Hospital Podcast 89

June 8, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity has been wading through the demo inbox pulling out the stand out tracks and playing them on the podcast…

Remember you can get your fresh tracks on the podcast by sending them to the aim inbox – hospitaldubs


  • psy_voltage

    Hey tony, not about the podcast but saw you smash it in chch nz last week. Me and my man olly have been chilling every sunday to the hospital podcasts for as long as I can remember.
    It was amazing to finally see Mr Hospital Records himself in the mix, and you exceeded all expectations, fucking A class night.
    Huge respect from NZ

  • Emi.

    I saw he posted a comment a few below where this will land, but oh my god, the In Context song is -incredible-

    I want to hear more!

  • InContext

    Knock yourself out =]]

  • tricky pat

    very happy to be included on this one
    podcast is full of goodies
    more on me here if interested
    peace and much respect

  • johncockfbi

    Yes Tony. Just got my red mist vip promo in the post today, that tune absolutly kills it! Just wanted to say fair play for a constant string of killer releases recently. just one question……. any news on a vinyl release of the printer jam dub step remix? stick White Collar Grime on the flip side and that would make my year.

  • DJ Maximil

    Now Honestly, thats a really good idea!

  • ArkeeDUB

    I also reckon thats a wicked idea for a sneaky summertime EP. Or release it backed with the Subwave track “I need you”? Seriously can’t wait for that one to hit the store. So much good music coming out of the Hospital stable recently!

    Killer democast too, loving the Netsky track “Jealousy”

    Douglas Harding

  • TôrY

    Alot of good stuff in this democast
    The nuclear remix of “Triple Sky – Electric being”,Good Tune , “In Context – As The Sun Goes Down” is amazing and “Centrik – Timewatcher” is absolutely wicked, But I prefere “Netsky – Jealousy”.
    Good “Democast”
    Big Up To all these producers ^^

  • v3rm0n

    Hey, can someone tell me what that guy says in hate drum and bass?
    “I fucking hate drum and bass. Not a bad song but the drums suck.
    Why don’t they do it at half speed, it would sound like a real song…” I don’t get what he says next:D

  • GA Blackburn

    WOW!! I’ve been around since Podcast 8 but this is first time I felt the need to register and comment on a demo. InContext’s song is fucking brilliant! The part on my hard drive where it’s stored is worn down.

    Keep up the good work Tony, you need to come back to Los Angeles.

    Ali in LA

  • Roger Berkeley

    great demos…
    i like the brandon miles and tricky pat tune.
    simple but big!
    also the in context track.

    hope both get a release.

    and still asking myself when the mistabishi single is coming out???
    don´t wanna miss nhs152 in my collection.
    like nhs146..;)

    big up..


  • djb64

    nice selection of tunes!

    I really like Brandon Miles and Tricky Pat – Bare Tactics (a bit different,reminds me of the old hard acid trance tunes!!)

    the last track … ahhh

    he seems to have gone to a lot of trouble to … hate drum and bass . :)

    nice!!! it makes coffee nervous !!!

  • dubfx

    wotcha! thanks for playing “hate drum n bass” on podcast#89.

    Answers to couple of questions posted on the samples used in the track :-
    they were sneakily recorded on my phone – the people are mates who hate drum n bass…..i was trying to convert them and managed to record their comments without them knowing…..they like d n b now, though!
    thanks for the questions

  • dubfx

    thanks man – i love it….i am just working hard to try and convert my friends!

  • Maltos

    I just saw… Tony’s Twitter… Song in the Key of Knife… New version…

    We NEED a clip or something! Play it on the next podcast? Or something, please? I’m really looking forward to hearing it!!

  • sean

    Good to hear that drums and bass.


  • James Eduard

    Totally awesome, always loved the scene.

    call from mobile

  • Riley

    1. Triple Sky – Electric Being (Nuclear Remix)
    2. Netsky – Jealousy
    3. Operon – Electrons
    4. Brandon Miles and Tricky Pat – Bare Tactics
    5. In Context – As The Sun Goes Down
    6. DCN interference – Aristocats
    7. Root Kush and Krone – All At Once
    8. Centrik – Timewatcher
    9. Critical impact – Emotive
    10. Dub FX – Hate Drum And Bass

  • drakestar

    “DCN Interference” actual Artist Name is just “Decon”. Check

    Great to see that you selected his Tune!

  • Kutuzov

    Nuclear! Yeah!

  • markt74

    Bare Tactics = Mean and has an evil-robot edge. Am lovin’ it.

    As The Sun Goes Down = Hmm, not quite sure on this one. As a former trance junkie and a current D&B addict, have mixed feelings on having my cake and eating it, too. Maybe too (two) much of a good thing isn’t. Will have to hear more of this “hybrid” trance/D&B as it emerges.

    Thanks London for keeping the podcast going for those of us who get very little in the way of local D&B!

    Mark in Milwaukee

  • Helldhaz

    Nice selection this time. I’m a pretty big fan of InContext’s work – been subscribed to his YouTube page for a while now. Him and Deep Focus (another YTer) are ones to look out for I think.

    Since Syncopix was mentioned – any word on a Girl Talk release? It was on one of the first restaurant reviews and I said at the time how much I liked it; still love to get my mitts on it.

  • PH

    8. Centrik – Timewatcher
    This is my remix
    It must be like that: Centrik – Timewatcher(PH RMX)
    Change it PLZ.

  • sammy lang

    another stonking democast!
    pleease could i get a shout out for the borlase d-boys on the next podcast, a few of us are heading down to matter on the 3rd of july and all but i are hospitality virgins so should be a special night :P
    be sure to see us going crazy at the front!

    keep up the good work tony

    p.s hope australia was as mad as it sounds on twitter :P

  • InContext

    Just want to say a big thanks for including my track in the democast !

    Heard a few tracks from Netsky in the last month or so, “tomorrows another day” is another nice track of his.


  • BennyC

    Love your track InContext really nice!

  • sychie

    gleamful beats indeed, Bare tactics stands out by far , in connection to obscure and unusual production skills have you ever heard any of the tunes on Limbik frequencies, radio station on itunes , very ambient maybe you should have a hear, some overly inventive sounds. Also going back a year or so now but recently demo podcast 60 has been a total influence on my work at present, especially despot and enei, by the way did you ever find out what the language was in the despot track named empty?, i have to say that track really transforms the idea of ambience. well many thanks for the entertaining podcasts, really keeping it next level , thanks sychie.

  • Jyrgen

    I dont think this is the same Dub Fx, this guy is just gold

  • dubfx

    that isn’t me – but he is good……

    I’m a heavier sort of dubfx altogether!

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