Hospital Podcast 99

October 21, 2009 in Podcast

Stick a flake in it! Hospital’s very own bringer of ice cold goods London Elektricity brings you our 99th edition as we continue the countdown to the massive Hospital Podcast 100.

Big tunes from Subwave, Matrix + Futurebound, Subfocus and the mighty Blumarten. Let us know what you think…

  • lindsaywilson23

    Hey there Tony, Lindsay from Adelaide South Australia here, congrats on the Secutary mate, hope he doesnt catch your cold…

    I’ve lived in London for the last year and your podcast gets me by on the tube ride to and from work everyday, couldnt do it without it.

    I havent been getting into the DnB scene enough as i should have since being in the UK, but that is about to change, and what better way to do it than by going to Hospitality at Matter, see you there next Friday mate, the line up is INSANE!!!! Gonna be a top night!

    Any chance you can please give a shout out to my old mate Murray back at home and the rest of the Adelaide DnB scene, I’ll see all you boys in Jan when I come home for a bit. CANT WAIT (though ill be straight back to London after cause i absolutely LOVE IT here!!!)

    Cheers buddy, keep up the top work

  • Thom

    Hi Tony,
    Loving the recent podcasts – good stuff. Heard some interesting news about Mistabishi’s ‘DJing’ antics not long ago… I’d be interested to hear your opinion on the matter on the next podcast!
    Loved Seba’s new tune – sick vibes. Can’t wait for podcast 100!

  • Sleaty

    Fair play Tony with the amount of great releases on Hospital so far this year and forthcoming ones like the ‘Future Sound of Russia’ I can’t wait for Hospital Mix 8 it should be massive! Especially if you could manage to put some of High Contrast’s remixes on there seeing as they came part of his Confidential album. I always look forward to the Hospital Mixes, is it coming out this year? If so who’s mixing it? :D Congratulations on the new baby by the way! Hope it all goes well matter tommorow as well.

  • Swanvesta

    Hey there London & Riley ..

    Seen as you said Podcast 100 was being run by listeners.

    Do you think you could post the picture from matter when i am going mad with my makeshift goggles.Also sent in a FEW Tune intros with me and my mates WOULD be sick if we are introducing a tune with that picture in one chapter of Podders.

    Swanvest Out

  • Alex

    Hey just wondered if i could get a shoutout my name is Alex, and i have been listening to all the podcasts and the big 100 will be a sick one!

  • JonnyD_244

    Hey Tony.

    As a 15 year old music fanatic, the past 2 years or so I have been discovering all sorts of new genres to listen to, from my dad’s classic rock CDs to nice bit of heavy metal. But when I discovered this podcast, I found that DnB has to be the most exciting and increasingly popular genre I have come across!
    Can’t wait till I’m old enough and live near enough to go to a hospital gig or something. I just know it’s gonna be amazing.

    A massive thanks and shout to everyone at hospital and all the drum and bass artists out there, keep it up.

  • marc210

    alright tony I was just wondering if you could just give a quick shout out and happy birthday to fletch who’s due to turn 20 on 7th November so i think around the time of cast 100. he’s a recent D&B convert and seems to be hooked on hospital tunes we couldn’t make this hospitality but we’ll see you all January 8th which is due to be our first proper D&B night out after a piss poor night at a local bar in which it was hugely advertised as a big drum and bass night with dj’s mc’s the works but which turned out to be about 10people and a bunch of 16yr old lasses trying to get served at the bar listening to a jukebox playing indie music & grandmaster flash and resembled that underage party/disco on the inbetweeners more than anything.

    cheers tony

  • tsouthgate

    hospitality @ stealth and hospitality @ matter my last two nights out before me and my girlfriend go travelling for 6-7 months! i have no idea what i will do without the podcasts for that long!? anyways, would be lovely if you could give tucka (myself) and my girlfriend Paige a shoutout, the 100th podcast will be the last time i will be hearing your voice for a very long time!!
    nice one tony, tucka from Nottingham

  • sebi1109

    Recorded this at matter Tony :

  • sebi1109

    Oh yeah, can I have a shoutout to Alex, Tom and Me (Seb) for experiencing the best night we’ve have ever had in our lives, Hospitality @ Matter 6th November 2009.

    Danny Byrd smashed it,

    Remember remember, the 6th of November.

  • David A

    Good news! Jared’s mom is gonna be ok…hell yeah. That said, enjoy the music in good health and love the ones that you are close to while you have them around. Thanks.


  • nattielight

    Yo sir Coleman,
    So been listening since the pod cast was in single digits, needless to say the podcast has been with me through lots of shit! However, every time I have listened to you swear off future tours to the U.S. my heart breaks a little. Well guess what, I am coming across the pond for you and your hospital mates. I was just hoping to convince you to try and have a hospitality in May, when my studies in Spain will be complete.
    Aight Tony, thanks for all the years and all the hospital vinyls and all the amazing tunes.
    Congratulations on the new babe!
    Oregon USA

  • jonlane

    Tony, two words….. SIGN NETSKY!!! would totally fit in with the likes of upcomers like b-complex and subwave. check out “sunny” and “your way” on youtube – i think they’re both unsigned atm. keep it up mate. Jon

  • Jeffry Hilse

    I actually think that to turn out to be a very good mother or father you actually have to have a excellent sharp comprehending involving a person’s youngsters.

  • Riley

    1. New Education – Arcane – B Complex Remix
    2. Blumarten – If I Could Tell You
    3. Subwave – I Need You
    4. DR Rubberfunk ft Roachford – Trouble Woman – (Featurecast Remix)
    5. Moby – One Time We Lived – Matrix + Futurebound Remix
    6. Bassment Jaxx – Twerk – Sub Focus Remix
    7. Electrosoul System – Liquid Metal
    8. Mendelayev – Breathe
    9. Alix Perez – State 808
    10. Seba – Dangerous Days
    11. J Magik – Talk To Me
    12. Fracture + Neptune – Tape Fog

  • David A

    Hey from Yankeeland…yes, yes, we know that you guys across the pond think we’re just a bunch of stupid fatties, and while that’s 100% true 60% of the time, we do have the capacity to appreciate some damn good music. There is a growing drum and bass community here in the states thanks in part to a friend of mine. He got me started back at podcast 61…I was hooked at 63 and have been hitting the “Update Podcast” on a daily basis since. Please, PLEASE give a MASSIVE shout out to my friend Jared/aka Teknik; he’s a walking encyclopedia and the one who introduced me to what would be the soundtrack of countless good times. His mum was just diagnosed with cancer so please a MASSIVE shout to her and her recovery! Also thanks to you, too, Tony…you’ve become the unofficial voice of drum and bass for myself and about two dozen other new down-south dnb-heads.

    Cheers. :)


    PS – jammin’ out to 99 right now…wicked.

  • Sleaty

    Turns out I won’t be going to Hospitality @ Matter now either, woopee for me. Hope it all goes well.

  • Swanvesta

    Yo there its Swanvesta .. caN anyone in the Hospital HQ tell me whther i can still upload my intro for tunige for the mighty 100 podders.

    Also could Riley post my picture from matter on the 4th September with My makeshift Goggles in the front row.. When i say post i mean put on the 100th Podcast on one of the chapter pictures.

    Cheers Lads!!

    The Swanvest

  • jonlane

    tony, thanks for the shout out on no. 99 – good luck with the new baby mate. cheers, jon

  • pumptronics

    congratulations on the recent addition to the hospital family tony. still trying to think of my fave track for podcast 100….. matt

  • Tenbensons

    Nice to see Hospital being represented, (logistics and ‘bishi), in Forza 3 on the 360. Nice.

  • JIM

    Dear Tony, me and my girlfriend Helen tuned in last week only to hear you were thinking about knocking up some tea towels for merch and wondered if you remembered those retro school ones with all the faces on?

    Maybe its time you and the gang broke out a few self portraits for your adoring public! P.S gotta say this was my girlfriends idea :). Cant wait for 100, phwoarrrr!

  • Melon

    Gonna be a short message but i just wanted to say been a keen listener of hopsitality for almost a year now, been loving it all, keeping track of all you hospitality legends and you’ve actually inspired for me to get into mixing myself when i get the money for it. Job first, mixing second hehe, got a few mates who are bloody awesome at it tho, never heard it like they do it, unfortuantely their probably not your kind though (psytrance and dubstep) but will help me get to know the works and get into it quite nicely. all inspired by you guys, cheers to you all, especially tony, and hope your cold will be cleared by the big number 100. Melon

  • Gizm0

    First off congrats on the arrival of the baby, best wishes.
    Some fookin wicked tune’s in this podcast.
    Was in London for Fabric’s birthday bash which by the way was SICK! The way you can feel the BasS pounding in your chest. Love it! But allas no Hospitality @ Matter, but London is a sweet looking city so will be going back for sure.
    Went on to Ireland from there and gave my mates a heavy dosage of some quality DnB which went down very well, we were all bopping away late into the morning even though the circumstances for us being together was to say farewell to a dear friend.

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