Hospital Podcast 79

February 12, 2009 in Podcast

Mistabishi is the special guest this week as he chats about his new album Drop which you can pre-order now from the Hospital Shop…

New music from him, plus Bop, Luca & Lynx, also we launch the mighty a new site dedicated to the mental musings of Hospital’s newest album artist!

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  • Rich Holman

    Ah another podcast to get me through the train journey, thank you!

    More excited about the 23rd than I was about to Christmas to be honest!

    Is the album in May going to spelt Sick or Sik? Pretty excited about that as well!



  • Adam Scarborough

    hey i just started listening to your podcasts, since 76 i think and theyre inspiring!

    i have been getting into my drum and bass, since my bro introduced me to “L K” by DJ marky + XRS when i was 15 and i was immidiately in love haha

    i sorted my self out some technics and a little korg synth pad that jacks into my laptop

    just wondering if you could throw some tips my way for making something clean, or even remixing? is my email address if it was alright to email?

    hope you can catch this amongst all the other shouts, cheers mas

  • 2mnyshp

    what a coincidence! just the day before i listened to “the great gig in the sky” and when i was enjoying the dropcast in my bed i thought that my ipod skipped when i heard the song again!!


  • Z3RO

    Oi Oi!
    yo. london elektricity, you’ve a real sick one on your hands here. nice find. i beleive mistabishi will be blowing minds and topping charts for years to come. big respect all you guys and all uk bass family


  • nikolai420

    another great podcast Tony. I especially liked the remix James did of The Temper Trap – Science of Fear aka Sign of Fear. Any news on whether or not the band like it? will it ever be released?

    Keep up the great work!!

  • Roger Berkeley

    nice dropcast indeed.
    white collar grime really sounds like an angry business guy..;)
    also the temper trap remix is a friend of mine now mixes d&b with old punkrock tunes. fits perfectly.
    so i hope mistabishi will continue this innovative d&b with extraordinary samples…

    infamous harp landed on my wishlist.
    also can`t wait for the sick album.
    hope some tracks will see the vinyl.

    great podcast. great guest, but he was a little bit too far away from the mic.
    was hard to understand for me.

    big shout.

  • perspective

    Wow, another great show Tony. I’ve been loving Drop since I got my grubby mits on a copy of the test pressings, and this had me rolling around my bedroom floor.

    Would love to hear The Temper Trap remix come out, fingers crossed the band like it.

  • Skade

    I think this is one of the best podcasts since 48 (that’s how long i’ve been subscribing). I think i’ve heard the podcast 8 times and counting.

    Is there any hope you will be selling Hospital music in shops in Denmark?

    You’ve made me addicted to DnB and can’t get my fix quick enough through the mail.

    Think I’m going to preorder “Drop” anyway.

    Keep it up!

  • RudeBoi

    That Signs of Fear remix is sick!

    Nice cast front to back. Mad congrats to all parties involved, and especially to Mistabishi.

    Thanks for making a work day more tolerable.

  • jadeoneill

    can’t wait for drop to be released..

  • sinnamix

    Hey Tony,
    Please can you give a shout out to Marky T, who after a couple of gruelling years over in Phoenix isolated away from his friends and family, finally has thrown in the towel at his place of work, and is coming back to Munich in time for his 40th, which we intend to celebrate DnB Style. Long live the junglists over 40!

  • LucasGo

    Anyone ever get the name of that Danny Howells remix? Tony?

  • natashja

    is the last mistabishi track (“untitled”) going to have a proper name/be released? it’s awesome!

  • Funok


    Lost my words Tony…

    Just imagin where DrumNbass will develop in 5 Years… Exciting time, and Mistabishi will set new unreached frontiers…

    Im looking forward for “Drop”…

    23th is like birthday, x-max together…


  • ArkeeDUB

    Great Podcast. Mistabishi is on top of his game and long may it last. I was simply blown away by this mans talent and innovation. Looking forward to hearing what The Mista will sound like in three years time…indeed, he is the future of DNB. Well done Hospital for signing such a promising, talented and likeable artist!

  • katalyst

    ‘Printer Jam’ film clip is amazing and complements the track so nicely.

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Mistabishi’s new album, what can i say? Absolutely Stunning… So so weird and original but banging at the same time….. I love view from no where, greed and the lights really bad…. I will always pre order from you guys directly in the future so i dont have to wait til the actual release date lol i don’t know if i could have lasted 4 more days…

    Thanks for my shout out Tony!
    Can’t wait to witness the tearing up of Matter

    Big Up Hospital!


  • zane100

    got drop through my door on friday, been listening to it all weekend and amazed by every track, especially damage – one of the most paranoid and creepy tracks i’ve heard in a long time!
    where the hell did the mista get inspiration for this twisted track?!?

    lovin the podcasts tony, I’m always looking forward to the next one!!


  • Boogaloo Thom

    I Ate You, I Drank You, I Damaged You Beyond Repair :)

  • zane100

    u see what i mean?!?! it’s practically haunting me (it doesn’t help that it’s my facebook status lol)

  • Dalla

    Hey Tony

    Please can you make sure that the Tempa Trap remix gets a release. The song really hit home last night as I walked home after some really sad news. Just love those vocals!

  • londonelektricity

    go to you can d/l it for free!

  • hospitalslave

    let us all hope temper trap remix will be released…its an absolutely killer tune!!!

    still eagerly waiting for my copy of drop and cant actually wait to pop it on the ipod

    loving the podcasts tony, keep up the amazing work…ohhh is there a link for all the old podcasts from 55 below? my computer crashed and i lost everything but the recent ones…

    looking forward to matter!

  • Sleaty

    Dear London Elektricity,
    I am currently in 6th form studying Economics, tommorow I will have to deliver a ten minute presentation on the Credit Crunch to the rest of my class which I hate and am very nervous about. However on my powerpoint file I have included pictures of Q Project and explained that he is a well known artist in the world of drum & bass who lost his studio to the Credit Crunch to which they will hopefully reply, ‘Awwwwwwwwwww!’ Then at the end of my powerpoint I talk about how to beat the credit crunch and have included a picture of the Mistabishi with the caption ‘In the future, don’t trust bankers that look like this!’ Wish me luck!

  • londonelektricity

    good luck! lolol

  • Googs

    Loving the Bishi. “Drop” is toiter than a toiger! Wicked stuff indeed.

  • markt74

    Thank you so much for the podcast service! I only picked up on the Hospital Records podcast a few months ago but I have been a fan of DnB for years. It feels really good to now have a way to discover great new tracks and artists in the genre.

    The only downside to the podcasts that I’ve experienced so far is that it makes me feel horrible to be stuck in the States. Listening to your podcasts, I hear all about these wicked concerts at different venues in the UK, and I feel as if I’m living on Mars in the sense of exposure to great DnB.


    Mark in Milwaukee

  • jackjack

    I was looking to get some software in the locker and wondered if u cud help out.. I’ve been looking round, but its well confusing.. studio versions.. producer versions and so on… would u be able to tell me what type of version i should get if i want to sit at home with my dogs and make music? would b po if u get back to me wanna get goin as quick as poss but wanna get it right first time n not have to send the shit back.. ez now…. soz this aint about the podcast…. dnt no where else to put comments like this

    Jack Crook.. customer faithful and p.s cant wait to c u all at matter

  • Funok

    Drop contains all you need, no matter in what mood you are… Some Tunes to dance / party, some tunes to chill out, some deep tunes with brutal basslines…

    i think this album aproaches every taste of drum&bass

  • musical flutes

    Hey, I searched for this website on Bing and just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic read. I would have to concur with it, thanks once more!

  • Kutuzov

    Drop CD is not bad. But tracks wich you choose for vinyl… *censored*
    Just my opinion.

  • WillMorgan

    Could I just say I’m not even halfway through this podcast and I know it’s fucking great because of the reference to “wiping your arse with a cow pat.” That’s made me completely understand the financial meltdown.

    Mistabishi is my hero.

  • Maltos

    Amazing podcast. Mistabishi + Bop + Pink Floyd. Greatest tracklist ever!

    Bop album! Best news of 2009 so far! Can’t wait. It’s going to be massive.

    Also it’s great to see Hospital breaking boundaries. Prog rock talk on a DnB podcast. I was loving it. Great to hear Great Gig in the Sky also. Echoing the words about how lucky you were, Tony, to be around when it was all fresh.

    Nice one, as always.

  • Kutuzov

    Bop’s dog is a supastar now!

  • LucasGo

    Woah building myself quite the wish list of tunes.

    Seriously Mistabishi’s Drop album seems like it’s going to be an awesome welcome breath of fresh air. The Lights Really Bad is the best track I’ve heard in ages.

    Looking forward too B-Complex and Bo.

    Anyone figure out the name of the Danny Howell track?

  • katalyst

    Great podcast. Mistabishi sounding fine as always.

    Just a quick heads up for those Googlers, it’s “Your Infamous Harp”, not “The Infamous Harp”. You can listen online here

  • miguel

    really enjoyed this last one Tony, thank you so much for all this music, you have me absolutely addicted. I want to buy mistabishi’s cd, can’t wait to hear it!

    is the last track you played on the podcast going to be included?

    Question for you, on a previous podcast you mentioned something like “the way things are going, I’m not sure how long we are going to be around” what did you mean by that? do you think the lack of cd sales and the raise of the mp3 is affecting you as a label?

    my last cd I bought from you I believe was the double cd by logistics, since then I’ve been buying all on mp3 to be honest, through itunes, but I would imagine that they are keeping a lot of the money from every sale, if you would start selling mp3s directly from your site (as all the money goes to hostipal & its artists) I think I’m not alone when I say I would support it, buying from there instead of itunes.

    thanks again for this wonderful podcast.

    miguel – san diego/ buenos aires

  • londonelektricity

    miguel – don’t worry, i must have been joking when i said that! and fyi we have ben selling mp3 downloads for a while now here:

    thanks for your support geeza


  • Pfhor

    Absolutely loving White Collar Grime and the remix of the Danny Howells track. Hearing producers like Mistabishi discuss and share their music makes me excited for the future of drum and bass. I turn 21 on the 23rd, so Drop is going to make for a great birthday present. Turning 21 is a big deal in the states!

    I picked up Your Infamous Harp as well, and I have to say that was well worth the price that I paid.

    Also loving Instra:Metal featuring D Bridge – Translucent.


  • tr0n

    First a big up to Mistabishi for an amazing album, congrats mate. White Collar Grime gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it. The bass is so dirty I have to change my underwear thrice over every time I spin it.

    To ANY PRODUCERS my skills are non-existant (but not for long) and I was hoping someone out there who is a lover of d’n’b would produce an >instrumental version of this Gi-Joe intro

    I’m thinking some filthy bass and grinding skreams for the ‘COBRA!!’. Who knows, it may even end up on the movie soundtrack, but the main thing is you would make me a very happy chappy.

    Thanks for yet another great podcast Tony and even though you said you’ll prob never make it to OZ again, I’m hoping I can drum up the cash to make to the UK soon!

    ((( (( d{-_-}b )) )))

  • Colak

    are the mistabishi dubstep tracks getting a vinyl release? i need to be playing them and i’m not turning up to a dubstep gig with a CD! (or any gig for that matter).

    loving the donna summer pastiche too, rethpec’!

  • zaffi

    That temper track is amazing…needs to be released ASAP!

  • kaka

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