    theres only ever one sleep til christmas!!

    thanks Gareth

  • richorama

    Production software please!

    What is red and white and live up a tree?

    A sanitary owl.

  • Rich Holman

    Happy Christmas,

    Thanks so much for the podcast keeping me sane on the train journey from Bedford to Haywards Heath every Friday and back on Sunday. Especially this Friday as I had the pleasure of three podcasts and had to take a castle back on the train, long story.

    Should the opportunity arise I would love some Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs.

    Best festive wished to everyone at Hospital, I look forward to mix 7 and all of 2009, BRING IT ON! Rich

  • almans

    Hello Hello any prizes would be cool but the dubplates are the best for sure i have made a track which i am trying to send through to hospitaldubs on aim but i am having no success getting my email through it just says that the account i am trying to send to is not logged in? anyway i called the track l.f.o’s for london but i was going to call it oi! its london! following his conversation with danny bird about pilled up mongos accosting him in club toilets which made me laugh! anyway hope this gets read and hopefully i can get my track through to hospitaldubs its the first track i have made on fruity loops and i believe its totally original so please dont laugh if you ever get to hear it! happy xmas cool dudes!d_b an art!

  • shareaholic

    Name: shareaholic

    Selection of one of these four prizes: Supreme Being Jacket

    Happy holidays season!

  • The Benj

    Not so good with the jokes. So I’ll give my best Hospital related memory this year…

    Driving back from the Boosh Festival. My (non-junglist) friends were asleep in the car. So I took my chance n put on Radio1 DnB show and was kept entertained by Fab and Tone while I made my way up the M1 back to Birmingham.

    – Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs please.
    Wow… seems like everyone wants these. I’d have liked the jacket but it would look like a tent on me being an ickle chap n all that.

    Merry Christmas n Happy Nu Year to all


  • tralfaz

    Tony’s Dubplates Yo!

    I am from middle america and there is nowhere remotely close to cut dubplates. A cheeky fact woould be that all of my crew at Cymbalism tell me I should be the american spokes person for Hospital cuz I drop at least three plates with the unmistakable “H” on it every time I play.

    Happy Christmas All!!!


  • alexpeters


    Thanks for the great podcast, i am working abroad all the time and it is great to be able to keep up with the UK D+B scene.

    Cant wait for the Mistabishi album next year!!

    Would love the production software please.

    Happy Holidays


  • safin39

    Hello, hello, would like to enter for the Supreme Being jacket!

    I think anyone who really follows the hospital scene can at least appreciate this one… bit random

    I was at my first Spoonfed about a month ago in Cambridge with my housemate and his brother (a dubstep mc who somehow knows Logistics and Commix through the Cambridge scene)… We’re knocking back a few drinks in the bar next to Fez and having a chat with the guys from Commix.. when someone brings up Bear Music… my friend was asking Commix ‘What are you guys saying on the track?’ (we had been telling him all day that he was wrong thinking it was ‘bass’)… one of Commix just sorta looks at him and goes ‘…’s bear music…’as if he couldn’t believe he was just asked that haha… now whenever we drop Future Sound 4, or whenever says something that should just be allowed, we shout in the sound of Bear Music ‘bass!’

  • Milo

    Dear Tony!

    You have just won 100.000.000 Zimbabwe dollars! To get this treasure you only need to send me these Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs ;]

    Merry Christmas to all you at Hospital!


  • Sandkat

    Dear Tony Claus,

    All I want for Christmas is the Hospital Rare and Unreleased CDs. I’ve been a good girl this year!!


  • Skepsis

    Dubplates please! We do not have many of these in America, they are a rare commodity. Massive respect and praise for the podcast!


  • Dj_Xander

    Name. David aka Xander

    Hoping to get hold of Tony’s Dubplates.

    Just started Djing for a producer who controls the underage scene in this city (not old enough to play out to the 18+ crew)
    so i’m working hard to get the younger crew of Perth Hooked & locked to all things Hospital both as a dj & in the record store i work @ pushing out everything hospital in stock & playing the podcast over the sound system.

    & i love that tune by muffler.

    i Also swear not to upload the tunes to a russian website if on the off chance i win.

    Stop the War on Vinyl :)

    mass respect to the hospital Crew.

  • AgentBlue

    What do you call a man with no shins?

    Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs for me please!

    Keep up the good work London…



  • serpanterra

    I am for the Supreme Being Jacket (size = mens L) Mr. Colllllmaaaaan!

    Name: Matt aka Serpanterra!

    Happy new year, shame you’re not playing in London NYE but I’ll be seeing you in Fabric soon after!

  • wolfhood

    Shootin’ some mad love from Melbourne your way Hospital HQ! I would do some incriminating things to get my hands on a copy of Ozone and Sonar 8, hopefully things will go my way :)

    Here’s to another year of fantastic progressive music!

    Gareth Lewis

  • Peanut

    To all the Hospital Crew.

    Would be awesome to win the production software. So as to allow me to annoy the neighbours even more than I already do.

    Wishing you a massive merry christmas, keep doing what you do! Can`t wait for Fabric.

    Peanut ;-)

  • cloak

    nice one for awesome podcasts…

    would love some rare unreleased cd buisness…

    merry xmas to everyone at hospital…


  • pocketshepherd

    Oi Oi Hospital people,

    I would muchly like to win the production software!

    Something funny, lets see. I once kicked a peacock off a roof. True story. Not proud.

    Much love,
    Ben Powles

  • spitfire355

    Hey I’m Joe S and I love the podcast, been listening from no. 40 onwards and its pretty much introduced me into a genre i now love. I have bought almost every hospital album since then and has pretty much seen me through school and college.

    In the raffle, I would like the rare and unreleased CDs

    You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work and I look forward to many more podcasts to come


  • alister

    I’d love to be in with a shot of winning the supreme being jacket :)
    I was going to buy one, but i didn’t have the money at the time :( ah well.
    By the way, just want to say, im in love with hospital records, im just a huge drum and bass head now lol, good times.


  • vanalec

    Hi there Mr. Coleman and the rest of the gang!
    I must say I am in love with “Just one second” and “The Great Drumnbass swindle” and your podcast and your ESMix and Hospitality and most of what mighty Hospital records puts out!
    It is appreciation and respect comment as much as it is raffle entry for Tony’s Dubplates, would be best NY present and I would keep it for myself, I promise on my grandmothers grave!

    A man goes to hospital
    A man went to hospital with a steering wheel down his pants. The doctor: whats that doing down there. The man said “I don’t know but its driving me nuts”.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I wish you succesful 2009 at new residency – see you there most definately!


  • Kenkaze

    I’d like the rare CDs


  • dtown

    Production software if you please. One day history books will tell your story and how you, Tony Coleman, did more than any man save Jesus Christ to promote and spread the infectious virus that is Drum and Bass music.
    Sincerely yours,

  • kruszczyk

    Hi there

    I subscribed to podcast some 30-40 episodes ago and i admit it is the best podcast around, good job guys. I DJ and make drum’n’bass along with some breaks and dubsteps, and because I love making music the Production Software Pack is what I’d like to win in the raffle.

    Stay united by the music,
    Bart from Gdynia, Poland

  • munt_one

    Hi Tony,

    Would love to win the production software!


  • chris.shortt

    Mr. Elektrcitiy,

    First, just have to say that it is like Christmas every week or so listening to your podcast, keep up the fine work good Sir.

    As far as prizes go, my wife thinks it would have to be the dubplates, as she reckons I spend too much in records so you should give me some free ones.

    I swear on all living creatures, and even the dead ones, that I will not upload them, or even let another living person touch them.

    And to finish for something ‘funny’ a classic from a Christmas cracker of many years ago when I was a kid:
    “What are hippies good for? Holding your leggies on”

    Merry Christmas to you and the Hospital crew and to all a good night.

  • chris.shortt

    Sorry I spelt your name wrong in my last post… :)

  • Dude26

    Hi there Tony.

    If I would win that raffle, I’d love to win the Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs, if possible.

    I wish you a relaxing Christmas holiday and a happy new year from Switzerland (are you going to stop by in Switzerland sometimes?)

    Keep up the good work!

    Marco Pulfer

  • djdubkid

    Alright Tony keep up the good work with the Podcast wouldn’t be able to get through work with out it ha.

    I would really like to win Tony’s Dubplates

    I swear I will not record them and upload them on to the internet for others to have, and i promise i will look after them and put them to very good use.

    Cheers Tony and all the Hospital Records Crew.Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    Chris Jones


    Hey man,

    love the tunes you’ve been putting out, my first 12″ was the john forty stuff you did years ago – been buying your stuff ever since. I would like the software so I can make music and if good enough send in a demo to play on the podcasts? Keep up the good work, we all need good music to listen to…

    Take it easy


  • Rory Jz Waite

    Yes Tony,

    Christmas is upon us; hope you and the rest of hospital have an merry xmas and a
    heavvvy new year. Keep it up, see you in Bristol sammmm time.

    Tony’s dubplates would be sick chars.

    merry xmas and happy new year.


    Rory Jz

  • Rufio DJ

    Production Software sounds the shit and I’ve been aching to get into it, but the bloody credit crunch has hit really hard over here in Dubai.

  • Rufio DJ

    Sorry How rude of me not to say Merry xmas in my first post.

    Much love to you Toni, see you NYE

  • Vet-al

    I’d like Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs!

    I’v subscribed Hospital Podcast from #40. Listening it everytime, each episode several times! OMG im Hospital Podcast Addict O_o

  • myst

    Duplates Please, unless the software is Mac compatable…which i dont think it is.


    Infamous quote by girl at my work.
    What is the postcode for the M25? !!

  • westham121

    alright Tony

    I would love to win the software I have been looking to get some for ages!!!!

    Cheers Sean


    Yo, Merry Crimbo going out to whole of the Hospital Crew!

    A friend kindly gave me some decks a few months ago and I managed to purchase some needles and a mixer….then the ‘Credit Crunch’ hit me hard so was unable to afford any vinyl!

    Therefore the ideal present for me to win would be the quality selection of DUBPLATES that are on offer!

    Something funny…..

    What’s brown and sticky?…

    A Stick.

    All the best

    Scal Mangle
    (London UK)

  • Yennie

    Evening Tony Loving the podcast keep them up, does anyone know where i can find the older recordings Only have up to 59

    Would also

    Like to win

    Supreme Being Jacket (size = mens L)

    Thank you merry xmas!

  • ferocious_element

    alright mr colman

    happy xmas to the lot of you!

    was gonna ask for the software untill i heard you say that one of the plates was EL PRESIDENTE VIP!

    if i could have one present for xmas it would be that or a night out with riley also sounds pretty good!

    while i’m here…..

    What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
    Frostbite! boom boom!

    happy xmas and new yizzle!

  • souljah


    please please please i would love those dubs just to touch something so precious. never would i ever give them to the russians, i promise, no matter how hard they may try with their silly looking language. i have far too much love for the scene to ever upload them to anywhere. hope ive proved my worthyness.

    cheers big ears :D


  • acidfluxxbass

    the last 15 minutes of this was simply fantastic. What a way to end a year. With something as powerful as shockout, and something as epic as South Eastern Dream!

    The Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs look so sweet! I’d love to get my hands on these! My names Olly Clapp.

    Happy Xmas and a happy new year!

  • Phaze

    ‘Ello London!
    Was wondering how you’re able to split your podcast into chapters

  • Skanaz

    Merry xmas!
    Tony baby, slip those dubplates under the tree, for me!
    hopefully getting some decks for crimble, so would love something decent to play on them!

    something funny, hhmmm
    okay here’s something a mate of mine said in a quiz to the question “what’s the UK’s biggest port?”:


    much love xx

  • tomisdancing

    Easy Hospital!

    All I want for Christmas are those rare Hospital CDs, f**k the two front teeth, I can live without ‘em.

    Been loving the new releases on the label, especially Landslide’s latests efforts, keep up the good work boyos!!

    Merry Crimbo y’all… PEACE!!!

  • inorganik

    Hi Tony,
    I have been listening since the first podcast, and I own Hospital media in every form; vinyl, mp3 and cd. You run a world class label. Thank you! I only wish I could buy Hospital T-shirts in America.

    I would love those dubplates!


  • Miss Jones

    Dear London,

    Please, please, please consider me for the dubplates. Not only do I love Hospital but I adore vinyl and have never even touched a digital deck. Despite the credit crunch I’m staying true to the black stuff and can think of no other Christmas prezzie that would delight me as much.

    As for being funny, the other day somebody told me there was nothing good going on in Nottingham for NYE… what a joker!

    Will finish with a quick ‘thank you’ for Med School and also for hours of absolutely awesome tunes on the podcast, that often cause me to burst into a little dance in public with the iPod on – excellent!

  • angryboy

    Tony, how do?
    I’ve always been into a bit of drum and bass, but for my 18th birthday my brother bought me the hospitals 10 years of drum and bass and I fell in love with the completely new sounds i was hearing from the likes of yourself, high contrast, cyantific and danny byrd! anyways, heard the offer of free drum and bass was out and i thought id drop a line and say the cds would go down a storm!
    cheers again mate, keep the awesome podcast going!
    lorra love, angryboy, kingston/portsmouth

  • angryboy

    shoot just realised your looking for something funny… erm…
    dyslexic man walks into a bra?

  • saltbread

    Hey can I get the production prize (isotope ozone)

    My funny/ interesting/ extremely informative fact, for the tie breaker, is that if you shaved a lion and a tiger, you would be able to tell the difference between them because the tiger’s skin is actually striped. No joke. You can’t write that stuff…

    Rob saltbread

  • SoCalDNB

    whats up?

    first off, i LOVE your podcast.
    now to the point.

    My name is Kevin, and ive been trying to get the drum and bass scene goin in southern california. I love meeting people that listen to it because you already have that instant conection with something that is rare down here. Recently, around my town the subs have been blasting less rap, and im noticing more fat dnb bass lines!!!

    Well, I would like to recieve the dubplates, because i just got some tables, but its impossible to find good dnb records down here. my funny thing.

    what do you do with 365 used condoms?
    Melt them down, turn them into tire and call it a goodyear.

    thanks for your time,


    Edit: and i just noticed my name perfectly visible on santa’s list^^^… coincidence? i think not!

  • blitz74

    I would like to enter for the Dubplates please.

    my names Mike kellett. I stumbled across the hospital records podcast a few moons ago, having not herd a great deal of drum and bass, i was a massive house and electro fan However Ive listened to the hospital Podcast since Podcast number 45 with matrix. The first track blew me away. i waited for the next Podcast knowing it would be better then the Previous. The Podcast 55 with Mistabishi really got my blood into hospital drum and bass.

    Drum and bass music is my life. Id be nowhere without it and the hospital records Podcasts are the reason my love for it is so strong. I was at the leeds hospitality night at victoria works seeing Logistics, High Contrast, Cyantific and the mightly London Elektricity and loved it, my first ever drum and bass night.

    For xmas im getting some decks so it would be mint to get the dubplates for me to play :D

    My wierd and quirky fact… although i love drum and bass, i believe one of the best tunes ever played on the hospital podcasts was Mistabishi’s-a view from nowhere such a mint tune, i use to play it in my car through my sub and turn the bass right up, it was such deep bass it blew my mind.

    merry xmas everyone

  • GrafZhL

    Hey Tony, hi everyone else :)

    I’m a rather new listener of the Hospital Podcast (since episode 62 or so) but I really really enjoy it already! It’s always funny, informative and full of new, pure and ground breaking Drum and Bass.

    I did some DnB and Liquid Funk tracks myself (in the style of LE, Contour, …) using a software for newbies like me; the arranging was okay (simple sample drag&draw mostly), but mastering and mixing wasn’t, unfortunately :/ That’s why I’d like to participate in the raffle for the professional software, so that my tunes will finally sound like real music! Being a musician (well, a drummer at least) since several years, it was always a pain in the … to have the right ideas but not the possibilities to let the outcomes fully satisfy me. That’s why I hope I’ll receive the nicest of all christmas presents, a professional producing software :)

    I wish you all a merry Christmas and, of course, a happy new year, hopefully one with a lot of great Drum and Bass!

    Greetings from Germany,
    Steffen R.

  • raziel

    Iv been a listener from Detroit since podcast 47 and i only just now recently registered. if i may id like the rare cds. that would completely make my Christmas.

    now for something funny.
    my mom works at the local health department and she dose aids counseling and testing and well she gets thousands of free condom protection packets to give out to people.
    so this year i was low on cash and my girlfriend and i decided to give all our friends left over packets for the holidays as presents. what better gift than that of safe and clean genitalia?

    well happy holidays cant wait for the next cast.

    -Ramon ramirez

  • tulish

    hi Tony, last podcast was absolutely awesome, glad to be subscriber mate! ,,those unreleased hospital cds look pretty cool so thats what im lookin for :)

    something funny right? heh, this makes me always rofl:

    Dude: “My problem is that I keep stealing things when I go Christmas shopping. Can you give me something for it?”

    Doctor: “Yes, try this medicine… and if it doesn’t work, come back and bring me a new video camera.”

    happy xmas and all the best in upcomin ’09 !!!


  • olcoge

    hi Tony,
    I’ve only been a big d&B fan for a year or so but since then I’ve listened avidly to your pod casts. I directed my friends towards the pod casts and they love them too. I would love to have some of the music software because not only do I love to listen to music but I would to make it too.
    now for my odd fact. I find that listening to Nu:Tone Balaclava (absolute tune)psyches me up and that I play rugby like a demon after listening to it.
    I’m looking forward to the next pod cast!

  • Gethin


    Thanks so much for Hospital Records. Your Podcasts and Tracks have got me through a Half Marathon, Tough Guy ( and Triathlons throught he last year. Without your beats I’d never have kept running/riding…

    I’d love to win the Production Software – I’ve started making tunes for the first time since I was about 18 down to today’s dnb inspiring me again.

    Oh yeah, something funny:

    Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates.

    ‘In honor of this holy season’ Saint Peter said, ‘You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven.’

    The first man fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a lighter. He flicked it on. ‘It represents a candle’, he said.

    ‘You may pass through the pearly gates’ Saint Peter said.

    The second man reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He shook them and said, ‘They’re bells.’

    Saint Peter said ‘You may pass through the pearly gates’.

    The third man started searching desperately through his pockets and finally pulled out a pair of woman’s panties.

    St. Peter looked at the man with a raised eyebrow and asked, ‘And just what do those symbolize?’

    The man replied, ‘These are Carols.’

    Merry Christmas!


  • fred_e_b

    Would love to be in for a chance of the dub-plates please.

    A very merry christmas to everyone at Hospital HQ, keep u the good work in 2009 and beyond!


  • drewos

    I’d like to enter the Hospital raffle please and have a crack at winning the Supreme Being Jacket.


    Did you hear about the man with 5 willies?

    His underpants fit like a glove…..!

    :) Love what you’re all doing, keep up the good work

    Andrew Allan / drewos

  • drewos

    One more thing, gutted you got ill before Chibuku in November Tony. Logistics, Lincoln and Fabio were awesome as i’m sure you’re aware. Couldn’t make the Magnet last week unfortunately so Liverpool next year, see you there… drewos

  • JoeWilletts

    give me the rare cd’s
    heres a joke – your momma so dumb she sits on the tv and watches the sofa. :)
    merry xmas
    Tony, get someone northern on the podcast it would be hilarious
    much love

  • open deck night

    Hi Tony,

    Please enter me into the draw for the dubplates prize.

    Dave Taylor

    Something funny…

    A man takes the day off work and decides to go out golfing. He is on the second hole when he notices a frog sitting next to the green. He thinks nothing of it and is about to shoot when he hears, “Ribbit. 9 iron.” The man looks around and doesn’t see snyone so he tries again. “Ribbit. 9 iron.” He looks at the frog and decides to prove the frog wrong, puts his other club away, and grabs a 9 iron. Boom! He hits a birdie. He is shocked. He says to the frog, “Wow, that’s amazing. You must be a luck frog, eh?” The frog reply’s “Ribbit. Lucky frog. Lucky frog.”

    The man decides to take the frog with him to the next hole. “What do you think, frog?”, the man asks. “Ribbit. wood.” was the reply. The guy takes out a wood and – Boom! – a hole in one. The man is befuddled and doesn’t know what to say. By the end of the day, the man golfed the best game of golf in his life and asks the frog, “OK…where to next?” The frog replies, “Ribbit Las vegas”.

    They go to Las Vegas and the guy says, “OK frog, now what?” The frog says “Ribbit roulette.” Upon approaching the table the man asks. “What do you think I should bet?” The frog replies, “Ribbit $3000 black 6.” Now, this is a million to one shot that this would win but after the golf game. the man figures what the heck. Boom! Tons of cash come sliding back across the table. The man takes his winnings and buys the best room in the hotel. He sits the frog down and says, “Frog, I don’t know how to repay you. You win me all this money and I am forever greatful.” The frog replies, “Ribbit Kiss me.” The man figures why not, since after all the frog did for him he deserves it. All of a sudden the frog turns into the most gorgeous 16 year old girl in the world.

    “And that, your honour, is how the girl ended up in my room”.

  • popdog123


    My name is Mihai Costea. (Mike) :D
    I’d love those dubplates for Christmas.

    And a little joke i heard recently:

    “-What do you call a gay dinosaur?

    Hehe I feel like writing to Santa for Christmas

    Happy Holidays and best wishes!

  • Sol

    Merry Christmas Tony! I have to say, I love the podcast. It’s about all I have been listening to for the past couple months.

    Enter me into the rare C.D.s raffle.

    here’s something funny: did you know that in the Canary Islands, there are no canaries. And in the Virgin Islands… there are no canaries either.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Integr8r

    Hey! Dave from Vancouver, Canada here. Been listening to the podcast since ’06 and it only keeps gettin’ better. Loved the one with Quiff a few weeks back. Have to agree with Tony, that was some of the nicest new music I’ve heard in a while.

    Please put me down for the dubs from Tony’s bag!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Enjoy the holidays!

  • mccaskie

    Hi Tony

    I’d like to be entered for the rare cds raffle.

    I can’t think of anything funny, i’m way too tired and annoyed that i’m working today.

    Keep up the good work though, i love your tunes and podcast.

    Cheers and merry xmas

    Paul McCaskie

  • dj_B rilla

    Wicked year end show, Balaclava seems to be getting even better everytime I hear it, big up and Happy Holidays to the whole Hospital crew, looking forward to a massive 2009!!!

    Enter me for “Tony’s Dubplates” Please.

    Brad Hanley aka B-rilla

  • mr_blonde1971

    Podcast 75 and still going strong,

    please enter me for the Rare CD’s,


  • brighter.than.sun

    ahhh … Tony!
    Finally, i’m listening to your X-Mass podcast. Had no time at all: been having birthday party and lots of other parties throughout this month … finally have a chance to listen to podcast and read those 300+ comments on it )))
    anyways … I wish you Merry Christmas, Happy New Year: may you be having infinite inspiraton for that art that you are presenting us – ur music. I wish you to have prosperous and generous 2009 year. May your projects have bright future. Wish you and your family and whole Hospital team strong health and God’s Blessing. You have been giving me tremendous 10 monthes of “Life with Hospital” … and Gig In Kiev was A GIG OF MY LIFE!
    You … you are the real Santa – thnk you for your presents, Tony!
    Cheers, Andrew (brighter.than.sun) (Lviv, Ukraine).

  • brighter.than.sun

    Almost forgot. Tony, it’s Andrew and enter me for Tony’s Dubplates Raffle )))

  • dcroscoe

    Tony, just got round to listen to your christmas podcast truly wicked and loving your album, see you at fabric on the 9th (rest in peace heaven.)

    Been playing your album and future sound of cambridge 3 loudly and proudly at my uni halls in portsmouth with greats things to say from everyone, and creating a few sounds of my own. Hope too see an appearance on south coast sometime soon.

    Peace out and Merry Christmas to you

    Enter me for the production software please.
    Many Thanks

  • mr6817

    Another quality podcast from hospital, and still lovin the new LE album. Cheers Tony

    Please enter me for the production software.

    Something funny: check out the vocals in ‘outnumbered’!!

    Lookin forward to the next one..


  • vinyl_vengeance

    Tony, love the podcast. Its the highlight of my week when it comes out. Great to hear some of the new sounds that Hospital and other labels are putting out.
    My name is Nate Samora from Denver, Colorado, and my DJ name, Vinyl Vengeance. And like you I will never give up my vinyl…

    Please enter me in the drawing for your dubs.

    Have a great holiday!

  • Buffalo L

    Merry Christmas Tony and all the Hospitables!

    A bump here for the production software, or if you don’t want to give me that, anything at all will suffice… Heck, sign some pocket lint and I’ll be chuffed.

    Cheers for all the hard work you put into your podcasts. And cheers for all the wicked tunes. Fling me some production software and I’ll return the favour :)


  • alphajuliet

    Hi Tony, top work on the podcasts. They’re my staple on the iPod when walking the dogs on the weekend. It’s always great to hear some new quality d&b, and the demos are always brilliant, so there’s no shortage of good tunes coming down the pipe.

    I do make music in my spare time, but put me down for the Hospital CDs, because I’ve got enough production software already.


  • mrsharps

    Loved the podcast. Please enter me into the raffle for Rare and Unreleased Hospital CDs.

    Something funny? Ok, a blatantly stolen joke off the web.

    The CIA had an opening for an assassin. After all of the background checks, interviews, and testing were done there were three finalists…
    Two men and a woman.
    For the final test, the CIA agents took one of the men to a large metal door and handed him a gun.
    “We must know that you will follow your instructions, no matter what the circumstances.
    In side of this room, you will find your wife sitting in a chair. Kill Her!!!”
    The man said, “You can’t be serious. I could never shoot my wife.”
    The agent said, “Then you’re not the right man for this job.”
    The second man was given the same instructions. He took the gun and went into the room. All was quiet for about five minutes. Then the man came out
    with tears in his eyes.” I tried, but I can’t kill my wife.”
    The agent said, “You don’t have what it takes. Take your wife and go home.”
    Finally, it was the woman’s turn. She was given the same instructions to kill her husband.
    She took the gun and went into the room. Shots were heard, one shot after another. They heard screaming, crashing, banging on the walls.
    After a few minutes, all was quiet. The door opened slowly and there stood the woman.
    She wiped the sweat from her brow, and said, “This gun is loaded with blanks. I had to beat him to death with the chair.”

  • xanadu

    Hello tony, merry xmas to all at hospital and the chairman himself. Just managed to get a copy of the cambridge four cd and lovin ghost snare,very delicate.

    Can you put me down for the dubplates please.

    Scott Probert.

    Oh and printer jam is wicked, cant wait for the album.

  • lxs

    hello from canada!!!

  • tomeparker

    Love the podcast,love D&B, merry christmas/happy new year to all involved!
    Could i be entered for Tony’s Dubplates plz

    Something funny:
    What’s the difference between a dead baby and a trampoline?
    When you jump on a trampoline, you take your boots off.
    (just a joke nothing more)

  • kezla

    Hi and a very happy new year to all the Hopsital staff and artists, i’m wondering what (if any) your new years resolutions are? Perhaps let us know in the next podcast.

    This one was one of the best casts I have heard, and I’ve been a subscriber for a while, what a great year it has been for DnB.

    Can i enter the raffle for Tony’s Dubplates please

    Heres a naff new years joke for you all…

    A young man at a New Year’s party turns to his friend and asks for a cigarette.

    ‘I thought you made a New Year’s resolution to quit
    smoking,’ his friend says.

    ‘I’m in the process of quitting,’ the man says. ‘Right now, I am in the middle of phase one.’

    ‘What’s phase one?’

    ‘I’ve quit buying.’

    Here’s to an amazing 2009!

    Kez :)

  • samuel


    Could you enter me for the production software please?

    Thank you very much.

    Keep up the good work!

  • hegerton

    Supreme Being Christmas Jacket pleeeease

    Possible Tie Breaker Type Situation Amusement

    5 Ways To Spot A Raver

    1. Ravers can DANCE.
    2. Ravers always choose “e” on multiple choice questions.
    3. Ravers are good at playing “guess what he’s on”.
    4. Ravers are happy when there’s a recession because it means more empty warehouses
    5. Ravers are the only people who don’t have their age calculated in months, yet still occasionally wear and use pacifiers.

  • zaka

    Tony, I’m always having fun with your Podcast, especially for your British accent. I think being a Santa Claus is good choice when you are at off. Wish you have a good new year. And the Hospital Records too!
    My name is Lu-Yu Huang from Taiwan! I’m a Drum & Bass nut!!

    Please enter me in the Tony’s Dubplates.

    I swear I will NOT upload these tracks to the stupid Russian site!!

  • gregy901

    Hello TONY……. yet another sic podcast…. loving the martsman releases.

    Can i please be entered into the ”Tony’s Dubplates” Raffle/Lottery :P

    Hears my poor attempt of a dnb joke…
    ”Why did the lion get lost ???”
    ”Because THE JUNGLE IS MASSIVE !!!!!!”
    (im sorry that really was bad)

    Wising every one a wicked christmas n new year at Hospital…

    Greg Young
    aka Low Frequency.


  • native

    easy tony, would you be able to enter me for the dubplates. they sound pretty tasty


  • native

    easy tony, would you be able to enter me for the dubplates. they sound pretty tasty


  • Junglist1001

    Whats big Hospital.

    Enter for Tony’s Dubplates.
    Been walking past those pink pearly gates every day for the last 3 years on the way to college just praying to bump into London Elektricity or High Contrast.

    Would make my christmas to win these Dubplates ma.

    Enough respect to hospital just grabbed my tickets for fabric takeover


  • jade_newton454

    tony enter me for the supreme being jacket. i’d like to turn heads in middlesbrough (voted the worst place in england) wearing that badboy!

    hope the hospital team had a nice christmas :)

  • FIS

    Hi Tony.
    My name is Ilya Frolov aka FIS and i am from Russian Federation.
    Can i enter for Production Software (Ozone and Sonar 8) please?
    Thanx :)

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