Hospital Podcast 84 with Agent Alvin

April 3, 2009 in Podcast

In the studio this week chatting to Tony is none other than kiwi beat merchant Agent Alvin.

With his track “Drift Away” coming on Hospital’s compilation “Sick Music” in June, Agent Alvin is the first guest of many to come and tell us what they are upto…

Sick tunes as always plus your usual dnb updates, get involved

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  • Maltos

    Great to hear some of the Agent Alvin stuff i’ve been missing out on!

    Also that new Nu:Tone track is quite epic!

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Tony, Who are you knocking off at the BBC? the other night was the second Hospital Reference in Eastenders in the last 2 months lol

  • Gizm0

    Just listenend to the latest, and as always sounded great. Savage tunes.
    Would love to see a bit Hospitality here in Enschede in the Netherlands, never enough DnB gigs on here unfortunately. Either way keep up the good work.

  • E-Dub89

    Hope you get over your music constipation, Tony =)

    Banger of a podcast.

  • CEG

    Please bring Hospitality to NZ! I can’t imagine anything better than that. Just tried for a few seconds and yeah nah, you guys just have to do it

  • PsyNeko

    Huge shout out to Agent Alvin! Wicked podcast, up there as one of the best!

  • duganaught

    Come down and play in Queenstown, NZ! We have a massive DNB scene going on down here! Last time you played at SUBCULTURE, six years ago was truly awesome! We’ll all travel up to Christchurch and see ya anyway, but it would be great to see ya down here! Great work Tony!

  • DJ Maximil

    Sound tunes as always Mr C!

    …on a side note: I don’t know how long this has been public knowledge (or whether it’s me being really behind the times) but I’m not keen on the idea of DJ Hero, wtf? I’m baffled.

    I don’t know what to make of it, its either hate it or like it, (definitely couldn’t put love there, I don’t think I could love a fake plastic turntable that has sample buttons on it.) And I’m on the fence. :|
    After reading this:

    I wasn’t too convinced; it sounds bollocks, and not the good kind. Ha, I love Sundays full of useless fun.
    Oh and Tony, I think your webstie isn’t on daylight savings yet. :P

  • crazyjoyce

    who else noticed the Hospitality @ Heaven poster in Eastenders this week!! ah the good old days, matter does own that stinking homo sweat box

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Is The High Contrast MGMT Remix going to get a release…. such a big tune.


  • tomwilcox

    Agree with Gizm0! Hospitality Holland is much needed :P

    Though I think you’d be a bit ambitious with the whole Enschede idea mate – you and I know that most of the good gigs go to the Randstad area (I’m saying this as a Groningen dweller) ;-)

  • barclaywinter

    Great to see Agent Alvin on the podcast. His first album is rather good, Tony give it a whirl.

    Bring Hospitality to NZ! I’ll be forever grateful.

    Cheers Tony.

  • A-Plus


    Glad you were able to catch Agent Alvin while he dropped on by.

    Please give a shout out to my daughter Ayano, who will be 2 years old on April 13th. I wish you made the Panda shirt in toddler size :) Perhaps you need a kids lineup of Hospital T-shirts!

    A-Plus (Torrance, California)

  • ArkeeDUB

    Hi Tony, Thanks for the awesome Q and A session with NZ talent Agent Alvin. I really hope that the High Contrast MGMT remix gets a release as that tune is so good that it gave me goosebumps!

    I hope that you get over your writers block soon! A world without potential new LE tunes would be a dark place indeed.

    Please give a shout out to Emily Donovan (recent convert to DNB) and the Petersfield massive…I’ve been out here in Cape Town for nearly 6 months now and miss the crew alot right now!

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep endeavouring to get more people subscribing.

    Douglas Harding (Cape Town)

  • Laurie

    Just a warning peeps, Drift Away is very addictive. But I don’t need to tell you that, do I…?

    Another great podcast Tony, I can’t wait until Sick Music is released.

  • lordimmortal

    Hey Tony sick podcast this week. As soon as I herd Super Highway on iTunes. When is Evah from Johnny L coming out ? need that tune. Keep up the great work mate. You got me back into my D&B after a move to Aus back in 2002. Ait that big out here but the podcast helps big time for new tunes. also mate if you could give me a shout Mark from Newcastle in Australia

  • EdLazenby


    Podcast’s amazing as always!

    But I really wanted to say that you and the rest of the hospital lads dominated Snowbombing. Iv just got back and I have to say that your night was the best I have ever been to. Shat all over Chase & Status’ night. I was so glad to see the revised line-up (Hospital all in the same room) as the Snowbombing booklet had Logistics and Cyantific in the second room.
    I loved everyone’s sets and thought that the three tracks each bit was amazing!!
    Don’t know if you remember but I gave you a cheeky thumbs up and a bit of a wink (not in a gay way), I had some shit Gola fishing hat on.
    Loved your enthusiasm running up and down the stage and wearing vinyl as a hat.
    Well done all of you, thanks for making an amazing festival even better!


    P.S High Contrast’s girlfriend is fit!

  • jexmachine

    Sup Tony – lovin’ the latest Podcast… can’t get enough of Agent Alvin! The question now is… When are you going to get Agent Alvin to play a Hospitality Gig?!!! It’s gotta happen!

    Lovin’ your work… and everyone @ Hospital Records – Respect!

  • amy.n.wilson

    Hello! My name is Amy and I live in San Francisco. I have been loving DnB for 10 years now, but a few years ago I got disconnected because there is not much of a scene here in California, and because most of my friends think it’s bizarre. So, over time I kind of got away from it. Then I subscribed to your podcast! It is amazing how happy it makes me to listen to fresh, beautiful drum and bass. And I love the chatting because I learn a lot about new music! Now I am totally inspired and listen to drum and bass ALL OF THE TIME. Your podcast has changed my life. THANK YOU!!!
    I am visiting Europe in September and I want to plan the entire trip around DnB events in London. Any suggestions?!?!
    Much love and respect!

  • Roger Berkeley

    nice one as usual.
    all the alvin tracks are dope, but yeah the hc remix of time to pretend is big.
    hope it´s gonna be released. otherwise i am willing to buy his dubplate. for sure.

    so now i am gonna listen to the new podcast with the contrast.

  • londonelektricity

    one big suggestion for September – Hospitality at Matter!

  • fishtoasty

    Wicked Man has the back tune that sounds like an old street fighter melody on the SNS. Lovin’ It. 3.15 mins in.

  • skywalkerrss

    I really wanted to say that you and the rest of the hospital lads dominated Snowbombing.

  • Riley

    1. Agent Alvin – Superhighway
    2. Agent Alvin – Don’t Look Back
    3. Agent Alvin and Antiform – Counter Intelligence
    4. Agent Alvin – Wicked Man
    5. Agent Alvin – Love Lost
    6. Nu:Tone – Mercy Mercy
    7. Lomax – Artisan VIP
    8. MGMT – Time To Pretend dnb mix
    9. Agent Alvin – Drift Away

  • eerik


  • Kutuzov

    not bad.

  • Marik

    “Wicked Man” was one of those tracks that I was looking forward to get on vinyl since I heard firs it in your podcast. And now finally some fresh tracks from Agent Alvin!

  • Marik

    Love Lost and Drift Away are simply great!!!
    Can’t wait to get “Sick Music”! It will be one of the best compilations in the history of modern dnb, I think.

    P.S.: and “dark side” fully swallowed Nu:Tone :(

  • londonelektricity

    no it hasn’t!

  • swt

    love it:)

  • Marik

    well, I hope so… cause it’s been long since we heard something like “Brave Nu World”…
    And I really liked that sound!

  • chrisdajunglist

    I am addicted to this podcast, once i get a new one its on 24 7…keep it up. – Respect

  • TôrY

    “Dirft Away” —> Wicked Tune
    “Time 2 Pretend”—> Very good rmx
    I love Ur Stuff ^^

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