Hospital Podcast 81

March 12, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back in the safety of Hospital HQ after an epic weekend to bring you another podcast!

This week Tony fills you in on Hospitality at Matter last week, with well over 2000 of you coming down to the O2 for a right old knees up.

There is also news about our upcoming albums “Sick Music” and “High Contrast Confidential”, as well as new music from Danny Byrd, Luca & Jonny L…

Also, to win the Bop test pressing, first one to answer this wins…

Bop’s new single “Song About My Dog” is out on April 6th on Medschool, Bop’s dog is called Booyaka, but what breed is it?
Competition won by Easy (as he was first)

Here is Bop and his Pug “Booyaka” (who looks a bit bored).

  • E-Dub89

    Aaaaahh another freshly baked Hospital podcast packed with sweet sweet tunes. I cant wait for these songs to come out (specially the Siick Music album), so i can buy’em, bump’em in my car and spread the love..

    As someone else said, “Tony, you’re a genius!!!”

  • ralphsolly

    Bop has a greentea-drinking, banana-eating vegan with a dog named Booyaka, which is a Pug breed!

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Booyaka sounds like a pug

  • Bunge

    Pug! Pug! Pug!

  • wintermute

    i believe bob’s dog is a pug; the most awesome breed of dog in the world..

  • CryHavoc

    I do belive Bop’s dog is the one the only most ferocious breed of dog known to man no not the feared pomeranian but the mighty Pug! Bop’s dog is said to of claimed the lives of many stray children.

  • shadds

    Pug i guess im to late though cant wait for sick music! also big up to mistabishi for drop unique is all i can say!

  • SubVee

    PUG! PUG! PUG! ;)

    That Apex remix is awesome. Goosebumps!

  • Gethin

    It’s a pug isn’t it?

    Hospitality @ Matter was awesome, Tony. Your set was amazing – every tune had me jumping like crazy. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Inco

    I do believe its a pug

  • jonlane

    tony, can’t wait for hospitality tonight at the lemmy. it’s gonna be fuckin huge. sleepy exeter doesn’t get many of u london folk rolling thru here! lol. peace, jon

  • EdLazenby

    Apex remix is RUDE!

    The ‘Here we go – come on’ bit on Red Mist VIP ruins it.

  • Riley

    Contrary to what tony said there is only one test pressing to give away, so Easy wins…

    Here is Bop and his Pug “Booyaka” (who looks a bit bored).

  • katalyst

    Golden retriever, a shitszu maybe?

  • jonlane

    bop’s dog is a great dane. no doubt about it.

  • anti_gravity


    Always agreeing with you Tony, Matter is an amazing replacement for Heaven, as amazing as heaven was!

    I do belive Bop’s Dog is a pug…

    Roll on HOspitality 2 @ Matter!


  • Alegria

    The Apex remix of “Just One Second”… oh my god, absolutely huge! Can’t wait for “Sick Music” (but still “Beautiful Lies” remains the opus magnum of that compilation :P).

    “Red Mist” VIP… is different. People love that chewn a lot in the original mix, so it’s hard to top that. I’m sure people are gonna love it the more it gets played, it’s got mad dancefloor potential :)

    Big ups to the Hospital crew, mad respect from Poland.

  • olcoge

    Bop’s dog is for sure a pug! Rugby School loves you hospital!

  • duff

    When is the High Contrast Confidential launch party night? Tony said it was Thursday 26th April but there is no thursday 26th april. There is 26th March or 23rd April. Any ideas?

  • Riley

    It’s on the 16th of April at East Village in Shoreditch

  • patchwalsh

    Bop’s dog is a Pug!
    loving the Podcast, cheers

  • warnerbro

    Bop’s dog is a cheeky pug.

    On the subject of fitness… I love to sit around and eat pickled onion monster munch whilst listening to the podcast :)

    Cya in Leicester again for the return of club formation in April!

    Keep up the good work mate x

  • PsyNeko

    Bop’s dog is a pug :) Must say i love this track. Reminds me very much of alot more experimental electronica out there like Autechre and Plaid. Takes me back to my 90’s days. Bop you rock, a huge shout out. Also can i get a shout out on your next podcast, i LIVE for them!

  • sk-tter

    According to your MySpace you’ve got shows in Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne but not Sydney? I’m totally gutted, Tony. Words can not express the disappointment I am feeling right now.

    …You’d better shape up or we’re through, baby.

  • Moisty

    this one is bitter sweet for me, SO F*ing Gutted I didn’t get tickets for Matter :(

    You should do an early bird ticket thing for people who are signed up to your site and the hospital site.

    wicked pod cast tho

  • Moisty

    Zi dog is a pug i tell theeeee

  • londonelektricity

    we’re trying to get Sydders in trust me! be crazy to come out and not do it

  • cassie06

    Booyaka is very much a pug.

    Can’t wait till the release of the Siick vinyl package. The track selection is becoming more and more unbelievable. Will keep a look out for preorder options for sure! Look forward to the day my roommate and I fly over to see Hospitality at Matter, even more so now with all the positive things you have to say. Tons of love stateside.

    Cassie (& Scott)

  • zorg

    The answer is PUG.

  • nick stratton

    Bop has a Pug.
    It’s not what i would have imagined but fair play!

  • sk-tter

    *phew* Glad to hear you didn’t forget us. That restores a bit of faith. :) Cheers Tony.

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  • Riley

    1. London Elektricity – Just One Second (Apex Remix)
    2. Agent Alvin – Drift Away
    3. Danny Byrd – Red Mist VIP
    4. Bop – Song About My Dog
    5. Luca – St Bond
    6. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Fave To Face (Seba Remix)
    7. Johnny L – Evah
    8. High Contrast – Basement Track (HCs Upstairs Downstairs mix)

  • Easy


    Edit: yes, that was an entry for the Bop competition.

  • Marik

    damn! I just can’t wait to get Sick Music album! So many great tunes heard so far from your podcast!

    When it is expected to be released?

  • Maltos

    Daaaarn. Easy got there before me. Pug. He’s fast!

  • Easy

    Haha. I actually replied at 17:58 – 3 minutes after this was put up. It says 19:10 due to the edit I made. Just happened to check the site for no reason…talk about lucky.

  • Jay Ripley

    love it another sikkk podcast!!!

  • Maltos

    !! Just listening to the podcast now. It appears they have more than one to give away! Sersiouly Tony and the crew…you would make my year!

  • ltlozza

    its a pug!

  • tralfaz

    I say a Bops dog is a Doberman!

    Big shout to you Tony!

  • ocha

    The bop track is awesome! I heard his dog is a Pug. What a hero!

  • gshuffs

    Bop’s dog is a pug. You talked about it a while ago while talking about your neighbors barking dogs.

    I just downloaded the podcast though iTunes about 10 minutes ago. How did 30 people already beat me to it?

  • tobeng

    Booyaka is a pug! found it on the medschool website.
    Love the podcasts!

  • Dr.Gorman

    It looks like I’m a little late to win the Bop test pressing, but I seem to recall Bop’s dog’s name being Booyakasha (an Ali G show reference), and of course, it’s a pug.

    I just DJed my first party this past Friday, and I just wanted to give a big shout out to Tony for being such a huge inspiration to me. I probably would have never gotten my first set of turntables if it wasn’t for Hospital Records and/or London Elektricity. I would have loved to finish the night with Song About My Dog, but instead I ended with Slow Motion by Logistics, which actually worked quite well. If I win one of those TP’s I’ll be sure to play it at the next party I DJ for.

    Great show as always. Keep the tunes coming!

  • Funok

    OMG got goosebumbs when i started to listening to “Just one second (Apex Remix). Im looking forward for the future of dnb…

    Shout outs for the whole hospital stuff.

    Thx for feeding us with this beatiful music…


    Btw. Im defenitely going to buy “Sick Music LP”


    and btw. Bob´s dog is a PUG….

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Hi Tony,

    I Am Overweight and regularly Listen to Hospital bangers and the podcasts when i am stuffing my face with the sweeter tastes of life….. in no way have i ever thought of training or working out, and i rarely walk anywhere….

    I smoke alot and often drink to many red bulls, to a doctor i would be viewed as unhealthy…..

    Thank God For Hospitality, the only work out im interested in ;)

  • IronFire

    Bops dog is a pug! It has been so long since I first heard Bop on your demo cast and its great to finally see him coming to Medschool. Shame it looks like I am too late for the plates, slacking on my podcast listening by a whole day :(

    What about Despot? Still loving the Microfunk track from a while back they did. Super minimalistic beats mmmm, very chill out.

  • iotaatoi

    maybe the dog is a pug but listening to the song made me think of a small furry dog like a spaniel.

  • Dj Nbk

    Hey whats up london and crew… I have been listening to your podcast since podcast 38… My computer crashed and i lost all the older podcast i had… Now i only have podcast 67-81…
    Man i was mad if there is any way i can get those older podcast that would be awsome… I heard you ask for some one to give a shout out to you that doesn’t work out while listening to your podcast… that would be me… i normally turn the beats on while i am sitting down in my lazy boy chair and i grab a beer and play online gaming…

    i got your newest cd for christmas… and then i ordered some records offline and got one of your records in the stack “My Dreams” london elektricity versus robert owens…

  • gidskid

    Bops Dog is a pug, I did already know this its mentioned in podcast 66 i think but its one of the ones from last year any way. Cheers

  • Okibi

    Bop’s dog is a pug. Solid podcast as usual!

  • ethos

    Bop’s dog is a pug.

    Geoffrey “ethos”

  • Tjk14

    Hope it isnt too late, but Bop’s dog is a pug!!

    great podcast as usual, especially the Apex remix of Just One Second :)

    Tom x

  • sweetsugar

    just wanted to say hospitality at EXETER was epic beyond words and thank you for coming to our ‘musically challenged’ city. im going to have your podcasts locked on repeat for the next week whilst im churning out essays for uni to remind me of something good in the world!

    please produce some more music soon too

  • erc1116

    Bop’s dog is a PUG!!

  • Dj Nbk

    hey london how do i get my own mixed cds to be available on itunes like yours are?

  • aussieclarkey

    Bop’s dog is a Pug.

    The Apex remix is wiiiiiiicked.

  • saltbread

    Bop’s dog is a pug, and it’s not called Booyaka, it’s called Booyakasha, you said so on the podcast with Mistabishi…unless you were wrong then and right in this instance…maybe he’s got two?

  • Dj_Xander

    Bop’s Dog is a pug as you mentioned in podcast 79 with mishibishi who also has an irish setter.

    i quote from wikipedia;
    The Pug is a small breed of dog with a wrinkly, short muzzled face . The word “pug” may have come from the Old English pugg or “puge”, which were affectionate terms for a playful little devil or monkey. [2] Pug puppies are often called puglets.[3] The breed is often summarized as multum in parvo (“much in little”), describing the Pug’s remarkable personality despite its small size.

    Loving that new bit from agent alvin. can’t wait to get a hold of it.

    & unlike all your recent shouts, i don’t care about fitness.

    lastly, could you release some info about your tour to australia.
    any info about the perth event would be appreciated.

    Xander aka Dave

  • zac123

    Argh I need that record. HIS DOG IS A PUG!!!

  • The Exploding Man

    Uuggghh, that vinyl sounds amazing! Bop’s dog is a pug. peace

  • dtown

    Its a pug but since everyone could read the first answer every poster afterwards already had the answer. I know I know, boo-fuckin-hoo. P.S. Your podcast sucks! It’s drum and bass for faggots! Only men making love by the fire listen to this shit! I’ll see you in hell! Fuck you Hospital!

  • Junglist1001

    Bop’s dog is a pug.

    Big remix of just one second. Cant wait for the johnny l track to drop.

  • ezc

    Oooh dtown anger issues? Why are you wasting your time then? Bops dog’s a pug.

  • Colak

    it’s a pug, innit!

    red mist VIP bangs, HARD.

  • Roger Berkeley

    for pugs sake..
    guess i am way to late to win one of the tp´s.
    even i would love to get one of those for my collection.

    love the red mist vip. thanks for putting that on vinyl.
    also liked the agent alvin and the johnny l tracks.
    and thanks for playing the basement track remix.
    got it today in the mailbox.

    the hospitality was in heaven, but now moved to matter.
    so we see you there….

    big up tony.
    and if you need a ziphoody with a working zipper give me a shout.
    saw you having problems on a vid from hospitality@matter..:)

  • DJ Maximil

    RESPONSE TO dtown,

    How about…..
    you fuck off yourself,
    and crawl back into that little ket corner of yours and snort yourself into a coma.


    Big up the LE and Hospital records… keeping me sane since 2000!


  • kalm

    That Dawg is a pug.

  • ryan-a

    G’day Tony,

    Podcast 81 was bloody awesome. Every track was amazing.

    It’s a shame St Bond by Luca won’t be on the upcoming LP.

    All the best from Australia,


    P.S. I was also exercising to the podcast, sorry :)

  • londonelektricity

    LOL the zip works just a bit stiff. BBC stuff well made but this hoody is an old favorite of mine. and yes any nice freebies always appreciated!

  • londonelektricity

    oi you lot don’t give dtown a hard time – he was simply quoting from a piece of artwork i was given in Australia a few years ago. I just posted a pic on :-)

  • DJ Maximil

    shit my bad…….
    Sorry Dtown. lol
    Ignore it. :(

  • Roger Berkeley

    oh yeah, then sorry to dtown.
    so i forgot to ask.
    when is the nu:tone remix from “this dark matter” finally coming on vinyl???

    you promised it will be on vinyl…

    so give me your size, and you will get a good zipper.

  • zac123

    Haha…did not see that coming.

  • londonelektricity

    yeah i shouldn’t have done and gone said that should i :-(

    and XL :-)

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Good to finally meet you Tony sir…. nice Cambridge set too…. just can’t enough of B Complex, so good to rave to :)

  • londonelektricity

    good to meet you too mate. thought the cambridge event was flat tho – weird atmosphere in there……


    super tuns Bop_About my dog !!! Felling in 77 and 81 podcast!

  • Junglist1001

    Tony love the hospital bags. So nice not breaking my back carrying tunes.

  • pumptronics

    can’t listen whilst reading
    can’t listen whilst typing
    can’t listen whilst talking

    i don’t know how people can listen to your podcast and exercise!

    it needs concentration…to properly hear the music!

    can’t wait for bop’s track to be released….i shall be buying it for all my friends. he has a pug i think so can I enter into the competition!?

    another great podcast tony thanks. big love to the lady C and the Chairman.

    PS where do YOU go for sushi near hospital towers? can we have a sushi restaurant review?

  • -rude not to-

    Newcomer to the podcast scene, lovin em, Chilled tune by Bop, perfect work material – as for his dog – a staffy surely!!

    Currently attemptin a D&B jam on the drums wiv me flat mate on the decks, absolutely cream crackered.

    keep em comin, lovin every minute!!

  • motivasean

    I am unfit and don’t exercise!!

    Every podcast is gift that I can’t wait to rip open and enjoy. Thanks!!!

    We love your music very much here next to Disneyland in Anaheim,CA…I’ll send a shout out to Mickey for you if you send one to my wonderful girlfriend Candice

    staffordshire terrier???

  • kezla

    Can’t wait for that Bop release :)

    It’s probably been said tons already but “Drop” is an amazing album, so glad I stumbled across this podcast, you have introduced me to some amazing artists and albums (Break – Symmetry is another one)

    Apologies, I can’t recall which podcast it was played on but…Can I buy “Paint it Black” by Sigma anywhere? Can’t find it on the Hospital shop.

  • leybht

    yes tony. matter was the best club night i’ve ever been to. loved the venue and the music was stonkin! am a student up in nottingham and going raving is the only exercise i’ve done since leaving college 3 years ago. i’ve heard doing a full nights raving is as good for you as running half a marathon? i’m gonna choose to believe it.

    been a fan of hospital since i first went hospitality at heaven in feb 07 and never looked back, keep them comin mate, love the TUUUUUNES!


  • mr_infamy

    Is Bops dog a pug?

    Also, as an unfit listener can I get a shout out to Andrew in Dunedin, New Zealand.

    I listen to your podcasts on the Minidisc player in my car. I would just use the mp3 player, but I think the podcast sounds better on MD.

  • Ben Rambo Pennsylvania

    Love the pod casts!! In fact Im going to use podcast 81 for an example in my college presentation for a speech communication class. It’s a persuasive speech. Im going to persuade people to listen to drum and bass because all other music is garbage haha! And if you could please… give a shout out in the next podcast to my brother Colin for turning me on to the DnB scene when i was 14. Without him i would have never learned about this amazing music.

  • londonelektricity

    paint it black is coming soon! hold tight :-)

  • tomwilcox

    Hey Tony!

    High Contrast Confidential sounds exciting (the remix bit), but vinyl would have been pretty cool. Some bloke is currently trying to sell a vinyl copy of the Imogen Heap – Headlock remix for 199 euros on Discogs :P

  • Riley


    i will sell you my copy for £100 ;-)

  • Boogaloo Thom

    I bet Mr Nu:tone was major league pissed off with the fire alarm going off!

    Good flyering opportunity for me though ;)

  • jedwards

    bops dog is a pug

  • Easy

    Big up London, well chuffed I won the Bop test pressing…postman being slow though. What’s this rumour I hear about From Memory – Matrix Remix? Get some audio on the next podcast lad, that sounds sick! And Mistabishi – Untitled from podcast 79 on the flip please…that blew me away!

  • E-Dub89

    When you gonna drop Siick Music on us, Tony?

  • unionundergro77

    bops dog is a pug

    can i get a shout out to rory elphic for no real other reason than being a legend!

  • tomwilcox

    Ha! :P

  • calvin

    Hey Tony, another nice podcast wrapped up. I am an animation student in Detroit, Michigan and wanted to inquire about using a track for my senior film. I’m so excited. Drum and Bass came in to my life quite a while back and it has inspired a lot of my work. I want to do it the right way so any info would be great!! Keep it movin’!

  • eManZero

    Bop has a bad ass pug doesn’t he? Can’t wait to hear his stuff coming out. Totally different. Siick music sounds like its going to be mad too. Got me addicted to this whole drum and bass malarky pretty good. Keep up the good work!

  • jo_shmo492


    Thanks for the shout man, made my day! But I dont want you to misinterpret my hole digging accolades as a stereotype for your tunes. true, it can be very physically uplifting but as I’m sure you and everyone here will agree, there is nothing better than laying on your back with your eyes closed and your headphones on full.

    Thanks again man, I still think you should come and visit us up here in Brisbane.

    Peace! Joe

  • Randiesel

    I’m not a very athletic person but drum and bass is great for my design work. I’m an architecture student and probably wouldn’t be able to get through school without it. So drum and bass is not only good for working out but also for designing.

    Randy from Boston.

  • sydney junglist

    Hi Tony,

    I’ve been listening to the podcasts from the beginning and enjoying Hospital music since “Pull the Plug”.
    As an expat Londoner living in Sydney for the last 14 years, one of the only things i miss is not being able to attend Hospitality gigs, when you reel off the line up, i always wish i was going. When will you bring Hospitality to Australia ? Just imagine WINTER in the UK, SUMMER in Australia, need i say more. Looking forward to Logistics and Cyantific nxt month.

    Finally re your expansion into the exercise music sector, i just got to say i love driving my car windows down, tunes blaring, spliff in hand

    Keep up the great work

  • lpeake

    Awesome podcast, lovin that Bop track. Listened to it a million times already.

    Bop’s dog is pug.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Salmon

    You said on the previous podcast that you wanted to do some shout-outs to people who do absolutely no exercise for once. Let me assure you that the Hospital podcast will be the soundtrack to my heart attack

    George, Birmingham

  • zac123

    Tony, I thought there were four to be won???

    Just re-listened, ‘half a dozen or so.’

  • londonelektricity

    that was me being completely wrong. happens a lot.

  • rash

    Hi Tony,

    Im one of those really lazy people that try to get out everything, however will be running my own business soon and will be working of those pounds.

    Long live hospital records!



  • fatcat7493

    hey tony,
    im 18 and i recently subscribed to your podcast since i first heard your going to be playing at jerseylive!!….i come from jersey and seeing you there is gonna be the highlight of my summer, any chance of hostitality doing a lil something in jersey?? would make a lot of fans happy :)

    loving the podcast, keep up the awsome work


  • Nosewa

    Alright Tony! Podcast was spot on as ever! Give us a Shout on your next one!


    What’s wrong with Nandos?? Chicken is the food of kings!

    Take it eassssy!


  • Oddjob


    Been a long time fan of Hospital, the label and the nights are a step beyond and the true home of quality drum and bass. Currently studying music, had to to dig out the big guns over the last few weeks, cause I’ve been up all night working till six most mornings. You’ve got a thank you in my dissertation because your podcast is the sole reason I’m still alive. Literally.

    ps. Thanks for using a picture of me at the Big Chill in podcast 37 that made my day!



  • hackneylawyer

    Bop’s dog is a Pug, i have two …

  • Funok

    Congratulations to the winner!!!!

  • SarahFromNZ

    Love the podcasts! Did I hear you mention in podcast 80 that you may be touring Australia in May?…please come to Melbourne, Melbourne needs more DnB & I’m a kiwi living in Melbourne who needs more DnB:-) Also a big shout out to my little sis Anna who is now living in London.

    Oh and thanks for the Mistabishi Temper Trap remix free download tip – it makes me dance around the living room!

  • junkstar

    Check the photo of me holding the TUNE sign, bottom left when basement track remix is playing! Only just noticed! Where can I get the original?!

    Big shout out to all Hospital artists, insane launch at matter, massive heads up! Can’t wait for May to see Byrd getting involved! Made my evening to meet Elektricty, High Contrast & Marky as well.



  • VIPdnb

    I’ve been listening to the Hospital podcast since #32 and I have never worked out to it!!!! Thanks for playing amazing DnB tunes that make my morning commute to work all that much better!
    Much love from Brooklyn,

  • Funok

    Nice, DnB all arround the world!!!!

    Spread LOVE!!!

    Cheers Funok

  • gipsey

    No show in Sydney whats the crack there like!!!!
    Geordie in exile

  • theguvnor

    Hi Tony,

    Yet another amazing podcast – keep up the good work.

    I am another one of those listeners running a marathon – I am running London at the end of April for the Meningitis Trust, as a way of saying thanks for their support when my baby son had the illness. Your podcasts have helped me through many a dark hour, both in the hospital with my boy and on the road whilst training!

    I would be grateful for a London Marathon podcast, approximately four hours in length, so I have it to listen on race day!



  • dirikka

    Looking forward to next party at Matter on the 1st May!

  • Travon

    Haha, sohduln’t you be charging for that kind of knowledge?!

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