Hospital Podcast 85 With High Contrast

April 8, 2009 in Podcast

The one and only High Contrast is the guest this week as he tells us all about his new album “High Contrast Confidential” which you can pre order – HERE.

All the news, plus remixes and new tracks from Penarth’s finest in this bumper podcast…

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  • Maltos

    Classic podcast. Hilarious throughout!
    Also, thanks for the shout Tony! Made my day when I heard it.

    And that High Contrast remix of MGMT is absolutely stunning. Seriously needs a release somehow.

    Bop never ceasing to amaze me as always. Wicked title and the beats are so crisp. It’s amazing.

    Similar thoughts about the new Randomer track too. Awesome!

  • ad-one

    On my 4th listen to this podcast now

    “i listened to the podcast from 1-30 before i feel out of love with drum n bass selling my decks and trying to move on. i decided to start subscribing again about 10 podcasts ago now it is all i listen to. thank you for reigniting my passion for drum n bass. i only just turned 18 and am saving my concert viginity for you when you come to perth, australia =P love live drum n bass

    Adam, perth australia”

  • MacCrockett

    Great Podcast, thank you. One of the best of the ones I’ve known, up there with the Q project and Mistabishi casts.

    Great Banter throughout, making it a joy to hear you muddy all the tracks with your yammering(-;

  • Chalex

    Number 85 Smashed it. Well hyped up for matter! gonna be well worth the wait

  • katalyst

    Bop minisite has a really clean design, although the server seems to be a little slow (maybe just for me?)

    To be honest when I saw this podcast was > 1 hour, I felt a little stirring in my loin.

  • inorganik

    Great cast! I think the B-Complex ~ 3 Dots sounds similiar to Moby ~ Porcelain. Good tune.

  • fishtoasty

    This guy just rules roost! Fantastic efforts from the London himself as well as the Contrast.

    I would like to see a London Contrast or a High Elektricity in the future!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  • djb64

    Come on Adam , Cyantific & Logistics are playing in Perth tommorrow … can’t wait …. Then Agent Alvin & Mistabishi in a couple of weeks , And then LE at the end of May … What a great time for DnB in Perth!!!

  • divisonist

    Hello their Tony,

    just listened to your massively engaging podcast once again, this one really that some deep metaphysical feelings, most possibly had the most depth in variety for months and definitely infused many ideas of my own. But my main focus of this comment is the reason of memory and time and how it relates to the overall podcast, this is because both yourself and high contrast mentioned dates of when things were released and a number of times you both got it wrong exactly a year for example terminator 1984, but really was 1985, when you asked lincoln about when you visited his studio in 1999, he said 2000, this occurs again with dates relating to 01 and 02 in connection to lincoln’s album release at herbal, would you say its also a link to your emphasis on mistakes and creatvitiy in the podcast and how it relates to the true ethics of high contrasts’ music this memory and time. But as a positive link i like the repetition in the mistake of time and memory as it really captured the genuine feeling of the music and overall podcast narrative, clever stuff. I loved it when you discussed the subject around carefully constructed melodic sections in a tune, it really made me understand why this music is worthwhile.Anyhow thanks a lot for the music its really refreshing on all parts. Hope you all well at hospital!

  • londonelektricity

    what? who? when?

  • Hugobishi

    bop’s beats = metaphisical wanking.

    0:41 sampled?

  • ArkeeDUB

    Thanks for the shout out Tony…made my day! Really enjoyed this podcast, it was great to finally have the High Contrast in the studio again. I can’t believe the HC Blue Sonix remix wasn’t better known before the Confidential album…its stunning.

    Loving the new Randomer track “Modem Jazz” Rohan Randomer’s music is seriously fresh!

    Good luck with the HC Confidential launch party night AKA the street party!

    Douglas Harding, Cape Town

  • inorganik

    Great cast, per the ush!

    Thought you might like to know, I’ve started a dnb podcast in which give Hospital a ton of support.

    Check it out here:

    Keep of the great casts! I loved the one with Agent Alvin too. Siick music will be big.

  • hazzab2104

    the b complex track on the new podcast is massive. sounds like venetian snares. anywhere i can get it?

  • matt sentance

    what’s happening hospitality!! Just to say best podcast I have ever subscribed to truly massive!! Keep up the good work. If possible could you give a big shout out to matt sentance and the Bingham drum and bass squirrel crew up in nottz. Us boys and girls never miss a show loving all the work you guys do on the scene!! Big up be complex big tunage!! Thanks hospitality over and out

  • Gizm0

    Again another +A class podcast, helped me to recover after the banging weekend I had. Nero – Pendulum Dj set – Noisa – Appleblim. Wasnt exactly Hospitality but none the less pure class. Keep up the good work.

  • mammelon

    Hi Tony.
    The gig in Tallinn @ Prive was very very very good. Nice tunes, great mixing from you and mr Mark Slavin. I realy hope you come to Tallinn more often because us, the jungelists are always looking for a good party!
    And of course i’m loving the podcast. Keep up the great work.

  • kaspars


    I just wanted to say, that I really enjoyed your set at Tallinn. For a moment I thought that the floor would collapse.. absolutely wicked! And I agree with Aivar, you definitely should visit us more often!


  • sniperwolf

    Hey Tony if you could give a shout out on your next podcast to my girlfriend Lauren who is graduating on the 2nd of May from University Of Michigan that would be pretty amazing. Thanks from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan!


  • benjimans

    Great podcast!! Thanks so much for the quality music. Great to hear from the person behind the music too. Keep up the good work, and so right about Matter – shall be seeing you on May 1st. Ben x

  • Funok

    My town where im from suxx… only pricks who are listening to mainstream and commercial music… cant support this… its time for a revoloution… people like me and you are something special… god gave us the holy gift of DNB, we should be grateful… there is no kind of music that touches my sould like drum and bass… :)

    God bless you Tony and all dnb headz arround…

    CHeers Funok

    PS: I think this should be a shout out worth…

  • angus648

    I lost my iPod, with 1000 dnb tunes on it! What can I do? My life feels empty without my hospital beats…
    Can you play Inner City Life by [Re:Jazz] or Original Sun by Sunship for my brother Luke? He’s been sad recently and that might cheer him up.
    Anyway, thanks for doing such an awesome podcast, it gets me through the morning along with some good scottish porridge!
    peace out, Angus

  • Yablett05

    Hey there,
    Just heard you’ve lined up a Sydney gig. Awesomeness! Just need to find someone to go with now, as my wife is up the duff and I don’t want the bass vibrations to explode her stomach Aliens style…

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Hey Tony….

    Shame About The Set Up At The Remix Show…. Still A Nice Set Though, Its Great To Say That I Have Opened For London Elektricity!

    i noticed you played the demo of beautfiul lies…. doesnt have the same build up as the finished product. Any Reason?

    Safe…. Counting Down The Days Till Hospitality, My One And Only Work Out ;)

  • cheekychappie

    Podcast 85 with High Contrast was MASSIVE – nice one Tony. Can’t wait for the next one and i’m dying to find out how Lincoln DJ’s without headphones – WTF? To recycle another internet meme – Hospital is full of WIN. Cheers – cheeky.

  • mgkiwi

    Hey Tony,

    Just wanted to say wicked podcast. At the moment im studying music in general but want to go onto to study music management/production at Southampton University. To get there i have to pass the course im doing in waterloo this year and to pass the course i need to complete a project on a type of music.i have managed to blag my way through all the heads of music and the course supervisors to be allowed to do it on D&B and no-one else has ever managed it. I fought long and hard to be able to do it on hospital music, but some of the conditions are that we have to get an interview, a write up of an event and some recordings/musical examples.
    I wanted to use some of your podcasts for the musical examples but i don’t have anything for an event.I just missed out on getting a ticket for matter on the 1st of May and i’d been looking forward to a hospital event for ages as I was too young for heaven.(As much as i tried to get in under the radar!)I was just wondering if this was a valid enough reason to be able to get a ticket!i know its extremely cheeky but i soooo wanna come to the event.

    Cheers tony keep the podasts coming. Have been a dedicated listener since podcast 45 and will always continue to be!

    Matt in Surrey

    (Sorry about the essay!)

  • AsHeN

    Really really digging M.R.S.A’s tune “G-Force”! You guys gonna release that one?! Great podcast as always Mr.Elektricity!

  • eggnog

    Hey Tony I’m trying to use non-Apple software/hardware to download the podcast (shock horror!). I’ve tried using Google Reader to add your podcast RSS feed, but I don’t think it’s properly formatted – the tracklistings show, but no link to the podcast itself.

    I’ve tried a few other sites that read podcast feeds (like, but they all think the feed is invalid too. Maybe you need to change a few things round in the RSS feed?

    Here’s hoping you can fix it! I’d hate to have to download iTunes!

  • music ace

    I just couldnt leave your website before telling you that I actually enjoyed the top quality data you offer to your visitors? Will be again often to check up on new posts

  • Riley


    1. High Contrast – 7 Notes In Black
    2. Ils – No Soul HC Remix
    3. Calibre – Untitled
    4. Friction and K-Tee – Fired up
    5. Bop – Tears Of a Lonely Metaphysician
    6. Two Fisted Tales – Rushmore
    7. High Contrast – Music Is Everything
    8. M.R.S.A – G-Force
    9. Blue Sonix – This Feeling HC Remix
    10. Randomer feat Reds – Modem Jazz
    11. High Contrast – Return Of Forever
    12. B-Complex – 3 Dots
    13. Two Fisted Tales – Fugue State
    14. Adele – Hometown Glory HC Remix

  • Kutuzov


  • tralfaz

    Lincoln, it is high time that you got in to have a sit down with Tony! Much, much too long of a wait. Thanks for all of the killer tunes over the years. Can’t wait to hear the future sounds. If it is anything like 7 notes then we are all in for a treat. I dropped it right before John B played and the crowd and the other DJ’s jaws dropped!



  • Marik

    I remember how I got into dnb: about 6 years ago I once bought two mixed cds by one of Ukrainian djs that were simply called “Drum and bass #4″ and “Drum and bass #5″. I was wondering what this “drum and bass” was – never heard this music before.
    Two tracks from these compilations (“Make It Tonight” and “Return of Forever”) by someone called “High Contrast” were constantly on repeat.
    Thanks to these two tracks right now dnb is my favourite music, thanks to these two tracks I am dnb dj!

    DNB music is my everything! :)

    Thanks HC! =)

    P.S.: Pre-order made. Waitin’ 4 release!

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Very Very Funny Podcast Tony… I Think Bop Is A Genius, I Cannot Wait For His Album…. I Love Rovor, Universum and nothing makes any sense… Next Hospitality Room 2, GO ON TONY YOU KNOW U WANNA!

    We Have Bop As Boogaloo Beat’s Recommendation Of The Month ;)


  • djb64

    Really enjoyed the podcast … great chat with HC, Everything you produce is a joy to the ear … keep it up !!!

    ‘Music is everything’ is still such a great tune … would have loved to hear it ‘Live’ …



  • Boogaloo Thom

    Micromix is also emotional :)

  • humanisticmystic

    Best episode in months! Great set to hear on this sunny day in Virginia.

  • mungabba

    Great Podcast as always, finally one with the Contrast, can’t wait for his new album. I absolutely love M.R.S.A – G-Force… where can I buy it? I need this song in my life! Peace!

  • Charles.Bateson

    Hey hey!,
    Im SO very glad u found a spot in Sydney on the 3rd. I went to check out Sigma and Mistabishi on the 22nd. (Bass Drop) Really nice venue and awesome turn out.
    I was so excited and energetic @ the door the Owner of Favela (the club) asked if i wanted to promote there. SO Roll on the 3rd cant wait to see u there.

    Being From London/Cambridge and coming to Australia iv felt me DnB has taken a bk seat but with kind acts as urs, big faces showing up and ever growing talent emerging things are looking up! FINALLY, IT WOULD SEEM PPL ARE SEEING THE LIGHT!!
    Keep up the GR8 work and one day hopefully i can be as inspirational as u.

    Charlie B

  • Dugy09

    Loved the 85th podcast my 2 favourite hospital artists in 1 session I can’t wait for confidential. Unfortunatly I’m deployin with the navy for the rest of the year but I got a hospital t shirt yesterday so il be representing round the world ha ha. Hospitality keeps me sane while I’m at sea keep bangin out the amaizing tunes like I know you will, Thanks. Dugy

  • sammy lang

    great podcast
    whens 86 coming out?

  • Moisty

    Highcontrast smashed the pants off it the other week!

    Hospitality at matter this weekend, I may do a sex wee I’m that excited!!!!!!!!

  • lukeclark

    Thanks for hitting Newcastle this weekend. Best night of my life. Can’t get just one second out of my head. Please come back soon! Maybe start a new hospitality Geordie style?

    cheers x

  • mattt

    Just wondering if anyone found out the name of the calibre track, the 3rd one on the podcast?

  • sniperwolf

    Hey Tony if you could give a shout out on your next podcast to my girlfriend, Lauren, who is graduating on the 2nd of May from the University Of Michigan that would be pretty amazing. I listen to the podcast all the time and love it! You do a phenomenal job! Thanks all the way from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan!


  • aer0

    Awesome podcast yet again. that MGMT remix is insane and it NEEEEDS to be released vynil digital whatever i just wanna buy that track

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