Hospital Podcast 83 – Your Demos

March 30, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back with your best demos that have been sent to us via our aim inbox hospitaldubs. Only send us your best two tracks please, as mp3s not Wavs…

what do you think of these?


  • Funok

    there is a tune from netsky called “starlight” could you play it next podcast plz===???

  • Roger Berkeley

    lost in tokyo, vintage and the metro track are my favs.

    btw the pic shown with the metro track shows a german supermarket, where only retailers are allowed to buy.
    you can buy there all kinds of food but in big, big portions like a 5 kilo ketchup bucket.
    actually you could film a tour through this supermarket and play the track to it.
    it will match perfectly.
    guess riley picked the pic. so good choice, mate!
    and i also know that the car is a metro, too;)

    can´t wait for the agent on the next podcast.

  • E-Dub89

    Superb demos, people!
    These hardly sound like demos. lol
    30 mins of gold! Seriously.

    Tony, since Agent Alvin is up next, could you ask where we could find that amazing tune “Penarta” from WAY way back in podcast 17? That tune is heavy! Thanks.

    Long live the demo inbox! :)

  • so fresh

    Dubson has the best wobble bass ever. just had to subscribe to say this. give us some more…

  • Shivaxi

    Excellent, of course. Only disapointment was that none of my demos made it =( Oh well, next month then lol.

    Also, that Donnie Dubson tune “Battle Cat” really stood out for me. Get that tune signed or something =P I wanna hear that more often in later mixes ;)

    Keep it comin’ =)

  • djb64

    Great Demo Podcast again ,

    Yeah,the stand-out tunes were …

    Amos Los – Lost on Tokyo
    Derrick & Tonika – Creme Brulee

    for me too!!


  • Martn

    Mr Colman,

    awesome selection as ever,

    donnie dubson as good as ever and the sable grey is also stunning.

    Btw FINALLY bought your syncopated city album – and its pretty hard to listen to without hearing your voice all over it if you are used to the pocasts as I am :P

  • ArkeeDUB

    Yes. This Democast was excellent. Amoss “Lost in Tokyo” is stunning.

    The “Danny Byrd is a porn-centric maximallist” comment almost made me fall of my seat…nice one Tony.

    Plus, I have a question for yourself and Agent Alvin for next weeks podcast: Why wasn’t “Penarta” on the “Weapons of Mass Creation 3″ LP?! It was hinted at but unfortunately never happened. That tune was stand-out superb and deserves to be released as a 12″ single! Please tell us why this didn’t happen and also where we can get hold of that track. Respect!

    Douglas Harding
    (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • ryan-a

    I have a question for Alvin for the next ‘cast!

    Is he going to release the ‘Love Lost’ track on his January 2009 Studio Mix?

    It’s ace!

    P.S. Can’t wait to see LE live in Melb. AU in the coming months!

  • petersandbach

    For me it was Amos and Metro! By the way, when are you coming to Manchester?!

  • cbrowncolors

    Loved the tune you opened with by Sable Gray! sooo smooth like a buttery icing I want to lick from my fingers.

    • Ziarre

      You know what, I’m very much incnleid to agree.

  • guyforks1

    Didn’t really like Metro but loved Sable Grey and Donnie Dubson, I just wish the podcast lasted longer, its getting shorter everytime and I just want more!!

    Long live D&B

  • E-Dub89

    Creme Burlee makes me hungry when i hear it.

    Deliciously smooooooth!

  • Easy

    Loving the demos. Hospital crew/anyone, is there a recording of the Drive By show on Kiss FM from March? I missed it and it wasn’t on the Kiss website until today I believe, which means it’s no longer available for streaming…I would be eternally grateful if someone could upload it/post a link!

  • samuli

    Massive “demos”.

    Must be the time of the year as one stood out.

    Huge shout to Bassface S. & Franksen for Early Spring

  • Spoony J

    Metro’s track was sick. But that last track was killer. Loved all of them though, good stuff.

  • Amoss

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the love!

    So you know it’s two s’s in Amoss.

    You can find us at

    give us an add!

    Big ups to Tony for including us in the podcast!


  • Boogaloo Thom

    Lost In Tokyo Is A Tune…. Nice Nice Demo’s Sir Tony.

  • Maltos

    A really great demo-cast this time Tony!

    Bassface Sacha and Franksen – Early Spring and Spherique – Vintage really stood out for me. Great tracks.

    Also just a word about the Song About My Dog 12″. Landed on my doorstep this morning. I was in awe when I opened it. Superb packaging! I’m very glad you didn’t release promos. It was worth waiting that little bit extra for.
    This is something special…

  • al leno

    big ups spherique and ukrainian friends, gorgeous vibes

  • al leno

    i must admit, i have written the previous message before i actually listened to the podcast, but having done that i felt that i haven’t said enough about derrick and tonica – great work you two, you really got my ear’s attention there, keep it up

  • dirikka

    Mate!!! Amoss – Lost in Tokyo has one of the sickest basslines of any demos you’ve played …sign them bruv!

  • Riley

    1. Sable Gray – The One That Got Away
    2. Amos – Lost In Tokyo
    3. Bassface Sacha and Franksen – Early Spring
    4. Spherique – Vintage
    5. Derrick and Tonika
    6. Metro – Metro
    7. Donnie Dubson – Battle Cat
    8. Netsky – Come Back Home

  • swt

    wiked! thx
    great music again:)

  • Kutuzov

    Derrick & Tonika – Creme Brulee

  • Marik

    I see some familiar names here!

    from Ukraine with love! (remember those sweets???) =)

    BTW, did you know that recently Derrick & Tonika became happy young parents of pretty lady called Julia?

  • SamuelD

    Jus wanted to say that this was yet another great demo cast..Netsky’s tune is just amazing..thanks for introducing me to another great artist, his tunes are definitely worth a listen!
    Just one more thing…is MRSA’s “different” going to be released at all..cant stop going back to hear it!
    Loving your music and podcasts as always, Sam

  • SamuelD

    Oh and could you give a quick shoutout to the Liverpool University Crew..we danced on stage with you at Magnet in Liverpool haha…and ran into you at the toilets in Matter…seems we cant escape your music :) …Hospital Mix 5 always comes on before a night out!

  • tomwilcox

    Someone release Lost in Tokyo, Early Spring and Vintage! I want.

    Also, I very much agree with SamuelD… Luckily MRSA is at the beginning of that podcast so it’s easy to have a quick listen, but it’s time for a release!

  • Moisty

    this pod cast is the only reason I have itunes on my pc, long may it be that way!

  • Dr.Gorman

    It’s great to see Donnie Dubson on the podcast again. I’m still listening to Anti Depressing Soul Music ever since I first heard Goonies on podcast 72.

    I have to agree with the comments people are making about MRSA – Different. If that track is unsigned (and I’m pretty sure it still is), you guys should sign it! I still listen to podcast 73 just so I can hear that tune. It would be great to have that track on vinyl so that I could play it at my gigs.

  • Paddyd

    Amos Los lost on Tokyo
    Derrick & Tonika – Creme Brulee

    Oh my, pure joy!!!!

  • SammyAl

    Absolutely loving that Netsky tune!!

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