Hospital Podcast 97

September 25, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity is joined this week on the world famous Hospital Podcast by none other than the man of the moment Logistics. Talking about cab fares, Cambridge and of course the new album Crash Bang Wallop.

New tracks from the album and also fresh tracks from Rockwell, Break & Trisector. Make sure you tune in.

Crash Bang Wallop is out now!

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  • joelmoler

    Noticed this the other day – ‘Just one second (Apex Remix)’ used to advertise
    Gran Turismo 5:

  • Gizm0

    SiiCK. Quality tuneage!
    Just grabbed myself the cd from the Hospital shop :) Hoping to get to Matter in December seeing as ive given up on Hospitality in Holland but no confirmed dates as of yet. Keep up the work.

  • lewbayer

    yeah Tony, “With zeez tunes you are really spoiling Uz” !

    Sick Music, Crash Bang Wallop, This is DnB, not to mention the podcasts. I’m never short of anything to listen to.

    Loving the Sincere remix. whodunnit?!!!

    Keep up the great work, hopefully Hospitality will make it up to the North East some day, any plans?


  • Swanvesta

    MAssive Podders De Cast Tony..And Bonjour The Riley

    SOme really big tunes! Loving Logistics new album UTTer Blisful.

    Met him and yourself @ HospiMatter. WHere you tore up the whole place.

    Can’t wait for new Music from yourself.

    Big Up HOSPital Artistry

    And SHout out For THe Swanvesta in 98.


  • stereokill

    hey tony just wanted to say im still loving the essential mix you did about a year ago. quality tunes and mixing for 2 hours, great stuff!

  • PsyNeko

    Hey Tony

    Massive podcast as always and a massive shout to Logi for one killer album. Completely unrelated question. Back in Podcast 91 you played a rework of one of your classics “Song in the key of knife”. I keep replaying the podcast just to listen to it. It’s fucking awesome. Wondering if there is going to be a future release date for it? If you could provide any info it would be GREATLY appreciated. If i could also get a shout on the next podcast to all Sydneysider DnB heads, would be massive.

    Thanks for another awesome podcast and keep it FRESH!~


  • sk-tter

    Hells yeah for the Sydneysiders! DNBBQ was jawsome; was great to hear White Collar Grime and Jungle Music dropped. Tony, if you or any other of the Hospital boys are back in town, definitely check out Typhonic. This guy’s got some serious skills.

  • Funok

    Hey Tony,

    would love to get “This is Drum & Bass”…

    Problem is its not avaiable on german itunes, and i dont now how to join the brithis itunes… :(

    Plz Help me!!!!

    Cheers Funok

  • londonelektricity

    we have CDs available on our shop!

  • addy

    easy geeza, recently purchased the “this is drum and bass” cd and i have to say its fucking amazing! it has about 20 reasons “why i love drum and bass” tunes on it!
    keep them coming my friend and i’ll look forward to the podcast 100th episode!

    blupety blup

  • Danyell Esquivel

    Appreciation for your excellent blog site submit. I’m glad We have taken some time to find out this.

  • Riley

    1. Logistics – Salvation
    2. Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (logistics remix)
    3. Break – Let It Happen
    4. Logistics – Transporter
    5. Rockwell – Underpass
    6. MJ Cole – Sincere D+B mix
    7. Logistics – Repetition
    8. Subwave – I Need You
    9. Trisector + Inztance – Trace Of A Smile

  • sammy lang

    another sick tracklist, this will keep me well entertained on my way down to uni in portsmouth

  • sebi1109

    2. Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (logistics remix)

    you know, tony and matt just casually talking over a chilled out track and the suddenly the song drops and my world in its very existence is destroyed. all i can say is fuck my life what a fucking tune.

    big ups.

  • jonlane

    tony, that zed bias rehash by logistics is more effective than brown noise. i nearly crapped myself listening to that. absolutely fucking savage. massive respect to whoever did what we all wanted to do and turn that mj cole classic into something that u’d be happy to say you liked without getting stick for it being garage! simple but fucking effective.

    the new t.i.d.&.b. album was one of my best purchases of the year along with the new loggy album. toytown should have been saved to go back to back with repetition as a single. that would have been the best double roller that matt has ever released. the album itself is incredible in variety and old skool homage.

    oh and to whoever said on the last cast that msra needs to release more, too fucking true. get him in the studio now.

    can’t wait for thekla, the line up warranted a bigger ticket price than a tenner!! cheers mate, jon

  • mattt

    Sick podcast, when is hospitality coming to scotland? Pleassssssseeeee come sooon :(!

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Yo Tony!

    Saw the this is drum n bass advert on tele last night…..

    banging! its so weird to hear about hospitality and hospital records related things on mainstream television such as Channel 4!

    Mental…. such good footage of you and linc smashing it at Hospitality.

    Loving Crash Bang Wallop…. Very New And Different For Logistics which is awsome….


    Boogaloo Thom

  • Sleaty

    Which artist remixed Sincere, I need to know! Or if anyone knows where I can get hold of it as any computer based format? (MP3 etc, no disrespect Tony, I know you love vinyl, I’m getting some decks this Christmas please don’t hate me, maybe you could teach me to DJ? lol) Sick podcast by the way, Break is smashing it at the moment fair play. Loving Logistics as well, dunno if you saw my last shout, still waiting for his album to pop through my letter box, trying to resist the temptation to downlaod it off iTunes (yes I love dnb that much). Also incase you did miss my last shout I’m going to matter baby, first dnb club night since turning 18, can’t wait. I’m gonna miss RAM unfortunatley because my mates can’t get valid I.D. in time for it : Anyway could you please give my mates, Ted and Saki a shoutout for coming to Hospitality with me. See you there, look out for a freakishly tall young man with a Hospital T-shirt on with yellow rave sunglasses (me).

    P.S.: During your set could you please play Enter Shakari – Juggernauts (Nero Remix) I soooo wanna see how everyone reacts to that tune and how great it sounds on a system like matter. Also sorry if you took my last shoutout the wrong way about your skills as a DJ, I was only joking.

  • Swanvesta

    MAssive Podders De Cast Tony..And Bonjour The Riley

    SOme really big tunes! Loving Logistics new album UTTer Blisful.

    Met him and yourself @ HospiMatter. WHere you tore up the whole place.

    Can’t wait for new Music from yourself.

    Big Up HOSPital Artistry

    And SHout out For THe Swanvesta in 98.


  • Roger Berkeley

    what a quality podcast as usual.
    the loggi remix of zed bias is sick.
    like the sincere remix from whoever.

    and the hospitality mix cd just arrived.
    very good selection tony and lincoln…
    like both and play them non stop when i can…..
    wished all those tracks were already available.
    hard time of waiting begins;)

    so hope the hoody fits now.

    big shout to all @ hospital.


  • MackemAB

    Quality podcast once again, just wanted to ask a question since this is a pretty big issue in the music industry at the moment.

    What are your views on music piracy? and do you agree with the proposed ways to deal with it?

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