Hospital Podcast 94

August 12, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity brings you number 94 of the mighty Hospital Podcast, with great new tracks from DJ Fresh, Skream, Randomer and man of the moment Logistics.

Also we bring you all of the latest news and preview Hospitality at Matter, and the extra special HOSPITAL Q+A+E coming up beforehand…

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  • markt74

    I see the digital versions of the individual Hospital Mix releases, but I cannot find the Hospital Mix 1-6 bundle deal on the Hospital Records website. Is the bundle going to be made available at a later date?

  • taz yabba dabba doo

    Hello Tony,
    I recently stumbled upon an amusing Wikipedia cockup – check out the last sentence in this entry:
    … unless you are keeping your footballing past on the down-low?
    Anyway, thanks for another fucking awesome podcast – love that Logistics tune at the end.
    Would be great if you could give a shout out to Tim and Taz – a couple of long-time Hospital fans and loyal podcast listeners… we’ll be flying the flag and the fag at Matter in November.

  • alexp

    Just wanted to say thank you for the podcasts.
    I am battling self harm and the podcasts really help me get through the dark hours when I want to harm myself.
    Thank you.

    Ps. cant wait for the new Logistics album.


  • Thom

    Anyone else notice the Fout Tet samples used in “Guardian” by Spectrasoul? Cheeky! Tune.

  • Colak

    Pretty sure the spectrasoul vocal is Yvette Michelle’s Not Feeling You acapella detuned and effected, innit?

  • acidfluxxbass

    loved this one :)
    were those ‘oop!’ noises you, tony? I wasn’t sure.. I’ve never been keen on live MCing over good music.
    looking forward to the next one! PS. I’m voting Hospital!

  • sk-tter

    @acidfluxxbass- I’m not really into bad music, with or without MCing. :P

  • djwerd

    Is it me or did the DJ Fresh “Fantazia” track sound a lot like “Spritual Aurra” by Engineers Without Fears?

    Also loved the dubstep section. Perhaps an all dubstep podcast some day?

  • taz yabba dabba doo

    So as I was trying to illustrate aforementioned Wikipedia cock up to a mate, I realised it’s been changed since my last comment!

    Oh dear, I’m not a Wikipedia gonk, honest!

  • Riley

    Yeah, we changed it after much confusion. London Elektricity aka Tony Colman, there is no E!

  • taz yabba dabba doo

    Glad to be of service… hopefully that’s deserving of a shout-out to Tim and Taz on Podcast 95!

  • stick

    What’s with the pricing on the Hospital Mix Anthology, thought it was going to be £20?


  • londonelektricity

    @ stick:

    it is £20

    where is it more? will have to have words

    • Burchard

      Articles like this are an example of quick, hepflul answers.

    • uuhbhn

      tRdESL urtqgpqhpfev

  • Swanvesta

    Hello THERE Mr Colman

    Its Swanvest….

    Just up for asking a few questions.

    Firstly on regards to the HOSPITAL A & E . You mentioned tickets would be cheaper to matter ticket holders unfortunately i have had a good search and can’t find how to get the RIGHT ticket and cheaper any HELP would be grateful..

    Now business is over with. I would Just like to REP the hospital ARTISTRY. You are full legends HANDS DOWN. Actually cannot wait for CRASH BANG WALLOP gonna be 6 INCHES packed OF ULTAMATUMLY legendary tunes.


    CHEERS !!!!

  • stick


    Cheers for the link. It’s on at a higher price on the hospital shop.

    Keep up the good work, have got right back into my D&B since discovering your podcast.

    edit: and have now purchased

  • londonelektricity

    thanks for the heads up we’ll get the price corrected on NHS shop!

  • Riley

    Swanvesta – head HERE

  • Robbie87


    I’m coming to your night in Edinburgh on the 28th, so maybe you should come to my show called ‘Parents’ Evening’ on at the fringe at 5:30pm. There’s three free tickets going if you want them. Lady Colmanator and The Chairman would love it.

    Looking forward to it.



  • londonelektricity

    thanks for the offer robbie! will be just me tho and i think my flight gets in at 10pm :-( hope it goes well tho

  • zippydrift

    Cheers Tony!

    Got me and my two Tork and Philip heading over from Stockholm, Sweden, to get a taste of our first Hospitality! Sweden’s DnB clubs lack flair and we all wish to see how a true DnB night is carried out.

    As a first-time visitor to London as well, I was wondering if you could give me any tips for any good vinyl store that I could visit. Specially any which are known for selling older stuff. As I cannot order a lot of stuff online yet I wish to make the most of my opportunity to get my hands on plastic!

    Big up to all Hospital Crew,

  • Dugy09

    hi tony id bin reading the coments about 94 before i could download it and i had a feeling the “flying the fag coments” were refering to me lol just got ashore in dubai and confirmed it. gay jokes about the navy….. to easy lol. there is actualy a bit of a drum and bass scene here however iv come at totaly the wrong time because all the clubs are closed for ramadan, i feel like pulling my hair out but at least iv got the podcast, keep them coming.
    cheers dugy.

  • londonelektricity

    yo Dugy i’ve had maximum flack for that slip of the tongue! was a genuine slip up you know how i do. enjoy your r+r, sorry bout the clubs all being closed.

  • The J Man

    anyone else notice how the new q project tune sounds suspiciously similar to ‘aerials’ by system of a down?

  • aoifiegriffin

    Great podcast! Lovin’ the new Skream tune; so amazing after DNBBQ in Sydney on Saturday night (which was mostly oldschool tunes). Remember the bbq at the Record Store Tony? It was even better this time round :D

  • Riley

    1. DJ Fresh – Fantazia
    2. Spectrasoul – Guardian
    3. Electrosoul System – Ghost
    4. Q-Project – Celluloid
    5. Sunchase – Violet
    6. Mistabishi – Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix)
    7. Skream – Burning Up
    8. Randomer – Scapegoat
    9. Apex – Gonzo
    10. S.I.N – Little Rene
    11. Electrosoul System – To My Galaxy
    12. Logistics – Platinum

  • sk-tter

    Great podcast! Lovin’ the new Skream tune; so amazing after DNBBQ in Sydney on Saturday night (which was mostly oldschool tunes).
    Remember the bbq at the Record Store Tony? It was even better this time round :D

  • Roger Berkeley

    yes, nice one.
    like the skream track. wicked one.
    can´t wait for the hospitality and the q+a+e @ bme.
    it´s gonna be a great friday for me.

  • Joppers

    Where’s the Hospital Mix 1-6 bundle on the store? has it gone already?

  • londonelektricity

    we had some technicals with the hosmix bundle but it should be up today hold your horses!

  • pete87

    flying the fag haha love it.
    good luck at the dnba awards tomorrow!
    wrap it up.

  • jocelyn dee

    Hi – love the podcast and have been a subsriber for a few years. Just wanted to say it inspired my friend and I to to start our own podcast (DBE News and Reviews – We’re at 35 episodes, maybe one day we will reach 95 episodes like you. Thanks for all the great music!!!

  • katalyst


    Obviously me thinking that I’d be responsible and not go because of work on Sunday was a terrible, terrible idea.


  • Colak

    so is sunchase a different sunchase to the one that did that Remember Me tune Pendulum remixed a few years back??

    That was a big tune… violet is as well, i’m just a bit baffled as to whetheror not it’s the same artist.

  • PsyNeko

    Im pretty sure “Flying the Fag” now takes the cake as best Coleman quote EVER!

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