Hospital Podcast 92

July 9, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity returns with fresh music from Subwave, Marcus Intalex and a world exclusive from Logistics. We also have Bop, and KJ Sawka comps plus all the news from Hospitality which was at Matter last weekend.

You can enter the Bop Comp Here

the KJ SAWKA winners have now been contacted with codes, for those that missed out, pick up the awesome “drumbanger” app on the appstore now!

  • M4TT

    PLSSSSSSS can i have the APP TONY!!!!!

  • skyeface

    Would love a copy! <3

  • tomwilcox

    WOOOOOOOOOH! The Logistics drop :D :D

  • olyjo

    I want the application please :-)

  • Frolic

    I have an Iphone and i want that APP!!!

    Hook me up Sawka Style :)

  • Ben K

    app pleeease – think i’m no 10?!

  • Coffeee

    iPhone Appage! woo :D

  • attakmedia

    Iphone app pllllleeease. Also I love the new logistics!

  • Funok

    Hey Tony,

    that was your first REEEEEEWIND at the new logistics tune :) am i right???

    Cheers Funok :)

  • rory

    i phone app yessss!!! x

  • Funok

    It also works for iPod Touch :)

  • Roger Berkeley

    ahhh damn,
    looked at your site and only 5 comments were posted for the app competition.
    but i wanted to hear the podcast before i post something.
    now i´m too late.
    but anyways.
    nice podcast. biiig biiig logistics tune.
    guess the album will be massive.
    and johnny l nailed it again.

    just booked the tickets for hospitality @ matter and i hope it is getting siick.

    so see ya at matter.

    big up.

  • Typhoid Raj

    iPhone app still available… probably not

  • tolley1466

    If it’s still going…

    I’d love the iPod app please :)

  • MrB0om

    Damn im sooo slow.

    But if you got any apps left…

    Big tunes mate.

  • grandebleu

    Wicked Podcast!!

    for those of us stuck on the other side of the globe, who are missing all those amazing gigs back home how about getting David Rodgian in for a podcast??!!!

  • Thierry

    Oi Tony!

    You can’t imagine how much I love your podcast. I work in Vancouver which is the lamest city for electronic music. It depresses me so bad.

    The only party there is here is the one in my head! My workmates probably wonder why I shake my head all day… No it’s not a twitch!

    Can I organize a Hospital party in Vancouver for you? I’ll pay for it.


  • donaldj

    This was an amazing podcast this time around. Warehouse is so good it’s ridiculous as is that Jonny L track.

  • amplifier

    Is it just me or are Bop’s tunes just really thought provoking and as far as dance floor go they just don’t work.

    Please let me know if this is just me because I can’t imagine them working on the dance floor (and haven’t heard them played out yet).

    Still great podcast Love ya work

  • mogo

    hippies were put here for our amusement, you truly are a man of us people.

    matter, needs not words!

    podcast, never fails to brighten my days.

    bring it on Logistics…

    yes yes yes, inabit, bye

  • Slim

    Would love the iPhone application Drum Banger code – am I too late????

  • Moisty

    great podcast again tony, glad you and the family are through the worst of the hog flu! would have been a massive loss if it had taken you down!

    Loving sick music so much man just some amazing music, now getting excited for both the Logistics and Future sounds of Russia big OMFG i tell thee.

    I swear you should do some joint ventures with alsorts records get Asides and Netsky to play a set at one of the up and coming hospitalitys.. that would be an amazing + to the genius you already have smashing up the night.

    Gutted I missed the last one but had official shizle on :(

    as always keep up the great work and keep forging the way for DNB.

    mucho’s grathias


  • inorganik

    I would love drumbanger (and an iphone!)
    Goooo hospital!

  • firewire


    Such a coincidence to hear the mention of KJ Sawka and his iPhone application. I don’t have an iPhone so I don’t need the app. I was, however, in need of some live drum and bass. Last night I nixed that problem and had the pleasure of seeing KJ Sawka perform in New York City. Alongside him were two drum and bass producers from New York, Submerged and Enduser. Live drum kit, live bass guitar, keyboards, samplers, laptops, effects pedals, you name it. The sheer energy and dynamic of this trio is out of this world and beyond. Followed by a killer set from Concord Dawn. For someone like me who doesn’t get out much these days, nights like that remind why I owe so much of my heart to those deep, nasty rhythms and throat-clenching basslines.

    Much respect for all that you do for drum and bass. I wonder what’s in store for podcast 100…

  • Sy Burton

    Tuneage Tony ;o)

  • Purelogic

    Sweet podcast mate.

    Like to give a shoutout to everyone who was at NASS on the 10-12th of July. High Contrast was absolutely amazing along with Brookes brothers, Subfocus and MC Wrec. Was a wicked few nights!

  • Gizm0

    As they say in Spinal Tap ‘but this one goes to 11′ same goes for here 11 out of 10. Good thing you mentioned the server switch, I was starting to experience withdrawal symptoms, keep it up

  • Swanvesta

    Yo TONY Its me MR SWAN

    Jus writing to you again. ITS BEEN 2 weeks now & this means the might Hospital Number 93 should be out by the end of the day.

    CANT WAIT!!!

    Regardless of what HOSPITAL Artistry you play. IT is guarenteed to BE SICK!!

    IF you could give me a shout out on the podders it would be safe as ….. THE SWANVEST


  • Riley

    1. Bop – Zakoulki Soznaniya
    2. Marcus Intalex – Airbourne
    3. Syncopix – Mr Resident
    4. Johnny L – Microdaze
    5. Dkay and Lee – Greatest Things
    6. Logistics – Warehouse
    7. Bop – Enjoy The Moment
    8. P Money feat Vince Harder – Everything (Blame Remix)
    9. Subwave – Stars Get Down
    10. Ulteria Motive and Judda – Infrasonic
    11. Alix Perez – Stray (Icicle remix)
    12. Bop – Clear Your Mind

  • Dave Arter

    I’ll have a copy of the Sawka app plzkthx!

  • dangerousbeans


  • seymansey

    One would *love* to have a copy of the app, please!

  • v3rm0n


    good podcast.
    Would lika a copy of the iPhone app. Thanks:)

  • m4rc1e

    Would love to have a copy. Cheers Tony

  • swt

    wonna smthing:)

  • PsyNeko

    that app would be awesome Tony! :D

  • TomYelland

    would love to have a copy of that IPhone app. Hell yes!

  • Colak

    minimal techno style bit in the subwave tune is fresh, bit of teutonic plinky-plonky in russian D&B – proper.

  • Swanvesta


  • guido-daido


    P-Money is a kiwi electronic producer who dabbles in Hip-Hop etc, not my thing but the remix is really good! Have to thank Zane from Radio 1 for introducing the track to the UK!

    Another great podcast as always :)


  • Rich Holman

    Nice podcast as always, you cracked me up… love the story about the healing field, ha hippies!

    I also loved the way you apologised about your voice then proceeded to shout Rodigan for a good 20 seconds!

    Take it easy

  • E-Dub89

    Fucking awesome podcast, Tone.
    I think i’ve listened to the whole thing about 15 times. Wow, i know.(By the way, i wish you and your family a speedy recovery from the swine flu.) Logistics must have signed a deal with the devil, because Warehouse sounds like the work of an evil genius! haha. no joke. It deserved that rewind.

    Get well soon, Colman family.
    E-dubb =)

  • londonelektricity

    thanks edubb. i agree about logistics. he’s possessed. and we’re better thanks!

  • Dugy09

    Tony you legend, iv somehow managed to keep up to date with the podcasts however i missed the vidichat,iv been waving the flag for drum and bass evrywere iv bin, i had a dj in greece downloading tracks of itunes and i had a dj in africa playing drum and bass of my iphone iv bin at sea for a while tho so iv bin realy excited for the new podcasts, i got 91 and 92 last night at a hotel in oman and what do you know youd done me another wicked shout on 91 i was well happy when i heard it. I was lucky enough to be alongside the day sick music came out on itunes so thats bin keeping my head straight while iv bin at sea im a bit gutted tho because it feels like im missin an amaizing summer for d&B but if it wernt for the podcast id be seriously deprived, cheers for the shouts and cheers for the tunes. dugy AKA village person. haha

  • florancy

    Itunes help. Is there a faster way to download itunes or like a lower version of itunes? I don’t want anything else from itunes. I already know other websites but they dont work for me either because my computer is really really slow and wont download like ANYTHING without a problem.

  • aoifiegriffin

    ahhh damn,looked at your site and only 5 comments were posted for the app competition. but i wanted to hear the podcast before i post something. now i´m too late. s**t… but anyways. nice podcast. biiig biiig logistics tune. guess the album will be massive. and johnny l nailed it again. just booked the tickets for hospitality @ matter and i hope it is getting siick. so see ya at matter. big up.

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