Hospital Podcast 77

January 26, 2009 in Podcast

The Mighty Colmanaitor is back with another top podcast. A new remix of Rudenko by Danny Byrd is featured, and also fresh music from Mistabishi and new signing on medschool, all the way from Russia, “Bop”.

What are you saying?

*for those who downloaded the podcast before 12:00 gmt 27.01.09, there was a technical problem, to get the full podcast please…

1. go to podcast with your iTunes program
2. delete hospital podcast 77
3. click unsubscribe at the bottom left
4. click subscribe bottom left, and it will download…

alternatively delete hospital podcast 77 then head to the hospital podcast page on the itunes store and click “get episode”

Everyone else downloading after 12.00 gmt 27.01.09 should have no problems…

  • Mista Preston

    help, help just starting listening and its cut out. Whats going on….

  • londonelektricity

    sorry everyone we’ll get it sorted tomorrow – delete and subscribe again please! give it 24 hrs to be safe

  • Maltos

    Cheers for the update Tony :)

  • d-clone

    need to reupload the audio file man… is busted at 15MB!

  • donaldj

    B-Complex is absolutely amazing…

    I can’t wait until this drops!

    Donald in Los Angeles

  • 2mnyshp

    Cant wait to listen to this!! the restaurant review is amazing!

  • Randiesel

    Haha, I was really getting into the podcast and then it cut out during B-Complex. What a bummer. Can’t wait for the podcast to get fixed, or for Mistabishi’s album to come out.

  • lxs

    is it been 24 hours yet? cant wait for it

  • Marik

    I see it is already tradition to start fresh episode of podcast with new tune from Mistabishi =)
    Gorgeous as always!

  • Riley

    (Only half went onto our server for some reason, the full podcast is up now)

    for those that have the shortened version…

    1. go to podcast with your iTunes program
    2. delete hospital podcast 77
    3. click unsubscribe at the bottom left
    4. click subscribe bottom left, and it will download…

    alternatively delete hospital podcast 77 then head to the hospital podcast page on the itunes store and click “get episode”

  • edocronian

    Its up and it works! o/

  • Roger Berkeley

    came in time. have to drive 6 hours to austria now. hope the cast will shorten my way…..

  • edocronian

    if you guys can get me the audio files, I have no problem in hosting older podcasts.

    I’ve got a hosting account with all-you-can-eat bandwidth just sitting there. Might as well cain it for a good cause :D

    I have from ep51 onwards already.

    Lemmie know if youre up for it

  • katalyst

    Nice to hear some stuff from Danny, he’s got a very distinctive sound. Excellent idea to sign Beautiful Lies, such a wonderful track, one of my favourite at the moment easily.

    New hospital site looks really clean.

    For anyone interested in back catalogues of the podcasts, you can find the last 30 or so podcasts (48-77) on dnbshare here

    Keep up the good work Tony!

    P.S Riley, just a quick heads up your RSS icon seems to have gone missing (under subscribe on the londonelektricity homepage). Thanks for fixing the podcast!

  • Pfhor

    I was driving down the road jamming to Beautiful Lies when all of the sudden the podcast ended! What a buzz kill! I quickly switched to podcast 74 and listened to the track on there. Can’t wait for it to come out on vinyl.

    On the other hand, thanks for getting the podcast fixed so promptly.

    Big thanks to Tony and to katalyst for helping me find the older episodes of the hospital podcast. I’m absolutely in love with the podcast and it pains me to think that I missed 70 episodes of DnB goodness. However, it seems that every download link before episode 66 is broken. In fact, many of the older download links take you to a page ( which immediately attempts to upload a worm to your computer. I am in no way trying to complain, I’m just notifying others so that nobody ends up getting a virus.

    Keep the choons coming.


  • Nosewa

    I had this problem! As soon as that B complex tune dropped it stopped! I was gutted because that tune is absolutely immense! Fair play to B Complex, can see him going far! Keep up the good work laaaannnndooonn!

  • Stevie B

    Ez Tony and Hospital crew, started listening to the podcast last night on the way home. At exactly the same point when the podcast cut out a police car had driven past me, lights flashing at about 80 mph. As I was high and a little paranoid I was convinced that the police car had wiped my cd somehow. Thought it might be some new magnet technology to wipe cd’s so people can hear the police sirens. Came on here to gladly find everyone had the same problems. What a fool I am. Anyway I will let round 2 commence tonight and get to listen to the rest on the way home. Cheers once again for the podcast.

    Take it ez. Steve

  • SMP

    Am I losing it or did the B Complex – Beautiful Lies really sound better on the last democast. The drums appeared double at some moments and the track was playing too fast.

  • Easy

    SMP: So glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. The worst thing for me is that the first drop is (in my opinion) totally ruined by that unnecessary drum roll! The drop was the best drop I have EVER heard in the demo version, the atmospheric vocal stabs and worming bass leading to total silence and then that perfect vocal edit bringing in the drop sent shivers down my spine every time. Tony/B Complex – please rethink your recent revision of the tune, the original was perfect!

  • londonelektricity

    i only have one version of this tune. there is only one version. maybe you heard it mixed with another tune?

  • londonelektricity

    LOL at me talking out of my arse. i just checked and there are 2 versions. and you’re right the emptier one is better on the drop. thanks for the A+R feedback people! i’m blushing tho.

  • Easy

    Cheers tony, you made me very confused and subsequently very relieved that my favourite new tune in ages will in fact be coming out in it’s proper form!

  • Wevah

    For the fixed podcast, one can also delete episode 77 and download it manually via the iTunes store, though of course this may be a few steps people won’t want to take.

    Also: Agreeing here that the drop on the demo version of “Beautiful Lies” was better!

    Thanks for the podcast!

  • inorganik

    I posted the first 5 (I can only support a few at a time on my site, under “stuff”. Just scroll to the bottom.

    I’m a huge fan of the cast and I’ll keep these up as long as I can without crashing my site! At least this will do until a better option comes along.

    I’ll switch them out with the next five in a week or so.

    Direct link:

  • Maltos

    Thank you Tony. Thank you so much for signing Song About My Dog!
    Been hooked on Bop since Mircrofunk on podcast 60 and very, very glad to see one of my favourite Bop tracks getting a release; NICE ONE HOSPITAL!

    And excited about Beautiful Lies! Looking forward to the compilation!

    Also, first under 18 show?! Why don’t I live in London…
    Come back to Cardiff in a couple of years please Tony, haha!


  • tk201

    Yo Tony

    Wicked podcast again this week mate.

    I am currently training to run the marathon for Haven House childrens hospice which is based in Essex. D n B is the music which gets me running! I run to the beats of Syncopated city and Supersized especially and love every minute!

    Take it easy mate

    Tom from London

  • noodlesfish

    holy f*ck! mistabishi can do no wrong. every track the man puts out is so fresh and flawless. the opener to this podcast had me dancing with a huge grin alone in my flat.

    and of course, well done on signing bop. stellar stellar artist.

    hospital never disapoints.

  • katalyst

    Hey Pfhor,

    Sorry about some of those links, I didn’t get around to checking all of them but unfortunately shareall must be a dodgy warez provider or something.

    Alas, you can find a few of the older podcasts here (in mp3 format)

    Those links look pretty clean so it should be right.

  • Colak

    Fair play, that BluMarTen track is the business, right where my head’s at in 2009, b Complex killing it as well!!!

    so if Danny Byrd’s the remix king, does that mean he’s finally got the Just One Second mix finished??? hehehe…

    Wishing Well remix back on the street too, dope!

  • edocronian

    if you keep rotating these through, I’ll grab them and archive em on my host. spread the load, spread the word.

  • Tomo

    Thanks for sorting the podcast out! It was worth the wait, quality, atmospheric DnB at it’s best.

    I can’t wait for the Mistabishi LP to drop and the Trisector EP is killing it.

    Awesome stuff.

  • junkstar

    Tony absolutely loving the trisector material, Scandinavian sound is quality.

    Canny wait for the Mistabishi album to come out (Feb?), his stuff is absolutely top cut!

    Good podcast, loving the Byrd remix keep it coming looking forward to hearing James on the next one…


  • kayaitch

    haha, dancing round the flat with a huge grin, sounds very very familiar!! Doing it right now actually!


    Please can anyone help me find the naibu track on chapter 10 of podcast 77 I know it’s last year but I can’t get it out of my head and I would love to get hold of a full version of it.


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  • Kutuzov

    Bop FTW!

  • leybht

    b complex tune is insane. cannot wait for hospitality at matter.

    easy tone!

  • tom_p

    Podcast isn’t working for me! :( Cuts out at about 20:50 in.
    Tried redownloading it, but still no luck. Anyone else having problems?

  • Tomo

    Yeah, I’ve got the same problem. Just stops about half-way through the B Complex track.

  • Dalla

    Yh same problem here. Right in the B-Complex track

  • TechnoTech

    Can’t wait for the release of B-Complex!!!! This is an amazing track! Shout out to all the DnB lovers in Canada :)

  • Maltos

    Just checked before I started listening and yeah, mine cuts out around the 20 minute mark too.

  • Janesy B

    it’s broken!

    Deleted it on itunes now it wont download again ¬.¬

  • rockplough

    Yup mine cuts out at B-Complex too which is a pity. Was soundin sweet.

  • Synergex

    no doubt B Complex made that podcast what it was! even though different from the last pod (no offense to the great talent of those who had their music on the pod!)

    Another amazing track, Mistabishi – From Memory, AMAZING style and quality, huge respect Mistabishi!

    haha great remix tony! you just don’t hear tunes like that any more :)

    Even though you spoke over the track with your R.R. Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night, was sick! =D

    Liking the unknown track, but Bop’s dog song was like a visit to the moon, nicely ended

    And yes my friend this is a full review! So eat it! BOH!


  • ArkeeDUB

    Hey Tony,

    Yet another storming podcast. The Mistabishi track “From Memory” reminded me exactly why it is that I love drum and bass and commit so much time and money to collecting vinyl releases. I think it is wicked that the podcast has allowed me as a fan to follow the rise of the phenomenally talented Mistabishi from his first demo on the podcast through to his forthcoming debut album of Hospital. It has also been wicked to chart the progression of the podcast itself from #1 (Yep, I was there from day dot) to the current 77th. We have seen the introduction of the democast, the short-lived trackitdown “hit-parade”, the Nu-Tone production cast, hilarious artist interviews, the enhancement of the podcast to include images and of course the new “restaurant review section”.

    I am glad to hear that you have consented for the previous podcasts to be hosted online as I need 43 and 47 to complete my collection!

    Massive respect to you and the entire Hospital Crew and good luck with the new Hospitality residency @ Matter.

    Douglas Harding (Cape Town)

    p.s.: The offer still stands for a one-off “Hospitality Cape Town” in 2009. Perhaps you could hold it at: I will get a strong street team together!!

  • A-Plus

    Douglas, I just heard today’s podcast #77 with the request for old versions of the podcast. I do have the locations of those if you want. Tony says we can post them on here as they are still on his website.

    Shall I post here as he says?

    I am still looking for 1–>15, 17, 25-28, 31, 33, 34, 38, 39, and 57 to complete my collection. I have the locations of 43 + 47 :)

    A-Plus (

  • mthdmn195

    Hey Tony,

    I’m good friends with the owner of a professional photography studio in downtown Manhattan that shoots models and celebrities from around the world. Had cocktails there last night, and introduced him to your latest album. He loved it, and assured me that world renowned photographers and models will be grooving to syncopated city during upcoming photo shoots…

    Hoping you make it stateside sometime soon. The American drum and bass scene is in desperate need of some hosptial parties.

    Keep those podcasts coming,

  • ChrisO

    Hey Tony!

    Yet Again another brilliant podcast.

    My personal favourite of this podcast was Beautiful Lies by B-Complex, which was amazing.

    Recently I’ve been telling my friends all about the podcast and Drum n Bass.

    I’m annoyed now though.

    This is because I’m only 14 and I won’t be able to see you when you come to Newcastle in April.

    Love the podcast,

    Chris Owen, 14

  • Helldhaz

    I can’t get Beautiful Lies out of my head now!

    Also looking forward to bashing the ‘bishi.

  • B-complex

    ez guys, once again big ups to hospital crew, the version of the tune that got signed is the original one from the democast, so don’t worry about the shitty drum roll!

    just to explain the confusion, it’s my fault – I did some changes to the track influenced by some “tips” from the djs, but this just prooves that I should stand my ground firm, my apologise for the gray hair it caused :] sorry Tony :)

  • Maltos

    Nice one B-complex! Can’t wait for the release!

  • Ben K

    I looked up the original of the Rudenko track on youtube….it is awful. Hats off to the Byrd for pulling a cracking track out of something so unpromising. Truely a genius at work!


  • B-complex

    And I must say, From memory is one of the best tunes I heard recently, Mistabishi rocks

  • Ciaron Craig

    New podcast blew me away
    Don’t know how the hospital boys do it everytime, the quality just never seems to drop.
    Most noteably though iv gotta big up B-Complex, jus an amazing song.
    Was listenin to it in the gym and it just pushed me into a new zone was just awseom
    cant wait for the next podcast

  • mtabone

    OH MY GOD! I think this is one of the best Hospital podcasts iv heard and iv been listening since podcast 10! Mistabishi – From memory is amazing and im loving the danny byrd remix of redenko! keep up the good work tony! your podcasts get me through my days at work!!



  • Roger Berkeley

    great podcast. from memory is indeed a secret weapon. i believe he will play it in salzburg when he is there. was there for 2 days and saw the flyer for the 7th. thought “damn. why am i here now and not then???”
    hope from memory is gonna be the secret weapon for stop the war on vinyl;)

    can`t wait for the releases from b-complex and bop.great tracks!
    and just heard the high contrast remix of basement track on the dubplayer.
    wicked one. can you please play it on the next podcast?

    2009 will be sick with announcing the big compilation but hospital will deliver the medics i guess…


  • Roger Berkeley

    i don`t know if i am the last who saw this, but i just watched it and fell on the ground laughing, so i want to post it.

    there are 3 parts and all are hilarious.

  • SeventyOne

    Alright Tony. Maybe you can clear this up for me but im sure you leave a very cheeky subliminal hint about your then yet to be announced venue “Matter” in podcast 72. From 26:30 to 27:15 you say the word matter 3 times. Quite a geeky thing to notice but ive turned into a bit of a dnb geek recently. Anyway congrats on another awesome podcast, look forward to the next one.

  • ArkeeDUB

    How about a bonus podcast with Leanne Carol? A little Q and A session with her would be wicked…maybe followed by a live studio session too? I think some more talk about the London Elektricity Live era is in order…

    Looking forward to the next podcast.

    Douglas Harding (Cape Town)

  • CyKosis

    EZ Tony,

    Keep up the good work with the podcasts!!! Always loving them. Also enjoying the restaurant review segments, lol, we all had a good laugh with the first one!

    Just to touch on the Seba – Blaze and Fade out track, its actually Krister Linder on vocals, not Robert Manos.

    The album was released back in Sept 08 and the Blaze and Fade Out 12″ in Oct. Wicked track none the less!!!!

    Looking forward to what Hospital has in store for 2009!!! Its gonna be smashing!

    Your friends Allan and Kelly in Calgary, Alberta, Canada! :)

  • fordy

    You mentioned the 18th Feb at SEOne the night for 16-18 year olds, ive been trying to find more info onit and cant find anything

    HELP ???

  • Si

    Mistabishi – genius! This will be the album of the year.

    Also Danny Byrd – fantastic!

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Mistabishi, Pre Ordered Drop…. Can’t wait very very excited….

    1st Feb 2009 – The Snow Has Fallen Hard.

    In The Back Garden, Drinking Tea With The Boys And Blazing Nu: Tone In The Snow….. Great Start To The Month….

    Bit Of A Rant Now…. Why Has Seba Decided To Take An Amazing Song Such As ‘Blaze and Fade Out’ And Ruin It? His Original Version Is Ten Times Better, And Do You Know Tony If ‘Return To Forever’ Is A Re Release Sir? Because I Have Had That Album Off iTunes For Nearly A Year Now…..

    Please Put A Shout Out To Electric Boogaloo And Boogaloo Beats.

    Many Thanks, Thom.

  • Rich Holman

    Nice podcast, loving the chilled out vibe. I pretty much cannot wait for DROP to be out, it’s going to be huge.

    Loving the restaurant review as well, keep up the good work.



  • brownski

    Hi Tony

    Thanks for putting out some excellent music over the years.
    I’ve been into the Hospital vibe since i first heard ‘Rewind’ all those years ago. It was so different to any other drum and bass which had started to become predictable that i just had to hear more.

    I don’t go out clubbing anymore as i have a young family which takes up most of my free time, the rest of which is taken up by taekwondo which i took up in 2001 and i am now a 2nd dan in. However i still love listening to drum & bass, especially hospital tracks when i’m training or in the car.

    Keep up the good work.

    Adam Brown

    P.S. Ever thought of doing an oldskool podcast featuring some of the tunes you used to like. I have been playing EQ’s ‘True Devotion’ lately. What a bassline!!

  • Pfhor


    Any additional episodes of the Hospital Podcast you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I’m still missing the majority of podcasts before episode 69.

    A big thank you goes out to everyone who has been posting (and even hosting) older episodes of the podcast.

  • ArkeeDUB


    yeah, please post the URL locations of hosted podcasts here…as this is where the proper fans find themselves at some point!

    I actually meant to write 43 through 47 (i.e podcasts #44, #45 and #46!)

    I Look forward to being able to complete my collection! The next step is to burn them all on to CD…proper archive styley…

    Douglas Harding

  • A-Plus

    ArkeeDUB aka Douglas Harding,

    If you e-mail me at, I can show you the links to the ones you need. I am not sure if Tony and Riley want the links public (from their site) that I give you posted on their website since it may drain bandwidth at this location. Unless I can get in touch with Riley and he’s okay with it, then I can post on this site.


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