Hospital Podcast 88

May 26, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity brings you another selection of hot DnB beats fresh for the hot weather…

New tracks from B Complex, Influx UK & Nu:Tone plus everything you need to know about Hospital’s upcoming compilation “Sick Music”.

  • djb64

    Great podcast once again ….

    LE is playing @ Metros in Perth ,Western Australia on Friday night (well actually 1am Sat morning …) , see you there …

    Cheers David….

  • Now More Than Trevor

    Bit of a Hospital related anecdote for you Tony, would love it if it was read out as part of podcast 89:

    I have just moved into my new flat and have been without the web for a while. This situation led me to my dad’s house one day to utilise his internet. Yesterday, I got a call from my old man telling me he was concerened. He had been on the internet trying to find the Homebase site to purchase a some garden furniture (why not) and up popped ‘’ in the search bar. He thought I was some sort of necro-perv checking out the latest patient admissions! I explained and all was well. Love the podcast, love Matter, keep up the good work mate.

    Jack, Leamington Spa

  • Dugy09

    alrite tony just got ashore in Portugal and I managed to get 88 on my iPhone and after weeks at sea it made my day when I saw my photos on the podcast much aprieciated however my names pronounced dougy ha ha can’t wait for sick music thank god for iTunes and by the way I’m lovin balaclava vs in my system and il definetly be going to matta wen I get back I want a hospital matta t for my next deployment LOL thanx again for the pics the shout and the amaizing tunes . Dugy

  • Moisty

    very suprizing bootleg.

    ray charls – road

  • Bog_Denoff

    Superior podcast!

    Nu Tone – Balaclava in My System – become my favorite track)

    thx for your work!)

  • Maltos

    Going to have to 2nd that request for a shout to the underage crew in the next podcast.

    Big up Hospital!

  • vothry

    Buddy, I have been playing that Sychro-For You song in class on my iPod, during my workouts, and going to sleep. I would seriously pay some good money for that track. When is that ish coming out? My name is Ryan from Walla Walla Washington in the states. I’ve been hookin my peeps like fish hooks with your unique music. Been listening since around the 15th episode. It would mean a lot if I could get a shout. Once I get out of school and start making some money, it is guaranteed that I’m coming over for some Hospital lovinnnnnn.

  • eveypie

    It’s got to be said, I’m a long-time listener of your podcast and I can’t seem to get enough!
    I may be sat here in my back garden over-heating, working too much and not having enough nicotene to smoke, but life is just about manageable when you’re blaring from my subwoofers so my whole street can hear!

    give us a shout out tony!

    lots of respect from evey!

  • ERock

    hi Tony. I am a longtime subscriber from California, in the states and a huge LE / Hospital Records fan.
    Im writing because on the 22nd of May, my fiance Amanda passed away unexpectedly. I was just beginning to get her into DnB and we enjoyed songs like Just One Second, From Memory, and many more together. I have been listening a lot to these fantastic tunes and the memories have been keeping me afloat during these tough times.

    I just wanted to say Thank You, and keep on making amazing music, your listeners truly love the work all the DnB artists produce.
    ***RIP Amanda***

    till next time, Cheers,
    E Rock

  • Gizm0

    Again sick stuff, love it! Raging that im over here in the Netherlands whilst my younger brother lives in Christchurch NZ and has the chance to see you guys in action @ Coyote Cafe. Have to get myself back out there again or keep campaigning for Hospitality in Holland.
    Keep it up!
    Peace from Enschede NL

  • jadeoneill

    Hi Tony. I recently finished university and I’m due to graduate in July. Now that I am finished I’m travelling to Australia, while I can, to take some time away from England, before returning to the ‘real world’. All my friends have another year to go, and I’m gutted to leave them. They’re like my brothers and sisters. We have all been listening to your podcast together for ages, and you are the main reason I got into drum and bass. Please could you give them all a shout out, because even though we’re now all spread around the country I know they’re all listening. Love and bass, Jade x

  • Roddsman

    Yes Tony your a legend!!
    please can you give a shout out to me and my mates as we did a 12 hour rave to your hospital drum n bass tunes raise money for charity.. we raised over £600 for NSPCC. We’re all big listeners to your podcast, its amazing!!!
    big up Roddsman, Chessman & Ashman

  • Scuba

    Massive thanks for your classic podcasts Tony.

    They’ve sorted me out these past few weeks while I’ve been (trying) to revise for exams.

    The epic music has kept me focused, and your classic commentary has stopped me from losing the will to live!

    Can I get a shout-out for all the students studying down in Falmouth, Cornwall?

    We’ve got a big 1500 capacity university venue down here on the coast… which is just begging for a Hospitality night!!!!!!!!

    If you guys ever get bored of London/the Midlands, come down here for a rave, Cornish style.



  • SarahFromNZ

    Just wanted to say awsome, awsome gig @ the Epsy!!! Wasn’t sure about the venue for DnB as usually rock bands play there but it was SWEET AS – best gig I’ve been to in ages – great sounds, great crowd :-)

  • groover31

    Really just wanted to say fantatsic night in Melbourne on Sat, despite the speaker issues. Really unimpressed with the Espy…
    Please come back soon, massive appreciation :)
    it’s not just Perth-ites who are into their DnB!

  • stringfellow

    Me and a few mates were wondering if you might be able to do a podcast of overly smiley festival-friendly tunes; probably epitomised by that DeadMau5 – I Remember remix… and Apex’s remix of your Just One Second… Music to get out in the sunshine to, you know? The Recession-Proof Music podcast/LP is begging for a release ;-)
    What do you say? :-)

  • londonelektricity

    like it. i’ll see what i can do when i get back!

  • paul92

    Hi Tony,
    I absolutely love the podcast, the perfect way to learn about hot, new tunes, and to help me get through tedious german lessons.
    Me and my friend really want to go to hospitality at matter on july 3rd, but we’re only 16, and having finished GCSEs we think it would be a perfect way to celebrate the end of exams, but seeing as it’s a 18+ gig we probably won’t get in. Another friend, who is 18, has offered us his IDs, as we can probably pass for being 18, but we’re not sure whether or not to take the offer as we don’t want to be responsible for losing them. What should we do? x

  • johncockfbi

    Tony mate, just looked at the LP track listing for sick music on chemical records and noticed that there was no sign of red mist vip!?! Please tell me this is getting a vinyl release….. its too big a tune not to. Keep up the good work anyway.

  • grayleyburroman

    Up2 Tony?! hope your tour to our little corner of the world is going just fabulously!
    My bf and I have been subscribers to your poddys for a couple of months now & were mega amped to hear you announce your Aus/NZ tour…we’re very excited for your wellington show this sat! You’re going to love Sammies! In the last 6 months we’ve been lucky enough to see a few of the hospital crew play there & each of those gigs have been some of the best nights of our lives.
    We know you’re gonna absolutely rip it up this weekend, enjoy your trip to NZ & let us know if ya wanna party with some locals! Hayley xo

  • londonelektricity

    Paul 92 – your shout mate!

  • BennyC

    Tony, thanks for the epic gig at the Espy in Melbourne it was siick! I was so psyched you announced an Aus tour I lost my shit in my seat at work when I heard it on the podcast!

    I love the California Danny Byrd remix even if you got in to trouble for playing it, rocking tune.

    Please give a shout out to Chris & Lyndo who are the reason I was infected with Drum & Bass awesomeness roughly a year ago! Keep up the great work bringing the world banging music and please come visit us again sometime soon.

    Peace out


  • tjunglec

    Also loved espy gig. who were the duo who did support before LE set? was curious about some of the very tidy and minimal grooves they were playing.
    excellent evening, hi fives to all

  • Laurie

    @johncockfbi, Red Mist VIP and Fired Up will be on the the second Sick Sampler released in July (I think)

    And yeah, like Paul92 I’m also too young to go to Hospitalities since I’m only 15 (and 16 on the 8th). I’ve got a flier for Matter on the 3rd of July just for the love of the music though.

  • djb64

    A belated many thanks for such a great night in Perth last Friday … You and Wrec smashed it ….

    Heres a link to some pics!!!


  • johncockfbi

    Yeah i realy should of listened to the pod cast before i asked that!!! Cheers anyway.

  • jai

    Hey Tony,
    I’m not kidding, I really have been a fan of the podcast since the very first one… and I’d seen you play in Perth before. So even though I was pscyhed, I kinda thought I knew what I was in for.

    But last Friday, I was totally blown away! Amazing fresh tunes, awesome mixing and hilarious on-stage antics. And I fucking love that remix of just one second… can’t wait for sick music


  • Kiinnostus

    Sick Music is going to be so awesome, I love Just One Second Apex Remix, cant wait for it… Just preordered, but, sadly, when its going to be released, I am going to be at Christial Confirmation, which sucks =(
    By the way, I am from Finland, and I am typing this from London, love this city and its people! But, nice podcast, and really waiting for the Sick Music Podcast… If you could shout this, I would be grateful!

  • Matthew

    Hello Tony, I discovered this podcast just recently and I gotta say it´s a pleasant surprise for me, I found this on High Contrast´s myspace page. High Contrast became my favorite Drum And Bass producer just recently and since I´m from Czech Republic I´m really looking forward to his concert and I don´t mind driving several hours to see the gig. I know it´s gonna be wicked.


  • PsyNeko

    Hey Tony FAVELA WENT OFF!!! Thanks for such a fantastic night. Massive shout out!

  • paul92

    it sucks that almost all drum and bass gigs are 18+, but there are 2 16+ gigs at pascha and matter on the 24th june and 20th july organised by under the radar and its £40 for a double ticket :)

    thats the link :)

  • Anette Rainbott

    Well put together article very informative, is it possible, though, for you to go into more detail on this subject, I would like to learn more and think it would show up better in bing (where I located this article too) if you wrote more on this. Thanks

  • Riley

    1. Jokers Of The Scene – Baggy (High Contrast Remix)
    2. Nu Tone – Balaclava in My System
    3. Phace and Noisia – Sore Point
    4. B Complex – Three Dots
    5. That Girl feat Sway – Spor Remix
    6. Vicious Circle – Havana
    7. Synchro – For You
    8. Influx UK – Get Near
    9. Subwave – I Need You

  • Easy

    Amazing! High Contrast really pulled it out of the bag for that remix, absolutely incredible tearout beats and epic bassline! B-Complex – 3 Dots is unbelievable, you played it on the HC podcast too and it blew me away. Brilliant tune, B-Complex is going to be huge!

  • PsyNeko

    Sup Tony. Awesome podcast like always. Counting the days till June 3rd. London Elektricity coming to Favela in Sydney. Can’t wait!

  • ArkeeDUB

    Yes Tony…another excellent podcast. The Subwave track “I need you” is absolutely wicked…nicely weighted, intelligent and deep. Looking forward to that one.

  • sirhc247

    Yes mate…another amazing podcast, high contrast smashing it as per. Anychance you could do a shout out on the next podcast to the talybont cardiff crew who were at your gig (the one’s with the t-shirts from matter) Also when is the matrix remix of from memory coming out…EPIC

    thanks Chris

  • johnschore

    the new podcast is reaaally good, especially Spor’s remix!
    I’m crying my eyes out since i cant go to the big hospitality gigs and such. i am underage..
    Keep up the awesome tracks and the lovely “restaurant reviews” ha ha!

    would be awesome if you would send out a shout to all us underage who will join the hospitality crowd in a few years! Thx!

  • katalyst

    Tony, BBQ is on at 6pm-8pm the gig @ Favela starts at 8pm.

  • joshwilf

    the drum & bass scene in australia is pretty poor, but since i use to live in the UK for 6 years, i got hooked on the sweet sensation that is called DRUM & BASS :) but living in Melbourne hasnt stopped me from getting hold of the latest tunes and blasting them out when driving around. keep up the great podcasts Tony, love them all! High Contrast’s bootleg of MGMT’s Time to Pretend is just absolutley crazy. and can’t wait for the Sick ALbum :)
    can you give me a big shout out to my english mates over in swindon, especially zach ockwal!

  • Moisty

    amazing pod cast and im only 2 tunes in, raving in my studio as we speak first thing in the morning! love it haha

  • Moisty

    lol utter stinking pile of FAIL damn right

  • miguel

    Hey Tony, I’m a graphic designer from San Diego, I recently did a series called “10 Records” based on music artists that inspire me when I’m at work, I did particle illustration based on photographic portraits of each artist.
    You are one of them.

    Portrait here:

    See the full set here:

    Hope you like!


  • londonelektricity

    miguel that’s quite nice!

  • Easy

    “After the massive success of the incredible debut album Drop from Mistabishi, Hospital is pleased to present this epic remix of one of the albums stand out cuts. On remix duty here is one of D&Bs most revered and respected production masterminds – none other than the mighty Matrix. Turning Mistabishis heartfelt rave nostalgia into an epic hands-in-the-air dancefloor workout – and managing to maintain all the soul and sentiment of the original tune. After a melancholic intro featuring the softly sung vocals of Mistabishi himself, Matrix has crafted some of the most beautiful dancefloor D&B known to man. Clever key changes and soaring string parts play you like a lovestruck fool while the thundering bassline and driving drums propel the track forward with force. Either the ultimate set opener, or perfect for the last tune of the night, tunes like this don’t come along very often. Contrasting flavours and tempos on the flip – White Collar Grime is the dirtiest dubstep skank from the Drop CD Album. Mistabishi now has well over 1 million hits on youtube, and was Colin Murray’s record of the week on Radio One – the demand for a vinyl release on this tune has been phenomenal.”


  • londonelektricity


  • sparky123

    tony u were fucking insane at zen in auckland last night! possibly one of the best nights of my life, and wheres my money was wicked! it went off!!! can you please give me a shout on your next podcast, i pounded your fist at zen aswell the guy in the white singlet at the front not that you would remember haha. keep up the good work and come back to new zealand as soon as possible and bring all your hospital records family with you mate.

    Mark from new zealand

  • Munkle-Berry Fresh


    Seriously the show at Zen last night here in Auckland was truly thee greatest show I’ve ever been to!

    I’m the black american with glasses who was goin nuts in the front row singin every tune. You and Wrec seriously smashed it! Can’t thank you enough!

    I’ve been in New Zealand for 4 months traveling and spinning DnB at clubs and on radio. Im a long time fan and im constantly bumping the hospital podcast on roadtrips and epic hikes. Seeing you and Wrec live was thee perfect end to an awesome voyage. Thank you, and long live drum n bass!

    Please send a shout out for me on the next podcast to the New Zealand drum and bass massive and my junglist soldiers back home in San Francisco.

    Much respect and thanks.


  • kaneskies

    looking forward to this one for a VERY longtime!! looking forward to partying in the best club this side of the globe-Sandwiches, Wellington NZ!!!

  • perth_liquid

    Hey man,

    Cheers for the shout out, Awesome set in Perth the other week, you played every track we thought you would cept for goldrush – danny byrd. looking forward to your next visit and the next podcast. theres some videos on youtube of you parading round the stage and mixing on the other side of the decks check it out

    peace man


  • Roger Berkeley

    nice one as usual.

    but when is the mistabishi single coming out?
    haven´t seen a promo as well on the shop.
    or did i miss it?

    keep up the good work.


  • Kamil

    Heart pounding passion, nude bodies in motion, roving hands and searching lips: all elements of a good movie sex scene. Toss in a decent plot and compelling emotions and that sex scene becomes great.

  • Suzan

    Absolutely loved the printer jam mix and the deadmau5 tune has always been wicked but it might even be even better with Wickaman!!

  • abowmanmac

    I recently finished university and I’m due to graduate in July. Now that I am finished I’m travelling to Australia, while I can, to take some time away from England, before returning to the ‘real world’. All my friends have another year to go, and I’m gutted to leave them. They’re like my brothers and sisters. We have all been listening to your podcast together for ages, and you are the main reason I got into drum and bass. Please could you give them all a shout out, because even though we’re now all spread around the country I know they’re all listening. Love and bass, Jade x

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