Hospital Podcast 82

March 23, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity brings you yet another fantastic podcast as we keep on broadcasting the finest drum and bass worldwide…

Loads of fresh beats from the likes of Total Science, High Contrast, Sinistarr and many more tracks you are sure to hear in the future at a Hospitality near you…

What are you saying?

  • Vet-al

    OMG, I feeling that my brains comes over… It’s amazing stuff man, as always.

  • Moisty

    Wicked podcast again Tony. some sweet tunes in there.

    I’m convinced I can here a bit of Gary Newman cars synth in the background of Central healing.. here check it out

    wicked tune all the same.

  • edocronian

    I feel your pain on the hotel room contamination.

    I once stayed in a Heathrow Travelodge type place and found a condom in the kettle.

    I only found it cos the damned thing melted to the element and stank the room out.

    Not what I needed after a rough 20 hours on a plane, and awkward as hell to explain to the hotel staff without it sounding like I was some total perv with a coffee fetish.

  • sk-tter

    Nice podcast Tony.

    Glad to hear you let the Chairman jump on the beds. My parents never gave me that kind of freedom unfortunately…

  • Plumbster

    The Sinistarr and Kiat tune on the podcast is like THE BEST tune I’ve heard in flipping ages! Its is seriously amazing!

  • E-Dub89

    I was so not ready for Archive. Shit was off the chain!

  • Runera

    Tight bro!

    Cant wait for June 5th for Auckland Show!

  • Sara

    alrite London? im british n i live in san francisco, when are you gonna come n spin out here?? miss uk drum n bass loads!!! let us know =D
    p.s play at temple, sickest venue in san fran

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Yes Tony!

    Nice n Bassy Podcast….

    Enjoyment All Round, Thanks For My Slightly Embaressing Shout lol….

    not many tunes stood out for me this podcast, the siick music stuff is amazing.. so gutted its not coming out til June, first track of the podcast and the break remix were the stand out for me! Kasra Da Man.


    Boogaloo Thom :)

  • Robbie87

    studying in costa rica at the moment, so having to endure heaps of that reggeaton shite they play over here. however your podcast keeps me going in this time of need. DROP is incredible.


  • Googs

    Hi Tony, can’t wait for your visit back to Melbourne! The Espy (pronounced Esp-ee which is short for The Esplanade Hotel) is gonna be wicked! You might even be able to do a restaurant review on the Espy Kitchen???!!!

    Anyway, hope you can give a shout out to my brother Timma and his fiancee Kwiddle and my girl Cookie. All four of us are mad Hospital fans and will all be there when you and Wrec come on down south of the equator to tear up the ‘Burn. See you soon!



  • tomwilcox

    Seems like on all the most recent podcasts, every time I think: ‘hmm, that’s a pretty nice tune, perhaps I’ll try to find out where to get it’, you then say ‘And this will be on the forthcoming Sick Music compilation’! (the Break remix of Spectrasoul is an exception ;-))

    It feels like there’s already been too many good ones for one release!

    Looking forward to June already (although, I don’t want it to come too soon, the deadline for my thesis is then)

  • guido-daido


    Great Podcast and great news about an Aus/NZ Tour! Ill be there in NZ’s d’n’b capital (Christchurch), but why the hell you playing at coyote bar!? Ah well you’ll tear it up anyways!

  • djpriors


    Oh my giddy gosh!!

    Been waitin for this remix of renegade snares to come out for ages!!

    Was playin with Fabio in Plan B about a year ago and he dropped this and i nearly dropped my pint…

    Begged n pleaded with him for a copy but he did high contrast true and kept it on the down low…

    I will be purchasing this rather splendid piece of music the day it comes out…

    Congrats on another superb podcast man… and watch out for those little kids… anything below eye level is dangerous!!

    Big shouts to SIBBS KYZA and PRIORS for helping me do my radio show whilst having a BBQ last sunday… BBQ meat and dnb go hand in hand…


  • anti-klimaks

    Hey guys at london elektricity and hospital, sending a shout out from cape town south africa, actually just returned from the UK which i loved. just like to thank you lot for a awesome podcast, cause hearing these new and exclusive tunes really amp me up, to write my own. so i think a south africa tour is due then, what do you think?

    by the way luca and break rip ass

  • ArkeeDUB

    Thank you for yet another superb podcast! The Sabre track “Global” sounds like it should be a MedSchool cut! The HC remix of Regegade Snares literally kills it dead.

    Good news! It looks like I’m not the only Hospital fan currently residing in Cape Town! (See post below)

    Remember that offer to get the street team together still stands! BLESS UP!

    Douglas Harding
    (Temporary Capetonian, permanent Hospital fan)

  • CEG

    @ djpriors

    That track’s been out for ages! I Bought it on iTunes in ’07 or maybe early ’08. Sick sick track.

    Here is link, otherwise yeah just wait for Confidential.

  • sibbs sibbington

    hey tony
    please give a big shout out on the next podcast to my girlfriend kate. she has been traveling round asia for 4 months and ive missed her loads and she gets back on the 23rd and i have secretly got her and me tickets to hospitality at matter as her welcome home present. we love the label we love the brand we love the nights. cant wait.
    much love sibbs.

  • anna_king

    alrite London? im british n i live in san francisco, when are you gonna come n spin out here?? miss uk drum n bass loads!!! let us know =D

  • Riley

    1. Sinistarr and Kiat – Black Diamonds
    2. Spectrasoul – Alibi (Break Remix)
    3. Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (High Contrast Remix)
    4. Sabre – Global
    5. Total Science – Archive
    6. Trei – Justify
    7. SKC, Hydro, Monk – Headfirst
    8. Mindscape and Stu – Retribution
    9. City Reverb – Central Heating (Drumsound and Bassline Smith Remix)

  • Kutuzov

    Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (High Contrast Remix) – YEAH!
    cant wait for sick music lp.

  • Maltos

    Wicked podcast as awlays.
    Loving the feel of all the tracks. Awesome new music comming through!

  • SMP

    Wow Tony, youre coming to Tallinn, thats where I live. Is the event going to have an age limit? Im 14 and truly love drum and bass but havent ever been to a dnb concert, beacause they all have an age limit of 18. Now thats sad.

  • Easy

    Easy London! It’s a mate, rather than a matess. Both sides of the Bop 12″ are sick…I’ve been rinsing it. The amount of totally unsuitable tracks that Song About My Dog mixes out of beautifully is amazing…I’m stealing your ‘set-ender’ use for it, it totally comes out of nowhere and sounds amazing every time! Cheers again mate. Feel free to send me test pressings in the future…;)

  • Dr.Gorman

    You’re right, nobody is ready for Sick Music. The tracks so far have been absolutely amazing, especially Drift Away and Archive. Hopefully you can help prepare us for the release over the coming months.

    Great podcast as always. Keep the tunes coming and we’ll keep listening.


    Great podcast again Tone, amazing musical treats this week! Haha that is funny you stayed in the Belfry in Cambourne – that village is like a prison! Did you not feel a bit odd driving into that place? Catch you soon, peace

  • londonelektricity

    Cambourne felt exceedingly weird, it was like a deserted film set village

  • Funok

    Hey Tony,

    great podcast again. Especially Sinistarr. Do you remember demopodcast 43??? i dont think so, it was years ago, but there was a track called “nothing but you”, and i still cant find it. Any Ideas???

  • humanisticmystic

    Finding a new Hospital Records Podcast in my downloads tab is like finding a new twenty dollar bill, every damn time!

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Big up Tony…
    I think the Central remix is actually out already. :)

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