Hospital Podcast 87

May 13, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back at the controls for another podcast, coming at you direct from Hospital HQ.

Brand new music from the burbs, blu mar ten and exclusives from Danny Byrd & Logistics as well as Bop…

  • phonografik

    its Dirtyphonics NOT Dorty Phonics!


    Loving the tunes as ever Tony.
    Have you heard Dirtyphonics’s Song “QUARK”
    if not check it out… its absolutely huge!

    Just about to pull all all-nighter to finish my degree woop woop
    the podcast is gonna pull me through.

    can’t wait till its all over and i can finally get down to some drum and bass mayhem!

    keep up the good work mate


  • Funok

    WTF…. Tony is speaking german…

    “eine kleine Podcast” at the beginning of the podcast…

    Got boosegumps :)

    Cheers Funok

  • Sour

    This podcast just saved me ’cause the boredom was just killing me.
    Awesome remixes from Danny Bird and Logistics (lot of wicked beats).
    Mistabishi is great as always.

    So big ups from Estonia…
    Keep up the good work, Tony!

    yeah :D

  • jade_newton454

    went to see high contrast this weekend at digital, newcastle and i must say it was one of the best shows i have ever been to.
    i met lincoln after and have fallen in love :)

  • stringfellow

    Just recovered from an end-of-exams blow out at Clwb Ifor Bach on Friday – cheers for making it a memorable one!
    Yet another stunning set from your good self – and was so happy to hear the j majik and wickaman remix of that deadmau5 track – definitely set to be the tune that encapsulates summer 2009.
    Cheers ay!

  • guido-daido


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring that french sounding tune you played with you to NZ! Coyote Bar will go nuts for it!


  • Mike Merge

    I am an Architecture student in New Zealand, these podcasts keep me sane during the thousands of all-nighters working on drawings and models, not to mention the long rides to uni. Look forward to supporting you at Zen in New Zealand mate, shouts out if ya can!

    Mike (Merge)

  • Sleaty

    I don’t know if you’ll remember me, I wrote to you in February explaining how I had created a Hospital Records style Powerpoint Presentation that I had to deliver to my class and how I was nervous etc. Anyway sorry I haven’t had the chance to say thank you for your shout out on your 80th podcast, I’ve just been really busy with driving tests, revision and all that stuff. I did pass both in the end so thank you. But this however was not the end of my trauma, about a month ago me and my Greek friend Saki went to see the Fast and the Furious movie and I stupidly parked my car round the back of the cinema. After 2 hours of racing, fighting, shooting and swearing we came back to find that my passenger side window had somehow been forcibly opened and my CD case had been stolen out of my glove compartment containing all my favourite Hospital CD’s including Drop by Mistabishi, your Syncopated City, Supersized, Reality Checkpoint, Hospital Mixes 5-7 and the Future Sound of Cambridge and Tokyo! Me and my friend both being avid Drum & Bass listeners were devastated. Luckily I still have them all on my computer and can burn them onto blank CD’s but its just not the same! Now however my Geography AS exam is tommorow and guess what, I’m nervous again. No matter though, I have the recently pre-ordered High Contrast Confidential to keep me going along with Overflow and Shelflife by Calibre which I just downloaded off iTunes today and the recently realeased Lenzman Remix of Soul Patrol which you played on your Xmascast to calm my nerves. My last exam is half-way through June but by which time SICK MUSIC WILL BE OUT, YES I CAN’T WAIT! As well as this, although Hospitality is finally coming to my home town of Cardiff I miss the age cut by 1 year. High Contrast is however playing at Catapult Records at 4pm the very same day, so I have that to look forward to, if I’m not working of course, bleurghhh!!! Loving Eastern Promises by Logistics, can’t wait for his next album, I first fell in love with that tune when I heard it on the Logistics in Japan video on Vimeo which I then spent 2 hours afterwards trying to find out what tune it was haha. Good luck in Australia and New Zealand, and please also wish me and all my Geography class good luck for tommorow.

    P.S. Sorry for the long winded comment.

  • perth_liquid

    Hey man,

    Ive been listening to hospital now for a fair while and have seen all the latest gigs in Perth. the most recent being Mistabishi and Sigma at Metros (one of the best performances I’ve ever seen). I’m Looking forward to seeing you in Perth in a little over a week. It’s a shame Marky pulled out but I’m stoked to see the man behind one of Perths favourite essential mixes(08/11/2008). Keep up the good work and look out for a 6’6 guy in the front row in perth.


    p.s. you mind makin a shout out in the next podcast?

  • kayaitch

    Just a quick hello to say how much me and my friends enjoyed Matter, it was awesome, will def be back for 3rd July. Could you give a quick shout out in the next podcast to Sharpy who has just gone back to Thailand after 2 years in London, Matter was her first ever drum and bass night and she bloody loved it and is definitely converted! I keep meaning to send you some more Bohea but haven’t got round to it yet, will try in the next week or so. Oh yeah and this week’s podcast is great, Eastern Promises easily my favourite at the moment.



  • Moisty

    love the little woop wooop near the beginning of the pod cast hahaha made me laugh so much.

    as always, another wicked pod cast Tony!

    should be seeing you guys at the next matter event!

    keep up the good work


  • Garry

    I play football and i had a knee injury in January. Today I finally got my knee surgery. It took so long because of an error done by a doctor and I waited for a long time until another doctor told me that i needed a surgery. Now i have to wait for a month and a half to start playing football again. During my injury it has been an agony not being able to play and your podcast has been a real boost to my emotions to keep me going. Im still really pissed that i didint make it to your gig in Prive( Estonia) because of financial difficulties. Keep up with the good work!


  • humanisticmystic

    I’m ready to buy that Danny Byrd remix the second it hits the shelves.

  • cheekychappie

    I’m hopping up and down like a little kid whilst waiting for the siiiiick music release! BTW – podcast 87 was an absolute fucking banger, had it on repeat eight times in a row today. Leave out the rubbish ‘I went clubbing and OH MY GOD WHAT A NIGHTMARE I HAD’ stories, though will you? They ruin my ability to copy all the music. ;)

    Any chance of a shoutout? Just a hello would do, I’m buggered if i’m going to type a bloody long story just to get mentioned. (!)


  • SarahFromNZ

    Hey! Counting down to your Melbourne gig 1 week from today – whoop whoop! Bringing along some friends that think they’re not into DnB but I’m sure they will be afterwards. Sarah

    PS: Podcast 87 is a winner…

  • mixed vibratoins adam

    hi mate I’m 15 and love your music. me and my family have been listening for over 10 years, your music gets me through my hour bus journey and my school day.


  • Frolic

    Mate loving the podcasts! Thanks for the advice on getting the “jungle music” tee-shirt from the last podcast, i got it after Hospitality Oxford but in time for another night at the same club 2 weeks later, “Beatdown” feat. Caspa Skream Scratch perverts and AndyC. I was there representing with my Jungle Music Tee, im not kidding when i say 20 or so people came up to me that night all making comments about it! An MC even gave me a sign advertising the event because he loved the tee so much!

    Hospitality Oxford was an amazing night, Siick Music is going to be insane! Keep blasting the amazing choons! Give Us a Shout!

    Scott from K-Town!

  • Brophy

    Hey mate…do u know when Zarif – California (Danny Byrd Remix) comes out??

    i just love the vibes man, the song is just pure sick since im a massive Danny Byrd Fan, need to get this song so i can put on my phone so i can listen to it going to College. haha reply back man :)

    Keep up the good work Elektric :P

  • Benfromgermany

    Hi Mr. Colman,
    you started this Podcast with the song California by Danny Byrd featuring Zarif. Can you tell any release-date for this song? I’m tearing my fingers of for this song. I’m really going crazy about it. At first I thought, that if you already played it, then it won’t last long until I can buy that great tune, but up to now I sadly still haven’t heard anything more about this song. Whats up with it? Is Danny still mad with you for playing the song on your podcast? ;-)
    Have fun and go on with the podcast, its one of the really great things I’m always looking forward to!

  • Riley

    1. Zarif – California (Danny Byrd Remix)
    2. Danny Breaks – Droppin Science Vol 1 (Logistics Remix)
    3. Logistics – Eastern Promises
    4. Mistabishi – Talk Me Down
    5. Bop – Ataraxia
    6. Dorty Phonics – Lottery
    7. The Burbs – Organic
    8. Blu Mar Ten – Made Of Air
    9. Seba – Snow

  • Kutuzov

    thats right! )

  • tralfaz

    Swift Tony, swift!

    Great tunage as always! Look forward to every podcast!

    Big Up to the NHS Crew!

    Alphabeat Soup

  • edi

    Hi Tony!

    Thanks for the newest podcast! It’s great as always, love the Bop, Burbs Blu Mar Ten and Seba tracks..
    by the way i hate the itunes so everyday more than three times per day im checking hosp rec page with a hope to seeing a new podcast from you..
    and today i found next reason to hate the itunes cause downloading your podcast took me 45 sec and then i was fighting with itunes to sync it to my ipod for 45min cause exclamation mark in the podcast title which somebody put there for the first time i think.. so now i know the itunes won’t sync if it is in the title after trying every possible way to sync it and before i note that this fu***in (!) is there..
    but than i had best possible 45 mins since your previous podcast and a printer jam remix there..:)
    thanks for that and thanks for doing what you doing! Looking forward to hearing this demos you’ve been talking about in ’86 cast:) and dreaming about your podcast where at least 2 hours long..

    Big Ups from Poland and can’t wait to seeing you in August this year!

  • flailing_arms

    Hi Tony,

    Great podcast as usual, loving the Bop and Danny Byrd remix.

    Keep up the good work !!!

  • topcatistop

    Alright Tony, hows it goin?

    I am currently a 3rd year maths student at Leeds uni, i’ve got my final summer exams coming up so i am now in the middle of the massive black hole of fun that is revision. So i was over the moon when i saw there was a new podcast! 45 minutes of musical heaven was just what i needed to perk me up and give me a break from the dreaded revision.

    Absolutely lovin the new Danny Byrd remix. Can’t wait for Sick Music to come out.

    Also you should get High Contrast to host the podcast with you as the guest . I’ve been hearin Lincoln all over Radio 1 recently, he’d be a great host and it would be wicked to hear you answer questions and for you to play your all time favourite tunes.

    Thanks for the podcasts,

  • osho

    your podcast keeping my drum & bass senses alive, after too much wobble

    loving apex at the moment

    big up Madness and LetsGoCrazy

    Osho aka Bhagwan

  • barclaywinter

    The Burbs = WoW

  • Radio E

    Podcast 88?!?!? Lets not get ahead of ourselves here :P

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