Hospital Podcast 91

June 24, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back with a fresh selection of dubs.

New tracks from Cyantific, Sub Focus, Danny Byrd and Bop. Keeping you well upto date with all that is going on, plus news from Tony’s recent tour of Australia…

Let us know what you think and also, pre-order bop’s amazing album at

  • Sleaty

    Mammoth podcast.

  • Roger Berkeley

    great podcast.
    liked the renewed song in the key of knife.
    and finally i got my sick music lp.
    it is really a great compilation and i can´t wait for the cd.
    and for the bop album.
    and really glad that i did not miss the mistabishi promo. one day in the shop means a really quick sale.
    barbarix really kills it.
    will the full release be a coloured vinyl?

    keep it up!

  • The J Man

    Tony, that’s just showing off! Owning a record label must give you an advantage over us mere mortals at this sort of thing.

    Ok, I’m off to buy some records. I hear everybody’s talking about this vital new tune by Fred the Dread…

  • benjimans

    Great podcast as always :)
    Shout out to Dave, Benedict, Stu, Olivia, and Moon all looking forward to a big embrace with Charles (little inside joke) and some amazing drum and bass at this Fridays Hospitality at Matter. We’ve all been looking forward to this for weeks!!

  • Joellypops

    Just on a national express coach going past marble arch on my way home to Leeds after spending a crackin’ weekend in London with the girlfriend/the doris. And listenin to your podcast is like literally the best way to travel on a coach home, cheers for the podcasts, perfect way to round off me weekend, keep it up, properly top drawer stuff. A shout to the doris, Ishani, would be quality, Joel.

  • The J Man

    Nice 1 mate. Your top score puts me to shame! (97% cool tho!!)

    Keep up the good work, your tunes are bashment rude bwoy!

  • ninkul

    Who needs friends when you have Drum n Bass?

    I’ve only been listening to the podcast a few months now but finding your podcast has pushed me into the world of Audiophilia amongst other things (you bastard!). The music I’ve been finding since my discovery of Hospital Records has been AMAZING, so much that i’ve now already put $500 of my piddly student-budget towards the first half of my HEADPHONE setup, the second half to follow if my grades come out alright from my finals else i’ll wait til i have a job. Also, i’ve actually started buying CDs (hurrah!!) as opposed to you know.. the radio of course..

    I’m pretty annoyed that I missed your show in Wellington, NZ, exams are a bitch!

    Cant wait for Sick Music to appear in a store around here! Somehow I dont trust a cd being sent throug the mail after working part time at one of the main mail distribution centers here.

    Anyways, good stuff, keep up the good work, love the podcast, hope youre back in NZ soon, yada yada :)


  • ArkeeDUB

    Hi Tony, great podcast as usual! Just wondered if you know of the full release date for the Barbarix Printer Jam Remix on 12″? I must have blinked and missed the limited number of promos.
    Keep up the good work…looking forward to the next podcast installment.

    Douglas Harding
    Cape Town

  • mogo

    whatever happened to Girl Talk from Syncopix and that beautiful ballroom string sound? GET IT Tony!

  • londonelektricity

    j man – 138% cool is my record to date ;-)

  • perth_liquid

    hey man,

    Im heading to Cardiff from Perth for a week in September, are there any hospital djs playing on the 18th or 19th in or around Cardiff? would love to experience modern drum and bass in its homeland…


    btw, mad podcasts, look forward to every week to hear them

  • The J Man

    New high score – 1,326,862, 98% cool! How did you get over 100%??

    You know, Hospital Disksta could end up being a lot bigger that JD. You could have the normal game, but when you reach a certain coolness or profit level you could start a record label and spot/sign artists. You could have stuff like ‘Danny Byrd has still not finished his album after 10 years. Do you want to fire him? (y/n)’ or ‘Mistabishi is on the brink of causing another worldwide financial meltdown and Hospital Records’ share value looks set to plummet. Sell shares now? (y/n)’. ‘Calum Best tries to get a VIP pass to one of your parties. You tell him to go to Babylon. You gain cool!’ or ‘Chris Moyles plays your new track on his breakfast show. GAME OVER. You loose all cool!’ ;-)

  • londonelektricity

    j man keep em coming

  • mat7thew


    my two best mates are devastated…their kitten of five years just passed away…it was a totally wicked cat named hades…could you give some shouts on the next podcast to luther (tina) and ace (heather)and hades? much respect


  • londonelektricity

    mat7thew – no, i dislike cats. if i do a shout i’ll laugh and that would be cruel.

  • The J Man

    As Mistabishi –
    ‘Shepherds Bush. Large Bwoy spots you and beats the s**t out of you for sampling his voice without permission. Luckily you left your minidisk recorder on and you use the new sample to make another disgusting dubstep tune! You earn £100,000!’

    ‘You notice Matter is turning into a sausage fest. You make a new album of love songs to attract more fly gyals. The girls love you but you have compromised your artistic integrity. You loose cool!’

    ‘You go to Logistics’ house to produce a track. You need to take a dump.’

    ‘Take dump’ or
    ‘Hold it in’

    ‘You decide to take a dump but there’s no toilet paper! Luckily, Calum Best’s autobiography is sitting by the toilet. you know what happens next…

  • londonelektricity


  • Colak

    Hearing that about “Oh, do you play vinyl?” i reckon that must happen to me about once every 2 months, MINIMUM.

    soemtimes they haven’t got them, sometimes they don’t work and me recent favourite hate is when you put a record on and it’s only coming out of one side – and you get the reply, “oh, the guy last night used these with Serato and it was fine.”…

    OF course, because the sound was coming out the laptop not the fucking deck!!!!

    wasteman sound engineers, fix up!

    big up nero as well, enter shikari are cack, but the mix was dope.

  • sulky

    Tony mate I know exactly what you’re talking about when I arrived in L.A it didn’t seem real at all, fucking jetlag is like the backend of a good weekend. Thought i’d just walked into Beverly Hills cop. Shout Out to all the English flex cargo boys working at Schcipol Airport,(about 80 of us) all living the high grade life, loving the weather, loving our only link to good drum and bass from a wireless internet connection that isn’t ours, the HOSPTAL PODCAST!

    few of us should be back in England for the next Hospitality. The dutchies are still in to oldskool and hardcore.

  • gtown

    hey tony, please send a shout to the manager of Club Foot in leeds. he got me hooked on your podcast and i’m gutted he’s had to close. cheers x

  • lily

    just left my house in palace yesterday and who do i walk past but you on your way to hospitality!
    keep up the good work mate, and send a shout to the crystal palace drum n bass massive next time!

  • zosia_zosia

    Hey there Tony
    Would love it if you could give a shout out on your next podcast to Zosia (said zosha) Freya, Becky, Louise, Danielle and Jess. We all went to Matter for the first time on fri and LOVED it. Definatley gonna make it a habit. I listen to your podcast religiously and will do still when i move to New York in Aug for 5months, but i’m not sure how i’m going to survive without some real proper live DJ nights like yours. I know you don’t do the USA anymore but if you know of any good nights in NY, a tip off would be great!
    much love
    P.s personally i find your voice quite soothing and don’t have any problems with you talking all over the tracks! unlike “cheeky” on podcast 91.hehe.

  • Alegria

    Just dropping by to say, BIG UPS and huge respect for the “Sick Music” LP release. It conquered my heart ever since I heard bits and pieces of it on the podcast (of which I’m a frequent fan ever since a year or so).

    Just one thing that I believe you guys should do (even though I bet fan opinions aren’t really taken into account that much) – recognise the success B-Complex’s chewn has had around the world. A big part of the credit goes to you guys for signing Matus but also please see the talent that this guy is. Sign some other tracks of his on Hospital Records PLEASE! I’d love to see stuff like “Three Dots” (featured on the podcast in the past already!) or “Reflections” or “Raindrops” released on the mighty mighty Hospital. If it’s too quirky for the main part of the label then maybe take it to Medschool? ;)

    Let me just say this. Beautiful Lies has made it to #1 on the TOP DOWNLOADS chart on Beatport in such a short time. Recognise.

    Huge respect from Poland,

  • perth_liquid

    hey dude,

    Im in the UK for southern sound festival in september! look out for the 6’6 guy in the front row representing the perth dnb scene. i was annoyed i was gonna miss hospitality at matter by a week but southern sounds is a good comprimise.


  • MrArteest

    Wow. I mean… WWOOOOWW! Seriously… big WhooptashWowYumWibblywobblyDingalinglingling

    Sick music is definitely ‘exactly what it says on the tin… or sleeve’ Just completed the 3rd repeated listening of it as I work on a nightmare poster design that has to go to the printers tomorrow. Sick Music is keeping my feet tapping and head nodding and thoughts focussed though, so massive thanks for that! Been eagerly awaiting it since you been dropping teasers on the Podcast and its definitely worth the wait.

    Peace, Love and little round circles some like to call full stops,

    Mr. Arteest xxx

    (forever tuned in from Newcastle Upon Tyne. P.S. Please can you tell Mr Contrast he made me smile when he visited Digital – so too did yourselves when you did the mini Hospital night there)


  • Overdue Elektricity Bill

    Hey Tony!

    I didn’t imagine you getting choked up on p/c 91.. did I? Bless you! Just wondered if it was the message that upset you, or was it the fact that the lady who sadly passed away loved Just One Second? Also just wanted to send a “shout” to all the Mums who do the housework, feeding, changing etc to the podcast..I have a VERY clean house! There are lots of “little chairmans” around the country getting a DnB education from you and my 2 1/2 year old loves it!! Sick album is awesome and I think we are in very happy times when it comes to DnB! I want to produce some myself and as soon as I get my head around the software, I plan to “do it” for the Mums and ladies! he he!! xx

  • Robert Mayers

    I want it!

    Hello, might I be in time for the free free Drum Banger app code?

  • Slim

    Can you tell me if you know when the Cyanide ’88 mph’ will be getting (promo) vinyl release?

    Cheers, Slim

  • DJ Maximil

    Bring on Motion in Bristol! Whoop.

  • Helldhaz

    Guess that’s one way of saying that Bop’s album is pure sex.

  • miguel

    Oh man..
    Song in the key of the night, has one of the most amazing basslines on drum n bass history, I was recently listening to the “pull the plug” album and I could not believe it, it sick, amazing tune, I also liked the one on the Scala album, and this one is insane, you should release this!

    keep it up!

  • humanisticmystic

    Another great set. Enter Shikari’s vocals are absolutely mindblowing.

  • johncockfbi

    Just wanted to say Tuesday night was siiiiiiiiiiick!!! That was a BIG lineup but you and logistics absolutly smashed it mate. Hopfully we’ll see some more hospital artists round this way soon.

  • dezine

    Big ups from Victoria Canada, Tony.

    Don’t know when your next pod cast will be but if its any time before the 10th of July it would make my decade if you could give me a shout on the cast. And if you could tell anyone who will be going to Soundwave on Vancouver Island to make sure they are at the whitebird stage @ 6pm on the friday. Its my first major festival gig and i will probably be one of the only acts championing the very best of summery smiling drum & bass.
    I do try to diversify the tunes but most of it will definitely be coming from the hospital catalog.
    keep up!

    -matt dezine

  • grandebleu

    I’ve been catching up on the podcasts recently and have to say the beats are just mental. I’ve been laughing out loud on my way to work. Had a great night catching you guys at Sandwiches a few weeks back, there until dawn, until the zombies came out to play.

    Greets from NZ
    – From an expat who very much misses the UK scene

  • The J Man

    Hi Tony! Great podcast as always. I am also addicted to Jamaican Disksta and I can give you a few tips on how to get a dubplate.

    To receive a dubplate you must pay for a party in uptown and if it goes down well, you will receive a dubplate at the end of the night (don’t be cheap, and it will go down well). In order to talk to the dude who organises the parties your coolness must be in the red zone, and to get into uptown without getting kicked out by the police, your coolness has to be in the yellow zone.

    Remember that it is only when you change locations that your time goes down by 1 day, so try to do as much as posible in 1 location. When you hear a rumour, buy the maximum number of units possible (99 with 11 record bags) wherever you are, then sell ‘em when it’s hot. It will get hot when you change locations one or two times. About half way through the game you should be earning around $100,000 off a hot record with this method. Another tip is to avoid trenchtown when you have loads of money as you risk getting robbed. All that’s left to do then is buy the hot clothes at every opportunity, buy the right white labels, and get them played. Simple!

    Bring out a Hospital version! ;-)

  • londonelektricity

    got it mate ;-) top score 1,200,000 what’s yours?

    and yes a hospital version – have been working on it. no promises, but trying. we likkle but we tawlah

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