Hospital Podcast 86

April 29, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back in the hot seat with some fresh dubs and dnb news, bootlegs a plenty of Calvin Harris and Mistabishi, as well as new tracks fro Fresh, Cyantific and Blumarten!

  • red dave

    Mr. Elektricity,

    I have two great ideas regarding the printer jam remix:

    1. (Most importantly!) Play it on the valve at Leeds tonight. Please, please!

    2. Release it as a free download to your faithful podcast listeners


  • tempest

    Hey Tony, loving the remix of mista’s printer jam. Quality stuff, there – but I’ve got to say that Tim Exile is a really hard act to follow.

    Seriously – that guy’s a maniac. There’s a Reakor demo video of him in the studio and I think the guy is hardwired into the machines by the end.

  • inorganik

    Great cast!

    To help that guy out-

    Morriconian: Sounding like Ennio Morricone- produced movie themes in the 60s and 70s including “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

    Playful- Music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, experimental and perhaps even humorous.

  • inorganik

    Link to Blu Mar Ten’s twitter list-

  • sammy lang

    sick podcast tony
    cant stop listening to calvin harris remix and printer jam remix
    hopefully hear them at matter tomorrow night?
    and also brookes brothers are on the lineup on the hospital website but not on the matter website, are they playing?
    love to hear their star guitar remix tomorrow night
    see you there!!
    sammy lang

  • Laurie

    Another amazing podcast this week Tony, I loved too many of the tunes to say which ones I enjoyed the most.

    This podcast is helping me get through the GCSE’s that I’m doing at the moment. Here’s a little warning to people doing the French GCSE exams; the oral examination is a bitch to revise for. Lets just say that spending dozens of hours learning pages of French off by heart isn’t too much fun.

    I’m still counting the days until the release of the Sick Music LP. I’ll be getting some beginner turntables in June and I think that I’ll be mixing the album non-stop at home. Well.. I’ll be attempting to mix. I might not get the gist of it straight away, but at least I’ll be going the vinyl way.

    Laurie Ewen, Essex

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Hey Tony….

    Not Long Now Until Hospitality… Caneee Frikin Wait!

    I Thought the Calvin Harris Remix was piss poor, it was just the original song sped up.

    However the printer jam remix, that is almighty, actually prefer it to the original, and im not even much of a fan on dubstep! but that tune, seriously, completely awsome….

    Safe, might see about tomorrow night sir.

  • matt sentance

    What’s happening Tony awesome podcast yet again. Mitsibishi remix truly monumental!!

    Having recently being bitten on the bum by that vicious beast known as the government and joining the mass ranks of the unemployed your podcasts and mind boggling tunes are the true force driving me forward!! So much so University beacons come September and as a tribute for guiding me through I guarantee to tear the place up and spread the love hospital style!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • red dave

    Yes yes yes!

    That printer jam remix completely tore the place down last night!

    Also the first time i’ve heard 7 notes in black whilst out, sounds amazing in the club!


  • tomwilcox

    Hey Tony!

    Just received my shiny new Bop 12″ in the post today – wow.

    Speaking of which, compliments on the Hospital webshop. Everything is always really reliable and quick. Recently I thought I had a problem with a newly arrived record (which turned out to be a problem with my gear, of course), and I was given all sorts of helpful tips and even sent a new copy, even though my old one turned out to be fine.

    So, many thanks for all the great service, and of course the great tunes!

  • Maltos

    Wicked podcast Tony.
    And fully in support of a quick limited vinyl release for the Mistabishi remix. Would love to bag me that. It’s an awesome tune!

  • rash

    Hi Tony,

    Keep up the good work.


    Just had to laeve a comment bout the printer jam remix. it is a very intelligent dubstep masterpiece. abosolutley f**kin marvellous.

    see ya,


  • Dalla

    Hey Tony!

    Have to say amazing podcast! Loving Cyantifics Empty Streets. Very Burial like vocals :)

    You have to play the Printer Jam remix at Hospitality at Brighton this Sunday which will be my first Hospitality ever.If I bump into any of the Hospital crew whilst there I’ll reward them with a well earned drink.

    Hospital Records has gone a long way. Been listening since Podcast 12 and it never fails to impress.

    Riccardo from Brighton

  • monk85

    hey tony and all the hospital crew

    loving the new Cyantifics tune, and the clavin harris remix.

    love the podcast just cant get enough of them keep up the good work. i live on the isle of man so dont really get to hear much dnb when on nights out :( but im getting my friends into dnd.

    also loving the agent alvin – love lost tune, when will that be out?

    maybe iv missed it somewhere but you played a tune by Logistics – Eastern Promise and it wasnt on the future sound of cambridge album just wondering were i can find it?

    thanks tony
    and if you have time please give me and the isle of man a shout out.

  • italian6788

    hey tony,

    i love all the podcasts and i was wondering where can i download the drumnbass remix of im not alone by calvin harris?
    thank u


  • multiplay

    BIG shout from Estonia to you Tony!
    gig was amazing, I absolutely loved it.

    when I heard that you will come to our little country I was soooo damn thrilled

    I hope you will visit us again soon

    best wishes

  • Kurbz

    Safe Tony lovin your work!!

    Just wanted to say another sick podcast for the world to listen to also just wanted to say lol whats that bloke chattin about how you call your mates and lyrics in tracks haha i thought that was JOKE!
    Also i think release that printer jam remix, its well good!!!

    Cheers Tony keep doing what your doing

    Kurtis, Bristol!

  • sackable

    was at hospitality nite in Oxford{regal}high contrast & friction ripped place apart,with 2 quality sets!had wicked kick down,but couple of things spoiled,wot otherwise,would have been one of best nites,4 a long time!arrived about 11.15pm,expecting drum & bass & got dub step 4 wot seemed like hours!ive nothing against dub step,but not in the main d&b room(sort it out}also being a smoker,shouldnt mean that i have 2 wait in line 4 20mins,then give up because no ones going in or out!i know its not hospital’s fault,but would b nice 2 try sort it out 4 next nite at regal!!respect 4 a top nite!!!big up.

  • Chalex

    We had such a good night at matter on the 1st May. We faced so many problems on the way up there. I hadnt been payed so i had to get bailed out by my mate but left us on a shoe string budget. Then due to a logistical and navigational error we found ourselves on a bus to lewisham at 23:45 (don’t ask). After asking someone, jumping off and getting the last tube we were left with train money home, matter tickets and chewing gum. but still we were on our way.
    Then the tube keep pausing with an announcement about problems at the O2. A pit formed in our stomach.
    We got out and into the club to hear High Contrast in mid flow slamming a massive drop and so the night was in flow. However with no drink we were feeling it. Then luckily we meet someone there that offers a lift back to basically our door step in Kent.
    So massive shout out to Liam and Martin with the Lupo GTI and a massive shout out to good will and determination.
    All in all it was completely worth we’ll back more prepared in July for hopefully another killer night.

  • flailing_arms

    Hi Tony,

    I’m a regular podcast listener, and can always rely on you to serve up a rich dnb platter.
    I got my first hospitality experience in Brighton on 3rd May, and what a night it was! I just wanted to thank all of the hospital family who where there for smashing it and giving my mates & I, an absolutly crazy night. I’m sure it was nothing compared to Matter, but Brighton was going mad bank holiday sunday. You might have seen me, I was the short blonde guy annoying everyone around him, with his flailing arms ! Please give a big shout out to everyone who was there.

    Much love, Ant from Brighton

  • Dr.Gorman

    Just so you know, I just pre-ordered the J Majik & Wickaman remix of I Remember, so it’s definitely getting a vinyl release. I’m sure this will be getting a lot of play time at this summer’s festivals.

  • aer0

    another smashing podcast dude :)

    that printerjam remix is THESHIT! i fkn love it.

    I live in Wellington NZ and cant wait for your June 6th gig! amped about it.

    Keep up the good work and if you have time can you please give my Beautiful lady a shoutout her name is Jane :)

    cheers dude

  • Brian Yunker

    Hey Tony greetings from Puerto Rico can’t wait to hear the next podcast, hearing about other people comments and your reaction to them, also your funny storys about hotels and restaurants always makes my day better makes me laugh… send a shout out to Mariola Rodriguez, a beautiful person that I love very much and to her friend and housemate Giselle Irrizary

  • JDizzle_89

    Tony, as CEO of hospital let me thank you personally for the night at Matter, this was my first hospitality and it was absolutely freekin amazing! Me and my pal drove down from Ormskirk to be there and every set was amazing, the venue was something special, i only been out once before in London and that was to fabric… Matter just takes it though, unreal! DJ Fresh’s heavyweight smacked it so badly, the whole floor went crazy everyone on the balconies was going wild SUCH A CHOONE! Please bring Hospitality back to Matter asap and we’ll be back down with our UV facepaints!

    Please could you give JD and Rem a shout out on the next podcast when your talking about the night at matter!

    We love you tony! Keep the magic flowin

  • topcatistop

    Hiya Tony,
    Thanks alot for another great podcast. Absolutely lovin the new cyantific stuff, can’t wait for the Sick Music CD!

    Any chance of letting someone else host the podcast and having you as a guest? Would be great to here you answer questions from the listeners and for you to pick some of your all time favourite tunes.

    Also one more idea, Hospitality Festival for next year?


  • Gizm0

    Loving the Dubstep printer jam remix. Well nice. Again great tunes may get myself that Cyantific – Empty streets track sounds class. Im keeping my hopes up for Hospitality in Holland (it even has a nice ring to it) Failed to get myself a Lowlands ticket as I was too broke and now there all sold out. What a bummer! Ill just have to keep pumping the DnB tunes.
    Peace & greets from NL

  • Riley

    1. Cyantific – Empty Streets
    2. Lynx and Kemo – These Breaks
    3. Tim Exile – I Saw The Weak Hand Fall
    4. Blu Mar Ten – Above Words
    5. System and Sifter feat Alice B – What dnb relove
    6. Fresh – Heavyweights
    7. Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone – Dnb mix
    8. Mistabishi – Printer Jam – Barbarix rmx
    9. Deadmau5 – I Remember – J Majik and Wickaman remix

  • Roger Berkeley

    the printer jam remix so siiick.
    totally blown away…
    and if you ask me what to do.
    limited edition on vinyl only.
    ordering 2 copies (one for the collection, one for playing)right now!
    paying with paypal.

    great podcast.
    shouts to dan nu:tone, matt logistics, quiff, the byrd man, jon matt cyantific, lincoln high contrast, james mistabishi, fsoc and you tony LE;)


  • zaffi

    Amazing podcast as usual…thanks for the major shoutout as well!!!

    For those interested, here is a link for the Japanese short film remix video London mentioned on the podcast.

    Hope to do more soon…maybe even original vids!

  • edocronian

    Now that’s strange.

    Tony read my unfortunate condom-kettle fubar comment from a while ago, then shouts out a brother I didn’t know I had.

    Whats more, is Googe desperately trying to remember a nightmareish heathrow experience?

    Am I googe? Is he edocronian? *scream* < ö>

    I’m confused, scared and doubting the accuracy of my Christmas Card list.

  • londonelektricity

    it’s Riley trying to twist the universe

  • Aws11

    excellent podcast, been checking my itunes constantly for the next one after the High Contrast one, and it was awesome.
    the Printer Jam mix was immense, i say put it up for download on the hospital store for us who prefer mp3s :)
    Cheers, Andrew.

  • TôrY

    Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (Rmx)—> SiiCK TUNE
    Printer Jam Rmx —> WoW…awesome Rmx ^^
    Deadmau5 – I Remember (J Majik and Wickaman remix) —> just love it…vocals are great

    Good podcast as ever…^^

  • edocronian

    now I’ve got a mental image of Riley being one of the navigators from Dune.

    Major props to all of you. The podcast keeps me sane in work while I’m dismantling really expensive computers that don’t belong to me.

    Totally coming down to Clwb Ifor Bach on the 15th.


  • tobeng

    I’ve had hospital podcast cravings for a while now but im finally cured :P

    Printer jam remix is SICK! wow!

  • hugo60

    Just want to say thanks for doing this podcast so frequently, only found out about it quite recently but am loving it. Looking forward to the siick music compliation. I don’t have alot of money, being an unemployed student, but i’ll find some for that for sure!
    Thanks again for providing this amazing music

  • Moisty

    just in time to get me in the mood for matter tomorrow its going to be amazing!

    Look out for 2 guys dressed in scrubs :D

  • Alex_C

    Big up, LE! Just wanted to say thanks for keeping the podcasts coming strong! I’m completely separated from the dnb scene thanks to being in the land of pop music and hip-hop torture (the U.S.), so your podcast keeps me from shriveling up and dying with Britney Spears and Pink playing in the background. I hope to one day be able to make a trip across the waters and make a Hospitality session. Then I can die a reasonably poor, yet fully-satisfied young man. :)

    Cheers, and a) I am LOVING the Deadmau5 – I Remember – J Majik & Wickaman Remix, and b) I NEEDS the NerdStep tune!! Lemme know where I can find it, yo! And can you give a shout-out to all the dnb heads in the States – we love the music too and feel left out. :D

    God Bless! :)

  • perspective

    Hi Tony!

    Being a long time listener I was amazed when my girlfriend got me 4 tickets to Hospitality on the 1st, to celebrate my birthday and finishing my dissertation! It was the best night out I’ve had for a long time, loved to club and the atmosphere, yours and High Contrast’s sets were absolutely amazing, and to top it off I was privileged enough to receive a nice cold bottle of water from your good self :)

    Can you just give a quick shout to Hattie who not only got the tickets for me and 3 mates but also gave me £20 towards the train… She’s an absolute legend!

  • amplifier


  • Dj_Xander

    massive cast tony.
    that last tune has a vinyl release :)

    apparently its got the j majik & its backed with a dubstep rmx by caspa.

    also, if you have the chance, while your in perth could you possibly stop by a record store called next level records.
    we’re the biggest retailer of drum & bass vinyl in perth & it would mean a lot.


  • londonelektricity

    @ xander – if i can i will! not sure how much time or how jetlagged i’m gonna be at this point! big up tho for supporting vinyl

  • dhigger

    Was in to DnB at Uni…8 years ago. Can finally afford an iPod (or finally excuse one – to keep my treasure 18 month daughter happy on a transatlantic flight). Discovered Hospital Records Podcast (#86). Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (J Majic & Wickaman). OMG. I am back.

  • Googs

    Hey Tony, thanks for the shoutout on 86! I was on the morning train into the city this morning getting my dose of current rollers and could not believe you read that out! I nearly choked on my coffee and subsequently pissed myself laughing in front of a packed carriage full of suits! Also, sorry I have to take you to task as this is the second time you have fucked it up! C’mon mate, get it right! LOL! My name Googs, is pronounced with a short “OO” as in “Goods”. Its short for Googie! Laugh as you may, childhood nicknames stick! Hey, hope to have a beer with you at The Espy in a few weeks mate! Travel safe.

  • Googs

    Besides that and in setting the story straight… I don’t recall having a condom in kettle experience like that in a Heathrow-esque hotel room. I think that little spicy anecdote belongs to another brother! I work in the accomodation industry and have some great stories of my own but that one is not mine! Damn funny though! What would ever possess someone to put a dinger in a kettle????!!!! Filth!

  • Googs

    Edocronian, I was beginning to question myself too wondering if I had been to Heathrow anytime in the past couple of years or swapped mind body and soul with another brother. Don’t worry mate, you are you and I am Googs! Cheers and ez bro.

  • ArkeeDUB

    I bought a Warm Communications EP the other day without even listening to it first. I gambled the purchase based on the good comments you had made about the label and thought I would take a little risk. Admittedly it was the “Recess”(rmx)/”Bluetone” Martsman release. Very nice it is too.

    Loving the Cyantific track “Empty Steets” on the last podcast…nice to see Cyantific releasing more music.

    Douglas Harding (Cape Town)

  • londonelektricity

    can’t go wrong with warm comms!

  • CuttingEdgeClive

    Big up yourself Tony!

    Loving the last podcast, massive selection from yourself as usual.

    Me and my best mate got absolutely vanquished on absinthe the other night and an argument we had turned into a rather large bet. But we cant settle this ourselves cos neither of us has the tunes to prove that either of us are right. So we need your help!

    I said that the bells on the intro to Nu-Tone’s remix of This Dark Matter were sampled from either Music by Bukem or Bell Tune by The Invisible Man. He says you or Nu-Tone made it yourself.

    Oh, and by the way, I bet my scoop bass bin that has to stay in my shed cos we couldnt get it up my stairs and he’s bet his Punto. So no pressure!


    Have a good one!!!

  • londonelektricity

    your mate won the bet!

  • Charles.Bateson

    Drum and Bass is fast, DnB is slow, Dnb is grimy, Dnb is fresh, Dnb is happy, DnB is dark. Its thought provoking yet iv never been so relaxed! It plays to the rhythm of the earth!

    Roll on the 3rd of june!

  • Funok

    Oh my gosh!!! That printerjam dubstep bootleg is great….

    and that happy jmajik and wickaman remix is also nice

    Good Job Tony…


    btw. the revoloution has begun…

  • Easy

    LE – Next podcast, or on here, or SOMEWHERE, please, please, we need some information or audio or SOMETHING about Mistabishi – From Memory (Matrix Remix). It’s supposed to be NHS152 but NHS153 has already promo’d with no sign of NHS152. I’ve tracked down the press release and I’m already salivating…please throw some scraps of something our way. It sounds amazing.

  • DevinR

    Hello, I was listening to one of your older ep, i think i was like 76 or 78, you said you were sick of all these ppl saying how your podcast helped them win races and stuff, well im lazy and i love listening to your podcasts while im gaming on my computer.

  • stringfellow

    Cannot wait to hear that deadmau5 remix out and about…

    Might it make an appearance on friday night at clwb ifor bach?!

    On that note – can I get a shout out to Rose and all the guys of Habana Flex, who will be warming up the clwb for you!

    Looking forward to a banger.


  • charlie_b4u2

    I was reading through the reviews of the podcast on iTunes and don’t think it is done justice. I read a review of a Cockburn 1966 Vintage Port that I found in the cellar of my pub. It read:

    “This is an exceptional port; the seminal vintage port to which all other vintages are compared. It is simply the best port ever produced as agreed by all port producers.”

    This is what I think about the Hospital Records podcast!

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Got That Tim Exile Album Tony…. So So Weird…. But Awsome.

    I Absolutely love ‘Fortress’ absolute tune.

    Hospitality was awsome yet again as expected. I thought Danny Byrd absolutely Tore It Up this time round…

    oh and the new Cyantific tune… amazing, any chance you could put the printer jam remix up for mp3 download in the hospital store, not all of us are vinyl DJ’s ;)

    if you remember those silver numark axis 8’s on the stage when you played Remix, those are what i used to warm up for you… Ghetto DJ lol


  • Dr.Gorman


    Simply change the word “port” to the word “podcast” and you have a great review!

    “This is an exceptional podcast; the seminal vintage podcast to which all other podcasts are compared. It is simply the best podcast ever produced as agreed by all podcast producers.”

    This is what I think abo

  • Charley

    Hi, i was just wandering if you could read this shout out on your next podcast to my mates Paul, Emilie and Kieran. There at the first Hospitality at Matter and i came to the second one over bank holiday. What an epic night that was! Stamina rocking through the crowds and loving it! I’d also like to thank you for my hug it made my night! haha
    big love Charley in Swindon x

  • dups

    Hey, wondered if you could give a shout-out to all my mates in Hereford who enjoy your quality quality podcast. Great music to revise for our A level’s too. We all look forward to seeing you play at Noztock later this year. We will be right there at the front.

    Much love


  • vothry

    Sick podcast, keep it up man!

    Ryan from Walla Walla Washington, U.S.

  • stuolive

    Hey can you give a shout out to everyone from the sunny town of Egham. Cant wait for the next matter there’s a group of 30 of us coming for a sick night, can’t wait!

  • mgkiwi

    Absolutely loved the printer jam mix and the deadmau5 tune has always been wicked but it might even be even better with Wickaman!!

    My itunes has been down and i have finally got it back up and runnning so i’ve gotta catch up from this podcast up to the sick music cast which im really looking forward too!!

    take it easy

  • Suzan

    Words are very unnecessary, They can only do harm

  • Suzan

    Great music to revise for our A level’s too. We all look forward to seeing you play at Noztock later this year.

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