Hospital Podcast 93

July 24, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity back in the Hospital studio broadcasting the beats worldwide via the mighty podcast.

This week hot new exclusives from Logistics and Electrosoul System, plus a chance for you to VOTE HOSPITAL in the Drum and Bass Arena awards…

  • londonphoto

    Hey Tony, just a message to say this podcast along with the Siick Album will be the anthem to the metal weekend about to kick off.

    We will be causing a minor distrubance in Bournemouth this weekend for my stag-do, keep up the outstanding work.


  • johncockfbi

    I left a message a few weeks ago saying that a sneaky vinly release of the printer jam dubstep remix backed with white collar grime would make my year. Then im having a look around online and there it is (and its green)! Nice one mate, good call.

  • Steve Wiggins

    I would like to say that this podcast has definitely helped me to ease the home sickness from moving to Portland, Oregon from Lexington, Kentucky over the last year. I look forward to each other and have downloaded them all and even listened to some dozens of times. Keep up the good work!

  • grjsmith

    Tony, can you give a shout out to my mate Kylie please to thank her for introducing me to your podcast and Hospital Records. Being autistic clubbing can be very difficult for me so I don’t have many opportunities to hear new music but your podcast has changed all that! Thanks so much for the music and the laughs long may it continue!

  • PRM3

    I must say few things.
    Before anything… i could find the words to express (as im Spanish) how apreciatted i am (and i belive WE all are) for your effors Mr. Coleman.
    It is indeed IMPRESSIVE how far you have gotten in this 10 or 12 years that you have been fighting for the music (specially d´n´b, but also GOOD music in general)
    I have almost all the Hospital records. I belive it´s just 14 or 15 missing and it´s been my fabourite since many years now.
    But i must confess that after 10 years dj´in soulful dnb in Spain i was getting tired of compeatting with other styles, tyred of being the “gay d´n´b dj arround” and i was quite loosing the fight.
    I havent had the chance of seing you even djíng or doing a live show (this is something that i need to do before i die) but thanks to this podcast i have been able to see how you give energy not only with your music but also with your attitude… allways possitive, moody and joyful.
    Maximum Respectum Mr. Coleman i must say..
    as you have given me more strenght to continue the fight for the quality and the nice tunes… u are an inspiration for all the dj/produccers/label Managers arround the world to show how thing should be done… and what u can get with hard work and lot of effor.
    I mught say that i admire you and i see you as a model to follow.
    By the way, you recently played a track by some spanish guys on the podcast nº 89, the Demo podcast. It´s called All at Once by Strago & Krone. I couldnt belive that you played it. Spanish dnb scene appreciate it.
    (if you sign it fot hospital.. we will appreciate it even more ;D)

    Sorry for this long mail, but i had to say it. Also sorry for my speeling and all the gramma mystakes..

    keep it SiiCK as
    we´ll be tuned..

    P.D. I love the part when you skip the track and the song ends and you keep talking abbout restaurants… Muahahahah!! hillarious!

  • pjfriel


    Hi mate. I have to say, I stepped away from D&B for a few years as I thought it had become all “lighter crew, jump up biziness BS”.

    When I stumbled across your essential mix from last year I thought it was unbelievable. I did my first marathon in May and your EM was the soundtrack that got me through the 26 miles – thanks chief!

    Do u get much demand from Scotland for any of your DJ;s or live acts?

    PS- Lookin forward to matt logistics album


  • peji


    I’m a student travelling across Singapore/Oz/NZ this summer. Currently in Singapore (What a fantastic country!) and your podcasts have made that 12 hour plane journey incredibly bearable! So thank you for that!

    Have yet to go to a hospitality night at matter.. it’s really annoying, last time, I thought I’d be really nice and get me and all my mates tickets.. only to get Swine Flu at glastonbury, so I couldn’t go! And this time round I’ll be in Australia…

    ONE DAY!!

    Big shout out to Bath Uni & Highgate School! (That probably cost me about $20SGD…!)

    Peace Out & Big Love


  • eManZero

    Just heard B-Complex – Beautiful Lies out on BBC3 at the FreeRunning Championships. Reaching TV from the bedroom, nice one all round.

  • Riley

    1. Logistics – Salvation
    2. Fracture & Neptune – Clissold
    3. Electrosoul System feat Ashley Slater – Sunshine
    4. Subwave – Plastic Heart
    5. Bop – Lost In This World
    6 . Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Sub Focus Remix)
    7. Agent C feat Mutya Buena – Matrix and Futurebound remix
    8. Breakage – Foundation
    9. Mr Sizef – The Hours Have No Reverse Motion

  • phonografik

    Fuck me!!
    Logistics is on FIRE!

  • Dugy09

    yet again full of amaizing tunes cant wait for logistics new albulm.

  • OCR

    That Mr Sizef tune is a beast. I think it’s gonna be a good podcast…

  • Maltos

    Wicked podcast! The tracks were extra special this time. Especially that Mr Sizef tune. Gutting that it’s not gonna be on the Hospital Compilation! Here hoping that it gets a speedy release!

    Also, Clear Your Mind landed through my door the other day and, well, what needs to be said, really? Absolutely stunning as was expected. Bop is definately bringing the future sounds. And the future is certainly looking beautiful.

  • Roger Berkeley

    wow, what a selection…

    clissold is wicked, mr sizef is gorgeous and logistics is really on fire.

    and if i would be able to attend the pre-hospitality it would be great cause i am coming over from germany to attend the hospitality@matter and land on the 4th.
    if there are tickets on sale i take 2.

    big up…

  • al leno

    russiacast? 4 russian artists – sick. wonder when i’m gonna be in the list

  • al leno

    oh my god, you’re doing a future sound of russia album? i love you guys

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Great podcast – cheers.

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