Hospital Podcast: MC Fats “We Gotcha” special

June 11, 2014 in Podcast

This edition of the Hospital podcast is dedicated to the legendary MC Fats whose voice can be heard on an endless list of classic drum & bass. Sadly, MC Fats has been suffering from severe diabetes and was recently very ill in hospital. To show support, the drum & bass community has joined up to put together the “We Gotcha” series (released on MC Fats’ label) to showcase his talent.

This special mix, put together by A-Sides, presents the wide range of music that featured the stunning vocals of MC Fats.
“We Gotcha LP Combination 2″
“We Gotcha LP Combination 1″
“We Gotcha 1 EP”
“We Gotcha 2 EP”

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A Sides & MC Fats ‘Bring Dat’
A Sides & MC Fats ‘So Natural’
Command Strange & MC Fats ‘Brand New Style’
Calibre & MC Fats ‘Drop It Down’
A Sides, Regina & MC Fats ‘What You Don’t Know’
A Sides & MC Fats ‘A Certain Sound’
Pendulum, TC & MC Fats ‘Plastic World’
Dom + Roland & MC Fats ‘Positive Vibrations’
Serum, Bladerunner & MC Fats ‘Inner Source’
DJ Hype, Ganja Max, DJ Daddy & MC Fats ‘Rinse Out’
Lynx, Terry Tiptoe & MC Fats ‘Nothing More’
Alix Perez & MC Fats ‘Down The Line’
Brother, Mini M & MC Fats ‘My Sound’
Ego Trippin & MC Fats ‘Stay Forever (L.A.O.S Remix)’
Bailey & MC Fats ‘For The Love’
Emery, Semi Sense, Umiko & MC Fats ‘Starchaser (Simplification & Translate Remix)’
Alix Perez & MC Fats ‘Soulseeker’
Blue Skin & MC Fats ‘Something Going On’
A Sides & MC Fats ‘Moment In Time (S.P.Y Remix)’
Eveson & MC Fats ‘Vignette’
A Sides, Cleveland Watkiss & MC Fats ‘Don’t You Worry’
Lynx, Deeizm & Mc Fats ‘All For You’


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