Hospital Podcast 80

February 26, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back in pod land bringing you another mighty selection of future drum and bass anthems…

Brand new tunes from High Contrast, Logistics, Sigma, Break & Lynx should get your toes tapping…

80 podcasts strong, tell us what you think…

  • Funok

    hmmm… odd comment tr0n…

    btw. congratulation for mistabishi for second place in itunes elektro charts :)

    im shure i was one of the first who downloaded it from i-tunes.. :)


    and btw.

    that MUffler tune hear me scream… when is the date of release????

  • sk-tter

    My jaw literally dropped when you said you’d be coming to Australia this year. I was pretty upset a few weeks ago when I heard you probably wouldn’t be coming. The last few times you were here I was unable to attend, which got me down pretty badly. Can’t wait to see you, Logistics and Cyantific this year.

    Loving the Sigma tune and Temper Trap remix. Looking forward to Siick, as well. Keep up the good work mate!

  • tr0n

    Fair enough, just trying to convey my opinions on MCs and tony’s awesomeness, albeit badly. I know a lot of DnB heads love it, I loved LTJ and MC Conrad when I saw them, but yeah, not a fan of MCs really overall. I may have misheard but I thought it was LE with MC Wreck, which in my opinion wouldn’t be as good as Tony spinning on his own.

  • tomwilcox

    Seven Notes in Black is sooooo good! Been wondering about that one since there was a brief snippet in the 2007 HC Essential Mix. Nice!

  • tomwilcox

    And brilliant to be able to download all the old podcasts! Much thanks to David.

  • lukeclark

    one of the best podcasts to date, well played! am well excited for the new sick music album.

    got the new danny byrd mix last week and it is sick..

    quite ironic that the best way to describe hospital records these days is sick.

    can’t wait til you’re back up in newcastle!

    keep us raving, luke

  • Typhoid Raj

    When is Droppin Science coming out? That tune is why an old dnb head listens to the music.
    Hospital keeping things warm in a Toronto winter.

  • donaldj

    I’m so excited you talked Danny Breaks into the Droppin Science remix. I messaged him on myspace after your essential mix and begged for his approval to release it :)

    High Contrast and Underworld working together sounds amazing!

    Seven Notes In Black is going to be huge, can’t wait for the release and the more you talk about this compilation the more excited I’m getting. B Complex, Droppin Science, my oh my!

    Donald in LA

  • osho

    Mate sorry bout your headphones at fire, it was all a bit nuts, good set though, nu:tone was cracking jokes all night!

  • PsyNeko

    Thanks for the greatest podcast to date. Your podcasts are one of the only things that’s keeping me going in my university studies. Being trapped in Australia, i want nothing more than to just ditch everything, catch a plane and get to the next Hospitality event but as that’s rather unrealistic, i’m more than happy with just chilling to the PodCast.

    Give a big shout out to Mistabishi for a killer record. Just purchased “Drop” of iTunes store and it’s well wicked.

    Also Loving “Defiance – Regrets”. Awesome set!

  • Sezash

    I am (probably) the only DnB female DJ north of 60 (correct me if I’m wrong). I am in love with Hospital records. The podcast rocks. I love vinyl, and have 13 Hospital tracks.
    Please print a girls panda shirt.
    From the far North of Canada
    (aka The Beat Bombshell)
    Whitehorse, Yukon

  • Moisty

    sexy podcast tony all good stuff, although i missed the restaurant review :( lol thanks for giving us the heads up on the free remix from the mits.

    missed out on tickets for Matter ARGGGGG

    both sets of tickets that went up….

    gutted, May is a LONG LONG WAY AWAY

    p.s. do you fancy doing a BBQ gig in April?

  • tomwilcox


    Nothing to do with this particular podcast episode, but I just wanted to say –
    release This Dark Matter with Point of No Return on vinyl! Brilliant songs!
    Syncopated City Revisited is also fantastic, but I’m content listening to that on cd :)

  • londonelektricity

    tomwilcox! they were released on vinyl on the ltd edition 4 piece vinyl album version. sorry you missed it ;-)

  • markt74

    Great podcast, London Elek! I can’t listen to “Screen in Motion” by Luca enough and am really looking forward to the Siick Music album release in May. Nice deep groves on that track.

    BTW, any plans to play in Chicago in ’09?

    Mark in Milwaukee

  • Easy

    Easy Tony! Was reminiscing about the time the Hospitality Bristol lineup was you, Andy C and Mistabishi back in October. You nearly sank the fucking boat! You need to play Bristol more often, home of DnB and I think you’ve played here once in the last 6+ months! You know you love the vibes here. You definitely need to get yourself down here at some point to promote Sick Music.

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Another superb podcast Sir Tony…. I love that new Break tune, Kasra got a banger there, he always seems to get the bangers from certain artists on Critical….

    Loved the shout out section, cracked me up….

    Can’t Wait til friday….. HOSPITALITY WE DEAL WITH THE MATTER!

    Safe :)

  • tomwilcox

    (Looks bashful) just discovered that myself :) I’ll try and get one off discogs marketplace or something!

  • Colak

    don’t know about tracks to exercise to but i’d happily spend fat amounts of cash to see an aerobics workout DVD hosted by Danny Byrd…

    nice one on the logistics remix of dropping science, i’m gonna draw for my copy of the original as soon as i get home from work – proper order.

  • alexei tolstoy


  • Spoony J

    I listen to DnB before anything competitive, from video games to tennis matches. It gets you hyped to do anything. Blackout by logistics is great because it makes you friggin’ invincible.

  • TripleBypass

    Hey Tony,

    As always the Podcast was spot on. Kinda missed the restaurant review tho.

    I just wanted to thank you for playing such great tracks and being so up beat.

    I was living in Hawaii for about 5 months when I found out my Sis had Cancer, so I moved back to support her and see what I could do. It was not easy moving back to the Midwest (near Chicago) where DnB is next to Nil. So I always looked forward to the podcast where i would go to the gym and workout my frustrations. Plus it has been damn cold here. The DnB warmed it up.

    Luckily the Chemo has worked pretty well and my Sis is doing much better. I will be returning to Hawaii in April, where I will go back to spinning and enjoying DnB quite often.

    It would be great to get you and some of the Hospital boys out for a little Hospitality Island style.

    They do have a pretty tight scene and it is only going to get bigger.

    Peace and Thanks as always

  • sparky123

    your new podcast is mint! the mistabishi remix of temper trap is sick, i listen to it all day everyday! i noticed you said your doing a tour of NZ and AUS end of may start of june, cant wait to see you and mc wrec gna b the best night ive had in a long time, feel free to bring hospitality down under one day :)

  • PsyNeko

    Just a question. I’m REALLY loving Lynx – The Semitone but can’t find anything on it anywhere. Is it released yet and if so where can i get it, it’s killing me i need it now! If it’s not out yet is there any news on a release.

    Cheers in advance from Aus!

  • jo_shmo492

    Hey Tony.

    Massive podcast last week.

    You know not only is it good for excersise, but it deffinalty kept me me going today when digging a verrry large hole for 9 hours under a house in 35degree heat! I think I’d have struggled with out you.

    Lookforward to your next installment!

    Peace, Joe QLD AUS.

  • Chalex

    Loving the no. 80 Podcast. I recently got knocked off my motorbike by some pleb not looking where she was going and after my recovery am now stuck having to cycle to town and back for college, work and going out. The 5 mile trip back and forth are made that bit more bearable by having some nutty tunes to set my pace to. Viva Liquid DNB

  • Dude26

    Hi Tony

    I loved podcast 80. It always gets me through my day at work as well as trough my cycling training. I have to say that D&B is the one and only music to do cardio training and to party of course.

    Are you ever coming over to Switzerland? The D&B force is strong in this country :-)

    Marco from Switzerland

  • Ben K

    Loving the podcasts Tony. Started listening to them just before xmas and am now back into Drum and Bass in a big way after a few years wandering in the wilderness post university.

    Got my tickets for Matter and stupidly excited about going to a drum and bass night for the first time in 7 years.

    The podcasts are definitely working as a marketing tool and a general force for good in the world! Keep up the good work.


    Hi Tony,

    I have some shots from hospiatlity Brisol on my blog please have a look when you get a chance….

    Id love to do some work for you guys, give me a shout.



  • Ruprex

    IM PUMPPPEDD ! Cant wait to hear more detail about the Auz tour in June time, Im an avid listener from the very first podcasts which my amazingly clever (whent to cambridge obvously) and awesome brother got me into by letting me practice mixing racing green into color wheel about 1000 times.
    And now my Older bro is getting Married ! So im saving up to go bk for that but times are hard and now im faced with this concept of a tour!
    So basically any Sugar mumus Living out in Mosman (Sydney, Auz) way, im a personal trainer but my skills dnt end there i can cook, massage, pool clean and im very gd at plumbing!
    Keep the smooth tunes coming Tony (not long now till u get knighted right?, for ur evaluation of dnb and hows ur stepped the game up 10fold ) Take it easy
    Charlie from Down Under Sydney (Cambridge bk in the uk)

  • martin guitar

    I just couldnt leave your website before telling you that I actually enjoyed the high quality details you offer to your visitors? Will be back often to check up on new posts

  • Riley

    1. Mutated Forms – Pessimist
    2. Logistics – Toy Town
    3. Sigma – Paint It Black
    4. Danny Byrd – Changes
    5. Temper Trap – Science Of Fear (Mistabishi Remix)
    6. Luca – Screen In Motion
    7. Defiance – Regrets
    8. Break – Winter Sun
    9. Lynx – The Semitone
    10. Danny Breaks – Droppin Science vol 1 (Logistics Remix)
    11. High Contrast – Seven Notes In Black

  • Kutuzov

    mmmm yumiie

  • Randiesel

    Squeaky clean podcast. It’s nice to hear some new Logistics work. His music got me addicted to drum and bass and I have all the albums available on iTunes.

    Kudos from Boston.


  • Gee

    I know this has nothing to do with the podcast, but get some more merchandise in man! I need SMALL SIZES!!!!!

    Bless up Tony!

  • Roger Berkeley

    YES. nice tracks.
    like the toy town and paint it black.
    the lynx track is mental.
    and the logistics remix…oh my…

    good to hear that there are some proper vinyl releases in the future.
    especially red mist vip!!!
    so i still hope you play the basement track remix on one of the next podcasts.
    would be nice.

    so my best friend who lives in london will attend the hospitality@matter.
    never was that jealous….

    so have fun.
    big shout

  • Maltos

    Wicked podcast as usual.
    The selection of tracks was particularly top notch this time around.

    And congrats on reaching 80! Only 20 more till big 100 now! Well okay, that’s still quite a few, haha.

  • Rich Holman

    great podcast,

    got the free mistabishi track as i decided to order DROP off of because the packinging was free, did it turn up on monday? NO apparently it’s sold out, even though i pre-ordered it about 2 months ago argh!

    Did get the commix fabriclive 44 though, and i have to say i love.

    nice little moan halfway through the podcast haha

    take it easy


  • jonny 2×4

    been loving the podcasts over the last couple of months, toy town is wicked. although… registered for but couldn’t find how to get the free track?

    i’m planning a podcast inspired finale for my student radio show at the end of term, so will be blasting out some dnb across the warwick airwaves soon!

  • tr0n

    Another awesome podcast, thx from OZ.

    SO glad to hear you may be venturing to our shores again Tony, especially after the news that you prob wouldn’t.

    I know this will go unheard and won’t change a thing but PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE do a solo LE set without an MC. I’ve only seen you once before @ goodvibes and your tunes were gettin me up and the MC was gettin me down. Why water down such epic beats when all I can hear is undecernable yabbering twice as loud as the music.

    You are one the best drum and bass DJ’s and producers in the world, I want to see/hear YOU play.

  • mat7thew

    another great podcast…we’ve officially turned fridays into hospital fridays here at the paper…keep bringing the beauty!

    shouts from matthew & heather!
    versailles, kentucky, usa

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Last Night Tony, Was Beyond Words…..

    You completely smashed it sir, owned everyone else up :)

    I was On The First Balcony for the whole set going completely liquid ape shit with my boys…. love that mistabishi remix you blazed…. and that L.E just one second remix……..

    any idea where i can get the just one second remix from?

    Hospitality At Matter! Got My Tickets To The Next One Today!

    Cheers, Who Da Man? Tony Da Man!

    P.S I Brought One Of those white Hospital Lighters, Very Cute.


  • Boogaloo Thom

    PS i wish someone would Remix Outnumbered….

    such an amazing song, but too chilled for a club…

    Let me remix it Tony :p

  • lucpallot

    Wicked podcast recently, just given up smoking and i’ve found d’n’b to be the best cure for it. Whenever i fancy a ciggy i just shove sum d’n’b on and go nuts.
    Can’t wait to see you at Jerseylive 2009! respect!


  • duff

    Hi Tony,

    Amazing night at Matter on friday. Some totally amazing sets. Cyantific is on the way to big big things. A great venue & the sound system was perfect.

    Only minor point was there were too many people there, it got to the stage when you couldnt move. still, defo going to be at the next one

  • georgina

    absolutely incredible night on friday at matter, the atmosphere was fantastic!!!

    totally worth coming down from liverpool for the night.

    from Georgie and Rupert.

  • Joe_SE2

    Fucking Amazing Set On Friday Tony!
    Already Got My Tickets For Hospitality On May 1st! See You There!

  • sammy lang


    saw you for first time on friday night and it was incredible
    hanging rock just siick
    and dropping where’s my money was just insane
    hi-fived you probably dont remember :P

    im also feeling the rise of cyantific as the set was just so good!

    peace out see you at matter in may!

  • BoogieDown

    Most entertaining Podcast in a while. SICK STUFF! I have already listened to it multiple times. Can’t get enough.

  • Boogaloo Thom

    I Second the Hanging Rock Drop…. Utterly amazing, so was Billion Dollar Gravy.

  • PepeDLux

    Another mind-blowing podcast. I thought after a while I’d get used to the caliber of music from the label, but every time it surprises me.

    I’d also like to give a shout out to my friend Nick H. in Portland, Oregon. He’s the person who turned me onto the podcast and all the incredible DJ’s therein, and showed me how deep and complex and truly incredible Drum n’ Bass is. I recently had to move to California away from all my friends in Portland, and I wanted to tell Nick that I miss him and all of my Portland friends like mad, and I think of them every time I listen to electronica and/or smoke hookah. Nick and all my friends made the move from Portland a lot easier, and cheered me up immensely when I got depressed about leaving, and I can’t thank them enough.

    Thank you Hospital Records for the amazing music, I wake up to Just One Second every morning and it makes getting out of bed and starting my day much easier.

    Jeremy A.

  • koza

    have been listening for a year or so now after an englishman in canada gave the nudge, feels good that i am seeing treatment from local hospital, crystal palace just up the road from me forest hill.

    been out of the clubs for a while, get old, lazy or finding hard to make time for it, so i need this as i get through life, keep up the good work for the good of all the listeners who ever and where ever we are, that require that regular treatment, boost, remedy or kick up the arse or just to enjoy the beauty and mind bend beats.

  • mikekim

    RRREEEEEEEEEWIIIIIIIIIIIIIINND on the Danny Breaks track! Just disgusting!

    The podcast really helps me out when I’m running and working out so yes, you definitely need to shout out to us gym rats who rely on your show to get things in gear.

    Maybe you can do a set and call it the Cardio-Step hour?

    Greetings from Chicago! :)

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