Hospital Podcast 78

February 4, 2009 in Podcast

Delving deep into our hospitaldubs inbox, London Elektricity goes through your best demos and brings them to the podcast audience…

What do you think of the demos?


  • Radio E

    Man these newer demos are intimidating to me. I want to produce like this but can’t. I can’t get what’s in my head into a DAW. Any advice for someone in my predicament?

    Also, please tell Danny Byrd to update
    I loved that site and it’s been dead forever.

    Big thanks

    Ian a.k.a. Radio E

    from Chicago

  • ArkeeDUB

    Another wicked DEMOCAST, really loving the more mellow tip on this one. The “Andy Scopes & Reform” track “So Much More” is superb as is the little “Arje” number “Visible Words”…thank you for sharing these delicious musical nuggets.

  • okibeats

    Big up those demos, some fantastic stuff in there. Those Andy tunes at the start were a bit special, i love piano with a bit of drums and a bit of bass! i dare say your best demo selection for while, keep ‘em coming! Get a Hospital demo CD up and running, and that B complex tune from the other week has to be included, it would be criminal not to!

  • perspective

    Great podcast Tony, really feeling Baobinga & ID – The King, would love to see that get a release!

  • Roger Berkeley

    nice selection. can`t really pick a fav.
    all tracks are pretty nice.
    heard it in repeat mode all day long and didn`t get bored.

    good one!


  • donaldj

    Great podcast as always. I am really feeling Edward Oberon “Ain’t It Funny”
    and Komatic’s “Those Times”.

    I pre ordered the Mistabishi CD and patiently waiting for B Complex to hit. I’m slowly turning my non d&b head friends into Hospital records followers as well. Keep up the great work.

    PS, when are we going to get some Hospital parties in Los Angeles?

  • Dave Arter

    Love the new demos! Is it me or does it sound like that Andy Skopes & Reform includes a TARDIS sample?

  • Stevie B

    1. Andy Skopes & Reform – So Much More

    Stand Out tune for me, lovely and melodic with a nice rolling bass.

    Any chance of a Hospital remix comp? Maybe you could do a democast of the best remixes. Would be quality. Just an idea?

    Take it ez

  • ethos

    Been a subscriber since podcast 32, & I must say, best batch of demos ever! So many thoughtful, danceable drum & bass tunes…the kind of stuff that keeps you in love w/ d&b. I couldn’t possibly comment on each of them individually…way too long a message. But I will say this, Visible Words & Inhale…Goddamn! That’s what I like to hear!

    I’m a long time d&b dj, & Hospital fan. I also do non-profit work in Boulder, CO. Needless to say, I work a lot of hours, & the Hospital podcast is always there. I’m one of the many American d&b fans kept sane by the podcast. Tony is an outstanding host…keep up the good work. Many thanks, to everyone at Hospital!

    Our work involves fund-raising. We gather contributions for environmental & other progressive groups on the state & federal levels. It’s grassroots style, in a way so similar to the podcast. I really feel like the show gives, to our particular part of the musical community, in the same way that our groups do to the environment,etc. You guys provide a service that entertains, informs & mobilizes the community. And we as subscribers contribute by tuning in, listening & genuinely appreciating the hard work of yourselves & others in the d&b community. It’s such a powerful type of movement w/ so many different positive impacts.

    Again, many thanks & do keep up the great work! Hospital is such an well-established, influential & integral part of the music so many of us love, & it would not be what it is without all of your work over the years.

    Peace – Geoffrey a.k.a ethos

  • AsHeN

    So Much More, FTW.

  • Martn

    Andy Skopes & Reform – so much more is really causing a feeling in my belly region. Feeling sad, a lil bit scared and awesome at the same time. Fits also perfectly to the wheater outside.

    Really lovin it!

  • deciphersounds

    Andy Skopes/Reform “So Much More”, yes…

    One of the best demos i have heard on the podcast! also doing stuff to my my belly region, particularly the lower part.

    Massive ups for another awesome podcast Tony.

  • mind over matter.

    big up tony some wicked demos 1st two tunes stood out most for me , love that piano fibe on both tunes ,
    will be looking foward to the next one ,

    also going to my 1st nhs night in oxford and the end of the month and i cant wait ,

    big ups

  • Ben K

    Popped this on just as i got off the bus on the way to work last week…the Andy Skopes dropped just as i was walking down High Holborn through the crowds….strangely serene. Lovely start to the day

    Dramatic tune was the stand out though…absolutely wicked

  • Riley

    1. Andy Skopes & Reform – So Much More
    2. Andy Simm feat Naomi – Imagination
    3. Baobinga & ID – The King
    4. Arje – Visible Words
    5. Dramatic – Inhale
    6. Edward Oberon – Ain’t It Funny
    7. Comatic – Those Times
    8. Mark Bionic – Monolith
    9. Enei and Implex – Behind the Law

  • Alegria

    Haha, you made a typo in Komatic’s name! ;)

    Big ups for signing B-Complex’s tune, Hospital crew! I seriously suggest you look into that guy’s work, because there are WAY MORE tunes that deserve to be signed (even if Beautiful Lies is a great piece, there’s also “Reflections” off the top of my head, or “Three Dots” or “Tota Helpa” – such a banger!).

    Keep the good work up, hope to see you on Hospitality in Poland?

    Much love and respect,

  • Kutuzov

    pew! more RU )
    Big up Enei and Implex!

  • Marik

    one of my favourite democasts!
    all tunes sound very fresh but at the same time remind me those good old days when I started listening to soulful dnb.

    big big thnx!

    P.S.: 2 Kutuzov: Ты как всегда “первыйнах” =)

  • Moisty

    Amazing demo cast – LOVING IT @ WORK

    (3 X Now)

    Nick @

  • tralfaz

    Great selection of tunes Tony! That Inhale track is an excellent throwback to the reason I picked up my first set of decks!

    Propa Respect!


  • EdLazenby

    That first track ‘So Much More’ is brilliant!

  • Tomo

    Another awesome cut of demos. Massive respect to Dramatic for ‘Inhale’. What a track!

  • davepeck

    Definitely support for Comatic’s “Those Times”; very nice track.

    Also, as a Seattleite, I appreciated the KJ Sawka shout-out. That guy is UNSTOPPABLE on the drums. Brilliant.

  • rbrown

    Hey Tony, another great show. I was wondering if you know of anywhere to get the Swerve set from the last show. Also I have about 90 percent of the podcasts and would be happy to host them but I am unfamiliar with how to go about doing it. Thanks for the tunes and keep them coming.


    South Carolina

  • AsHeN

    “Reflections”…YES!!! Wow, found B-Complex’s myspace and listened to that track based on Alegria’s recommendation. Must. Sign. Reflections. That is all.

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